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Korea Overseas INfrastructure & Urban Development Corporation

10, Gukjegeumyung-ro (50Fl. Three IFC), Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul,

07326, Republic of Korea Tel. 82-2-6746-7408~09 Fax. 02-6746-7425
Contents Established in June 2018,
Reliable Partner KIND
with the long-cherished wish of
CEO’s message
About KIND
Korean construction industry
Organization 07

Building Tomorrow KIND

Main Business 10
Turning a Possibility into Opportunities 11
Perfect Preparation to Build Hope 12
Full Support to Build Success 13

Service Area 14
1. Transportation Infrastructures 15 Korea has transformed the world to promote enhanced values,
2. Urban Development 15 based on excellent construction technology.
3. Power and Energy 16
Now, KIND will take steps toward a world with you
4. Hydrocarbon and Industrial Plant 16
5. Water resources and Environment 17 as the leader of global infrastructure market.

Infrastructure PPP (Public-Private Partnership) development is

spreading globally. KIND was established to provide professional
assistance to overseas PPP projects. KIND is a reliable partner
for you in line with this trend.
Reliable Partner KIND Korea Overseas INfrastructure & Urban Development Corporation

CEO’s message

KIND is taking a huge leap We will build a company full

forward as a partner of creativity and innovative ideas.
for global PPP project development.

Since the world is facing drastic climate changes and rapid urbanization today,
the need for infrastructure investment is emerging greater than ever with the
gap between infrastructure demand and supply hardly to be filled in the near
future. The highest priority, therefore, has been attached to infrastructure
investment not only in Korea but also in other numerous countries on this globe.

KIND is now ready to serve as a facilitator for efficient Public-Private Partnership

(“PPP”) projects worldwide, collaborating with various global PPP players to
help fill such gap.

As required in each of our partner countries, KIND will devise and customize
its way of support so that Korea’s rich experiences and technical expertise of
private and public sectors could be fully channeled into the entire process of
PPP project development including project identification, project structuring,
construction, O&M, and finance. This KIND way of support will also ensure
economically, environmentally and socially viable development, thereby creating
a virtuous circle of sustainable growth of partner countries.

In this ever-growing global infrastructure market, KIND will exert the utmost
endeavor to integrate and maximize our capacities together with our potential
partners. As a team, we will be able to promote more successful PPP projects
in the days to come.

We look forward to partnering with you.

Korea Overseas Infrastructure & Urban Development Corporation

President & CEO Kyong-goo Hur

Reliable Partner KIND Korea Overseas INfrastructure & Urban Development Corporation

About KIND Organization

Mission Organization
Chart Auditor CEO
Support global infrastructure and urban development
for sustainable growth

Operation Committee Board of Directors

Strategy and Planning Project Development Investment Management
Reliable companion for global infrastructure development
Division Division Division
· Business Strategy · Program Management · Finance
Goals · Business Administration · Project Development 1 · Investment
· Project Development 2


Actively participate Build up KIND’s Ensure future Organization Tasks

in global PPP projects brand value growth sustainability Strategy Business · Establish medium to long-term strategies and plans and manage business operation plans
and Strategy · Collect and analyze information about new business opportunities
Planning · Develop overseas network for cooperation
Division · Identify business opportunities through G2G
· Manage Project Selection Committee
History Business · Manage personnel affairs and organization
Administration · Manage accounting and financing
January 2017 Overseas Economic Ministers’ Meeting resolved to establish an · General affairs
organization that assists overseas PPP business as part of assisting
Project Program · Conduct primary internal review of projects
companies to win orders for overseas infrastructure projects Development Management · Review project development schemes for each development phase, including feasibility
Division studies and supports for financing
June 2017 Proposal of revised bill
Project · Develop projects and conduct technical reviews (The main areas include urban
September 2017 Resolution of standing committee and plenary session Development 1 development, transportation and distribution (port))
· Manage feasibility studies
October 2017 Cabinet meeting and promulgation
· Provide other proper supports for each project
April 2018 Enforcement of revised law Project · Develop projects and conduct technical reviews (The main areas include power & energy,
Development 2 environmental, hydrocarbon and industrial plants and water resources)
June 2018 Official establishment of KIND · Manage feasibility studies
· Provide other proper supports for each project
Investment Finance · Conduct internal financial & legal review of each selected project
Management · Provide financial advice and arrange loans
Investment · Conduct internal investment review of each selected project
· Manage Investment Evaluation Committee and make decisions on equity and bond
◀ KIND’s investments
foundation · Issue corporate bonds
Auditor Audit Team · Audit
(June 27, 2018)

06 07

KIND is an organization that proactively supports global PPP

business at the level of the South Korean government. Through
systematic and professional services, KIND provides assistance to
Korean companies seeking to expand their project development and
investment in the infrastructure sector.
Building Tomorrow KIND Korea Overseas INfrastructure & Urban Development Corporation

Main Business Main Business

Turning a Possibility into Opportunities

KIND provides organic support across

the entire phase of projects, from project identification
to financial support. It is the pivot of
global PPP project development activities.

