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Astral Dependant CoterminOus Spells Astral Color Pool Colors

Astral projection Explosive runes Ysgard indigo Elysium opal

Dimensional anchor Forcecage Limbo jet the Beastlands emerald
Dimension door Leomund’s tiny hut Pandemonum magenta Arborea sapphire
Summon monster (I – IX) Invisiblity purge the Abyss amethyst the Outlands brown
Teleport Maze Carceri olive the Prime silver
Teleport without error See invisibility the Waste rust Fire fire emerald
Teleportation circle Sepia Snake sigil Gehenna russet Earth moss granite
Vanish Mage armor Baator ruby Water dark blue
These spells do not function or Magic missle Acheron flame Air pale blue
only partially function on the Maze Mechanus diamond Positive white
Inner Planes and the Astral. Mordenkainen’s Sword Arcadia saffron Negative black
Ethereal Dependant Otiluke’s resilient sphere Mt. Celestia gold Shadow black spiral
Blink Otiluke’s telekinetic sphere Bytopia amber the Ethereal white spiral
Dimensional anchor Shield a demiplane random
Ethereal jaunt Spiritual weapon Ethereal Curtain Colors
Etherealness Tenser’s floating disk
the Prime turquoise Steam ivory
Leomund’s secret chest Trueseeing
Air blue Radiance rainbow
Vanish Wall of force
Earth brown Mineral creamy pink
These spells do not function or These spells cross the Ethereal
Fire red Vacuum black and white specks
only partially function on the Border and can affect objects
Water green Salt tan
on the coterminous Ethereal.
Smoke pearl Ash dark grey
Standard Creature Immunities Ice aquamarine Dust brown grey
Check books for additional spell-like abilities and other modifications Ooze chocolate Postive white
(especially for archons and guardinals). Magma maroon Negative black
Petitioner Imm: mind affecting spells. Lightning violet Shadow silver
Rilmani Imm: electricity, poison. Resist: acid 10, sonic 10. a demiplane random
Modron Imm: mind affecting, subdual, ability damage, ability Winds on Pandemonium
drain, or energy drain. Resist: acid 10, cold 10, fire 10. d100 Effect Save
Not subject to critical hits. 1–10 Hit by flying pebbles for 1d4 Reflex 15 for half
Formian Imm: Cold, petrifaction, poison. Resist: fire 10, electricity 11–20 Hit by flying stones for 2d6 Reflex 18 for half
10, sonic 10. Hive mind(ex), all w/in 50 mi of queen are in 21-30 Confusion as spell 1d4+1 rnds Will 15 negates
communication, no member of group flat footed unless all 31-40 Hit by flying boulders for 2d8 Reflex 20 for half
are, no member of group flanked unless all are. 41-50 Smashed into wall for 2d10 Reflex 22 for half
Slaadi Imm: sonic. Resist: acid 5, cold 5, electric 5, fire 5. 51-60 Confusion as spell 2d4+1 rnds Will 20 negates
Archon Imm: electricity, petrification. Resist: cold 10, acid 10. +4 71-80 Smashed into wall for 4d10 Reflex 24 for half
vs poison. 81-90 Smashed into wall for 4d10 then Reflex 24 for half,
Asura Imm: fire, petrification, charms, compulsions. Resist: cold thrown into the Styx (two saves) Reflex 20 negates
10, acid 10. +4 vs poison. 91-100 Permanent insanity Will 22 negates
Aasimon Imm: acid, cold, petrification. Resist: electricity 10, fire Outlands Spire Effects
10. +4 vs poison
Impeded spells: spellcraft check DC 35 to cast the spell
Guardinal Imm: electricity, petrification. Resist: cold 10, acid 10. +4
Limited spells: can’t be cast (as if caster within an antimagic field)
vs poison.
Ring Distance Imped. Limit. Other Effects
Eladrin Imm: electricity, petrification. Resist: cold 10, acid 10. +4
1100 mi 9th none
vs poison. th
9 1000 mi 8th none
Tanar’ri Imm: poison, electricity. Resist: acid 10, cold 10, fire 10.
8th 900 mi 7th 9th Creatures gain immunity to
Can summon own kind. Allergic to iron.
