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Title Page 1

Story and Layout: Rachel Paro
Julie Larimer, Amy Jasper, Crystal Sperko,
and Kerrie Fielder jammin' in the 6th Grade.
Through the years our lives have
shared many common threads.
Remember the feeling of moving
from elementary to junior high or
from junior high to high school?
Common things happen to youth all
the time: changes in fashion fads,
music, friends, and the ways we have
fun. We have gone
from eating crayons
and pulling pigtails
to working part-time
jobs and holding
down relationships.
Some of the
most common
happenings in any
student's life is go-
ing through school
and learning the steps of growing up.
Kindergarten through high
school is an experience we all share,
and our common experiences build
relationships and memories that will
last a lifetime.
ABOVE CENTER: Buck Shockley with some
of his many women.
ABOVE: Brianne Bowers, Ashley Schwanke,
and Becky Ray, "Love the hair girls!"

2 Student Life
Friends help weave common threads .
When you were in Elementary,
what was your favorite music

" Sad to say,

New Kids on
the Block was
my favorite
music group
when I was
Jr. Jill McNabb

When you were young, what

was the most important toy
you had to have?

"When I was
little, my most
important toy
was my elec-
tronic race car
track! "
Sop. Ashley Wall

"When I was in
grade school ,
basketball cards
were the coolest
things a guy
could have."
Austin Hamilton

Janelle Gilchrist, Leslie Cline,

Michelle Turner, and Jamie
Barber can you say,
"Time Warp?"

Student Life 3

Story & Layout by Heather Hodges

We weave many things into our lives and because of this our lives
are changed dramatically. Throughout high school, especially, you
will develop friendships that will last a lifetime. You will be faced with
many challenges over the years which will thread us all closer
together. Many will part and go their own ways and reminisce on
the times that they spent with their friends at games and school.
Many will stay and let future generations
weave a more interesting and colorful bond.
In this book we tried to capture some of
these memories for later years to come.

Melissa Hickman and Dawn

Strobel wait for the school
musical to begin .

Rhonda Rice , Jamie Allen , and Anna Viets showing off the "Sez Who" Spirit.

4 Student Life

~ho11da ~ice

/hitch ?::>a'lo Shiloh W eave'l

Janelle Gilchrist, Leslie Cline , and Jennifer Fletcher together again.

Student Life 5
Photos by:
Buffalo Reflex JOSEPH Brian Welch
Trisha Lambeth
Ashley Schwanke
Right: Rachel Shoemaker
Pharoah , John Willis , PHAROAH John Willis
explains the dreams JACOB Lonnie Glor
he had to Joseph, POTIPHAR David McClam
BUTLER Jesse Johnston
Brian Welch
BAKER Mitch Paro
Below: REUBEN Bryon Slack
Joseph , Brian Welch, SIMEON Aaron Johnson
receives his coat of LEVI David McClain
many colors from NAPTHALI Jonathan Stanford
ISAACHAR Jesse Johnston
Jacob, Lonnie Glor,
ASHER Mitch Paro
while the brothers DAN Brandon Duff
grow envious. ZEBULUN Travis Horinek
GAD George Smith
JUDAH Shawn Zimmerman
ISSHMAELITES Steven Brinkman
Nathan Stanbursky
CAMELS Glenda Haueter
Holly Loyd
SERVANT Faith Rawlings
Michelle Dugas, Emmy Elliot,
Barbara Mcinvale, Tami Engelhardt,
Lelia Belt, Courtney Morris,
Amanda McWilliams, Joy Rawlings,
Kim Smitherman , Heather Chambers,
Beth Hatten,Kristina Morris,
Jade Enokido, and Samantha Haskett.

Musical Ensemble:
Delaina Ridenour, Piano
James Beckner, Guiter
Richard Kettleman , Bass guitar
Shelly Evans, Drums
Suzanne Powers, Percussion
Brian Elhard , Trumpet

Above: The brothers plot against Joseph .

Right: Joseph, Brian Welch, during the production of
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Student Life 6
THINGS IN COMMON .,_1--------

.H.S v u

Jack and Melba Shewmaker contributed approximately $1.3 million

dollars to bu ild a center for communications, language and fine arts.
Jack and Melba are 1956 graduates of Buffalo High School.
Referring to their funding of the Shewmaker Center, Mr. Shewmaker
said, "This is not about Jack and Melba Shewmaker. We are proud
former students of Buffalo High School and former residents of this
community ... this is about paying tribute to the people who gave us so
much while we were here."
Friday afternoon , November 20th , witnessed the ceremonial ribbon
cutting. Several local , and state officials participated in the opening
ceremony. Along with several plaques, common threads of a B.H.S .
sweat shirt and a Bison letter jacket with a '56 were presented to the
Shewmakers. Friday and Monday evening performances of "Joseph
and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" were presented under the
directions of Mary Lou Beckner and Suzanne Powers. The musical
featured lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The
stage production christened the new theater and showcased talents of
B.H.S. staff and students. A third performance was staged for high
school students the following Wednesday morning . Saturday and
Sunday rounded out the weekend of events with musical concerts.
Thank you to the Shewmaker's for their uncommon gift of love that will
Melba and Jack Shewmaker help enrich student learning and showcase talents of B.H.S. students
now and in the future.

Student Life 7
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Juniors Jill McNabb , Leslie Cline, Michelle Turner, Jeremy Pickens, Chad
Whillock, and Brad Williams prove that standing on one foot can be done.

Sophomores Carrie Perrish , June Kubla, Erin Enlund, Senior line-up: Stephanie Smithey, Katrina Farrow,
Maria Nevarez, Amy Sinclair, and Jamie Lowry expressing Kristy O'Quinn, and Kristy Mathews.
their individual style.

Student Life 8

~ash ·oil
Story and Layout: Michelle Acreback and Sara Kinnaman

''What were they thinking,

I can't believe they wore that!''

These might have been some of the fashion

statements concerning the threads worn in the
halls at Buffalo High School. Some
students at BHS enjoy trends or fads while
others try to aviod them. Different groups or
cliques often identify themselves by their
common style, while others express their style
by their individuality. Could this be because the
individual did not know or care about what others
What to wear? Jeans .. . When all else fails and you can't
come up with a creative fashion statement, you should go
back to the denim basics. Ever versatile, jeans can be worn
baggy, tight, loose at the waist, or torn to express the mood
of the wearer.
Whether students rolled out of bed and came to school in
what they slept in, or woke up at 6:00a.m. to do their hair and/
or make-up, they came in STYLE!

Student Life 9
RESPECT squad awaits their performance
at the football festival pep assembly.

Buck Shockley puts his Michael West alias G. I. wannabe's being "All That they Can Be."
best front forward. Michelle West.

romotes U commo Threa

Student Life 10

YOea11ln~ S pltlt fit{.S.
Story and Layout by: Heather Chambers

Students have discovered that as individuals we are only

a thread in the fabric called school spirit. By joining other
threads, we weave a fabric that creates a common goal.
Bison pride has grown drastically over the year. Attending
school activities, participating in pep assemblies, and
cheering the Bison team were all part of the school spirit

As football festival time arrived, there were serveral indi-

vidual threads that created a texture above the rest.
Tuesday was gender-blender day which was the start of
spirit week. Guys were dressed in their mini-skirts and girls
in their suits and ties. Wednesday was multiple-birth day
where groups of people dressed alike. The contest at the
end of the day proved to be a success when the "M&M's"
claimed the victory. Camouflage day was on Thursday
followed by Red, Black, and White day on Friday. To finish
off spirit week we held a pep assembly where skits, dances,
chants, and a little "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" was shown.

Josh Baker and Adam Cline ... When students work and play together, their common spirit
Just two of the Guys? and pride weave a tapestry that includes many colorful
memories of the year.

Student Life 11

Story and Layout by Christy Hammerbacher

It was a common year that was filled with all- to- common
injuries. The first quarter saw students and teachers fre-
quently visiting the doctor, specialist, or the hospital. The
halls were alive with crutches and arm slings, and almost
daily, conversations began with "What happened to you?"
Sport injuries, home accidents, and "things
that just happen in life" were reasons students
and faculty found themselves facing doctors
and surgery. Students nursed broken bones,
knee injuries, and misplaced hips.
Teachers were not immune to health problems
either. Stress fractures and eye surgery were
two health concerns.
With SURVIVAL, the key word, just makin' it
through another day was task enough for
most of us!

Hammerbacher, Brad
Jason Beltz, Shane
Brito, and Ricky
an accident-prone
group or should we
say "fellow crips?"

Student Life 12
Jason Belz, Brad Nyberg, and Matt Hale goofing off What was the worst part of being injured?
even on crutches!

"Standing on the ideline ,

watching everyone el e
Brad Nyberg, Senior

"People alway asking,

what happened to your
Jason Beltz, Senior

"Not being able to fini h my

enior year playing Volley-
Christy Hammerbacher,

"The Pain."
Matt Kramer, Senior

Nathan Stamburski modeling a broken wrist suffered at a

football game.

Student Life 13
Layout by Ashle y Schwanke

his unusual a~ner shows
Eddie V
Was that pie eating habits
good? ·

14 uncommon Th 1ngs
Junior Buck Shockley and his old restored Mustang.

What's the Most

Unusual ...
. . . body part you have pierced?

Chantel Hatfield "My tongue."

... outfit you own?

Senior Brooke Skinner gets bent out of

shape in Short Story class.


David McClain " A dress."

Student Life 15

lovme t
Story and layout by Stacy Canon

From designer clothes to cars and

stereo systems, many high school
students are left to attain these
things for ourselves. So, as much as
we hate to, we get jobs. From flip-
ping burgers to milking cows, we
earn money for the things we want.

Juggling school and work schedules

become a big responsibility. Stress
begins to play a common role in our
lives. We rush to work after school,
then home to study so our grades
don't fall. At times, we feel like we have no time left and our fabric
of life begins to unravel. But in spite of the hassle and headaches,
most students will say it all pays off when they get their paycheck at
the end of the week.

is that

16 Student Life
Seniors Jeff
and Clayton
you fixing that
car or posing
for Hot Rod

Senior Melissa
Hickman is always
ready to help you.

$ $ $ How do YOU spend your hard-earned cash?$ $ $

Ashley Schwanke Timmy Jasper Kelly Armstrong

" 1 make my car " I pay for the bills "I pay for gas and
payment and try and work on my I buy clothes. "
to save the rest." car. "

Student Life 17

BURSTING ATTHE SEAMS Story and Layout by Sara Kinnaman

That's what people are saying about our school district.

The student population has increased to the point that the
district has had to build two new buildings in the past five
years. Again, we face growth problems. What do you think
might be a solution to student enrollment versus classroom
space dilemma?
School year '94-'95 saw
students in the newly constructed
middle school. With the middle school
building, additional space was made
available at the elementary and high
school. However, in the last four years,
the student population growth has again
caused overflow to present facilities.
B.H.S. gained new classrooms including
a language laboratory with the
"Shewmaker Building." The fine arts de-
partment now has a beautiful theater in
which to perform. The Shewmaker Cen-
ter was dedicated in November and will
also serve the public for various activi-
ties. Meanwhile, the middle school and Mallory
elementary are bursting at the seams. Currently there are so
many students at the elementary that two classrooms are on the
stage. Where will we educate all these students? School
directors say we need a new building or at lease additions to
present facilities.
One question remains,
where do we grow from here?
Student Life 18
Buffalo Prairie Middle School

The Shewmaker
Communications ,
Language , and
Fine Arts Center

The halls are alive at B.H.S.

Student Life 19

La t September we were looking at the ky, hoping

to ee if there were any tar in our little corner of
the world. Mr . Langford and Mi Steward traveled
to Jeffer on City to receive an application andre-
quirement for applying for the "Gold Star Scho 1 "
program. Se eral teacher brain tormed and com-
pleted the 30 page application detailing a umrnary
of the educational proce e at B.H .. The applica-
tion proce covered tudent focu and upport,
challenging tandard and curriculum, active teach-
ing and learning, chool organization and culture,
profe ional community, leader hip and educational
vitality, chool, family, and community partner hip,
and indication of ucce s data. Some intere ting
fact were found. 50% of all tudent are involved in
extracurricular activitie , 97% of tudent exceed
graduation requirement for technical/vocational
cla · e , educational department offer over 75 cour e offering , and our chool participate in many community
ervice acti itie , ·uch a adopt a family, blood drive , and Veteran 'Day activitie .
On ovember 5th, tate education officials announced that Buffalo High School wa one of the fifteen be tin the
tate. Buffalo wa ranked third overall. Our chool wa one of the eleven nominated for national recognition in the
"Blue Ribbon School "program, conducted by the U.S. Department of Education. Our chool received 29 exem-
plary rating , 19 trong rating , and 10 adequate rating . There were no inadequate or in ufficient evidence ratings
received. Keep up the good work.

15 public high schools and middle schools selected for Gold Star Honors.
1. Georgeff-Baker Middle School Blue Springs School District
2. Rock Ridge High School Columbia Public Schools
3. Buffalo High School Dallas County R-1 School District
4. Farmington High School Farmington School District
5. Holden Middle School HoldenSchool District
6. Nipher Middle School Kirkwood School District
7. Mansfield High School Mansfield School District
8. Nevada Middle School Nevada School District
9. Pattonville High School Pattonville School District
10. Rolla Junior High School Rolla School Distrcit
11. Kickapoo High School Springfield Public Schools
12. Belton High School Belton SchooiDistrict
13. Brentwood High School Brentwood School District
14. Jefferson City High School Jefferson City School Dsitrict
15. Richmond Middle School Richmond School District

Uncommon Awards 20
Buffalo High School i triving to prepare tudent for an ever-changing ociety. Upon
receiving the A+ School grant, Buffalo ha under gone tran formation into a technological
pioneer in education. We have three computer lab , each with 25 terminal ; a computer in every
cia room u ed by teacher for recording attendance, grade , and documentation of objective
rna tery; networking of all computer to a central erver allowing for Internet acces and e-mail;
an on-line card catalog in the Library Media Center; a tate of the art indu trial technology lab
which allow tudent to explore robotic , la er and pneumatic , and a Principle of
Technology lab which provide high tech equipment for hand -on learning of phy ic .

