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Ghost Points ?

What TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) says about Ghost and

acupuncture points ?

What is Ghost points ? Who developed the ghost points? What is

the procedure to cure the disease?

How the invasion of ghost in our body reacts in our daily life (Both
mentally and physically) ?

In modern days is the ghost points are relevant for the treatment to
cure the mental illness ?

What are all other Alternative medicine treatment to cure mental

illness due to invasion of ghost?

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TCM- Ghost Points ?
From a TCM perspective, mental illness can be caused by Ghost
Invasion. Ghosts can invade a person with weak boundaries,
resulting in symptoms on a physical, mental and emotional level.
In olden days they believed ghost invasion only will disturb the
mind and physical activities.

The Chinese word for ghost is gui. Gui also translates as excess

In TCM the Heart houses the Shen/mind. Mental illness is said to

result from harassment of the Heart. Excess Phlegm can block the
orifices of the Heart so that the Heart can no longer
house the Shen. This leads to what is described as a wandering
Shen or mental illness.

Deficiency of Yin or Blood can also lead to a wandering or scattered


In TCM excess Phlegm causes the blood to become turbid,

negatively affecting the mind and emotions.
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TCM- Ghost Points ?
Sun Si Miao (who has also been called “The King of Medicine”)
developed the 13 Ghost Points for the purpose of treating mental
disorders such as schizophrenia, manic behaviour & neurological
disorders such as Epilepsy.

According to Sun Si Miao “Ghosts invasion” affecting the mind is

actually excess phlegm misting the Heart mind. As we know excess
phlegm can be the result of long standing emotional issues and mental

He says ghost is a good or evil spirit that appears to the living.

In many cultures, people believe that the soul lives on after death. Sun

Si Miao informed Ghost acupuncture is developed and based on

Phlegm. Phlegm is the cause of mental disorders, rather than angry

As the ghost takes over the health of the person suffers and the spirit
must depart.

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History of Ghost Points
He developed the 13 Ghost points with systematic approach to
treat mental diseases and epilepsy due to ghost invasion.

The Ghost Points are regular meridian points considered

as spirit points.

These points are indicated to treat disturbances of the

spirit such as mania,( ) neurological disorders
nightmares,( )
seizures,( ) etc.,

Traditionally, acupuncture points to treat ghost invasion and

mental illness are known as the Ghost Points, which expel evil
spirits to restore mental health.

13 Ghost Acupuncture points are analyzed in 4 Trinities

(Three in one) 12points
+ one extra point (under the tongue or 3rd Eye point)
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Why Ghost Points- Details

The Four Trinities represent the progression of mania and

mental illness.
From first not feeling quite like yourself to doing things out
of character.
Later the person becomes fixated, secretive and controlled
by these feelings.

Each Trinity (group of three) relates to the progression of

disease in terms of mania.

Mania = Bipolar ( i.e., manic depressive disorder)

Schizophrenia (Mental disorder characterized by spirit
Thoughts of suicide

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Treatment pattern- Mental illness
1st Trinity:
In the 1st Trinity, invasion of ghost and there's initial build-up of Phlegm blocking the
orifices of the Heart leading to wandering Shen (mental illness).
Beginnings of psychological dysfunction, disorientation towards world.
These points expel Heat and Wind and treat epilepsy.

DU 26-Ghost Palace (Emergency point)

For the treatment of spirits that cause Manic behavior, depression, suicidal
tendencies, obsessions and fears originating in possession by evil spirits, indicated for
inappropriate, spontaneous laughter /crying. Epilepsy. Fatigue. If the demons can be
heard speaking in his ear then this point was particularly important.

Lu 11-Ghost Faith (Jing well point / Wood point)

This point was for hysterical behavior, disorientation and possessed walking
during both the day and night. Clears Heat and balance the digestive system.
Epilepsy. Sore throat. It’s used for patient who suffers from IBS (Irritable Bowel

Spleen 1 - Eye of the Ghost - (Jing well point/Wood point)

This point was indicated for ghosts causing a person to shout and rave in the
street as well as ghosts that stopped you sleeping and demons that caused
manic thought patterns. Psychoses with anger. when they feel out of control.

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Treatment pattern- Mental illness
2nd Trinity:
In the 2nd Trinity, Wind causes excessive movement or paralysis.
Attitudes become inflexible.
There's a lack of decisive direction.

Pericardium 7 - Ghost Heart

(Located in the middle of the wrist crease between the tendons)
Ghosts that lead to madness, hysteria . Associated with Phlegm harassing
the Heart, causing laughing/crying/irritability. The Ghost is at the
Pericardium, trying to get into the Heart, and must be cleared with this point.

