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1. Complete the information about Mark and his plans for the weekend with the following
prepositions: on, with, about(x2), of, to(x2), in, at(x2), for.

I attend school in my capital city, and I really like it. I am quite good (0)_________ history and I'm
really interested (1)___________ science. I'm not great (2)_________ drawing, though. I showed
my picture of a robot to my little sister, and she was afraid (3)________ it! There's an after-
school art club at my school, but I don't know much (4)_________it. I might join, though.

I've just talked (5)_______ my friends (6)________ our plans for the weekend. We can't decide
what to do - it depends (7)________ the weather, really. We get bored (8)______ doing the
same thing every Saturday, so this weekend we're looking (9)__________ something different!
I'm really looking forward (10)__________ it.

2. Read the text. Then complete 1-10 with the past simple or past continuous form of the
verbs in brackets.


I recently ___________ (take) an unusual trip around the world with my best friend. For twelve
months, we _____________ (not get) on a plane or a helicopter once. We ______________
(explore) 30 countries on six continents and _______________ (go) by camel, bike, boat, bus and
train. While we _________________ (be) away, we met all kinds of interesting people. For
example, while we ______________ (travel) on the Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow to
Irkuts, we ______________ (make) friends with some fishermen from Finland. Another great
thing about our slow trip was that we _______________ (have) the time to learn new skills. For
instance, while we ________________ (sail) from Singapore to Australia on a ten-day boat trip,
some Mexican back-packers _______________ (teach) us Spanish. It really was the most
interesting trip we'd ever taken.

3. Complete the following sentences with the present simple or present continuous form of the

0. What time ________________ the train ________________ (leave) this afternoon?

1. In Johannesburg most people ____________________ (speak) at least five languages.

2. You can't see Tim now, he _________________ (have) a bath.

3. Please keep quiet, I ________________ (listen) to the radio. You know I _________________
(listen) to the news every morning.

4. I _________________ (never- wear) a scarf, but today I _____________ (wear) one because
it's unusually cold.

5. I finished watching the series you recommended. Now I _____________ (watch) another one.

6. Nobody ______________ (think) they will win the match.

7. ______________ you ______________ (often - go) to the cinema?

4. Each sentence contains a mistake often made by Spanish-speaking PET candidates. Cross it out
and write the correct form.

3. He finished the houseworks so early that we could hang out afterwards. ______________

9. Sadly, many people in South Africa doesn't have moneys. ____________

2. I drank one wine and two rices for meal this evening. ________________

5. Choose the correct words to complete each sentence.

1 Why did people _______________ mend their clothes?

a) used to b) use to c) didn’t use to

2 I _______________ like watching football, but now I do.

a) used to b) use to c) didn’t use to

3 What did you _______________ like doing when you were young?

a) used to b) use to c) didn’t use to

4 John _______________ like Mary, but he doesn’t now.

a) used to b) use to c) didn’t use to

5 People _______________ produce as much rubbish as we do nowadays.

a) used to b) use to c) didn’t use to

6 Did you _______________ collect anything when you were young?

a) used to b) use to c) didn’t use to

6. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box. You need to use some
words more than once.


1. I ________________ my Maths exam, so I'll have to ________________ it again next term.

2. I'm not sure what I want to ________________ at university but I don't have to ___________
a decision about it yet.

3. This morning I was late, so I _______________ my History class. I had to _____________ all
my break time copying my friend's notes.

4. I want to ______________ a job, so that I can ____________ a wage.

5. When you move to a new town it is difficult to _____________ friends who you can
______________ fun with.

7. Translate the following words:





Chest of drawers