Buffalo High School was succe ful in ap-

proval for the A+ program. Through the grant,
tudent may receive tuition toward their po t
econdary education upon meeting criteria
relating to GPA, attendance and good citizen-
ship. Thi program currently ha 187 B.H.S.
enior junior , and sophomore enrolled in
the program. Thi program encourage tu-
dent to focu on our goal of preparing tu-
dent for the future.
The Career Pathways give FOCUS and
DIRECTION to a selection of cour e tudie .
Career Path divide career into five ba ic
categorie : Art and Communication , Bu i-
ne , Management and Techn logy, Health
Service , Human Service , Indu trial and En-
gineering Technology, and Natural Re ource Sy tern . The e pathway vary according to the tudents
p t 'ec ndary plans: chool to work, technical chool, community college or four-year
univer ity. Career path are clu ter of occupations I career that are combined together becau e the
people in them hare imilar intere t and trength . It i important to note that there are a variety of
occupation in each path that require different level of education and training. Selecting a career path
provide the tudent with an area of FOCUS along with FLEXIBILITY and a VARIETY of idea to
pur ue. Talk to you parent and h pefully you will find your elf a career path and join the A+ team. The
deci ion and choice you and your parent make toward your education will have a profound and long
la ting effect n your future.

Student Life 21


"I guess just being the youngest "Missing my second day of Sop. "When I went to the carwash
in a new school, and meeting year to see Aerosmith in concert with A. Wall and she rolled
new people." in Kansas City." down the window, water went
Amber Throckmorton Jesse Johnston everywhere!" Andrea Park

22 Underclassmen Division
Left photo: Visual proof that under-
classmen have a long way to go
before becoming respected seniors.
Below: Sophomores Amy Dunham
and Courtney Fisk take time out of
their busy schedules to primp for the

Layout by : Rachel Paro

mmon Question:
What NtiS lfOU'l most
memotza6le ex petzlence
this lfeatz?

"When I learned to walk and "When Randee , Rhonda, and I went to Woods to
live on the WILDS/DE. It's buy some eggs. After we picked up the eggs we
were walking by the milk and stuff and Rhonda
pretty fun to do!"
started kicking her legs and fell! We were rollin '!"
Nathan Lane Anna Viets

Underclassmen Division 23
Schellie Acreback
Ktm Albertson

sZachery All .tson

eth Anderjaska

Bryce Atteberry
Joseph Austin

Heath Barber
Melissa Barton
Brandy Bass
Amber Bennet
Derek Black
Mya Black
Rand IIAmy Blair
a Bornman

p . Boulw are
atnck Bowles
Shane Brito
Brandy Brown
J:son Burchell
nan Burgess
J Chris Byrd
arod Campbell

Kirby Cart
Sarah Ch
M apman
er •---~
Rab tke Colagto
ecca Compton
Chnsty Cooper
Kari Cooper
Shawn Covert
Daniel Cramer

Brett Crane
Tracy Crawl
Breanna C
. ord
J elante Darnell
asmine Davison
St RobbY Demarr
even Dickerson
Travis Dill

David Dixon
Sarah Dorssom
Cassie Drown - - - -
Kenneth Elliot
B . Emily Elliott
atley Emberton
T~~~ Engelhardt
nsttne Evans

24 Freshman
Joshua Farley
Glenda Farrow
Amy Forrester
Tobias Frazter

Alicia Gandy
Joel Gandy
Richard Garrett
Lawrence Germany

Afton Graves
Tabitha Gray
Joey Green
Cassie Greenwood

Austin Hamilton
Joshua Harmon
Katie Harrison
Rachel Harrison

Robert Hayes
Crystal Hernandez
Matthew Herrera
Annie Hill
Valerie Holdener
Tanya Horinek
Jamie Hughes
Brandi Huntley

Sean Jackson
Justin Jobson
Jess Kampe
Jonathan Keeney
Heidi Kelb
Will Kelb
David Kelly
Alicia Kerr

Andy Lewts
Amber Litchfteld
Douglas Maack
Jennifer Macella
Brandon Mankey
Jeffery Manley
Scott Massare
Dana Mattson

••~'~~•• Matthew Maynard

Linda McWilliams
Brett Meade
Courtney Morris
Aaron Murphy
Jeramae Murphy
Mary Oglesbee
Clayton O'Quin

Freshman 25
Ron Owens
Trav1s Owens

Brandy Ownby
Marcus Ownby

Jess1ca Parsons
B.J . Payne

William Payne
M1tchell Penick
Chns Peters
Leslie Peters
Ladonna Polston
Curtis Potter
Craig Prewit
Randall Rash

Jason Rateliff
Eric Redd
Jessica Reed
Nicke1a Reed
Bonn1e Riddle
Knsta Rogers
Adam Rorie
Richard Rose

Tam1 Rusher -~------.

Rust1n Saner
Michelle Sarlitto
Nicki Sawyer
Joshua Schwanke
Jeannette Sergent
Jessica Sergent
Ryan Sharp

Damel Shaver -~--~-...

Rachel Shoemaker
Amanda Siemer
Ricky Simmons
Micheal Slider
Dust1n Sm1th
Joshua Smith
Racheal Sm1th

Zane Smith
Nathan Stambursk
Jonathon Stanford
Kurt1s Ste1nman
Dustin Sterio
Joseph Still
John Stroup
Amy Surt1n

26 Freshman
Jessica Tharp
Dianna Thompson
Joshua Thompson
Amber Throckmorton
Carol Tindle
Eddy Torrey
Crystal Vest
Ricky Viets

Sean Viets
Gail Warner
Shiloh Weaver
M1chael West
Jennifer Wheat
Frank Williams
McKenzie Willis
Evan Wingo

Matthew Wright
Shaun Zimmerman


Lucas Barnes Daniel Glick

David Beesley Nick Goins
Melissa Chadwick Travis Hine
Matthew Collar Vincent Mabary
Sean Criswell Sasha McDonald
Brandan Davies Bradley Nicholson
Scott Dennis Kimberlee White

Freshman hard at work. Freshman Will Kelb taking some time off from reality.

Freshman 27
Brenna Beasly
Jessica Bell
Jennifer Beltz
Jennifer Berry
Matthew Boggs
Cherakee Brake
Julie Brinkman
Alicia Brown

tephanie Canon
Russell Carte
Lo Yd Caselmanr
Ricky Chapman
Luke Charlton
Samantha Ch erry
Luke Christian

Tim Coffman
Tessa Coltrin
Jason Cooper
Michelle Corbin
GWendy Cornwell
eorge Cartwright
Jamie Cowan
Mark Crofut

Caleb Cusick
R Amanda Dill
obert Dlsman
Michelle Dugas
Brandy Duncan
Amy Dunham
Heath Edwards

Jeffrey Elam
Travis Elliott
Brandi Elwood
Erin Enlund
Jade Enokid
Ronald Farringto~
Joseph Feco
Courtney Fisk

28 s ophomores
Kami Freeman
Dustin Gamel
Michael Gardner
Eric Garretson
Chris Goins
Corey Goins
John Gough
Kristen Hahn

Natascha Hale
Jessica Hall
Dottie Halleran
Gregory Hardison
Tracy Hardy
Nicole Harrison
Erin Hatfield
Chris Hatten

Koi Henderson
Chad Hendrickson
Joshua Herrera
Kelly Hitchcock
Anthony Hood
Ashley Hood
Travis Horinek
Brenda Hyder

Grady Johnson
Jesse Johnson
Amanda Jones
Morgan Kaisler
Michael Kelley
Alicia Klapp
June Kubla
Shawna Layton

Nathan Brownfield takes a break from industrial technology as he poses for the camera.

Sophomores 29
Bradley Leer
Jam1e Lowry
Suzy Luke
Bobby Lynch

Chad Lyon
Wayne Lyon
Corey Marley
Kerry Mathews

Wesley McBee
Ken McDaniel
Lacey McGuire
Gabriel McMillan

Amanda McWilliams
Jonathan Meadows
Michael Med1na
Aaron Miller

Christine Miller
Kristina M1tchell
Caleb Moody
Gene Moyie
Maria Nevarez
Richard Nevills
Nick N1mmo
Elizabeth O'Donnell

Lee Ella Oglesbee

Ben Oliver
Robby Oliver
Matthew Pachmayr
Andrea Park
Mitchell Para
Carre Parrish
Amanda Payne

Andy Perkins
April Phillips
Joshua Portis
Brandi Price
Krystal Rambo
Faith Rawlings
Amanda Redd
Tim Reeves

Anita Rhoten
Jacqueline Rice
Blake R1ddle
Jamie Rogers
Jeffrey Roller
Christina Ross
Michelle Schultz
Autumn Scott

30 Sophomores
Jennifer Sims
Amy S1ncla1r
Daniel S1sney
Angela Slavens
George Smith
Michael Smith

Jolene Staedler
Brian Stafford
Brad Stefka
Shaun Stillwell
Lauren Stroup
Stephan1e Smith
- - - - - - Josh Tessmer

Ashlie Wall
Hannah West
Cory Whitaker
Dean White
Rachel Wh1te
Miranda Willis
Josh Wisely
Patnck Worley

No Photos
Clint Wright
Joanna Young
Brandon Bass Alex Green Michael Roger Angela Zanzie
Sam Baugus Brian Hacker Sarah Smith
Matthew Bolles Crystal Hamilton Julia pence
Jared Cahow Eric Haueter Tegan Straw rna
Jo~hua Clausen Tammy Holloway Je se Swofford
Christy Cline Justin Hopkins James Torimino
Eric Cook Doug Hulette J.T. Vaughn
Jana Duff Roberta Mabary Ben Ward
Robert Elliot Brandon McCarthy Mechelle Wet
Ronnie Garrett Ricky Rodelander Elizabeth Whitmore

Sophomores watching Ms. Alford reaching for

the top of the chalkboard.
Amber Litchfield trying to find the right
note to play.

Sophomores 31
Michelle Acreback
Jaime Allen
Jamie Allen

Crystal Anderson
Heather Arndt
Jason Atkinson
Misty Bain
Josh Baker

Rachael Baldwl·n
Ch anty
· Bancroft
Jamie Barber
Amber Barton
April Batt

Phillip Beebe
Michael Billings
Todd Black
Steven Bliss
Michael Bolin

Steven Brown
Shannon Byron
Josh Cline
J Leslie Cline
essyca Compton

Marsha Dam
Sh awn Damele
R s
yan Dav1es
Aasta Dennis
Travis Do
Chnstie Drow~
J.R. Durrington
Glen Farrow

Sama~~~dFy Faught
J erguson
ennifer Fletch
M I. er
B e ISSa Fuller
radley Garrison
Janelle Gilchnst
Randee Gilpin
Ton Green

Juniors 32
Seth Greenwood
David Guess
Jennifer Guess
Matt Hale
Bethany Hawley
Paul Hill
Heather Hodges
Roberta Holley

Lisa Holloway
Jared Holt
Dustin Horinek

Kevin Huber
Chris Huntley
Tim Jasper

Elijah Jump
Michelle Killeen
Sara Kinnaman

Nathan Klapp
Jenny Kuhns
Nathan Lane

Tyler Lane
Heather LaShell
Janice Lawson

Jeff Maples
Gus Marsala
Stacey Matt on
David McClain
Enca McCoy
Zach McElroy
Barbara Mcinvale
Jill McNabb

Shawn Musser
Kriston Neitzert
John Nyberg
Angela Oliver
John Oliver
Tracy Owens
Andrew Owensby
Mtchael Penick

Juniors 33
Josh Phillips
Jeremy Pickens
Brent Pinkley
Angel Pistoia
Rhonda Place
T.J . Rainwater
Kevin Record
Mark Reeves

Rhonda R1ce
Audrey R1ddle
Just1n Roberts
Elizabeth Ruth
Cynthia Sanderson
Buck Shockley
Michael Showers

Rebecca Skinner
Kim Smitherman
Wayne Sperko
Jason Stanley
Josh Still
Matt Stokes
Andrea Strickland
Rodney Taylor

Eric Testerman
Chris Tharp
Michelle Turner
Dustin VanNostrand
Marv1n VanNostrand
Anna Viets
Jannetta Wakefield
Jeremy Ward

Amanda White
Erica White
Bradley Williams
Rachel Williams
Leslie Wilson
Carrie Wingo
Rachel Woodburn

Paul Hill and Rhonda Rice showing some Shawn Daniels takes time out from lunch to flash
love in the hallway. his pretty smile .

34 Juniors
What was your most embarassing
Randy Berry Derrick Lape moment at school?
Tamara Carter Eddie Nimmo
"A guy I liked came to one of my
Derek Clark William Price
Crystal Duke Larry Redman volleyball games to watch me play.
Phillip Eidson Jessica Sarlitto During warm-ups I went up to hit
Rick Findley Kyle Shadeck the ball and totally missed it, until it
Daniel Fletcher Bryon Slack hit me in the head!"
April Henderson Joshua Weisenback Erica McCoy
Kevin Holdt Chad Whillock
Jason Hoover
Amy Jasper

"One time I threw up in front of all of

the guys in the locker room."
Shawn Daniels

''The night a bunch of us spent the

night with Clara Maddux and got
followed around town by a cop."
Rhonda Rice

"The time Shawn, Paul, and I shot

Brandon Davies in the rear with a
paintball gun."
Seth Greenwood

"I was a freshman cruising with Justin

Kenall and we got pulled over by a
cop. I hid in the back because I was
afraid we were going to get taken to
Jamie Barber

Todd Black, Gus Marsala, and Brent Pinkley trying to

act cool in the hallway between classs.

Juniors 35


"After Softball districts we all played in the "One time Josh Ford killed a snake "At summer camp, this kid from
sandpit and Hodges, Hickman, and in Cross Country and I threw it on Bolivar dunked on me three times!"
Sperko beat me up." Coach Kirksey's Samurai." Steven Bliss, Junior
Cassie Drown, Freshman Jeff Roller, Sophomore

36 Sports Division
Right: Bison Wrestler, Todd Black takes
Lebanon to the mat in their first season.
Below: The Varsity boy's basketball team
join together in their traditional pre-game

Common Question:
What n1as lfOU'l most
memotza6le expetzlence
this tteatz?

"I ran and dove for a ball and when I "At a volleyball I game one of my team-
landed I hit the ground so hard , the ball mates hit the ball way out of bounds and I
bounced out of my glove." saved it! We ended up winning!"
Melissa Hickman, Senior Julie Brinkman, Sophomore

Sports Division 37
p rt T reads

ea zng
Leading the on Spirit

Story and layout by Stacy Canon

The crowd is on their feet

screaming their encouragement
as the team prepares for battle.
Who is on the sidelines weaving
all the voices together into one
unanimous cheer that echos
throughout the gym? The cheer-
leaders. They have practiced
and perfected the chants and
cheers that keeps the crowd Senior Glenda Haueter- Do you really
excited through the game. They trust those girls to hold you up?
are always there whether to
share the victory or the defeat.