Yugoloth Imm: poison, acid. Resist: cold 10, fire 10, electricity 10.
7th 800 mi 6th 8th Psionic spell-like abilities
Can summon own kind. Allergic to silver.
cease to function
Gehreleth Imm: poison. Freedom of movement (su) as if CL 10.
6th 700 mi 5th 7th Positive and negative
Baatezu Imm: fire, poison. Resist: cold 10, acid 10. Can summon
energy can’t be channeled
own kind. See in magical darkness. Allergic to silver.
5th 600 mi 4th 6th Supernatural abilities cease
Undead Imm: mind affecting, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning,
to function
disease, death, necromantic effects, any Fort save,
4th 500 mi 3rd 5th The Astral is no longer
subdual, ability damage, ability drain, death from massive
coterminous, dependant
damage. Not subject to critical hits.
spells cease to function
Elemental Imm: poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning. Not subject to
3rd 400 mi 2nd 4th Divine powers of demi-
critical hits.
deities and lower annulled
Gate Towns 2nd 300 mi all 3rd Divine powers of lesser-
Bytopia Tradegate Elysium Esctasy deities and lower annulled
Mt. Celestia Excelsior Beastlands Faunel 1st 200 mi all 2nd Divine powers of
Arcadia Fortitude Arborea Sylvania intermediate deities and
Mechanus Automata Ysgard Glorium lower annulled
Acheron Rigus Limbo Xaos center 100 mi all all All divine powers annulled
Baator Ribcage Pandemonium Bedlam
Spells in Sigil
Gehenna Torch the Abyss Plague-mort
Summon I-IX fails
Grey Wastes Hopeless Carceri Curst
Teleportation fails if into or out of Sigil, if within Sigil requires
Alternate Gate towns a spellcraft check, DC 15 + spell level
These gate towns are for campaigns using Planewalker’s updates to Divination fails if into or out of Sigil
the PSCS post gate town slides. See PSCS for updates.
Arcadia Courage the Abyss Blight
Bytopia Astral Shadow Elysium
Mildly good. Timeless: age and bodily All shadow spells maximized. Strongly good. Entrapping: Will
Dothion needs catch up on leaving. Shadow conjuration, evocation save/wk spent DC 10+
Shurrock 30% more potent, greater shadow consecutive wks or be trapped.
Mount Celestia conj. and evoc. 60% more potent, Amoria
No gravity.
Mildly good, mildly lawful. shade 90%. Fire and light spells Eronia
Border Ethereal are impeded and require spellcraft Belierin
Deep Ethereal DC 15 + spell level to cast Thalasia
Venya the Beastlands
Solania Mildly good.
Mertion Krigala
Jovar Brux
Chronias Karasuthra
Arcadia Arborea
Mildly lawful. Mildly good, mildly chaotic.
Abellio Olympus
Buxenos Ossa
Mechanus Pelion
Strongly lawful. Ysgard
Acheron Mildly chaotic. Mildly positive.
Mildly lawful. Ysgard
Avalas Muspelheim
Thuldanin Nidavellir
Tintabulus Limbo
Ocanthus Strongly chaos. Highly morphic.
Baator Wild magic.
Mildly evil, mildly lawful. Pandemonium
Avernus Mildly chaotic.
Dis Positive Negative Pandesmos
Minauros Strongly positive dominant, Strongly negative dominant. Cocytus
Phlegethos: Fire dominant. Fort DC 15 or blinded Fort DC 25 or gain a neg. level, Phlegethon
Stygia permanently. Fast heal 5, +5 at -1 level become a wraith Agathion
Malbolge temp HP/rnd, Fort DC 20/rnd Negative energy spells are the Abyss
Maladomini over double max HP or maximized. Rebuke and control Mildly evil, mildly chaotic.
Cania: Cold dominant. explode. Positive energy spells undead is at a +10 for HD Carceri
Nessus are maximized. Turn and affected. Positive energy spells Mildly evil.
Gehenna destroy undead is at a +10 for impeded, spellcraft DC15+sp. Othrys
Mildly evil. HD affected. Negative energy level to cast. Cathrys
Khalas spells impeded, spellcraft Minethys
Chamada DC15+sp. level to cast. Colothys
Mungoth Porphatys
Krangath Agathys
the Grey Waste The Outlands
Strongly evil. Entrapping: Will Spire affects magic. See table.
save/wk spent DC 10+
consecutive wks or be trapped.
