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Lesson observation sheet

Date: 16. Nov. 2018 Name of observer: Ignat Celina

Grade: II.
Teacher: Lorincz Izabella
Subject of lesson: Family tree and new vocabulary

Time Stage of lesson Students’ activities Teacher’s activities Materials & aids
Introduction - Greet the T - Greets the ss
- Ss report to the T - Introduces herself
who is not present as the teacher for the blackboard
5’ - Ss write the correct upcoming class
date in English on - Asks
the blackboard as students what
well as the name of did they talk
the day. about in the
- Ss answer the T’s previous
question: they talked lesson
about people on the -book
picture from the
Revision 1 – place in Ss pay attentions She gives them Worksheet
the house and resolve the tasks worksheet projector
Ss draw what is She gives tasks from
missing: chair, bed, worksheet video
12’ table T put some
Ss answer to the T questions: where is Notebooks
questions Vudy? Pens/ Pencils
write the words in - Corrects
their notebooks Ss’mistakes

12’ Revision of lesson Pay attention - Shows a video and -video

Ss repeated the repeated with ss the phone
lesson lesson from the video

20’ Practicing - Solve exercise - Gives each student Worksheets

vocabulary 2 from the worksheet a worksheet Pens/ Pencils
given, write the date She explain the
and their names exercise from the
correctly on the worksheet
worksheet, write who She repeated and
the characters are in explain and help
the pictures and them
where are they in - Corrects Ss’
exercise 2 : Flory is mistakes if necessary
in the cupboard . , on
the bed, on the table
Closure They say goodbye - Gives feedback,
too. praises ss and says