38 Sports
~~~: Varsity
Front Row: Darcy Condren, Glenda
Middle Row: Misty Bain, Holly Loyd,
Leslie Wilson
Back Row: Melissa Fuller, Coach
Angela Amtower, Maria Nevarez

Ji"--~..,. ~ Jr. Varsity

Front Row: Kelly Hitchcock, Lilli White
Middle Row: Brenna Beasley, Angela
Oliver, Katrina Hill, Nicole Harrison
Back Row: Andrea Strickland,
Elizabeth Hatfield

Front Row: Amy Blair, Jamie Hughes
Middle Row: Emily Elliot, Kim
Back Row: Rabecca Compton

Cheerleading 39
Story and Layout by Amanda Jackson

The Bison started the year with 14 seniors and 16 returning
lettermen that were all pumped for the season. Coach Willis
summed up the whole season by saying, "The senior class and
the rest of the team approached the '97 football season with
great enthusiasm and an optomistic attitude. They believed
that a unified effort in both body and spirit would help them
achieve their football goals and realize a successful season.
They would encounter many obstacles along their journey, and
challenges that would test both their courage and will.
Reflecting back upon their season we could measure their
success in victories or we could measure it in intensity and
fortitude. Victories will be forgotten, but the desire and
determination to excel and to work to achieve such victories will
last a lifetime."

Buffalo Bisons "dog pile" the opponent.

40 Sports

us6 THEM
27 20
13 0
Front Row: Brian Burgess, Scott Massare, T.J. Germany, Toby
Frasier, Josh Schwanke , Stephen Dickerson , Kirby Carter, and
Evan Wingo. Second Row: Doug Maack, John Stroup, Brandon
Mankey, Jason Burchell, Andy Lewis, Michael Slider, Curtis Steinman ,
Mathew Wright, and Nathan Stanbursky. Third Row: A.J . Miller,
Luke Charlton , Chris Hatten, Koi Henderson , Russell Carter, Daniel
Sissney, Brad Stefka, Jason Cooper, Nathan Brownfield , and Alex
24 26
Green. Fourth Row: Dean White, Nathan Lane, Matt Stokes , John
Nyberg, Stephen Bliss, Derek Clark, Tyler Lane , Todd Black, Ricky
14 21
Chapman , and Blake Riddle. Fifth Row: Dustin Horinek, Brad
Nyberg, Kirk Stevenson, Matt Lindsey, Aaron Wilson , Matt Kramer,
21 24
Dusty Armstrong, Frank Wyatt, and Jessie Olson. Sixth Row:
Eddie Varner, Randyn Saner, Jeremy Brownfield , Brian Shewmaker,
22 43
and Bill Turner.

Junior John Nyberg trying to get a firstdown with Junior Matt Stokes
blocking for him.

Football 41
Story and Layout by Heather Chambers Front Row: Erica McCoy, Jamie Allen , and Carrie Wingo. Middle
Row: Jenny Beltz, and Julie Brinkman. Back Row: Coach
Wisniewski , Keri McDaniel, Amber Barton , Rachel White, Samantha
Taking it on the court with a little
Cherry, Heather Arndt, Janelle Gilchrist, and Coach Steward.
the volleyball girls were sure they
would tie the season together.
This year went well for the volley-
ball players, despite several
changes that were made. New
head coach, Kerri Wisniewski
was asked, "What did you enjoy
most about being a coach this
year?" She replied, "Seeing the
improvement they made through-
out the season. Being my first
year, the girls really made it fun."

Front Row:Rachel Harrison , and Christy Cooper. Back Row: Amber
Litchfield , Sasha McDonald, Tracy Crawford, and Melissa Barton.

42 Sports
Front Row: Kerrie Fielder, Kristin Ownby, Lori Maddux, and Tanya VARSITY STATS
Horinek. Back Row: Coach Wisniewski, Christy Hammerbacher,
Rachel White, Adrienne Boulware, Brooke Skinner, Heather Cham- ASSISTS: BLOCKS:
bers, and Coach Steward. Kerrie-2 Adrienne-38
Adrienne-2 Brooke-3
Heather C.-30 Heather C.-4
Christy-154 Christy-20
Lori-3 Lori-58
Tanya-162 Tanya-30
Rachel-1 Rachel-S
Heather A.-3
Kerrie-1 SERVES:
Adrienne-170 Kerrie-75
Brooke-21 Adrienne-88
Heather C.-17 Brooke-75
Christy-22 Heather C.-61
Lori-205 Christy-40
Tanya-43 Lori-71
Rachel-7 Tanya-72
Heather A. -1 0

Heather Chamber , Kerrie Fielder, Lori Maddux, and

Adrienne Boulware dancing to RESPECT before the big

" Knowing this is your last year of school,

how do you feel about not being able to
play with this team again?"

"I will miss the closeness we all had during

the season and the memories we had the
three years before."
Brooke Skinner

"It's sad to know that this was our last year

playing as a team. We had some great times
and memories together that I will never
Adrienne Boulware

"It's hard to think about the fact that we will

never play together again, but the memories
that we cherish will make us a part of each
other forever. We'll also miss our RESPECT
Lori Maddux

Volleyball 43
------- Layout & Design by Heather Hodges

Above:Cassie Greenwood, Melissa

Hickman, Andrea Park, and Crystal

Right photo: Coach Shoemaker calls a

huddle on the mound after a victory.

Front row: An ita Rhoten , Elizabeth O'Donnell , Melissa

Hickman , Shawna Poynter, Cassie Drown , Andrea Park, and
Lacy McGuire. Back row: Coach Shoemaker, Crystal Rambo ,
Cassie Greenwood , Erica White , Rhonda Rice, Becky Ray,
Crystal Sperko, Heather Hodges, Kelly Armstrong , and Coach

44 Sports
Below: Crystal Sperko , Cassie Drown , Kelly Armstrong ,
Melissa Hickman , Becky Ray, Lacy McGuire, Heather
Hodges, and Andrea Park relaxing after a long day at

Lacy McGuire warming up while

she's on deck.

Softball 45
Running Fibers
Although the Cross Country team was young and lacked
experience, they ran into the new season with Bison spirit
before them and the wind to their back. The team
consisted of 3 seniors, 3 sophomores, and 7 freshman.
Buffalo competed in many different meets throughout the
season. The conference meet was held at Rogersville and
the district meet at Clinton. Buffalo hosted their 2nd annual
meet this year which was a success.


Front Row: Michael Owensby, Ricky Viets , Michael Kelly, Robb
DeMarr, Heath Barber, and Amy Dunham. Back Row: Derek Black,
Sean Viets, Will Kelb , Josh Ford , Steve Brinkman , Daniel Cramer,
Sophomore Ashlie Wall and Ashlie Wall.
approaches the finish line.

Sports 46
Freshman Will Kelb crosses the Senior Steve Brinkman in the heat
finish line. of the moment.

Cross country runners make their way across the grounds of

the Buffalo Prairie Middle School.

Cross Country 47
Front row: Dustin Smith , A.J. Miller, Nick Goins, Christopher West, and Joey Green. Middle row: Todd
Black, Rick Simmons, Corey Goins,George Smith , Micheal Ownsby, and Dustin Horinek. Back row: Randyn
Saner, Matt Stokes, Travis Horinek, Luke Charlton , and Brad Prater.

48 Sports
Sophomore Travis Horinek going for the pin. Another Buffalo wrestler on top.

Junior Chris Goins getting ready to make his move. Wrestlers waiting for their turn to rumble.

Wrestling 49
's Basketball
Back: Seth Greenwood ,
Josh Ford, Steven Bliss,
Buck Shockley, Shawn
Daniels. Front: Ryan
Davies, Brad Nyberg,
Brian Shewmaker, John
Nyberg, Coach Kirksey.

Back: Jeff Roller, Russell
Carter, Luke Christian,
Steven Brown, Dustin
Horinek. Front: Michael
Kelley, Greg Hardison, Gabe
McMillan,Travis Elliot, and
Coach Kirksey.

Sports 50
Back: Josh Schwanke, Daniel
Cramer, Sean Jackson, Derek
Black, Brad Roll, Justin Boulware,
Will Kelb, Eric Redd, Sean Viets,
Coach Bouma. Front: Austin
Hamilton, Evan Wingo, Ricky Viets,
Frank Williams, Kirby Carter, Heath
Barber, Brett Meade.

Above: Shawn making it look easy.

Above: Shew in for two.
Bison Basketball 51
's Basketball

Varsity: Front row: Tanya
Horinek, Lacey McGuire,
Kerry Matthews, Brook
Davies, and Cassie Drown.
Back row: Andrea Park,
Sam Cherry, Rhonda Rice,
Coach Larry Thompson ,
Randee Gilpin , Adrienne
Boulware, and Anna Viets .

Junior Varsity: Front row:
Sarah Chapman , Amanda
Dill , Michelle Schultz, Suzy
Luke, Tanya Horinek, and
Cassie Drown. Back row:
Cassie Greenwood, Sam
Cherry, Roberta Mabary,
Coach Kerri Wisniewski,
Tracy Crawford , Amanda
Payne , and Kerry Matthews.

Lady Bison Basketball 52

The Lady Bison Basketball team got off to a slow start,
but quickly picked up wins over Morrisville, Central, and
Branson. They also traveled to the Bolivar tournament
where they defeated Bolivar and Branson to bring home the
third place trophy. They ended their season with a 52-55
loss to Ava in first round district play. Junior, Randee Gilpin
was named first team All-Conference, while Sophomore,
Lacey McGuire and Junior, Rhonda Rice were All-Confer-
ence honorable mention selections.

Left: Lady Bison teammate Anna Viets

going up for a lay-up during the Buffalo -
Central game.
Right: Rhonda Rice, Andrea Park, and
Brook Davies goofing off before a game.

Lady Bison Basketball 53


Front Row: Manager Alicia Gandy, Bill Turner, Nick Goins, Toby Fraizer, Mike Kelley, Daniel
Shaver, Manager Brandy Owensby Middle Row: Marvin VanNostrand, Brad Wise, Shawn
Covert, Kirk Stevenson, Steve Brinkman, Vincent Mabary, Ricky Garrett Back Row: Chris
Hatten, Mike Smith, Randall Rash, David McClain, Buck Shockley, Andy Perkins, Marty Stone,
Travis Horinek, and Coach Jason Syndler.

Pain· temporary, Pride is forever.

54 Track
Why do you run track?

Ashley Wall- "The only reason I run track is because I was

terrified of the dark when I was little . Seriously, I run because
a coach told me I was good."

Cassie Greenwwod- "I run track because I get to socialize

with my friends and stay in shape ."

Julie Brinkman- "I ran track this year because it makes

me feel good and it was my brother's last year
and he wanted me to run."

Front Row: Katie Harrison , Julie Brinkman , Lilli White, Sarah Chapman , Crystal Vest Middle Row:
Manager Brandy Owensby, Cassie Greenwood, Amber Barton , Tanya Horinek, Jasmine Davison,
Jenny Beltz, Manager Alicia Gandy Back Row: Amy Sinclair, Becky Ray, Ashley Wall , Coach
David Meadows, Heather Hodges, Crystal Rambo , and Alisha Paul.

Track 55
Story and Layout: Amanda Jackson
This year was good for the Bison. The
team had many returning starters and
seniors that helped fill the team. For
the first time in around twenty years the
Buffalo Bison Baseball team was ranked
in state. Districts continued the last
week of school. A lot of the Bison's
success was given to the seniors for
their leadership and practice they had.
Many of the other players helped out by
stepping up when needed.

Senior Brian Shewmaker runs hard for Senior Randyn Saner gets ready to
first base. knock one to the moon.

Baseball 56
JV & Varsi

First Row: Evan Wingo, Chad Lyon , Daniel Sisney, Kenneth Horelka, Eddie Nimmo, Jeremy Brownfield, and
Ricky Viets. Second Row: Nathan Brownfield, Todd Black, John Nyberg, Tim Jasper, Randyn Saner, Ricky
Chapman , and Wayne Sperko. Third Row: Brett Meade, Dusty Armstrong, Brian Shewmaker, Matt Stokes,
Gus Marsala, Aaron Wilson , Brad Stefka, Jeff Elam, and Koi Henderson.

First Row: Brett Meade, Josh Schwanke, Ricky Viets, and Rob DeMarr. Second Row: Evan Wingo, Derek
Black, Will Kelb, Eric Redd , and Chris Peters.

Baseball 57
Front Row from left: Chris Goins, Steven Dickerson, David Kelly, Doug Maack,
Matt Kramer, and Lori Maddux. Top Row from left: Eli Drake, Justin Boulware,
Jason Beltz, Luke Christian, Josh Ford, Shawn Daniels, and Brad Nyberg.

This is the 3rd year for the golf

team. This year in golf they
had one golfer make All-Con-
ference. Also they brought
home two second place victo-
ries. But when it counted Buf-
falo really played well to cap-
ture a second place victory at
Districts, which took them on
to state.

David Kelley working on his putting skills.

Golf 58
From Left: David Kelley, Eli Drake, Coach Holt, Luke Christian ,
Shawn Daniels, and Justin Boulware

Left Bottom:
Luke Christian
warming up for
the big match.
Right Bottom:
Eli Drake get-
ting ready to
make his way
to the putting

Golf 59
Layout by Michelle Acreback

Captain- Co-Captain-
June Kubla Mandy Strickland

Sponsors - Trudi Snow & Carol Bouma

Dance Team members doing their preformance

for BHS students during a pep assemby.

60 Dance Team
Sports Honors
Football Heather Hodges 1st Team All
Lacey McGuire 1st Team All Gus Marsala 1st Team All
Brian Shewmaker 1st Team
State C.O.C. Pitcher
Punter and Place Kicker
Randyn Saner 1st Team All
Randyn Saner 1st Team
C.O.C. First Base
Linebacker and Hon Men
Running back
Volleyball Brian Shewmaker 1st Team
Lori Maddux 2nd Team All All C.O.C. Utility
Nathan Brownfield 1st Team
C.O.C. Jeremy Brownfield 2nd Team
Defensive Line Hon Men Guard
All C.O.C. Catcher
Matt Lindsey 1st Team Wide