UB-62 -Ghost Path

(Located in a depression directly below the external ankle)
Ghosts that lead to epileptic type behavior are treated with this point.
The person walks and thinks as the Ghost, and of random energies moving through
the body that lead to sickness and depression.

Du 16 - Ghost Pillow (Located on the back of the neck)

The Ghost has gained access into brain. Prescribed to treat inflexibility
and inability to adapt to change. In these cases early treatment of
invading spirits was carried out with Du-16.
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Treatment pattern- Mental illness
3rd Trinity :
Alcoholics and addicts are at this level.

St- 6 - Ghost Bed

(Located at the angle of the jaw on the belly of the muscle)
The person is fully possessed by the Ghost. Ghosts that possess the
mind and prevent clear thinking and speech are treated with this point. It is also a

Ren -24 - Ghost Market

(Located below the mouth in the center)
The Ghost is absorbing Yin. This point is for ghosts that cause
depression, melancholic behavior and suicidal thoughts.
If there is deviation of the face and in particular the mouth then this
point is indicated.

P-8 - Ghost Cave

(Located in the center of the palm, between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpals)
The ghost is causing Paranoia and self destruction sets in.
No mental awareness, the person doesn't know who they are.

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Treatment pattern- Mental illness
4th Trinity
The Ghost has taken over.

Du 23 - Ghost Hall
(Located on the head above the midpoint of the anterior hairline)
Phlegm blocks internal pathways.
This point accesses the pituitary gland. Ghosts that cause headaches,
splitting pain in the middle of the brain, watering of the eyes and
strong mode swings are treated with this point.

Ren 1 - Ghost Hidden

(Located on the perineum, at the midpoint between scrotum
or posterior labia and anus)
The Ghost has consumed all the Yin. The point is about embracing self.
(Moxa or warm fermentation can be treated)

LI 11 - Ghost Official (Immune Enhancing and Homeostatic point)

(Located at the end of the crease on top of the elbow)
This is the general point for ghosts that are causing the Shen
to become disturbed and the personality to slowly begin shifting.
It was also the point for ghosts coming from rituals and cult like groups actions.

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Treatment pattern- Mental illness


Gui Feng (Ghost Seal) –

This point is located
under the tongue at the center of the
lingual frenulum.
It is not needed but rather pricked and bled


3rd Eye point (between eyes)

It assists with enlightenment.
Also used for schizophrenia.

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How to treat- 13 Ghost Points
For men, the treatment starts on the left and ends on the

For women, the treatment starts on the right and ends on

the right.

These points are not all needled in one session and in each
session a different set of 3 points may be needled.

After 4th session two set of points can be treated (6points) in

addition with 13th point.

Needling pattern generally 0.3-0.5 cun. (Maximum 1 cun).

In Ren-1 moxa or warm fermentation.

In the 13th point needling is prick and bleed.

We should not give treatment other than this ghost points.

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Extraordinary meridian treatment
Daimai Meridian:

Master point : GB-41 Couple point: TW-5

Yin Chiomai Meridian:

Master point: K-6 Couple point : LU-7

Yin Weimai Meridian:

Master point: PC-6 Couple point : SP-4

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Alternative Medicine for
Mental Illness

• Bach Flower Remedy

• Aromatherapy

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Bach flower Remedies for Mental Illness
The following flower remedies seal the aura, prevent negative energy and give
physical and emotional strength.

Walnut: Walnut is the remedy to protect us against outside influences and the
effects of change.

Gorse: It leads the patient to a state of renewed faith and hope of recovery. It is
first step towards a cure.

Cherry Plum: Fear of loosing control of own mind or behaviour. Key remedy for
feeling Suicidal.

Crab Apple: Ashamed or embarrassed by unpleasant physical symptoms,

characteristics or features, self hatred.

Sweet Chestnut: Deep despair. Feeling Suicidal.

Aspen: Unexplained fears and worries. Nervous and Anxious.

Schleranthus: Key remedy for Bipolar Disorder. Suffer from indecision,

fluctuating moods, loss of emotional balance.
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Aromatherapy for Mental Illness

Some homeopaths may also recommend the use of

aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of schizophrenia,
particularly anxiety and depression.

The massage of essential oils can be very useful for patient's


Tea tree oil

Olive oil
Lavender oil
Coconut oil with amla essence.
Chamomile oil
Rose oil

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Ghost Points in the Modern Acupuncture

In the modern days the idea of ghost invasion may be outdated,

but ghost points are still clinically relevant, especially in a world
where so many suffer from out of character behavior and

In modern days the 13 Ghost acupuncture points are used to

treat mental disorders such as Mania, Epilepsy,
Schizophrenia (Mental disorder characterized by spirit

In the modern scenario as a Acupuncture Doctor you remove

ghost from your heart and mind but keep it in mind
Ghost Acupuncture Points for treating mental illness.
Best wishes
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