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Topic 1: The Facts to be Explained and A Framework for Analysis.

1. Differences in the Level of Income Among Countries. gverdi 1

2. Growth’s Effect on the Level of Income.
3. Total vs Per Capita GDP.
4. Purchising Power Parity ( PPP).
5. Calculation of Growth Rates. . gverdi2
6. Ratio ( logarithmic) Scale. gverdi3
7. Growth Before and After 1820. gverdi4
8. Income Inequality Between and Within Countries gverdi6
9. The Economics of Sylvania and Freedonia. gverdi7
10. The Production Function. gverdi9
11. From Income Levels to Growth Rates. gverdi10
12. Economic Models. gverdi11
13. Scatter Plots. gverdi12
14. Correlations. gverdi12

Topic 2: Physical Capital.

1) The Nature of Capital ( 5 key characteristics of capital ). gverdi14

2) Capital’s Role in Production. gverdi15
3) Factor Payments and Factor Shares. gverdi17
4) The Solow Model. gverdi18
5) The Solow Model as a Theory of Income Differences. gverdi20
6) The Relationship Between Investment and Saving. gverdi22

Topic 3: Population, Economic Growth and Future. Population Trends.

1. Population Over the Long Run ( The Malthusian Model ).

2. The Breakdown of the Malthusian Model. gverdi1(amobeWdilze)
3. Population Growth in the Solow Model. gverdi2(amobeWdilze)
4. Explaining Population Growth ( Mortality and Fertility Transition ).
5. Reduced Fertility : The Means and Motives. gverdi
6. Forecasting Population. gverdi
7. Fertility and the Tempo Effect. gverdi
8. Demographic Momentum. gverdi
9. Population in the Very Long Run. gverdi
10. The Slowdown in Population Growth. gverdi
11. Population Aging. gverdi
Topic 4: Human Capital.

1) The Effect of Health Differences on Income. gverdi3(amobeWdilze)

2) Modeling the Interaction of Health and Income. gverdi4(amobeWdilze)
3) Changes in the Level of Education. gverdi25
4) Education and Wages. gverdi27
5) Human Capital’s Share of Wages. gverdi28
6) A Quantitative Analysis of thye Impact of Schooling Differences Among Countries.
gverdi 31

Topic 5: Measuring Productivity.

1) Productivity in the Production Function. gverdi

2) Measuring Productivity Differences Among Countries. gverdi
3) The Contribution of Productivity to Income Differences Among Countries. gverdi
4) Measuring Countries’ Productivity Growth. gverdi
5) The Contribution of Productivity to Growth Differences. gverdi

Topic 6: The Role of Technology in Growth.

1) The Natureof Technological Progress. gverdi33

2) Modeling the Relationship Between Technology Creation and Growth – One Country
Model. gverdi36
3) Modeling the Relationship Between Technology Creation and Growth – Two Country
Model. gverdi38
4) Barriers to International Technology Transfer. gverdi40