Matt Stokes 2nd Team All
Receiver Cross Country C.O.C. Outfield
Brad Nyberg 2nd Team Josh Ford 1st Team All Kenneth Horelka 2nd Team All
Defensive Back and Hon Men C.O.C. C.O.C. Pitcher
Dusty Armstrong Hon Men
Jason Beltz 2nd Team Tight End
Jeremy Brownfield Hon Men Boys Basketball 2nd Base
Nathan Brownfield Hon Men
Quarterback Brian Shewmaker 1st Team
Gus Marsala Conf. Player of
Matt Kramer Hon Men Center Josh Ford 2nd Team
the Year
Frank Wyatt Hon Men Buck Shockley Hon Men
Defensive End Jason Beltz Hon Men
John Nyberg Hon Men Running
Matt Stokes Hon Men Tight End
Girls Basketball
Ran dee Gilpin 1st Team
Softball Rhonda Rice Hon Men
Rhonda Rice 1st Team ALL Lacey McGuire Hon Men
Lacey McGuire 1st Team ALL Wrestling
Travis Horinek
Becky Ray 2nd Team ALL
Heather Hodges 2nd Team ALL Golf
C.O.C. Justin Boulware C.O.C.
Crystal Sperko Hon Men
Melissa Hickman Hon Men
Lacey McGuire 1st Team All Track
District Steve Brinkman C.O.C.

Sports Honors 61

"When pep club went "When spanish club went to "Meeting new people and
rollerskating and all the girls see a play at Catholic High making new friends in Stu-
were hitting on the magician School." dent Council."
at Mr. Gatti's." Michelle Turner Kirby Carter
Adrienne Boulware
62 Activities Division
LEFT: A few friends catch up on the
latest gossip while waiting for the first bell
to ring.

BELOW: Seniors Jeremy Brownfield and

Aaron Wilson ask Senior Brian Shewmaker
"What's in the bag?"

ammon Question:
What 1t1as voutz most
memotza6le expetzlence
this veatz?

"Going to Mexico with Spanish "The funny games we

Club to see all the awesome play in FCA."
sights and have a blast." Stephanie Canon
Glenda Haueter

Activities Division 63
Future ss Leaders o An1erica

Front Row: Elisa Cline, Kristin Ownby, Elizabeth Ruth , Katrina Farrow, and Christy Matthews.
Middle Row: WendyAnn Fields , Shawna Layton , Brooke Skinner, Bethany Hawley, Cindy
Sanderson, Amanda Ross , and Ricky Rose. Back Row: Mrs. Smith, Sasha McDonald, Rhonda
Place , Erica McCoy, Brandon Duff, Adrienne Boulware, Janelle Gilchrist, Brian Welch , and Mrs.
Bradley. Not Pictured: Misty Bain, Jessica Bell , Jenny Davenport, Nick Goins, Chris Hatten,
Kevin Holdt, Janice Lawson , Amanda Payne , Carrie Wingo, and Rachel Woodburn .

Ij[_ ,-' ;. jI I I I (t \ I I
I , . , [
I~I ) (( "
i_'l 1. ~

President: WendyAnn Fields

Parlimentarian: Kristin Ownby
Secretary: Rhonda Place
Historian/Reporter: Ricky Rose
Treasurer: Elizabeth Ruth

Adrienne Boulware working hard on

her studies.

First Row: Casey Felin, Glenda Haueter, Darcy Condren , Becky Ray, Heather Chambers,
Lori Maddux, and Heather Hodges. Second Row: J.R. Perkins, Jamie Barber, Samantha
Ferguson , Janice Lawson , Elizabeth Ruth , Kristy Matthews, Amanda Ross, Cindy Sanderson ,
and Ashley Schwanke.Third Row: Brad Shockely, Brian Welch , Jeremy Brownfield,
Heather Arndt, Rhonda Place , Jenny Kuhns, Michelle Acreback, Amanda Jackson, Christy
Hammerbacher, and Heather LaShell. Fourth Row: Brian Shewmaker, Aaron Wilson ,
Jeremy McMillan, Michelle Turner, Leslie Cline , Anna Viets, Michael Showers, Steven
Brown , Rachel Woodburn , and Randyn Saner. Fifth Row: Trisha Lambeth , David
McClain, Jason Beltz, Brad Nyberg , John Nyberg, Jason Stanley, Brandon Duff, Josh Ford ,
Jared Holt, Tim Jasper, and Daniel Herrera.
Not Pictured:Amanda Campbell , Tara Engelhardt, Janelle Gilchrist, Matt Hale , Michelle
Killeen , and Joy Rawlings.

NHS 65
Matt, John, Ryan ,
and Rod standing
on a big pile of

Front- Stacy Canon , Ed Varner, K ·

Mathews, Jenny Davenport, Midd
Christy Hammerbacker , Ta
Englehardt, Brad Shockley, Je
McMillian , Mark Bennet, and J.R.
Perkins. Back- Barry Monday, Lar
Tannehill , Brandon Duff , Leon
Casleman , Frank Wyatt, Stacey Portis,
and Stephania Smithey.

Front- Glen Farrow, Ryan Davies, Matt
Hale, Rodney Taylor, Roberta Holley,
Heather LaShell , Kim Smitherman.
Middle- Rachel Woodburn , Michelle
Turner, Todd Black, Nathan Klapp, John
Nyberg , Andrew Ownesby , Jason
Atchison. Back- Tyler Lane , Gus
Marsalas, Buck Shockley, Ricky Finley,
Brad Harrison , Matt Stokes, and T.J.

66 F.F.A.
Front- Erin Enlund- Treasurer, Jamie Lowery-
Reporter, Jan a Duff- Secretary, Heather LaSheii-
Parlmentarian. Back-Brad Shockley-President,
Brandon Duff - Vice President, Travis Elliot-

Front-Kristi na Mitch ell , Dottie
Halleran, Kristen Hahn, Courtney Fisk,
Amanda Redd , Jean etta Hayes, Jamie
Lowery. Row 2- Koi Henderson, Clint
Wright, Wesley McBee, Robbie Oliver,
Nick Nimmo, Jan a Duff. Row 3- Travis
Elliot, Ricky Rodelander, Dan Sisney,
Jamie Cawon , Corey Goins, Kelly
Armstrong , Krystal Rambo, Hannah
West, Row 4- Jon Meadows, Shane
Leer, Jesse Swofford, Loyd Caselman,
Russell Carter, Nathan Brownfeild ,
Christine Miller.

Row-1 Matthew Maynard , Sarah

Dorssom , Ricky Rose , Curtis Potter,
Gail Warner, Kirby Carter Row-2 T.J .
Germany, Nick Goins, Toby Frazier,
Marcus Ownby, Matthew Wright, Kurtis
Steinman , Scott Massare, Travis Dill
Steven Dickerson, Row -3 Marti
Garrison, Brandon Mankey, Rickey
Simmons, James Henderson, John
Stroup , Seth Anderjaska, Douglas
Maack, Jess Kampe , Sean Jackson.

F.F.A. 67
Future f America
Layout by: ara Kinnaman

Fir tRow: Jackie Rice, tacy Cannon, Brandy Owenby, Glenda Haueter, Darcy Condren, Le lie Wil on,
Rachel Shoemaker, Kari Cooper, econd Row: Mr . Angela Amtower, Stephanie Smith, Shawna Layton,
Ja mine Davi on, Becky Ray, Heidi Kelb.Jeannette Sergent, Melanie Darnell, Brandi Ba . Third Row:
Brooke Skinner, Meli a Barton, Mary Ogle bee, Samantha Cherry, Buck Shockley, Adrienne Boulware,
Je . ica Sergent, A hley Hood, and Alicia Gandy.

68 F.H.A

Future ach rs mer1ca

Front R ow: Jenny Davenport, Chri ty Hammerbacher, Heather Chamber , Amanda Redd, and Jackie Rice. Middle R ow: Kri ty Matthew .
Amanda Jackson, Heather Hodges. Christie Drown. Faith Rawling , and Amanda Dill. Back R ow: Wendyann Field , Le lie Cline, Mike Billing .
te en Brown, Brad Shockley, Michelle Turner, and Amanda Payne. o Photo: Jaimi e lien. Steve Brinkman, Amanda Campbell, Tara Englehardt,
and Paul Hill.

Michelle Thrner
Vice Pre ident
Brad Shockley
Trea urer
Amanda Jack on
o photo- Heather Hodges
Pre ident

F.T.A. 69
Yearbook Staff &


Jason Beltz takes time to sort through Senior mugs. Stacy Canon , Ashley Schwanke , and Heather
Chambers taking a break from their work, as usual.

70 Yearbook
Scout Staff


Front row: Catriona Thompson , Sam Ferguson , Shawna Poynter, Amanda Jackson , Matt Lindsey, and Erica McCoy.
Second row: Christy Hammerbacher, Darcy Condren , Holly Loyd , Brad Shockley, Adrienne Boulware, Brook Davies, and
Brooke Skinner. Back row: Matt Kramer, Brad Nyberg, Randyn Saner, Nathan Lane, Aaron Johnson, Brandon Duff, and
Jenny Davenport.

Scout Staff Editor, Brad Shockley showing off his Amanda Jackson and Christy Hammerbacher putting
computer skills. off their work to gossip.

Scout Staff 71
Fellows hi
Layout by Amanda Jackson

Kirby arter. Jennifer Fletcher.

Jamie Barber. Heath Barber. Gene Moyle. tephanie mith. amantha Cherry . econd Row: Cindy Sander,on. Janice Law.,on. Chri.,ty Hammerbacher, Meli.,.,a Hickman. Amanda Jackson.
A.,hley Hood. Tanya Horinek, Le he Cline. Janelle Gilchri'>t. Heather Arndt. Amber Barton. Rachel Harri.,on. Brenna Bea.,ley. Jenny Beltz. Amanda Campbell. Tara Engelhardt. Jessica
Bell, tephanie Canon Third Row: M.,. teward. Kelly Armwong. Jana Duff. Jarod Campbell, Rhonda Place. Anna VIet'>. Lee Ella Ogle!>bee. A.,hley Wall. Andrea Park. Brad tefka.
Chris Hatten, Rob DeMarr. Michael Kelley, Randall Ra.,h. Angie Zanzie, Te.,.,a Coltrin, and Je.,sica ergent. Forth Row: Mr.,. Langford, Buck Shockley. Dustin Horinek. Tyler Lane.
Brandon Mankey. Ja on tanley. Jarod Holdt, Ju tm Boul11.are .• ' athan Lane. Russell Carter. Will Kelb. Travis Horinek, Sha11.n till well. Erica McCoy. Adrienne Boulware. Brooke kinner.
Mary Lou Oglesbee. and Jeannette Sergent.

FCA Officer : Amanda Campbell, President; Erica McCoy, Hi torian/ Mr . Langford really enjoys tho e FCA
Reporter; Jamie Barber, Trea urer; Darcy Condren, Vice-Pre ident; and doughnut !!
Becky Ray, ecretary.

72 FCA
Front Row: Elizabeth O'Donnell , Stacy Cannon , Jenny Kuhns, Shawna Layton , Rachel Harrison. Second Row: Advisor Mr.
Glor, Bill Turner, John Nyberg, Heather Hodges, Janelle Gilchrist, Amber Barton , Heather Arndt. ThirdRow: Cory Whitaker,
Anna Viets, Marvin VanNostrand , June Kubla, Stephanie Canon, Eric Cook, Andrew Owensby. Fourth Row: Brad Stefka,
Michael Slider, Jared Holt, Luke Christian, Ricky Finely, Mitch Paro, Rick Chapman, and Andy Perkins.

Layout by Heather Hodges

Above : Mr. Glor is explaining

upcoming events for art club.
Left photo: Officers: Heather Hodges, Pres.; Rachel
Harrison, Sec.; Not pictured, Jeremy McMillan , V.P.

Art Club 73
Spanish Club Layout by: Michelle Acreback

First row: Beth Hatten, Angela Zanzie, Leslie Wilson , Glenda Haueter, Suzy
Luke, Amanda Dill , Jana Duff. Second row: Mary Lou Beckner, Stacey Canon ,
Stephanie Smith , Janice Lawson , Rhonda Place, Jamie Lowry, Carre Parrish ,
Spanish Club is a student oriented Josh Still. Third row: Jeremy Brownfield , Rachel White , Brandon Davies,
organization that is open to any person in Jessica Sarlitto, Amanda Jackson , Bethany Hawley, Cindy Sanderson , Elizabeth
spanish class. Dues are paid each year to Ruth , Heather Lashell , Jamie Cowan . Fourth row: Bill Turner, Erica White ,
finance the years activities and the students Michelle Turner, Tessa Coltrin , J.R. Perkins, Lee Ella Oglesbee, Michelle
vote each year to set the amount. There are Acreback, Alicia Klapp , Rachel Woodburn , Amanda Payne, Cory Whitaker. Fifth
row: Bobby Lynch , Heather Arndt, Samantha Cherry, Steven Brown , Aaron
about 60 students in Spanish Club this year Wilson , John Hicks, Jared Holt, Jason Stanley, June Kubla, Cherokee Brake,
and meetings are held about once a month - Lauren Stroup, Gabe McMillan. Not Pictured: Kirby Carter, Holley Loyd , Helen
sometimes more often . Lynch , Matt Pachmayer, Mark Stockdall , and Carrie Wingo.
The main idea of Spanish Club is to provide
an opportunity for spanish students to get
together on a social basis and have a good
time. When possible we try to inject cultural
ideas into the get togethers. We have had
dinner with catered mexican food ; parties
with pinatas, chips and dip; movie parties;
and theater trips to see EVITA.
Meetings follow parliamentary procedures
and rules so people can learn how meetings
should be conducted , and the teacher
encourages the use of spanish in all the
activities to give students the experience of
using spanish ...

7 4 Spanish Club
Jffr£nr~ Qiluhlayoutby: JoshFord

Front Row: Kimberlee White , Jamie Hughes, Kristy Mathews, Jenny Davenport, Kelly Hitchock, Elisa Cline,
Jackie Rice , Wendy Cornwell , Jessica Bell , Brenna Beasly. Second Row: Jamie Barber, Darcy Condren ,
Tracy Hardy, Amy Sinclair, April Batt, Jill McNabb, Jenifer Fletcher, Brent Pinkley, Nicky Reed, Brandy Ownby,
Alicia Gandy, Shawna Layton , Roberta Holley. Third Row: Becky Ray, Anna Viets,Christy Drown , Jeremy
McMillan , John Nyberg, Matt Hale, Ryan Davies , Stephanie Canon , Jeanetta Hayes, Natascha Hale, Chris
Peters , Michael Showers, Miss Phillips. Fourth Row: Eric Garretson , Luke Charlton , Brad Stefka, Tyler Lane ,
Matt Stokes , Gus Marsala, Todd Black, Trisha Lambeth , Barbara Mcinvale, Christine Miller, Hannah West, Tim
Reeves , David McClain .

French Club 75
Speech and Debate

ABOVE: Front Row: Christie Drown , Jennifer Fletcher

Middle Row: Brandi Bales, Bethany Hawley, Jesse Olson ,

Samantha Ferguson , Jessica Sarlitto, Katrina Farrow, Kristen
Moody, A.J . Miller, John Gough, Janice Lawson , Lee Ella Oglesbee

Back Row: Rhonda Place, Kelly Hitchcock, Brian Welch , Aaron

Johnson, David McClain, Faith Rawlings, Jeremy McMillan , Amy
Sinclair, Brenda Hyder, Cindy Sanderson

ABOVE: Junior Christie Drown

participates in the "Voice of
Democracy" contest.
RIGHT: Junior Bethany Hawley,
Janice Lawson, and Christie Drown
like posing for the camera too much.

76 Speech and Debate

Library Club

A anda Ross
President: . ~t· Kristy O'Quinn
Vice Preside . h r Chambers
· Heat e
Secretary. I' sa Hickman
Treasurer: Me IS

er Chambers , and
Kristy O'Quinn ,
Amanda Ross .
~~~t~icturedis Melissa