Oinos Planar Alignment
Niflheim Mildly Those of opposing
Pluton aligned: alignment at a -2 to Cha
checks. These stack for
multiple alignments.
Strongly Those not of this
Smoke: Risk suffocation.
aligned: alignment are at a -2 to
Magma: 5d10/rnd fire damage. Cha, Int, Wis checks.
Ooze: Risk drowning.
Ice: Cold dominant.
Quasielemental Fire Earth Water Air Elemental Dominant
Radiance: Mildly positive. Fort DC Fire dominant. Earth dominant. Water dominant. Air dominant. Fire: Risk immolation,
15 or blinded for 10rnd. Fire spells Earth spells, Water spells Air spells 3d10/rnd fire damage,
Mineral: Mildly positive. Earth maximized and empowered and extended and empowered and double damage to water
dominant. enlarged. Water extended. Air enlarged. Fire enlarged. Earth creatures.
Steam: Mildly positive. spells at a spells at a spells at a spells at a Cold: Risk freezing, 3d10/rnd
Lightning: Mildly positive. 3d10 spellcraft DC spellcraft DC spellcraft DC spellcraft DC cold damage, double
electrical damage/rnd. 15+ spell level 15+ spell level 15+ spell level 15+ spell level damage to fire
5d10 if you have metal to cast. to cast. to cast. to cast. creatures.
equipment. Earth: Risk suffocation, no
Ash: Mildly negative. Risk empty space to move.
Inner Outer Transitive Prime Water: Risk drowning, fire
suffocation from ashfall.
Inner planes Outer planes Astral and The prime creatures 1d10/rnd.
Dust: Mildly negative.
have no have no ethereal planes has both Air: No additional effects.
Salt: Mildly negative, at 0HP a
astral ethereal have no astral and Mildly Gain fast heal 2 and
mummified corpse.
connection. connection. connections to ethereal positive: regeneration.
Vacuum: Mildly negative. Risk
each other. connections. Mildly Take 1d6/rnd, at 0HP
suffocation, no air.
negative: crumble into dust.
Trip Attack Hide Check
Mod Circumstance
Make an unarmed melee touch -5 If moving faster than one half your
attack against your target. This Attack fails normal speed
provokes an attack of Nothing happens.
-20 While attacking, running, or
opportunity from your target charging
as normal for unarmed attacks +16 Fine size
+12 Diminutive size
Attack succeeds
+8 Tiny
If you lose, the defender +4 Small
Make a Str check opposed by Lose the Check may immediately react and -4 Large
the defender’s Dex or Str make a Strength check -8 Huge
check (whichever ability score opposed by your Dexterity -12 Gargantuan
has the higher modifier). or Strength check to try to -16 Colossal
trip you. -10 If using Bluff to distract direct
Win the Check observers in order to hide
A combatant gets a +4 bonus for every size
category he is larger than medium or a -4 penalty -20 If using a hiding position to snipe,
for every size category he is smaller than medium. and you just attacked
You trip the defender.
The defender gets a +4 bonus on his check if he +20 Invisible and moving
He is now prone.
has more than two legs or is otherwise more stable +40 Invisible and not moving
than a normal humanoid. Bluff Check
Mod Circumstance
Grapple Attack +5 The target wants to believe
0 Believable bluff or doesn’t affect
target much
Defender’s AOO
+5 The bluff is a little hard to believe
Make a melee touch attack does damage or
or risks target
against your target. This your attack fails
+10 The bluff is hard to believe or
provokes an attack of Nothing happens.
endangers target
opportunity from your target.
