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AOP 30 DCM V1.1

General conditions and function restrictions as well as notes on configuration and operation.

These notes take preference over statements made in other documents.

Please read the notes carefully as they contain important information for installation and use of the system.


AOP 30 DCM V1.1
Error ID Short description Factual information Work-around As of version
B554.1 Default setting of p50078 The default setting of p50078 is Set correct value manually V1.1
(rated value of the actual always 400 V (also for option L04,
line voltage) not MLFB- 575 V, 690 V, 830 V, 950 V units).
Higher values than the corresponding
rated voltage can be set.
B554.2 Default setting of p50150 The default setting of p50150 is Set correct value manually V1.1
(alpha-G limit) not MLFB- always 30° (also for 2Q units).
B576 No alarm is triggered for The alarm has been not implemented. None V1.1
p50272 = 1
B580 Short text of r53135.10 is The short text is “Fan 3 stat” Correct text is “n fan 3 OK” V1.1
B586 The text of fault message The text is "Armature circuit phase Correct text is "Line voltage V1.1
F60104 is incorrect failure" armature circuit not OK"
B588 Parameters p51592 The function is only available as of None V1.1
B590 (armature Lk), p51594 SINAMICS DCM V1.2
(L_intph 12-pulse) and
p51596 (R_ intph 12-pulse)
have no effect
B600 Time slice overflow when If the system is already very heavily Do not unplug DRIVE-CLiQ V1.1
TM modules are loaded (r9976 > 95%) through the use connectors during operation.
withdrawn, but no F1205 of DCC, FBLOCKS or further options,
message a time slice overflow occurs when TM Switch device OFF/ON.
modules are withdrawn. The unit
shuts down.
B614 I²t monitoring of the power In function diagram 8042 a limitation None V1.1
unit to p50077 is integrated for switch
position "2" as is also the case for
switch position "1".

A thyristor temperature rise of 110%

can therefore never be achieved and
consequently fault message F60139
is never issued.
B640 OFF3 for slave drive If OFF3 has been specified on both Do not specify OFF3 on the V1.1
B641 the master drive and slave drive, this slave drive
can result in a mutual unfavorable
influence. (Significant oscillations in
the motor current.)
SINAMICS DCM optimization runs
B507 Armature current If a very high inductance is connected Perform manual optimization V1.1
optimization run fails at to the armature terminals instead of a
very high inductance motor, the armature current
optimization run (p50051=25) is
terminated with fault message F60051
B571 Armature current If the armature inductance of the Perform manual optimization V1.1
optimization run fails at motor is very low, the armature
very low inductance current optimization run (p50051=25)
is terminated with fault message
F60050 (fault value 207)
B642 Field current optimization If the field circuit inductance of the Perform manual optimization V1.1
run fails at very low motor is very low (field circuit time
inductance constant < 200 ms), the field current
optimization run (p50051=24) is
terminated with fault message F60050
(fault value 104)
B577 Text of fault message Fault message 60050 fault value 203 Correct text is: “Calculated V1.1
F60050 fault value 203 is is: “Calculated armature circuit armature circuit resistance too
incorrect resistance too high (> 4000 Ohm)” high (> 100 Ohm)”

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AOP 30 DCM V1.1
Error ID Short description Factual information Work-around As of version
B292 "All DOs" parameter list Sporadically no DCC parameters and Use the parameter lists of the V1.1
no SINAMICS DCM parameters > individual DOs
50000 are displayed in the "All DOs"
parameter list
B228 Connection status Sporadically the yellow ALARM LED Switch once to CUD2 and back V1.1
may flash and the sign in the top right again
of the display is shown inverted
(indicator for no communication),
although the AOP communicates with
the drive.
Only the "Commissioning/Service"
item is offered in the menu.
B270 Version The AOP displays the version of the None V1.1
SINAMICS basic software as version
for the database.
This is Version V04.20.17 for the
B276 Jog In the help for "Jog", it is stated that In SINAMICS DCM, the value V1.1
the speed setpoint is set at p1050. selected at p50436[0] is used as
That is the source for the AC jog setpoint.
B294 F1030 Very sporadically the LOCAL mode Behavior is normal again after a V1.1
can no longer be activated on the Power Off/On of the AOP 30.
AOP after an F1030 has occurred
through overload on the drive.
B529 Memory overload during If a DCC chart is downloaded on As a remedy, all DCC charts in V4.2
AP00866534 DCC chart download on several DOs, the fault message the project must be deleted.
several DOs F1105 (insufficient memory) may be This project must then be
issued. downloaded again to the drive.
After that an individual chart can
be successfully downloaded. It
is important that only one DCC
chart is downloaded to one DO.
B560 Download of the DCBLib Fault message F1105 (insufficient Use the MMC Card to load the V4.2
AP00870217 via STARTER when a memory) occurs during the DCBLib DCBLib (see Operating
DCBLib is already installed download. In this case, the DCBLib Instructions, Subsection 10.22.1
results in a memory download is not successful and the "Loading of DCC to the memory
overload DCBLib has been made unusable and of the drive unit").
therefore has to be loaded again via
the MMC Card (see Operating Do not perform a new download
Instructions, Subsection 10.22.1 via STARTER (this is normally
"Loading of DCC to the memory of the not necessary).
drive unit").
AP00885435 Memory overload during If TM modules are inserted on the Perform Power Off/On of the V4.2
DCC chart download on drive and a DCC chart is downloaded drive again. The error messages
the DO DC_CTRL with on the DO DC_CTRL, this results in a then no longer occur and the
simultaneous use of TM memory overload on the drive. The drive is ready for operation.
modules drive performs a reset. Error
messages are present after the reset. Assign the DCC chart to the DO
The DCC chart has not been CU_DC and perform a DCC
downloaded to the drive. chart download again.

The project data volumes listed in the Or: Only assign TM modules to
Operating Instructions do not apply in the drive (via parameter 9910)
this case. after the DCC chart has been
successfully created and
downloaded to the drive.

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