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2008, April
6. The equipment grounding conductor Is required to be in the same metal enclosure as the
circuit conductor to protect against ___ _B. surge current in metal enclosure

13. What contains in each cell site of cellular telephone system? C. direct-link to branch

22. The lighting load for a dwelling expressed in terms of a unit load in volt amperes per square
meter must be atleast __ _ D. 24

25. If the current in a circuit doubles, the heat produced in the circuit conductor increases by a
factor of __ C. 4

26. A hermetic motor compressor has c1 rated load current of 20 A What is the allowable
ampacity for branch circuit conductor? D. 25 A

30. The power generated by some steam power plants drops in the summer because____
D. the lake temperature increases

35. An emf induced in a coil due to a change in current in a neighboring coil is known as ___
emf B.mutually induced

41. If a dielectric is placed in an electric field, the field strength ___A. decreases

44 . For eliminating 7th harmonic from the emf wave of an alternator. the fractional-pitch must
be __ _D. 6/7

45. A fully-charged lead-acid cell has an open-circuit voltage of about __ volts. B. 2.2

2009, April
18. Which of this is not a factor in the selection of fuse rating for protection of a branch circuit?
B. system impedance

23. A ___ is an electrical device that prevents an electrocution caused by an accident or

equipment malfunction. D ground fault circuit interrupter

27. If the reverse bias voltage of a PN junction is increased within the limits, the reverse
saturation current will D. remain unaffected

32. When a current carrying conductor is brought into magnetic field, the force that moves the
conductor depends upon the __C. length of conductor within the magnetic field

35. Which of the following types of heating process is used for surface hardening of the steel?
A. resistance

43. A series motor designed to operate on dc or ac. C. Universal motor

2010, April
3. What is the maximum number of bends permitted in rigid conduits between outlets?
A. 4 quarter bends
12. Current reactors are used to___C. bring down the fault level within the capacity
15. Heating effect of current has undesirable effects in ___B. vacuum cleaner
22. Overcurrent protection responds to _____ C.Increase in current above the pick-up value
26. If the dc current is reversed in the control winding of a saturable reactor D. same ac current
will flow
30. The overcurrent protective device is caused to operate by ___ B. current flow

34. Luminaire types permitted in clothes closets. D. Surface mounted or recessed

incandescent fixture with a completely enclosed lamp

38. When electrons build up pressure at one point it is called __A. current flow

40. Fermi energy is the amount of energy which ___C. must be given to an electron to move
it to conduction band

49. A gang capacitor is a variable capacitor in which capacitance is varied by changing the __C.
plate area

2006, August

1. What do you call the interior lighting where the roof trusses or ceiling height is greater than
7.6 m above floor level? B. High mast

7. The rapid failure caused by the heat of an arc on the conductor surface accompanied by the
heating effect of short circuit. A. Fault current burndown

10. What is the purpose of air blowers in substation transformers? C. to increase the capacity

12 Which is the safest type of insulation for indoor wiring installations specially residential and
commercial buildings? D. ethylene propylene rubber

15. Name the throw away protection device D. Fuse

24. What effect or principle those of a microphone operates? D. piezoelectric

32. What would happen if you connect a transformer to a dc circuit with a voltage of 20% of
nameplate ratings after a steady state condition is reached? A. No voltage is registered at

41. The unit measure of sound level is C. decibel

43 An instrument applied to a simple structural member to measure the stretch or extension in a

certain direction over a definite distance called the gauge length is D.Strain gauge
48. Magnetic induction can be expressed equally well except one of the following . D. magnetic

2008, August

5. The material which is not a semiconductor is D. silica

9. A device which connects conductor to the earth to discharge the charge on the conductor on
the earth is called____ C. earthing switch

11. An instrument having a voltage coil and current coil would be a C. wattmeter

14. The function of saturable reactor is to provide variable inductance which can be increased
by ___A. saturating the core

18. When extra stop buttons are added to an existing starter control circuit, they must be ___
A. parallel to the start button

21. A freshly paint layer may be dried electronically by ___ heating. C. induction

31. The calculation of the reliability standard indices of the grid owners as set by Philippine Grid
Code shall include outages that occur B. on the transmission line

2009, August

9. Which of these is not an objective of GRID planning? B. Timing

11. In the differential current protection system, the current transformer secondaries of wye-
delta power transformers will be in __A. delta-wye

15. The amount of frequency deviation from the carrier center of frequency in an FM transmitter
is proportional to the ___B. amplitude

17. _____ time is the total time it takes a fuse to interrupt a circuit at a certain fault current level.
C. total clearing