+20 The bluff is extremely hard to
belief or contrary proof is evident
Attack succeeds Search Check
You fail to start the grapple. DC Task
Make an opposed grapple Lose the You automatically lose an 10 Ransack a room to find an item
check. Check attempt to hold if the target 20 Notice a secret door or simple
is two or more size trap
categories larger than you 21+ Find a difficult non-magical trap
are. Nothing more happens. 25+ Find a magic trap
Win the Check spell
Your attack bonus on a grapple check is your BaB 30 Notice a well hidden secret door
You and your target are now + Str modifier + size mod. The size mod for a Listen Check
grappling, and you deal grapple check is as follows: Colossal +16, DC/Mod Task/Circumstance
damage to the target as if with Gargantuan +12, Huge +8, Large +4, Medium +0, 0 People talking
an unarmed strike. Small -4, Tiny -8, Diminutive -12, Fine -16. 5 A Person in medium armor at a
slow pace (10ft/rnd) trying to
Disarm Attack be quiet
Defender’s AOO 10 An unarmored person at a
Make a melee attack against does damage or slow pace (15ft/rnd) trying to
your target. This provokes an your attack fails be quiet
attack of opportunity from your Nothing happens. 25 A cat stalking
target. 30 An owl gliding in for a kill
+1 Per 10 ft from listener
+5 Through a door
Attack succeeds +15 Through a stone wall
Lose the The defender may immediately react
Make opposed attack rolls. Check and attempt to disarm you with the Open Lock Check
Highest result wins. same sort of opposed melee attack very 20 good 30
roll. His attempt does not provoke simple
an attack of opportunity from you. average 25 amazing 40
Win the Check You do not subsequently get a free Disable Device Check
disarm attempt against him.
Device Time DC Example
The defender is disarmed. If Simple 1 rnd 10 Jam a lock
you attempted the disarm Tricky 1d4 rnds 15 Sabotage a wagon
action unarmed, you now have The wielder of a two-handed weapon on a disarm Difficult 2d4 rnds 20 Disarm/reset a trap
the weapon else the weapon is attempt gets a +4 bonus on this roll, and the wielder Wicked 2d4 rnds 25 Disarm a complex trap,
on the ground. of a light weapon takes a -4 penalty. An unarmed cleverly sabotage a
strike is a light weapon. The larger combatant gets a clockwork device
bonus on the attack roll of +4 per difference in size Attempting to leave behind no trace of
category. If the targeted item isn’t a melee weapon, tampering adds 5 to the DC.
the defender takes a -4 penalty on the roll.
Climb Check Tumble Check
DC/Mod Task/Circumstance DC/Mod Task / Circumstance
0 A steep slope or knotted rope with a nearby wall 15 Treat a fall as if it were 10 feet shorter than it really
5 Unknotted rope with nearby wall, knotted rope is when determining damage.
hanging free, or rope of a rope trick spell 15 Tumble at half speed as part of normal movement,
10 A surface with plenty of ledges to hold and stand on, provoking no attacks of opportunity while doing so.
or ship rigging Failure means you provoke attacks of opportunity.
15 A surface with handholds and footholds, a tree, or 25 Tumble at half speed through an area occupied by an
unknotted rope enemy (over, under, or around the opponent) as
20 An uneven surface with narrow handholds or part of normal movement, provoking no attacks of
dungeon or ruin walls opportunity while doing so.
25 A rough surface or brick wall Impossible Tumbling is impossible in a deep bog.
25 Overhangs or ceiling with handholds but no footholds +2 Lightly obstructed (scree, light rubble, shallow bog,
Impossible A smooth, perfectly flat vertical surface or undergrowth)
-10 Any point where two parallel surfaces may be used +5 Severely obstructed (natural cavern floor, dense
to brace, such as inside a chimney rubble, or dense undergrowth)
-5 Any point where two perpendicular surfaces may be +2 Lightly slippery (wet floor)
used to brace, such as inside a corner +5 Severely slippery (ice sheet)
+5 A slippery surface +2 Sloped or angled
Long Jump High Jump
Requires a 20-foot running Requires a 20-foot running Cover Concealment
start. Without a running start, start. Without a running start,
Cover does not exist in 3.5 as Concealment does not exist in
double the DC. double the DC
in prior editions. If an opponent 3.5 as in prior editions. If an
DC Distance DC Dist. Size Reach has cover, they simply have a opponent has concealment,
5 5 feet 4 1 ft Colos. 128 ft +4 modifier to AC. You cannot they simply have a miss
10 10 feet 8 2 ft Garg. 64 ft make an attack against chance on any successful
15 15 feet 12 3 ft Huge 32 ft opponents with total cover. attack against them equal to
20 20 feet 16 4 ft Large 16 ft 20%. Total concealment
25 25 feet 20 5 ft Medium 8 ft requires attackers to guess at
30 30 feet 24 6 ft Small 4 ft their location, with a 50% miss
And so on, continuing the 28 7 ft Tiny 2 ft chance.
