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January Principles of Surgery Past Paper Review.

One paper per meeting, meet at least 3 times per week.

Week 1

1st meeting

Fung- Outline the management of a patient with severe gall stone pancreatitis

Singh- A 25 year old pregnant woman falls from a height of 12 feet sustaining head and torso injuries.
She is brought to a and e confused and in shock. Outline the priorities in management.

Henry- Discuss the methods used to prevent deep vein thrombosis in surgical patients

Desantos- Discuss the current indications for bowel preparation in the surgical patient.

2nd meeting

Fung- Discuss the prevention of venous thromboembolism in trauma patients

Henry- outline the management of a patient who presents with an ultrasound finding of a 5cm right
sided adrtenal mass.

Nevins - Discuss breast conservation Surgery

DeSantos- Discuss the management of a patient with post operative oliguria

3rd meeting

Henry- outiline the categories in the birads method of reporting mammograms

Nevins- Discuss the issue of wrong sided surgery and outline steps to prevent this

Singh - Discuss the current guidelines for the treatment of critical limb ischaemia with respect to the
choice of endovascular vs. open repair

DeSantos- outline methods of nutritional assessment and support available to you as a surgeon

Week 2
1st meeting

Nevins- outline the significance and management of surgical patients with MRSA

Singh- discuss the rational for primary repair of colonic injury

Fung- Outline the management of a patient with symptomatic cholelithiasis in a patient with HbSS

Henry- discuss the evidence for non-operative management of appendicitis

2nd meeting

Fung- discuss the management of a patient who presents with a solitary nodule in the thyroid gland

Singh- outline the ways in which one can impact on the trimodal distribution of death in the trauma

Desantos- discuss the management of a patient diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the distal rectum 4
cm from the anal verge

Nevins- a 20 year old male receives a penetrating stab wound to the left chest. Outline how you would
diagnose and manage an occult diaphragmatic injury.

3rd meeting

Henry- discuss the management of a patient with generalized peritonitis secondary to perforated

Singh- Discuss the management of a zone 2 stab wound to the neck

Fung- Discuss the management of a patient post total thyroidectomy who develops facial twitching and

Nevins: Discuss the management of a pharyngeal fistula post laryngectomy/ high small bowel fistula

Week 3
1st meeting

Fung- discuss the principles of cancer screening

Henry- discuss the management of a patient with primary hyperparathyroidism

Singh- discuss damage control surgery

DeSantos- discuss strategies to reduce surgical site infections

2nd meeting

DeSantos- outline the indications for prophylactic antibiotics in your practice

Henry- discuss the indications and complications of tracheostomy

Fung- discus the principles of and techniques used to achieve sterilization of surgical instruments.

Singh- Discuss the classification of infra inguinal peripheral arterial disease and the factors that guide the
choice between open and endovascular intervention

3rd meeting

Nevins: Discuss the factors necessary to undertake successful hepatic resection for metastatic disease.

Fung: Discus management of in situ breast carcinoma (dcis and lcis)

DeSantos: Discuss management of a patient with head injury

Henry: Discuss investigations and treatment of an adult patient with obstructive jaundice

Week 4:

1st meeting

Singh: discuss the principles and uses of ectrosurgery and electrocautery

Nevins: discuss the principles of surgical drains

Henry: Discuss DM foot

DeSantos: discuss the factors that affect the prognosis of a cervical spinal cord injury. Discuss your
management of such a patient

2nd meeting

Henry: Discuss surgical management of a patient with severe burns

DeSantos: discuss aetiology, diagnosis, and management of a patient with an abdominal aortic

Fung: discuss adult and pediatric intussusception

Nevins: discuss the principles of ct and mri, compare and discuss advantage and disadvantage of both.

3rd meeting
Nevins: female presents with solitary pulmonary nodule, discuss management

Henry: solitary thyroid nodule, discuss management

Singh: discuss surgical complications of hiv

Fung: discuss the use of regional anaesthesia in surgery

DeSantos: run sutures quickly

Some of these questions are from way back before laurels questionslike 80’s and early 90’s, we also
need to arrange a few sessions when we just brainstorm oral questions, Rajiv keep on working on that
ward round book. Shulin and Mikhail, start taking notes from your ward rounds and get info from
Martin. Let’s start asking people what they got asked and make up an orals list. People please make