. hard in the
Charlotte Mazurek working
Layouts by :
Rachel Paro


Row one: C. Cooper, A. Batt, S. Dorssom , G. Moyie, J. Lowry, L. Belt, W .Cornwell , J. Huges,
K. Hitchcock, E. Luker, J.Still , S.Chapman . Row two: M. Wright, R. Paro, B. Welch , A. Redd ,
R. Shoemaker, T . Horinek, E. Garretson , J. Matthews, T. Dill , B. Ward , E. Elliot, J. Barber. Row
three: N. Lane, L. Stroup,2 H. Chambers , A. Park, L. Polston , R. Rash , H. Barber, G. Smith ,
S. Weaver, J. Schwanke , J. Green , C. Peters , W . Bower. Row four: M. Paro, T. Hall, T .
Lambeth , J. Johnston, S. Viets , D. Horinek, A. Viets, T . Crawford , T. Horinek, B. Slack and D.
McClain .


Anna Viets- Secretary ,
Jamie Barber -Treasurer,
Rachel Paro -
Program Chairperson ,
and Heather Chambers-

Sophomores Andrea Park and

Jesse Johnston showing "Just
how fun music club can be!"
78 Music Club

Row one: C . Cooper, A. Batt, S. Dorrsom , G. Moyle, J. Lowry, L. Belt, W. Cornwell , J. Huges, K.
Hitchcock, E. Luker, J. Still , S, Chapman , J. Barber, C. Fisk, Row two: M. Wright, E, Hatfield , J.
Enokido , R, Paro, B. Welch , R Sharp , A. Redd , R. Shoemaker, B, Hatten, J. Matthews, T , Dill , B.
Ward , E. Elliott, H. Chambers , L. Stroup.Row three: J. Campe, J. Daughtery, J. Cahow, A. Park,
T. Englehardt, L. Polston , T . Horinek, E. Garretson , H. Barber, G. Smith , S. Weaver, T. Englehardt,
J. Schwanke , J. Green , R. Hayes, C. Peters. Row four: N. Lane, M. Paro, T. Hall, T. Lambeth , J.
Johnston , S. Viets, R. Rash , J. Maples, D. Horinek, A. Viets, T. Crawford , C. Hatfield, T. Horinek, B.
Slack, David McClain, and W . Bower.

Above: Thomas Hall showing the advantages of being a

Left: Ms. Powers! Are you eating candy in class?

Mixed Chorus 79
Layout by: Rachel Paro


Dynamics enjoying pajama day. Chantel Hatfield and Anna Viets

show off their musical smiles!

one : en, Tanya onnek. Row two: Aman a Re d,

Elizabeth Luker, Elizabeth Hatfield, Jamie Barber, Heather Chambers, Trisha
Lambeth. Row three: Anna Viets, Rachel Paro, Kelli Hitchcock, Rachel Shoe-
maker, Tara Englehardt, Jade Enokido. Row four: Andrea Park, Chantel
Hatfield, Tracy Crawford and Shiloh Weaver. Not pictured Amber Throckmorton
80 Dynamics
Layout by: Heather Chambers


Students practicing
in Music Class.

Glee Club 81
Layout By ara Kinnaman


Have you ever had prob-

lems that only your peers
understand? Well, if so
peer counciling is here to
help. Peer counciling is
a student oriented group
of students that are here
to help kids our age with
problems that our par-
ents probably couldn't
help us with. Heather
Hodges gives us a look
at what it is like, " I like
the fact that if any of my
peers have problems,
that they are welcome to
come to me instead of
just an adult. People
their own age helping
them with their prob-

82 Pep Club

Row 1- Liz Ruth , Mitch Penic, Afton Graves, Elizabeth O'Donnell , Katie Harrison , Michelle Dugas, Beth
Hatten , Casey Felin , Melanie Darnell , Joannae Young , T.J.Germany Row 2- Amber Throckmorton ,
Dottie Halleran , Angela Zanzie , Heather LaShell , Tabitha Gray, Ladonna Polston , A.J. Miller, Angel
Pistoia, Jeanetta Hayes, Jessica Bell , Michelle Schultz, Cindy Sanderson , Bethany Hawley Row 3-
Shiloh Weaver, Brandon Mankey, Matt Boggs, Tessa Coltrin , Cherakee Brake , Jana Duff, Alicia Klapp,
Brandi Elwood, Dustin Steiro, Matt Herrera, Michael Showers , Grady Johnson, Jenny Beltz, Rhonda
Place Row 4- Sean Viets, Elijah Jump, Jared Holt, Travis Horinek, Toby Frazier, Brandon Duff, Vincent
Mayberry, and Jennifer Berry.

Grady getting down

on the drums.
Jazz band bust'n a jam.

Band 83
George Smith
(left) and Senior
Jeremy McMillan
(right) show that
their student
have finally
driven them

84 Sudent Council

Below: Junior Jamie Barber

relaxes after a hard day of
deciding how to run the school

Left: Evan Above: Evan

Wingo, Rachel Wingo, Buck
White, Micheal Shockley,
Showers, and Heather Hodges,
Andrea Park and Kirby Carter
plotting to take ready to supply
over the school. students with
their data match

Student Council 85
Football Festival

The Royal Court.

86 Activities
Football Festival queen, Senior Becky Ray.

Below: Senior canid Below: Senior canidate, Amanda Jack on.

Football Festival 87
Boy's Basketball

1998 Homecoming Court: Sophomore Amy Dunham, Junior Erica McCoy, Senior Brook
Davies, Senior Shawna Poynter, 1997 Homecoming Queen Janelle Turner, Senior Christy
Hammerbacher, Senior Dawn Strobel , and Freshman Tracy Crawford.

JANUARY 9, 1998
Out Day


FRIDAY- School Colors


Seniors Casey Felin and Rachel Paro pose in their nighties

during spirit week of Homecoming.

88 Boy's Basketball Festival

1998 Homecoming Queen , Brook Davies with Rachel White and Amanda Jackson," Were you
escort Jason Beltz. two too lazy to get dressed this morning?"

Right: Christy
and Erica McCoy
pose for the
camera with the

Boy's Basketball Festival 89

Girls Basketball

David McLain bowing hi chool spirit on Backward Day.

Spirit Week
From left: Heather Chamber , Lori Maddux, Chri ty
Wednesday-Backwards Day Hammerbacher, Stacy Canon, and Amanda Jackson .
Thur day-Sport Day Why do girl like po ing for the camara?

Friday-Color Day
Freshman-Red, Black, White
Sophomore -Red
Junior -White
Senior -Black or Senior Shirt

Becky Ray, Darcy Condren, and Tara Engelhardt competing in

port day.

90 Girl's Basketball Festival


From left: S 0 Phomore L uke Chn. tlan,

. Freshmen Ju tin Boulware,and
Jumor Todd Black.

Senior camdate . Shewmaker, Brad
. JasonBeltz,Bnan
and Du ty Arm torng.

The King Bra d . hi crown.

Yberg enjoymg

Girl's Bas ketball Festival 91

Layout by:
Sara Kinnaman

Fir tRow: Meli a Fuller, Le lie Wil on, Holly Loyd, Beth Hatten, Glenda Haueter, Darcy Condren, Becky Ray,
Meli a Hickman, Matt Stoke , Heather Hodge , Gus Marsala, Todd Black. Second Row: Mckenzie Willi ,
Miranda Willi , Jackie Rice, Elizabeth O' Donnell, Jaime Hughe , Kelly Hitchcock, Nicole Harri on, Brenna
Bea ley, Suzy Luke, Bethany Hoogland, Chri ty Matthew , Jenny Davenport, Elizabeth Hatfield Third Row:
M . Angela Arnt wer, Matt Kramer, Eric Garret on, Angie Zanzie, Bethany Hawley, Rhonda Place, Brooke
kinner, Cindy ander on, Kri ten Owenby, Stacy Cannon, Jamie Lowry, Ja mine Davi on, Michelle Schultz
Fourth Row: Sean Jack on, Kirby Carter, Nicki Reed, Shawna Layton, Alicia Klapp, June Kubla, Jo h Still, Amy
Sinclair, Cherokee Brake, Carrie Pari h, Lauren Stroup, Brenda Hyder, Brandi Owenby Fifth Row: John Nyberg,
Greg Hardi on, Travi Elliot, Tyler Lane, Andrea Strickland, Lilly White, Roberta Holly, Chri Hatten, Buck
hockley, Adrienne Boulware, Erica McCoy, Stephanie Cannon, Samantha Cherry, A hley Wall, Cry. tal Rambo,
Jana Duff,and Ryan Davie .

Cheerleaders and Dance Team members are getting pepped up to Pep club members prove that all work and no play
preform in the assembly. can make you crazy!!

Pep Club 92

Administration & Staff

Working Together

Superintendent High School Principal Assistant Principal

Micheal Stevenson Dr. William Saling George Blowers


From left to right: AI Christian , Linda Portman, Superintendent Mike Stevenson ,

Gary Naylor, Bill Ray, Scott Baker, Mac Ahart, not present Ron Parks.
Staff 93
Jan Alford
Wanda Allen
Angela Amtower
Peggy Bancroft
Mary Lou Beckner
Barbara Blair
Virginia Bolin

Fred Bornmen
Kristy Bradley
Leona Cansler
Nancy Canon
Theresa Coltrin
Diane Cowden
Wes Davis

Leah Gorman
Shirley Ford
Linda Frazier
Shirley Fuller
Linda Gillespie
Lonnie Glor
Myra Glor

Terry Halleran
Ann Harmon
Joy Harrison
Brenda Hayes
Jerry Hollis
Theresa Holt
Jill Hostetlor

Peggy Kenyon
Sean Kirksey
Sandra Kuhns
Allison Langford
Lois Letterman
Diane Looney
David Marsh

Charlotte Mazurek
Ginger McCullough
Terry Nicholas
Teresa Patterson
Ray Dean Phillips
Willa Phillips
Dana Polston

Suzanne Powers
Brett Reese
Delaina Ridenhower
Frank Sergent
Bill Shoemaker
Joyce Smith
Dana Steward

Robert Swearengin
Larry Thompson
Carmen Vandeveer
Lenna Wilson
Kerri Wisniewski
Jo Ann Wygant

94 Staff
Vickie Allen Larry Lewis
Chris Bouma Jimmy Lowry
Dorothy Bragg Gid Mabe
Joyce Cahow Kathy Mankey
Bill Case John Martin
Wanda Case Doug Mathews
Don Casteel Jo Mathews
Kim Claspill David Meadows
Larry Cline Rodney Noel
Terry Cline Bob Payne
Ronnie Condren Donaell Piper
Tanya Cotter Mike Redlich
Clydie Dugan Bill Shepard
Boyce Eagon Trudi Snow
Beverly Espanol Darrel Sons
Richard Farr Jeff Strickland
Pam Freeman Sue Swanigan
Veda Hammer Suzy Swanigan
Don Hankins Cynthia Swanigan
Jim Harrison Kenneth Taylor
Rick Henderson Betty Vest
Gary Howard Elizabeth Vest
Shirley Jasper Catheine Vest
Patricia Jones Gleamon Vest
Bill Klapp John Willis
Patty Kubla Clarabelle Young

Miss Carmen Vandeveer -

English I, Speech & Debate, and
Applied Communications.

Layout by: Michelle Acreback

Staff 95


"Winning the national "Everyday, sitting on the "Getting 1st team all-
contest for FFA." senior bench with my conference and 2nd team
friends ." all-district linebacker."
<laM 2_,_v;elhMdt 'R.Mtdlf"t Sane'l

96 Senior Division
Seniors, Lori Maddux,Adrienne Boulware,
Kerri Fielder, and Brooke Skinner exchange
Christmas gifts before going home for the

Seniors, Trisha Lambeth and Joe Johnson

trying to make it through the day.

ammon Question:
What h'tlS voutz most
memotza6le ex petzlence
thls vea tz?

"My senior prom with all "Playing football with my

my friends." little brother this season."

/helissa. d-lick~l1Mt

Senior Division 97

No other word could better describe your

senior year. What other year in high
school was supposed to be this easy, have
this much fun, and be this laid back?
However, somewhere along the line it
turned into the busiest. What ever
happened to the idea that we could just
cruise through our last year without ever
having to worry about what the future may
hold? While trying to make plans for
graduation and college, paying for senior
pictures and graduation supplies, and still
trying to make the most of our senior year,
it seemed like we didn't have enough time
to weave it all in. Although things
sometimes get hectic, and our fibers of life
get frayed, our senior year was definitely
one to cherish. Even though it seemed to
go by much too quickly, this was the year
of school we will remember forever. One
that leaves us with a beautiful tapestry of
life-long friendships and memories.