KIND secures quality information in advance

by building diversified network channels to support
Korean companies hoping to make inroads into overseas
market. Based on a deep understanding of the projects
and extensive experiences, KIND will seek out subsequent
projects to turn even a small possibility into an excellent
business opportunity
Identification Financial
Project Identification
We identify PPP business opportunities by systematically managing overseas
information, analyzing policies of partner countries and utilizing G2G cooperation.

1. Secure quality information through G2G cooperation

and networks with partner governments, identifying
Project business opportunities
2. Make business proposal to partner governments based
on researches and strategies taking into consideration of
the economic and social conditions of each country

10 11
Building Tomorrow KIND Korea Overseas INfrastructure & Urban Development Corporation

Main Business Main Business

Perfect Preparation to Build Hope Full Support to Build Success

KIND proposes the optimal methods for leading a Securing lines of credit along with technical strengths
project to success, by internally examining the feasibility leads to successful implementation of projects.
of projects, using its expertise, including financial KIND is planning to provide various financial supports
techniques and intensively managing each project. such as financial arrangements through a network of
KIND assists Korean companies verified through expertise international financial institutions.
and knowhow in their areas, in forming a joint team to KIND will also enhance the credibility of projects through
win projects based on their full capabilities. direct investments to increase the confidence and trust in
the business
Project Development
We assist Korean companies in designing project structures by supporting feasibility Financial Support
studies, using expertise in finance, law, and technology. We arrange loans and overseas PPP investment funds, and if necessary make direct
equity investments to alleviate the private sector’s financial burdens
1. Prior to feasibility studies, preliminarily review the viability of
projects based on technical, financial and legal expertise, and
closely monitor the project development process to secure 1. Support credit enhancement for projects by directly making
project success potentials equity investments as necessary

2. Review legal and contractual risks of projects in advance in

order to prevent problems that may arise when implementing
2. Link various financing tools to projects via networks with
global financial institutions

3. Design project structures by taking financing into account and

prepare for conditions that would satisfy the requirements
3. Provide financial structuring optimized for the characteristics
from other financing partners, such as ECA and MDB
of each project

12 13
Building Tomorrow KIND Korea Overseas INfrastructure & Urban Development Corporation

Service Area Service Area

1. Transportation Infrastructures

KIND provides full support

for global PPP project development in various
infrastructure fields based on its expertise.
The urban population of developing countries has grown rapidly and it has led
serious traffic congestion and additional socio-economic cost. Against this backdrop,
transportation infrastructures such as road, railway, airport and harbor need to be
significantly improved and expanded.

Currently, various types of transportation infrastructure have been actively developed

in many countries. KIND participates in global PPP projects together with Korean
EPC contractors and operators, who have cutting edge technology and know-how
for the transportation infrastructure, supporting Korean companies’ transportation
Transportation infrastructure business and increasing partner countries’ social and economic
Infrastructures efficiency.

2. Urban Development


Water resources
In the developed countries, the needs for modernization of aging infrastructures
have been highlighted, and also in the developing countries the demand of
infrastructures and new city development have been increased due to the urban
population growth.
and Industrial Power and
Energy To cope with the imminent needs for infrastructure, KIND participates in urban
development PPP projects including housing site development and social
infrastructure, for which Korea’s innovative SMART city solutions can be utilized on
the basis of its cutting edge ICT (Information and Communications Technologies).
We believe it will contribute to solving urban issues and creating additional value to
the city.

14 15
Building Tomorrow KIND Korea Overseas INfrastructure & Urban Development Corporation

Service Area Service Area

3. Power and Energy 5. Water resources and Environment

While the global electricity demand is growing fast due to income level increase and The areas of water resource and wastes require more efficient management and
technological advances, currently the electricity supply does not meet the demand. massive investment due to climate change and fast growing urbanization, and
In addition, facing the climate change, we need to utilize more renewable energies it is becoming more crucial that private sector’s participation in water resources
such as solar, wind and geothermal. Therefore, there is a great need for various and environmental infrastructure, such as water treatment facilities, waste water
power and energy infrastructures that use renewable energies as well as traditional treatment plants, desalination plants and energy from waste plants.
fuel sources, throughout the whole energy supply chain such as LNG terminals and
pipelines, and transmission & distribution systems. KIND, as a channel connecting the public sector and the private sector, develops and
supports global water and environmental PPP businesses, forming a team of Korean
KIND, as an advisor, a developer and an investor for sustainable development EPC contractors, engineering companies and organizations.
of various power and energy projects, exerts the best effort to improve energy
accessibility and contribute to global economic growth.

4. Hydrocarbon and Industrial Plant

The global oil and gas demands have steadily mounted, and consequently it has
led to more needs of facilities for exploration/production/transportation for the oil
and gas industries including facilities for oil refinery and petrochemical production
and supply. Beside this, the needs for industrial plants of IT products, logistics
and consumer goods have also increased especially in the developing countries.
Development of these knowledge-concentrated plant industries with characteristics
of both manufacturing and services boost industry convergence and create a ripple
effect to the related industries.

Taking into account of vitalization of the manufacturing and service industries in

Korea as well as our partner countries, KIND organizes expert teams with competitive
investors, EPC contractors, O&M contractors, feedstock suppliers and off-takers for

16 17