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Yes, the better.

These small - yellow - to the same value or slightly less -

pointed green. These large (CE marked in red) orange disks (100 nF / 25 V) to
replace 220-330nF foil.

OK, let's continue on, because it is still what to improve and the result so far
may be negligible:
Throw resistors in parallel from the output to ground (30k)
serial 680 ohm RCA jacks change to 68-150ohm,
coupling capacitors on the output signal wylutuj and insert a jumper, you can use
them elsewhere in the CD where there are blank spaces or eg. to give to foot power
digital filter. Capacitors in series with the headphone output of a jumper, 1n
plate with jack crashes also these little 1n the Cinch sockets and wyluty use where
it may come in handy in this CD.
Insert the system OSCON Sony CXD (2500), if any.
Wylutuj resistors 47k at DACU, cut the stem 10 from 9 both DACów (prztenij path) in
the free space after the 47k insert branded high quality 2.7-3k, eg Vishay Dale
Allen Bradley.
Zbocznikuj power supply + V and -V part. analog DACów foil capacitors 3.3, 4.7 or
Insert the stand opamp headphone amplifier, you can then swap for the better, if it
is worth.

Today, more new ideas.

In this and similar CD (DCD-595) poskąpili the opampy, as used the conversion of
I / V-LPF and the output buffer in internal wznacniacze meticulous surgical DACU
for this. It's probably a bad idea.

One more extreme fashion - the output signal directly from the transmitter. You cut
a path of legs 9, 13 (ext. Balance resistor, output). Mount an external resistor
conversion from output to ground DACA - on the legs 13 and 12. The signal from the
output target straight DACA (pin 13) to the RCA outputs - through a serial resistor
approx. 100ohm (can be converted by the PCB 680N - enter signal where should be
negative end of the coupling capacitor 100uF, which crashes - or jumper instead, so
that there was no connection with the preceding part of the system).
You can also CONNECT from the bottom of the main capacitor 4700uF and 2200uF some
470nF-2.2uF in parallel.

Another idea concerns the supply - separate stabilizers for DACów. It may even be
repeaters emitter voltage of the base stabilized Zener diode and the small capacity
of the filter parallel to it.

If you stay with the configuration of opampami, these inner need to skip (cut) and
replace with one double (eg. OPA2604, AD8397, etc.) or two single (OPA604, AD797,
AD825, ...) - to the plate or stand with them enough pull up the power and signals
from the PCB of the places where they were connected Amp. op. internal
transmitters. Their inverting input connected to the ground. The flow capacity of
decoupling give little ankle, for example 2x4.7-10uF.

Tak.104 is 10 * 10000pF or 100nF.

Oh, this CD Dace are indeed 18-bit, but with the lowest selection, you may want to
replace it with a better, even 16-bit, if you can switch the digital filter in mode
16 bit? Most filters have this option, a dace of BB are consistent with one another
pinout in terms of multi-bit DIL16 housing.
Ie. selection L (low grade, below average), and Dace may well be Analog Devices.