98 Seniors
2-lt ~takt

Seniors 99
CROMBIE, JEFF 4-15-80, son of David and Dynamos 34, Music Club 8-16-79, daughter of
1-25-80, son of Joe Kathy Beltz, Principal's 134, FCA 234, FFA 14, Heather Bryant, VICA 34,
Abercrombie and Tina List 1234, Academic Letter VICA 34, Vo-tech 34, Vo-tech 34, Scout Staff
Phillips, Honor Roll 1234, 234, College Prep French Club 12, Pep Club 4, years in D.C. 9.
Who's Who 3, N.H.S. 4, Certificate, Who's Who 23, Vice President 4, Music
Basketball 1, Football 1, N.H.S. 34, Basketball 1234, Club President 4, years in
VICA 34, Vo-Tech 34, years Football 14, Cross Country D.C.13. W, JOSH
in D.C. 13. 3, Golf 234, Spanish Club 3-3-80, son of Joyce and
12, Art Club 2, Yearbook BRINKMAN, STEVEN William Cahow, Honor
ANDERSON, AMBER Staff 34, years in D.C. 13. 3-12-70, son of Vickie Roll 1234, Chamber
11-6-79, daughter of Penny Brinkman, Honor Roll 1, Choir 23, Dynamos 234,
Miller and Larry Anderson, BENNETT, MARK Football 1, Cross Country Band 1234, years in D.C.
Honor Roll 3, FBLA 2, 3-26-80, Son of Ricky and 24, Weight Lifting 4, Track 13.
VICA 4, Vo-Tech 34, Nancy Dye, years in D.C. 5. 1234, Band 123, FCA 4,
Library Club 4, years in FBLA 4, Speech and CAMPBELL, AMANDA
D.C.12. BOGGS, LANCE Debate Club 4, Music 11-25-79, daughter of
5-6-80, son of Richard and Contest 123, School Play Patty and Jerry
ARMSTRONG, DUSTY Deborah Boggs, VICA 4, 4, School Musical 4, VICA Campbell, Honor Roll
10-18-79, son of Greg and Vo-Tech 34, years in D.C. 2. Secretary 4, years in D.C. 1234, Academic Letter
Kay Armstrong, Honor Roll 4. 34, College Prep
34, Football 124, Baseball BOULWARE, ADRIENNE Certificate, N.H.S. 34,
1234, Weight Lifting 4, FFA 12-29-79, daughter of Gary BROWN, RACHEL Basketball 12, Glee Club
2, VICA 34, Vo-tech 34, Art and Judy Boulware, Honor 6-27-79, daughter of Marcia 12, Music Club 12, FCA
Club 1, years in D.C. 13. Roll 1234, Who's Who 12, and Doug Brown, Vo-tech 1234, FTA 34, Spanish
Basketball 1234, Volleyball 34, Pep Club 1, years in Club 2, Music Contest
ASH, VICTOR 1234, FCA 4, FBLA 4, FFA D.C. 12. 12, FCA co-president 3,
12-22-79, son of Gary and 3, FHA 1234, Spanish Club FCA President 4,
Angela Ash, Honor Roll 12, 34, Art Club 123, Pep Club BROWNFIELD, JEREMY Member at Large 4,
Who's Who, FFA 1234, 1234, Scout Staff 4, years 4-7-80, son of Tim and years in D.C. 13.
Music Contest 1234, years in D.C. 13. Sherry Brownfield, Honor
in D.C.13. Roll 12, Principal's List 34, CANON, STACY
BOWER, RACHEL Academic Letter 34, 9-30-79, daughter of
8-8-80, daughter of Dan College Prep Certificate, Allen and Nancy Canon,
,ADAM Bower and Velva Jones, Who's Who 1234, N.H.S. Honor roll 1234,
10-2-79, son of Cheri Honor Roll 12, Band 1, FF A 34, Basketball 123, Cheerleader 3, Festival
Dugan, Honor Roll 123, 23, VICA 4, Vo-tech 4, Football 1234, Baseball Candidate 4, FFA 234,
Basketball 12, Baseball years in D.C. 13. 1234, FCA 234, FFA 123, FHA 4, FTA 4, Spanish
123, years in D.C. 13. Spanish Club 34, Pep Club Club 24, Art Club 34, Pep
BOWER, WADE 1, Student Council1234, Club 1234, Yearbook
BAUGHER, JACOB 8-28-80, son of Keith and Student Body Vice- Staff 4, Cadet Teacher 4,
7-27-79, son of Frank and Linda Feco, College Prep president, years in D.C. 13. A+ Tutor 4, years in D.C.
Sandra Baugher, years in Certificate, Football 1, 13.

100 Seniors
CARVER, AMANDA Who's Who 1234, NHS 34,
8-2-80, daughter of Nancy Cheerleader 1234, Baseball
and Mark Carver, VICA 4, Manager 234, Carnival
Vo-tech 34, years in D.C. Candidate 3, Glee Club 1,
13. Music Club 1, FCA 1234,
FHA 14, NHS 34, Music
CASELMAN, LEON Contest 1, French Club
11 -21-70, son of Rita and 234, Art Club 2, Pep Club
Lyle Caselman, Honor Roll 1234, Yearbook Staff 3,
12, FFA 1234, VICA 3, Vo- Scout Staff 4, FCA vice-
tech 3, years in D.C. 13. president, FHA vice-
president, Pep Club vice-
CHAMBERS, HEATHER president, Art Club vice-
5-21-80, daughter of Mike president, NHS historian,
and Diane Chambers, Freshmen Class secretary,
Honor Roll 1234, NHS 4, Sophomore Class
Volleyball 1234, Track 1, President, Senior Class MOST SPIRITED
Chamber Choir 1234, President, years in D.C. 13.
Dynamics 1234, Glee Club Matt Kramer and Darcy Condren
1234, Music Club 1234, CUMMINGS, MERANDA
FCA 1234, FT A 34, Music 9-2-80, daughter of Richard
Contest 1234, Pep Club 12, and Sandra Cummings,
Library Club 4, Yearbook FCA 1, VIC A 34, Vo-Tech
Staff 4, Scout Staff 3, 34, years in D.C. 13.
School Play 4, School
Musical 4, Music Club
President 4, Cadet Teacher t&}pJ PORT, JENNIFER
4, years in D.C. 12. 12-11-79, daughter of Laura
and Gary Sheppard, Honor
CHARLTON, ANNIE Roll 1234, College Prep
8-6-80, daughter of Diane Certificate, Who's Who 3,
and Daniel Charlton, Honor FF A 1234, FT A 234, French
Roll1234, FBLA 2, FFA 2, Club 4, Pep Club 4, Scout
VICA 3, Vo-Tech 3, Library Staff 4, years in D.C. 8.
Club 1, Pep Club 1, years
5-2-80, daughter of Becky MOST ACCIDENT-PRONE
CLINE, ADAM and Steve Davies, Brad Nyberg and Christy Hammerbacher
4-7-79, son of James and Basketball 4, Sports
Yvonne Cline, Football 12, Manager 4, Festival
Weight lifting 34, Band 1, Candidate 4, Pep Club 4,
FFA 123, Spanish Club 4, Scout Staff 4, years in D.C.
years in D.C. 11. 10.


9-24-80, daughter of 4-7-80, son of Alan and Teri
Rebecca and Robert Cline, Drake,Honor Roll 4,
Honor Roll 3, Who's Who Academic Letter 4, College
4, FBLA 4, French Club 34, Prep Certificate, Golf 4,
School Musical 4, years in years in D.C. 1.
CONDREN, DARCY 11-12-79, son of Lynn and
12-18-79, daughter of Ron Cindy Duff, Honor Roll
and Karen Condren, Honor 1234, College Prep
Roll 12, Principal 's List 34, Certificate 4, NHS 34, Band MOST DARING
Academic Letter 234, 1234, FBLA 34, FFA 1234, Aaron Wilson and Beth Hatten
College Prep Certificate, Spanish Club 3 Drama

Seniors 101
What was your worst high school experience?

"When Chantel and I were

fre hmen we tried to pierce our
belly buttons with safety pins and
they ended up getting infected."
Beth Hatten

"I was in the 11th grade in which I

lo t a really good friend over a girl.
Luckily, we are friends again."
L.D. Wilson

The summer before my freshmen

year a group of girls ( Adrienne
Boulware, Kristin Ownby, and
Christy Hammerbacher) and I
agreed to meet Jeremy Brownfield,

Jo h Ford, Jeff Ambercrombie,
Brad Nyberg, and Brian
Shewmaker half way in a field the
next day. We headed out that afternoon walking through
snakey creeks and weeds taller than us. After about twenty
minutes of walking we came upon a road. After walking
awhile the guys drove up with Jeremy's mom laughing and
took u home.
Brooke Skinner

l<tttlt ~ltldtt

102 Seniors
f< Jtott.lka. Jto~t.

Seniors 103
(B. Duff, cont.) FIELDER, KERRIE
Club 4, Scout Staff 4, 2-23-80, daughter of Candidate 2, Chamber Choir
School Play 4, School Dave and Lynn Fielder, L THOMAS 1234, Dynam ics 1234, Music
Musical4, FFA Sentinel2, Honor Roll 1234, Who's 7-5-80, son of Ed and Club 1234, Music Contest
FFA Historian 4, FFA Vice- Who 1, Volleyball 1234, Carylon Hall, Honor Roll 1234, VICA 34, Vo-Tech 34
President 4, Spanish Club Softball1 , FFA 3, FHA 1234, Who's Who 13, Pep Club 1234 President of
Secretary 3, years in D.C. 1234, VICA 34, Vo-Tech Dynamos 3, Music Club 34, Occ. (VICA), years in D.C.
13. 34, Pep Club 1234, VICA Music Contest 234, years 6.
Class Treasurer 34, A+ in D.C. 13.
DYCUS, DONALD Tutor 4, years in D.C. 13. HATTEN, BETH
2-13-80, daughter of Rob
11-9-79, son of John and ~A~I~f~BACHER,
Marolyn Dycus, Honor Roll FIELDS, WENDYANN and Sharon Hatten, Honor
1-30-80, daughter of Scott Roll 123, Who's Who 1234
12, Football1 , Vo-Tech 3, 11-25-80, daughter of
and Roberta Track 1, Cheerleader 123, '
years in D.C. 6. David and Jayn Fields,
Hammerbacher, Honor Roll Carnival Candidate 1,
Honor Roll 234, Glee
1234, Academic Letter 24, Chamber Choir 1234,
Club 3, Music Club 23,
College Prep Certificate, Dynamics 1234, Glee Club
Who 's Who 1234, NHS 34, 1234, Band 1234, Music
1-30-80, daughter of Lance 3, Music Contest 3, FBLA
President 4, years in Basketball 123, Volleyball Club 1234, Spanish Club
and Karen Weigel , Honor
D.C. 2. 1234, Festival Candidate 34, Music Contest 1234,
Roll 1234, Academic Letter
34, Band 1, FCA 234, FFA Pep Club 1234, Scout
34, College Prep
34, FHA 1234, FTA 234, Staff 4, School Musical 4,
Certificate, NHS 34, FORD JOSH
Spanish Club 34, Art Club Sophomore Class
Volleyball 12, Track 1, 6-19-80, son of Ed and
2, Pep Club 1234, Representative, Junior
Chamber Choir 1234, Shirley Ford, Honor Roll
Yearbook Staff 34, Scout Class Member at Large,
Dynamics 1234, Glee Club 1234, Academic Letter
Staff 4, years in D.C. 6. Mascot 4, years in D.C. 8.
1234, Music Club 1234, 23, NHS 34, Basketball
FCA 1234, FF A 34, FTA 3, 1234, Baseball 12, Cross
Country 1234, Golf 34, HARRIS, MATT HAUETER, GLENDA
Spanish Club 12, Music
Festival Candidate 3, 8-22-79, son of Debbie 7-6-80, daugher of John
Contest 1234, FCA music
FFA 1234, FHA 2, Harris, VICA 34, Vo-Tech and Jean Haueter, Honor
director 4, FCA historian 3
Spanish Club 3, Art Club 34, years in D.C. 8. Roll 12, Academic Letter
Spanish Club President 3, '
Senior Class 1, Yearbook Staff 34, 34, College Prep
FFA Sentinal, NHS HARRISON, JOSHUA Certificate, Who's Who 23,
Representative, years in
CHAD NHS 34, Cheerleader 234,
D.C.13. Treasurer, years in D.C.
12-24-79, son of Joyce