pattern. 32 8 ft Dimin. 1 ft
Fine ½ ft
Sample Weapons Attack Roll Mods
Simple Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range Type Defender is… Melee Ranged Attacker is… Melee Ranged
Gauntlet 1d2 1d3 ×2 — Bl. Behind cover +4 +4 Dazzled -1 -1
Unarmed strike 1d2 1d3 ×2 — Bl. Blinded* -2 -2 Entangled -2 -2
Dagger 1d3 1d4 19-20/×2 10 ft. P. or Sl. Cowering* -2 -2 Flanking defender +2 —
Club 1d4 1d6 ×2 10 ft. Bl. Entangled +0 +0 Invisible* +2 +2
Mace, heavy 1d6 1d8 ×2 — Bl. Flat-footed* +0 +0 On higher ground +1 +0
Morningstar 1d6 1d8 ×2 — Bl. and P. Grappling +0 +0 Prone -4 —
Shortspear 1d4 1d6 ×2 20 ft. P. (attacker not)* Shaken or -2 -2
Longspear 1d6 1d8 ×3 — P. Helpless* -4 +0 frightened
Quarterstaff 1d4/1d4 1d6/1d6 ×2 — Bl. Kneeling or -2 +2 Squeezing -4 -4
Spear 1d6 1d8 ×3 20 ft. P. sitting through a space
Crossbow, heavy 1d8 1d10 19-20/×2 120 ft. P. Pinned* -4 +0 Crossbows can be used while
Crossbow, light 1d6 1d8 19-20/×2 80 ft. P. Prone -4 +4 prone, unlike most ranged.
Martial Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range Type Running* -0 +2 For starred modifiers, defender
Sword, short 1d4 1d6 19-20/×2 — P. Squeezing -4 -4 loses any Dex bonus to AC.
Battleaxe 1d6 1d8 ×3 — Sl. through a space
Flail 1d6 1d8 ×2 — Bl. Stunned* -2 -2
Longsword 1d6 1d8 19-20/×2 — Sl. Undead Turning Check
Sword, bastard 1d8 1d10 19-20/×2 — Sl. Result of 1d20 + Char bonus Most Powerful Undead Affected
Rapier 1d4 1d6 18-20/×2 — P. 0 or lower Cleric’s level HD -4
Scimitar 1d4 1d6 18-20/×2 — Sl. 1—3 Cleric’s level HD -3
Whip 1d2 1d ×2 — Sl. 4—6 Cleric’s level HD -2
Warhammer 1d6 1d8 ×3 — Bl. 7—9 Cleric’s level HD -1
Greataxe 1d10 1d12 ×3 — Sl. 10—12 Cleric’s level HD
Greatclub 1d8 1d10 ×2 — Bl. 13—15 Cleric’s level HD +1
Flail, heavy 1d8 1d10 19-20/×2 — Bl. 16—18 Cleric’s level HD +2
Greatsword 1d10 2d6 19-20/×2 — Sl. 19—21 Cleric’s level HD +3
Longbow 1d6 1d8 ×3 100 ft. P. 22 or higher Cleric’s level HD +4
Shortbow 1d4 1d6 ×3 60 ft. P.
Turning Damage: If you can turn undead within 60 feet, roll 2d6 +
Exotic Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range Type
your cleric level + your Charisma modifier for turning damage.
Crossbow, hand 1d3 1d4 19-20/×2 30 ft. P.
That’s how many total Hit Dice of undead you turn.
Special Attacks Special Abilities: Affected By
Aid Another Hit AC 10, give friend +2 bonus to attack or AC. Extraordinary Spell-Like Supernatural
Charge Move x2 speed, +2 attack, -2AC, one attack only. Dispel magic No Yes No
Lances in a mounted charge deal double damage. SR Applies No Yes No
Feint Bluff vs. Sense motive + BaB. Opponent loses Dex. Antimagic No Yes Yes
Attack of Opp. No Yes No

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