20. The varmeter, in conjunction with other meter device can be used to determine the __
factor. C. power

23. Which device automatically trips and recloses a preset number of times to clear temporary
faults or isolate permanent faults? D. circuit recloser

28. An electromagnetic device used for finding short circuited coil is called a/an __C. growler

46. Which of the following is not a type of the contactor for circuit breakers? B. Vacuum

2010, August

4. The primary function of a fuse Is to___ C protect the line

8. A type of electronics communication in which only one party transmits at a time B. Half

10. The parameters for a parallel RLC circuit are 1 ohm, 1/2 H, and 1/2 F Determine the type of
damping exhibit by the circuit. B. under damped

13. The commonly used light sensor in a modern fax machine is the_____ C charge couple

19. Which of the following cannot have a single unit of 100 MW? C Diesel power plant

25· A/An _____ relay that operates or pick-up when its current exceeds a pre-determined value.
B. over current

27. _______ are auxiliary transformers used for metering or operation of auxillary equipment
and relays C. current transformers

35. An electrical outlet constructed so that moisture will not enter the enclosure Is classified as
being C. watertight

45. Which of the following common electronic components is not found in ICs? A. Inductors

2011, August

2. Which is not included in a basic communication circuit? C. communication channel

6. Where must the surge arrester be placed? D. near transformer

11. What affects the speed of a rotating field? C. frequency and no. of poles

16. ___is the overall energy program formulated and updated yearly by the DOE, submitted to
congress pursuant to RA 7638? B. Energy plan

21. In a resistance welding, the SCR is closed during ____ time A. squeeze. Weld and hold

34. In TV transmission, picture signal is ___ modulated. A. amplitude

45. With reduction of load on alternator A. the frequency increases

2012, August

6. A test used to determine the equivalent resistance of an induction motor is

C. Blocked-rotor test

8. The unit of retentivity is B. ampere turn/weber

11. In running condition the rotor reactance of 3 phase induction motor is proportional to
B. slip
12. The ratio of the total flux to useful flux is called C. leakage factor

15. With reduction of load on alternator B. the frequency increases

19. The process by which metallic parts are demagnetized is called B. degaussing

20. The gas inside the inner discharge tube of a sodium vapor lamp is B. neon

23. What is the nature of the current flowing in the armature of dc machine? D. alternating

27. If one of the resistors in a parallel circuit is removed, what happens to the total resistance?
B. increases

28. What is the purpose of using oil in the transformer? C. cooling and insulation

30. Skin effect is proportional to__ A (diameter of conductor)^2

33. The three primary colors in the chrominance signal of a color TV are B. red, green, blue

34. An alternator running in parallel with other alternators all having automatic voltage regulators
is to be taken off the bus. The usual procedure before opening the switch is to C. reduce the
power fed to the prime mover

40. Which one of the following is not one of the relays of transmission line? B. Negative
sequence relay

42. The area of hysteresis loop is th8 measure of c. energy loss per cycle

44. Slip rings are made of B. copper

49. Moving coil instruments are used B. in dc circuits only

51. Merz-Price protection is used on A. substations

57. The greater percentage of materials are __B. paramagnetic

59. The greatest percentage of power loss in dc motor is due to C. copper loss

63. The charge of a hole is __B. equal to that of a proton

64. Transient current in an RLC circuit is oscillatory when D. R<2√(L/C)

66. As load p.f. of an alternator becomes more leading, the value of the generated voltage
required to give rated terminal voltage ___ _ A. decreases

67. This device is used to reflect back surges into the line. C. choke coil

68. Some of the arrangement for switch/panel boards are as follows, except __ _A. vertical

72. The fuse used for the overhead primary distributors is C. expulsion
75. Porcelain insulators are protected against creepage of surge current by the use of
B. arcing horns

79. This is a lighting system wherein the percentage of upward and downward brightness is the
same. A General diffuse

86. Which motor is used to start heavy loads? A. Series

87. The capacitor in a capacitor start induction run ac motor is connected in series with __
winding C. starting

90. Power circuit breakers can be classified according to operation, some of these are, except
A. Inclined break

91. The lowest KAIC available commercially for miniature circuit breakers Is B. 5

94. This is the least prevalent shunt fault among transmission and distribution lines D. LLL

95. In what year was the first 500 kV line in the world became operational? C. 1965

2013, August

5. To reverse the direction of rotation of a three-phase induction motor, it is necessary to

D. interchange any two of the three line connections

6. An unconventional conductor consists of three strands arranged vertically. Find the GMR in
terms of the radius r of an individual strand. C. 1.704 r