l ow, 13. Christmas Attendant 2,

and Craig Harrison, Honor Band 3, FHA 4, FTA 34,
KATRINA FOX, GREGORY Roll 123, Academic Letter Spanish Club 34, Speech
8-16-78, son of James 2, NHS 3, Football 1, and Debate Club 1, Drama
2-9-80, daughter of Glen
and Brenda Fox, Yearbook Staff 3, Club 14, Pep Club 1234,
and Meachiel Farrow,
Honor Roll 34, Academic Wrestling 4, VICA 34, Vo- Sophomore and Junior School Play 4, School
Letter 3, Band 3, FBLA 4, Tech 34, years in D.C. 3. Class Representative, Musical 4, Pep Club Vice
years in D.C. 8. President 3, NHS Secretary
Speech and Debate Club
1234, VICA 34, Vo-Tech 34, 4, Spanish Club Vice-
Gt:J.. BECKY HARVEY, AARON president 3, Spanish Club
Library Club 4, Speech
1f " t9, daughter of 7-1-80, son of DelMar and President 4, Speech and
Club President 4, Speech
Club Treasurer 3, years in Charles and Sheri Gann LaVerne Harvey, Honor Debate Reporter 1, years
D.C.11. Honor Roll 123, Miss ' Roll 1, Principal 's List in D.C. 6.
Merry Christmas 1, FCA 234, Track 1, Band 1234,
1, years in D.C. 4. FBLA 1, Art Club 23, HAYES, DAVID
School Play 3, School 4-2-80, son of David and
9-18-80, daughter of Jim
GARNER, CARRIE Musical 4, Spanish Club Debra Hayes, Who's Who
and Cecile Felin, Honor
2-10-80, daughter of 23, years in D.C. 12. 123, French Club 2, Art
Roll 1234, College Prep
Certificate, Who's Who 3, Lynn and Cynthia Club 34, VICA 34, Vo-Tech
Garner, Honor Roll 24, HATFIELD, CHANTEL 34, years in D.C. 13.
NHS 34, Band 1234, FCA
Who's Who 1234, Band 11-11-80, daughter of
12, Music Contest 34,
years in D.C. 13. 1, VICA 34, Vo-Tech 34, Richard Hatfield, Honor HERRERA, DANIEL
years in D.C. 8. Roll 1234, Track 12, 12-1 0-79, son of Larry and
Cheerleader 123, Sports Kathleen Hildebrand,
Manager 2, Festival Honor Roll 1234,
104 Seniors
Scholatic All American 3, JASPER, DARREN LINDSEY, MATT 6-9-79, son of Charles L.
NHS 34, Spanish Club 3, 9-16-79, son of Debbie & 7-3-79, son of Dan and Matthews, Jr. and Margaret
VICA 3, Vo-Tech 3, years Jim Jasper, Honor Roll Linda Lindsey, Honor D. Matthews, Vo-Tech 4,
in D.C. 6. 123, Who's Who 123, Roll 234, Who's Who 4, years in D.C. 3.
Basketball 12, Baseball Basketball 12, Football
HICKMAN, MELISSA 12, Weightlifting 2, VICA 1234, Weightlifting 34, MATTHEWS, JULIE
2-7-80, daughter of Arlen 3, Vo-Tech 34, years in Carnival King 1, years in 1-5-80, daughter of Tammie
and Shirley Hickman, D.C.13. D.C. 7. and David Matthews,
Honor Roll 234, Softball 34, Honor Roll 3, Chamber
Volleyball 1, Track 1, JOHNSON, AARON LOYD, HOLLY Choir 4, Music Club 4,
Sports Manager 2, Glee 12-2-80, son of Darlene 3-12-80, daughter Randy Spanish Club 4, Drama
Club 1, Music Club 1, FCA Johnson, Sports and Amy Kloiber, Honor Club 4, French Club 1, Art
234, FFA 34, FHA 234, Pep Manager 3, Spanish Club Roll 1234, College Prep Club 1, Pep Club 4, School
Club 1234, years in D.C. 4. 2, Speech and Debate Certificate, Who's Who 3, Play 4, years in D.C. 13.
Club 4, Drama Club 134, Cheerleader 34, Spanish
HICKS, JON French Club 2, VICA 3, Club 24, Speech and MCKINNEY, SHANE
3-24-80, son of Janice and Vo-Tech 3, Scout Staff 4, Debate Club 2, VICA 34, 9-11-80, son of Greg and
Larry Hicks, Honor Roll School Play 1234, Vo-Tech 34, Pep Club Marsha McKinney, Honor
1234, Weight Lifting 124, School Musical 4, years 1234, Scout Staff 34, Roll123, Golf 2, FFA 3,
FFA 1, Spanish Club 1234, in D.C. 5. School Play 4, School FHA 123, Library Club 12,
Vo-Tech 3, Art Club 3, Pep Musical4, VICA Scout Staff 4, FHA
Club 12, years in D.C. 13. JOHNSON, JOE Secretary 4, years in Historian, years in D.C. 13.
1-6-80, son of Joe and D.C.10.
HODGES, J.R. Nancy Johnson, Honor MCMILLAN, JEREMY
10-6-79, son of Jerry and Roll34, VICA 34, Vo- LYNCH, HELEN ORA 10-7-79, son of Robert and
Viona Hodges, VICA 3, Vo- Tech 34, years in D.C. 2. 1-30-80, daughter of Charlotte McMillan, Honor
Tech 3, years in D.C. Gene and Lisa Lynch, Roll 1234, Principal's List
JOHNSON, JUSTIN FCA 1234, FFA 4, FTA 124, Academic Letter 1234,
HOLMAN, KRISTA 5-24-80, son of Rocky 34, Spanish Club 4, College Prep Certificate,
8-26-80, daughter of Mike Johnson, Weightlifting 3, Drama Club 4, Scout Who's Who, NHS 34,
and Penny Holman, VICA 4, FFA 234, Vo-Tech 34, Staff 3, years in D.C. 13. Football1, Carnival
Vo-Tech 34, years in D.C. years in D.C. 6.j Candidate 1, FFA 4, NHS
13. 34, Speech and Debate
, LORI Club 4, Drama Club 4,
HORELKA,KENNETH ER,MATT 8-9-80, daughter of Barry French Club 234, Art Club,
7-19-80, son of Terri and 12-12-79, son of David and Trish Maddux, School Play 4, NHS
Alan Drake, Football 4, and Sandy Kramer, Honor Roll 34, President 4, Freshmen,
Baseball 4, years in D.C. 1. Honor Roll 1234, Principal's List 34, Sophomore, and Junior
Class Representative,

Football 1234, Baseball Academic Letter 34,
123, Golf 4, French Club College Prep Certificate, Student Body Secretary,
AMANDA 23, Art Club 24, Scout NHS 4, Basketball 3, Golf years in D.C. 13.
6 80, daughter of Mike Staff 4, years in D.C. 13. 34, Volleyball 34, FCA
and Rhonda Jackson, 34, years in D.C. 2. MILLER, DARRELL
Honor Roll 1234, Academic 7-28-77, son of Bobby
Letter 234, College Prep ETH, TRISHA MATHEWS, KRISTY Miller and ldabeth
Certificate, Who's Who 5-2-80, daughter of Tom 4-21-80, daughter of Charlton, Weighlifting and
1234, N HS 34, Track 1, and Sharee Lambeth, Doug and Jo Mathews, Wrestling, years in D.C. 13.
Sports Manager 2, Festival Honor Roll 1234, Honor Roll 2, Principal's
Candidate 24, FCA 234, Basketball 1, Chamber List 134, Academic MONDAY, BARRY
FFA 123, FTA 234, Spanish Choir 1234, Dynamics Letter 3, Who's Who 23, 3-1-79, son of Bill and
Club 34, Pep Club 12, 1234, Glee Club 1234, NHS 34, FBLA 4, FFA 4, Terry Monday, Football 1,
Yearbook Staff 34, Scout Band 1234, Music Club Music Club 1, FHA 3, Band 123, FFA 234, Music
Staff 4, FCA Vice-president 1234, Music Contest FTA 4, French Club 23, Contest 123, years in D.C.
3, Junior and Senior Class 1234, Drama Club 4, Music Contest 1, Library 7.
Member at Large, years in French Club 4, Library Club 4, years in D.C. 13.
D.C.8. Club 4, Scout Staff 4, MOODY, KRISTEN
School Musical 4, years MATTHEWS, AARON 8-3-80, daughter of Sandy
in D.C. 9. and Dwight Moody, Speech

Seniors 105
Finding the book you needed at the bottom of
your locker. Racing to class to beat the tardy
bell. Trying to bluff your way past the homework
issue. Studying for big exams. Just getting
through another year of high school, but oh what
a year! It was an ordeal, fighting off common
battles of senioritis, and making those final
college and tech school or job decisions. It was
enough to get anyone down.

Surviving meant doing it together. Coping with

stress was easier for some, while others let it get
to them. Friends helped get seniors through it
all. Placement papers were completed, grades
earned, credits completed, and at the end of the
year, seniors had made it through their final year
at B.H.S. The day that seemed so elusive, had
arrived. The class of 1998 had survived the
common pressures of everyday school life, as
together they embrased their future.

106 Seniors
ShtUtt ;1tcl<ltt1ttl( ;Am6tt ;Jtc£ttu7hll~t 9ttUttl( ;1tc;1tlll4tt 84ttl( /11ottd41(

Seniors 107
and Debate 34, VICA 4, Vo-
Spanish Club 2, Speech Roll 1234, NHS 4, FBLA
Tech 4, years in D.C. 10.
and Debate Club 4, VICA 4, Spanis h Club 2, VICA
34, Vo-Tech 34, VICA 34, Vo-Tech 34, Library
MORRIS, KRISTINA -7-79, daughter of
Historian 3, Vice-president Club 34, Mascot 1, years
8-14-79, daughter of Susan Michael and M. Lori Paro,
4, years in D.C. 3. in D.C. 5.
and Tom Fare, Honor Roll Honor Roll 1234, Who's
3, Who's Who 3, Music Who 1234, Cheerleader
Club 4, Vo-Tech 3, Library 1234, Chamber Choir 1234,
'-"' · - INGS, JOY R, RANDYN
Club 4, School Musical 4, Dynamics 1234, Glee Club
10-9-79, daughter of Roger 8-4-80, son of Rick and
years in D.C. 2. 1234, Music Club 1234,
and Mary Ellen Rawlings, Leta Saner, Honor Roll
FTA 4, Music Contest 1234,
Honor Roll 123, Academic 124, Principal 's List 3,
MURPHY, JOSHUA Drama Club 34, French
Letter123, College Prep Academic Letter 234,
12-31-97, son of Robert Club 3, Pep Club 124,
Certificate, Who 's Who College Prep Certificate,
and Brenda Murphy, Yearbook Staff 4, Scout
123, NHS 34, VICA 34, Vo- Who's Who 1234, NHS
Football 1, years in D.C. 4. Staff 3, School Play 3,
Tech 34, School Play 4, 34, Basketball 12,
School Musical 4, Music
School Musical 4, years in Football 1234, Baseball
Club Officer 34, Missouri
D.C. 13. 1234, Weight lifting 1234,
Y RG , BRAD Fine Arts Academy 3, years
Band 1, FCA 34, NHS 34,
10-10-79, son of Dwight in D.C. 13.
RAY, BECKY Scout Staff 4, years in
and Bunny Nyberg, Honor
12-9-79, daughter of Bill D.C.13.
Roll 1234, Academic Letter PERKINS, J.R.
and the late Joyce Ray,
234, College Prep 1-30-80, son of Lee
Principals List 1234, SAWYER, BRANDY
Certificate, NHS 34, Perkins, Honor Roll 1234,
Academic Letter 234, 12-5-79, daughter of
Basketball 124, Football Academic Letter 23, Who's
College Prep Certificate, Chris and Kathy Sawyer,
1234, Baseball 23, FFA 4, Who 1, NHS 4, FFA 1234,
Who's Who 1234, NHS 34, Honor Roll 2, Who's Who
FHA 1, French Club 23, years in D.C. 9.
Basketball 123, Softball 12, FCA 4, FFA 124, Pep
years in D.C. 13.
1234, Sports Manager 234, Club, years in D.C. 11 .
Carnival Candidate 3,
10-15-79, son of Gary and
Fesival Candidate 4, SCHREIBER, MELISSA
N, JESSE Bonnie Pierce, FFA 4, VICA
Festival Queen 4, 7-8-80, daughter of Tom
10-16-79, son of Regi 34, Vo-Tech 34, years in
Christmas Candidate 3, and Ronda Skelton,
Olson, Football 4, Speech D.C.13.
FCA 1234, FBLA 1, FHA Honor Roll 123, NHS 3,
and Debate Club 4, Vo-
124, FTA 34, NHS 34, Band 1, NHS 3, French
Tech 4, years in D.C. 4. PORTIS, STACY
French Club 1234, Art Club Club 23, VICA 34, Vo-
3-25-80, daughter of Maryls
1, Pep Club 124, FCA Tech 34, years in D.C.
O'QUINN, KRISTY and the late Donald Portis,
Secretary 234, FHA 10.
8-21-80, daughter of Rick Honor Roll 1234, FFA 1234,
Secretary 4, Art Club
and Jeanie O'Quinn, Spanish Club 3, Art Club 4,
Secretary 1, NHS Vice- SCHWANKE, ASHLEY
Library Club 34, years in VICA 4, Vo-Tech 4, years in
President 4, Student Body 2-6-80, daughter of Kim
D.C.13. D.C.13.
President 4, Freshmen Schwanke and Mamie
Class President, Hughes, Honor Roll
Sophomore Class 1234, Who's Who 1234,
3-15-79, son of Michael and 7-15-80, daughter of Elaine
Secretary, Junior Class NHS 4, Chamber Choir
Donna Owensby, Honor and Donnie Poynter, Honor
President, Peer Counselor 1234, Dynamics 1234,
Roll 3, Cross Country 1234, Roll 1, Softball 34, Carnival
1234, National Merit Glee Club 1234, Music
Track 34, Wrestling 4, Candidate 3, Festival
Semifinalist 4, years in D.C. Club 1234, FCA 12,
Sports Manager 23, FFA Candidate 4, FCA 34, FFA
13. Spanish Club 12, Music
234, Speech and Debate 234, FHA 1, FT A 34, Art
Contest 1234, Art Club
Club 24, Vo-Tech 34, VICA Club 1, VICA 34, Vo-Tech
RICH , MARK 34, Pep Club 12,
34, years in D.C. 13. 34, Scout Staff 4, Senior
4-9-80, son of James and Yearbook Staff 4, School
Class Secretary, years in
Melissa Rich , FFA 2, VICA Musical 4, A+ Tutor 4,
34, Vo-Tech 34, years in years in D.C. 13.
7-30-80, daughter of
Stanley and Pauline PRATER, BRAD
Ownby, Honor Roll 1234, 10-2-79, son of Richard and
ROSS, AMANDA 6-18-79, son of Tom and
Volleyball 1234, FBLA 4, Charlotte Prater, Honor
12-18-79, daughter of Larry Barbara Shewmaker,
FFA 3, FHA 12, Pep Club Roll 234, Baseball 24,
and Kathy Zeolia, Honor Principal 's List 1234,
124, years in D.C. 13. Wrestling 4, FFA 23,

108 Seniors
Academic letter 234, SPEARS, BILLY
College Prep 10-13-78, son of Greg and
Certificate, Who's Diana Spears, Honor Roll
Who 1234, NHS 34, 2, Principal 's List 2, VICA
1234, Baseball 1234, 34, Vo-Tech 34, years in
Weight D.C. 7.
Lifting 4, FCA 1234, FHA
1, years in D.C. 13. SPERKO,CRYSTAL
8-17-80, daughter of
SHOCKLEY, BRAD Rodney and Janice
8-21-79, son of Larry and Sperko, Honor Roll 123,
Rhonda Shockley, Honor Who's Who
Roll 123, Academic 123, College Prep
Letter 23, Basketball 23, Certificate, Basketball 124,
Cross Country 123, FCA Softball 134, Volleyball 1,
1234, FFA 1234, FTA 3, FBLA 2, Spanish Club 3,
NHS 34, French Club 3, Art 2, years in D.C. 13. Most Athletic
Scout Staff 34, FFA Matt Lindsay and Lori Maddux
Secretary 3, FFA 12-29-79, son of Micheal
President 4, years in and Janice Stevenson,
D.C.13. Honor Roll 3, Who's Who
2, Basketball 3, Football 4,
SIMPSON, JEREMY Cross Country 3, Weight
6-8-80, son of Charles Lifting 4, FFA 3, Spanish
and Sue Simpson, Vo- Club 4, years in D. C. 2.
Tech 34, years in D.C.
12-2-79, son of David
and Debra Stockdall,
12-5-79, daughter of Bill
Spanish Club 14, Drama
Skinner and Brad and
Club 2, VICA 34, Vo-Tech
D' Ann Hawkins, College
34, years in D.C. 8.
Prep Certificate,
Volleyball 1234, Festival
Candidate, FCA 34, Best Personality
12-2-79, daughter of
Mary Knapp and the late Shawna Poynter and Leon Caselman
1234, Spanish Club 3, Christine Alston, Dance
Art Club 23, Pep Club Team 34, FFA 2, VICA 3,
1234, Scout Staff 4, Vo-Tech 3, years in D.C.
years in D.C. 13.
8-2-79, Perry and Tammy 2-21-80, daughter of
Blair, Honor Roll1, Kathy and John Strobel,
Weight Lifting 3, Track 2, Honor Roll 124,
FFA 1234, VICA 34, Vo-
Academic Letter 34,
Tech 34, VICA President
College Prep Certificate,
3, years in D.C. 12.
Softball 14, Track 1,
Festival Candidate 3,
SOUZA, JOSH Black Walnut Candidate
10-6-79, son of Lou and
4, FCA 4, FHA 1234,
Betty Souza, Honor Roll Spanish Club 34, Art
3, Baseball 1, FF A 123,
Club 123, Pep Club 123,
Art Club 2, years in D.C. years in D.C. 13. Most Talented
12. Jason Beltz and Rachel Paro

