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Life of a person
2. Philosophy correlated with traditions and culture of a certain place
3. Tales, songs, sayings, that existed before the colonization of the European countries.
4. 3 periods of pre-colonial
5. Poetic expressions or wise sayings which reflects the mindset, way of life, and philosophy of the
6. 6 types of proverbs
7. Body/collection of myths
8. Who fulfill a necessary task and will restore harmony and justice to a community
9. Young heroes who must endure some training and rituals
10. Individuals who serve as teachers to the initiates, works as role models and teach skills to
survive journey and quests.
11. Noble sidekicks to the hero
12. Animals assist the hero
13. Character represents evil incarnate. He/she offers worldly good in exchange of possession of
14. The redeemable devil figure saved by the hero’s nobility
15. This figure is banished from a community for some crime and destined to become a wanderer.
16. Characterized by sensuous beauty that will bring the hero’s downfall.
17. A woman married to a man that is attracted to a more interesting man.
18. A vulnerable woman needed to be rescued by the hero
19. Two characters engaged in a love affair that is fated to end in a tragedy.
20. A search for someone or something, that is when found, will restore fertility to a wasted land,
the desolation of a leader’s illness and disability
21. Possibly superhuman feat that must be accomplished in order to fulfill the ultimate goal
22. Sends the hero in search, includes series of trials the hero faces along the way
23. Refers to a moment, usually psychological, in which individual comes into maturity.
24. Cycle of nature and cycle of life. When someone or something died, it is a sign of birth and
25. Situations suggest that nature is good and technologies are bad.
26. Typically good and evil against each other.
27. Always about humans but can have magic and supernatural events.
28. Period of Apprenticeship
29. Period of Emergence/Activism
30. 2 major division of literature
31. Light always suggests hope, renewal or intellectual illumination. Darkness implies the unknown,
ignorance, or despair
32. Water commonly appears as birth or rebirth symbol. On the other hand, Desert symbolizes
drought, scarcity and disappearing
33. The skies and mountain tops house its Gods while the bowels of the earth contain the diabolic
forces that inhabits its universe.
34. Places of safety contrast sharply against the dangerous wilderness
35. Heroes are often sheltered for a time to regain health and resources
36. The Gods intervene on the side of the hero or sometimes against him
37. Based on people who are considered heroes
38. A story from the past about a subject that was, or believed to be historical
39. Deities, spirits and superhumans
40. Characteristics of Myths
41. SHE