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The world knew Rosa Parks is a quiet, shy, and modest tailor who refused on December
1, 1955 to give up her seat on a Montgomery city bus, Ala., To a white man, as required by local
law. . His arrest led to a 380-day bus boycott, a decision by the US Supreme Court to delegate
public transportation in the city, a mass protest that catapulted the name Martin Luther King Jr.
to fame, and broad changes in social order. Part of the story that most people know. However, it
is unknown to many people, before he became a civil rights catalyst, he was a devoted Christian
who memorized the Scriptures and taught Sunday school. In his own words, is his faith that
supports him and is most important throughout his life. He believes that God's strength and love
can overcome everything, including bigotry. parks were raised at the African Episcopal
Methodist Church, a denomination founded in Philadelphia in 1816 by Bishop Richard Allen, a
former slave. Born in Tuskegee. He was baptized Rosa McCauley in 1915 at the age of 2. Since
childhood, he read the Bible, prayed, went to church regularly, and liked to sing hymns, he
wrote. As an adult, he was a Sunday school teacher and superintendent at St. Church Paul AME
in Montgomery, and he is responsible for preparing for communion. I remember finding comfort
and peace like when I read the Bible, he said. He married a barber, Russell Parks, in 1932, and
obtained his high school diploma the following year. He works as a tailor for department stores
and as housekeeper in Montgomery, continues to carry out his church duties, and in addition to
doing voluntary secretarial work for the local branch of NAACP. In the aftermath of his arrest
and bus boycott, threats and financial pressure increased, and the couple decided in 1957 to
move to Detroit. Despite its name and popularity, parks remain humble, soft-spoken, and join a
small congregation in the city, St. Church. Matthew AME. He could join a large and prestigious
church with a list of members where he would become popular. In 1965 Parks became a staff
assistant to US Reps John Conyers, Where he lived until retiring in 1988. Her husband died in
1977. Parks died at his home on October 24 at the age of 92. President Bush described him as
one of the most inspiring women of the 20th century .