7. Transformers are rated in D. KVA

10. In a series RL circuit, the inductor current ___ the resistor current. C. is equal to

13. The law that induces emf and current always opposes the cause producing them was
discovered by A. Lenz

17. Temperature coefficient of a conductor is defined as the

A. increase in resistance per ohm per degree centigrade

20. Open conductors run individually as service drops shall be __ _

I. insulated II. bare Ill. covered D. either I or II

25. The pitch factor for 3rd harmonic in an alternator having 18 slots per pole and coil span 5/6
of pole pitch is B. 0.259

27. The speed of a synchronous motor D. always remains constant

42. One advantage of distributing the winding in alternator is to B. improve voltage wave form

49. Impurities in an electrolyte can cause an internal short circuit condition called
C. local action

62. A mode of communications in which either party can hear while talking, thus allowing one
party to instantly interrupt the other at any time, is called D. full duplex

64. A device that repeatedly reverses the polarity of a magnetic field in order to keep a dc motor
rotating is known as C. a commutator

67. 87 is the device function number assigned by ANSI to this relay; D. differential relay

71. Wind mills in addition to proper gearing is the best driver for C. induction generators

78. The dc generator used as pilot exciter is D. flat compound

80. Bundled conductors in EHV transmission lines results to C. increase capacitance

90. A contact device installed at the outlet for the connection of a single attachment plug. C.

96. Differential relays are installed to protect the equipment against B. internal faults

100. This is the porcelain insulator for the end poles C. suspension

2007, August

20 The effect of the dielectric is to D. reduce the working voltage

25 What will happen to an insulating medium if subjected to a voltage more than the basic
impulse insulation level? It will C. get punctured

31. Sparking occurs when a load is switched off because the circuit has high B. inductance

34. The highest speed attained by a dc shunt motor is C. equal to no load speed at rated flux

39. The main contacts of a circuit breaker are most likely to be operated by a
A. heavy duty switch

45. A relay is used to D. Relay a message to a remote place

50. Rapid stopping of a motor by momentarily connecting the motor in reverse direction is called
c. Plugging

2014, January

1. In television system, channels 2 to 13 are classified as A. VHF

7. What is the minimum number of wattmeters required to measure unbalanced power for a
three-phase system? A. 2

8. Form factor is defined as C. rms value/average value

11. There are two wires A and B. If the resistance of B is R and the diameter of A is twice of B,
the length and the nature of the material is the same, find the resistance of A. B. R/4

14. The basic function of a circuit breaker is to D. extinguish the arc

15. Air used in air blast circuit breaker D. must be free from moisture

18. What is the counterpart of magnetic flux in an electric circuit? B. current

19. In a parallel circuit the potential difference across the resistance D. is always constant

20. The rms value of a sinusoidal wave is equal to ____ of maximum value B. 0.707

22. In two -wattmeter method the readings of the wattmeters will be identical when B. power
factor is unity

35. 34 .5 kV to 69 kV is classified as C.high voltage

41. If the speed of an induction motor Increases, what happens to the rotor frequency? B.

53. If the voltage is doubled, the ampacity of a conductor D. remains the same

56. The purpose of a grid system is to A. interconnect the power stations

57. As the load is increased the speed of a dc shunt motor will D. reduce slightly

64. If the fleld of a synchronous motor Is under-excited the power factor will be A. lagging

68. In de machines, lap winding is used for D. low voltage high current

76. Which of the following equipment is not a part of megger? C. a coil of high inductance

80. The armature current drawn by any de motor is proportional to B. the torque required

81. Surge impedance of transmission line is given by B. √(LC)

89. For an unbalanced load which connection is suitable? B. 4-wire wye connection

98. An electrical insulator can be made a conductor C. by ionizing it

2007, March

1. Which dc motor cannot be used without a load connected to it? B. Series

4. When the sole purpose of ac is to produce heat. the selection of conductor is based on ___
value of the Current C. RMS
7 What is the type of relay that is intended to respond to the difference between incoming and
outgoing electrical quantities? B Differential

15. Which of the following statements is correct D. The resistance of conductor is the
hindrance by which the conductor opposes the flow of the current

17. what is the ampacity of the feeder conductor supplying several motors and other loads?
D. The sum of the full-load motor currents plus the sum of the currents of other loads
plus 25% of the full-load current of the largest motor

18. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity? C. Graphite

19. _____is used to prevent motorizing of the generator. C Reverse power relay

23. Which one does not belong to the technical performance standards of Philippines
Distribution Code? C. Collection efficiency

24 Which of the following shall t'e induced in the calculation of the reliability standard indices of
the distributor asset by the Philippine Distribution Code? C Outages that occur on the primary
lines of the distribution system.

26. Resistamce of a conductor increases when A. Its length Increases

30. The specific resistance depends upon C. The nature of the material of the conductor

31. Which of the follow1n9 1s not a consideration in surge arrester? D. Insulation coordination

32 Diesel power plant is best suited as B. Standby

35 A ___ 1s a device that carry and interrupt load current even in case of a fault by used of
separate contacts D. Circuit breaker

41 · Which is not the purpose of performance standards for distribution of Philippine Distribution
Code? C. To facilitate the monitoring of compliance with the Distribution Code at the
operations level

44. Which is not a source of noise in a commurncat1on system? B. Manufactured electrical


46 The electric motor generally used in household food mixers C. Split phase

2011, March

7. Transformer taps are generally on the _____ of transformer D. high voltage winding

12. A thermal protection switch is able to protect a circuit against C. overload

24. All circuits must be protected against? C. overload and short circuit
26. Which of the following is not a standard classification for a branch circuit supplying several
loads D. 25 A

27. Based on Philippine Distribution Code which of the following interruption events is included
in the calculation of distribution utility reliability indices?
C. outages on 34.5 KV lines

31. In a resistance welding, the pneumatic pressure is applied during ____ time
D. squeeze, weld and hold

33. Is known also as cold standby reserve. D. contingency reserve

36. The commonly used light sensor in a modern fax machine is the C. charge couple device

39. Which is/are permitted for branch disconnecting means of a second building?
I. Inside the building near service entrance
II. Outside the building but accessible
C. l and II

43. The correct word to define wiring which is not concealed is B. exposed

48. When luminaires direct 90 to 100% of their output upward is considered a

A. Indirect lighting

2012, March

2. When a welding transformer is used in a resistance welding , it will C. step up current

6. Grounding allows ___ opposition path of current flow. A. low

9. When the temperature of the wire increases, what happens to the resistance? C. increases

17.For a series circuit the current flowing is A. same in all the components

21 What is the primary advantage of FM over AM? D. greater capture effect

30. A permanent-split single-phase capacitor motor does not have A. centrifugal switch

35. The sparking at the brushes of a de generator is due to A. reactance voltage

39. Buchholz relay is a A. gas actuated device

45. Electrical continuity is required by the Philippine Electrical Code for metallic conduit
A. to assure equipment grounding

2013, March

2. Farad is equivalent to what unit? B. coulomb/volt

5. Which of the following is used in power factor correction? C. synchronous motor

12. What do you call the interior lighting where the roof trusses or ceiling height is greater than 7
.6 m above floor level? C. High mast

14. Which of the following is a vector quantity? D. Magnetic field intensity

18. The Electrical Safety Month of the year is __D. May

20. Which of the following produces a reactive power? B. induction motor

22. Receptacle outlets shall be located above, but not more than __ mm above the countertop.
B. 450

23. In dwelling units, hallways of __ m or more in length shall have at least one receptacle
outlet. D. 3

25. The t:me constant of a series RL circuit is equal to __A. L/R

28. Heating effect of current has undesirable side effect in D. vacuum cleaner

36. An electric current can neither be ___ nor __B. seen, touched

40. In transmission voltage levels, 765 kV is categorized as B. Extra High Voltage

46. The purposes of a grid system is to A. interconnect the power stations

49. The number of parallel paths in a simplex lap winding is equal to B. number of poles

54. If the input of the prime mover of an alternator is kept constant but the excitation is
increased then B. kVA will be lagging

56. The useful life of a diesel engine in a power plant is expected to be ___ year/s.
D. 15

57 An automatic device that operates at preset values is known as C. relay

59. A magnetic field exists around C. moving charges

66. Which of the following is not a type of the contactor for circuit breakers?
A. Vacuum

70. Charging a lead-acid cell causes the electrolyte to become A. stronger

73. If the resistance of the field winding of a de generator is increased the output voltage will A.

74. Wye-wye power transformers are protected by current transformers having ___ connection
A. delta-delta
77. The luminous intensity of a lamp is expressed in C. candela

79. Ten oersted is equivalent to C. 10 Gb/cm

86. Which of the following ammeters is the most sensitive? C. 0.1 micro ammeter

91. Brushes of de machine are usually made of A. carbon

92. Impurities in an electrolyte can cause an internal short circuit condition called
C. local action

99. Permeance is analogous to A. conductance