Seniors 109
No ~hoto
C:ZMtt"tlf ,4hlsttdt
C:Ztttta. J4 t
'}a.co6 8a.u~hn
l!.a.ttct 8o~~g
')a.sott 8 utln
'llotta.ld 'llvcus
'Ju~ ~ox
'llutlttl( cf{a.ckn
' cf{ettdnsott
')~ cf{od~ts
e lttlStl( cf{ u6tt
C:Zta.tJls l!.ovd
/ha.llsa. ;
8lllle /ha.vs
l<ustltta. ;honls
')~ C:Zlm6ttllttk
8tookt Sklttttt'l Smltkt'(

110 Seniors
Seniors 111
Honor Roll 1234, FBLA 2, 1234, years in D.C. 14.
FHA 2, VICA 3, Vo-Tech 3 l
EHILL, LARRY Pep Club 1, years in D.C. 13. WOODBURN, JOHN
4-4-80, son of Larry 1-29-78, son of Kay and
Tannehill, FFA 1234, years Robert Woodburn , VICA 3,
in D.C. 7. ~-~ L . STACEY Vo-Tech 1, years in D.C.
10-13-79, daughter of Dennis 13.
TAYLOR, SHON and Sandra Smith, FFA 1234,
12-12-77, son of Richard VICA 34, Vo-Tech 34, Pep WYATT, FRANK
Taylor and Rose Jamison l Club 1, years in D.C. 13. 11-26-79, son of Kim and
Football 123, Weight Frank Wyatt, Who's Who
Lifting 1234, years in D.C. WELCH , BRIAN
12, Football 1234,
14. 9-21-80, son of Doug and
Weightlifting 1234, Track
Karen Welch , Honor Roll
1, FFA 234, years in D.C.
THOMPSON, CATRIONA 1234, NHS 4, Football 2
Sports Manager 23, Ch~mber
8-21-80, daughter of Don
and Sandy Hatfield, Choir 234, Dynamos 234,
Drama Club 3, Scout Staff Music Club 34, Speech and
34, School Play 3, years in Debate Club 34, Music
D.C.10. Contest 234, Drama Club 34
School Play 34, School '
TURNER, BILL Musical 4, Vice President of
11-24-79, son of Darnell Speech and Debate Club,
and LaVonne Turner, Senior Class Representative,
Honor Roll 123, Who's years in D.C. 4.
Who 12, College Prep
Certificate, Football 1234, WHITE, LILLI
Baseball 4, Track 123, 8-12-80, daughter of
Sports Manager 1, Mike and Cindy South, Honor
Spanish Club 234, Art Roll 34, Track 4, Cheerleader
Club 34, years in D.C. 13. 4, Sports Manager 2, FBLA
34, FHA 34, VICA 34, Vo-tech
TURNER, REGGIE 34, Pep Club 4, Scout Staff 3,
9-22-79, son of Deetta VICA Treasurer, years in D.C.
Davison and Terry Turner, 5. Class Clown
Honor Roll 123, Academic Brook Davies and Eddie Varner
Letter 2, Who's Who 123, WILSON, AARON
Band 123, FF A 23, years 11-27-79, son of Curtis and
in D.C. 13. Kathy Wilson, Honor Roll
1234, Academic Letter 234 l
Who's Who 234, NHS 34,
ER, EDDIE Basketball 1234, Football
-1-79, son of Ron and 124, Baseball 2, Weightlifting
Deanna Varner, Honor 1234, Track 1, FFA 34, FHA
Roll 1234, Football 1234, 1234, Spanish Club 1234, Art
FFA 234, FHA 12, VICA 34, Club 24, Pep Club 12,
Vo-Tech 34, years in D.C. Freshmen, Sophomore,
13. Junior Class Representative,
years in D.C. 13.
7-7-80, daughter of Donald WILSON, LOREN
Viles and Joyce McGuire, 8-28-79, son of Dale and
Phyllis Wilson , Honor Roll
123, Wrestling 4, FFA

Most Likely To Succeed

Becky Ray and Jason Beltz

112 Seniors
Senior Trip
Six Flags!!!
May 20, 1998 was the day of the "BIG" enior trip. The senior and 4
ponsor jumped on the bu ses (at 7:00a.m.!!!) and "eased on up the
road" to Six Flags, St. Louis! !!!

Everyone " LOVES" Pepe.

Shawna Poynter,
Stacy Canon, Trisha
Lambeth, and Holly
Loyd are sooo ex-
cited to be at Six

By: Rachel Paro

Senior Trip 113


0Y l~
Processional . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . High School Band

Salutatorian ......................... Jason Beltz

"I'll Be Singing This Song For You" ....... Vocal Ensemble

by Terre McPheeters

Valedictorian ........................ Becky Ray

Presentation of Awards . . . . . . . . Mrs. Virginia Bolin


Presentation of Class ........... Dr. William Saling


Awarding of Diplomas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mr. Bill Ray

Board of Education Member

Recessional . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . High School Band

114 Senior Honors

;, f~~ -~ r'i) ~ .~
,;;. ~ ~
.,~- 1 !" r ' .-,.• '·, f ~ ~ >t
i t .,
.. ~~ r 1 ,~· ' Ir-·~
- ', '
r_et\ ··: {-
r - [ - , C I '

.... ~~
f~ .) ~~
r · · ~~
r~c_· ·-. ~~
r~ ·. · , ~f

l'lr. ~· l"f.- ,.l ''~3]
i \~ ... · r~
_. · ~~
r. ~I f2?)
r ·< t\9l· . ~~
r~ r~~- -~- I~
_··. I
1 1

~lf! J 1~q~j T~ ll_,_; (;~J r1:!>1 to

~-~ r:iJ
r ~ f=~
" - ':l T~ ~. !2] f~
~~'-~~ ,\~: I r~~
- ~ . r~
r~ ,,_ ~ i0P

r~ :~~ ~~
lEi-~ I iiD J tr- r~ 1
1112] . ' , ~~~ -~
w;P .) r ~ r.- · t ' ·~ ,~~ .. :t l
r . . • t(iiijf) : c§: 1
r . -:. . \. r~ -- - ~
~~ l ~~- ., 1r~_j r~_.,~ ~~ ~ ~~~ I~ rrlt"_1 ~ ~
i' •, . }'·· f - I' '; . . !l ' . c.o T

~·r- -. l fr ~
·Fr rt ~. l fr,-~. . J !• , f~~ r· ~~-~· t~r-~
.. '~ rty-f"'0 .~ ._,' ~~ ~
r. ·' -~ liPI
t r~ 1 f .•

fb~ i
( .• • I T~
r: -{o;.~ j rl
f ~~ tft~)J
i 1~~ : ~
. ~: ~~
f. l
.- · ~~
} ; ~ l~· ~-~ J fr-
. =" -~ rf
.lla I.
::J ll

f.~~ f~ ;l~ l~ l~ :t~ f~ f>~ :~ l

..., t



Jason Beltz Jamie Barber Kelly Armstrong Joseph Austin
Rachel Brown Ryan Davies Jessica Bell Derek Black
Jeremy Brownfield Bethany Hawley Stephanie Canon Justin Boulware
Darcy Condren Dustin Horinek Luke Charlton Brett Crane
Katrina Farrow Heather LsShell Travis Elliott Tracy Crawford
Amanda Jackson Gus Marsala Chris Goins Rachel Harrison
Darren Jasper Elizabeth Ruth Travis Horinek Tanya Horinek
Joe Johnson Michael Showers June Kubla Sean Jackson
Becky Ray Jason Stanley Jamie Lowry Andy Lewis
Randyn Saner Erica White Gene Moyle Mary Oglesbee
Brad Shockley George Smith Rachel Shoemaker
Reggie Turner Lauren Stroup Dustin Steiro
Loren Wilson Rachel White Sean Viets
Elizabeth Whitmore Kim White



Jeff Abercrombie WendyAnn Fields Lee Roy Perkins
Adrienne Boulware Josh Ford Stacy Portis
Rachel Bower Greg Fox Shawna Poynter
Steve Brinkman Daniel Herrera Brad Prater
Amanda Campbell Trisha Lambeth Amanda Ross
Stacy Canon Holly Loyd Brian Shewmaker
Leon Caselman Lori Maddux Amanda Strickland
Heather Chambers Kristy Mathews Brian Welch
Meranda Cummings Aaron Mathews
Jenny Davenport Brad Nyberg
Brandon Duff Rachel Pare

116 Honor Roll
Angela Zanzie
JUNIORS: Brandi Elwood
Michelle Acreback Erin Enlund
Jade Enokido FRESHMEN:
Heather Arndt
Courtney Fisk Paul Barber
Misty Bain
Greg Hardison Amber Bennett
Phillip Beebe
Chris Hatten Jared Campbell
Todd Black
Koi Henderson Sarah Chapman
Travis Doty
Chad Hendrickson Kari Cooper
Christie Drown
Justin Hopkins Breanna Cummings
Samantha Ferguson
Grady Johnson Emily Elliott
Jennifer Fletcher
Michael Kelly Amy Forrester
Matt Hale
Alicia Klapp Tabitha Bray
Heather Hodges
Suzy Luke Joey Green
Tim Jasper
Kerry Mathews Cassie Greenwood
Elijah Jump
Keri McDaniel Jamie Hughes
Jenny Kuhns
Lacey McGuire David Kelly
Janice Lawson
Gabriel McMillan Alicia Kerr
David McClain
Ben Oliver Brandon Mankey
Josh Phillips
Elizabeth O'Donnell Chris Peters
Brent Pinkley
Carre Parrish LaDonna Polston
Angel Pistoia
Andy Perkins Eric Redd
Rhonda Place
Krystal Rambo Richard Rose
Audrey Riddle
Faith Rawlings Josh Schwanke
Cynthia Sanderson
Amanda Redd Jeanette Sergent
Rebecca Skinner
Jacqueline Rice Jesssica Sergent
Kim Smitherman
Michelle Schultz Racheal Smith
Wayne Sperko
Michael Sherman Nathan Stamburski
Josh Still
Amy Sinclair Joseph Still
Matt Stokes
Hannah West Amber Throckmorton
Anna Viets
Miranda Willis Shiloh Weaver
Rachel Woodburn
Joanna Young
Jennifer Beltz

M ~
Cherakee Brake
Nathan Brownfield R· E
Samantha Cherry
Tessa Coltrin
Wendy Cornwell
Joe Cartwright
Jana Duff
Michelle Dugas
Jeff Elam

Honor Roll 117

0 ead

Seniors Juniors

Dusty Armstrong Jaime Allen Danielle Rodelander

Victor Ash Jamie Allen Kyle Schadeck
Adam Batt Amber Barton Buck Shockley
Joy Brito Steven Bliss Andrea Strickland
Amanda Carver Steven Brown Rodney Taylor
Elisa Cline Tamara Carter Eric Testerman
Christy Dotson Derek Clark Michelle Turner
Eli Drake Leslie Cline Marvin VanNostrand
Tara Englehardt Josh Cline Janette Wakefield
Casey Felin Jessyca Compton Amanda White
Carrie Garner Shawn Daniels Racheal Williams
Thomas Hall Melissa Fuller Leslie Wilson
Chantel Hatfield Randee Gilpin
Beth Hatten Seth Greenwood
Glenda Haueter Paul Hill
Melissa Hickman Roberta Holley
Jon Hicks Lisa Holloway
Kenneth Horelka Jared Holt
Aaron Johnson Michelle Killeen
Matt Kramer Nathan Klapp
Matt Lindsey Jeff Maples
Jeremy McMillian Erica McCoy
Barry Monday Zach McElroy
Josh Murphy Jill McNabb
Kristin Ownby John Nyberg
Clayton Pierce Angela Oliver
Billy Spears Michael Penick
Kirk Stevenson Jeremy Pickens
Bill Turner Mark Reeves
Eddie Varner Rhonda Rice
Aaron Wilson

118 Honor Roll

Sophomores Mitchell Paro Matthew Herrera
Amanda Payne Annie Hill
Corey Atteberry Tim Reeves Brandi Huntley
Jennifer Bankes Blake Riddle B.J. Payne
Brenna Beasley Jeffrey Roller Jess Kampe
Jennifer Berry Brad Stefka Will Kelb
Matthew Boggs Pepper Vanderpool Heidi Helb
Julie Brinkman Mechelle West Amber Litchfield
Ricky Chapman Douglas Maack
Luke Christian Freshman Vincent Mabary
Tim Coffman Jennifer Macella
Eric Cook Schelle Acreback Scott Massere
Michelle Corbin Seth Anderjaska Dana Mattson
Jamie Cowan Bryce Atteberry Matthew Maynard
Mark Crofut Melissa Barton Travis Owens
Amanda Dill Randall Bornman William Payne
Justin Donaldson Kirby Carter Lesie Payne
Michael Gardner Melissa Chadwick Randall Rash
Eric Garretson Mike Colagio Nickeia Reed
Kristen Hahn Constance Compton Nicki Sawyer
Jessica Hall Christy Cooper Amanda Siemer
Nicole Harrison Melanie Darnell Ricky Simmons
Jeanetta Hayes Brandan Davies Dustin Smith
Josh Herrera Robby DeMarr Ricky Viets
Kelly Hitchcock Travis Dill Frank Williams
Jesse Johnston Cassie Drown McKenzie William
Shawna Layton Kenneth Elliot
Wayne Lyon Tami Engelhardt
Roberta Mabary Christine Evans
Corey Marley Josh Farley
Michael Medina Tobias Frazier
Christine Miller Alicia Gandy
Maria Nevarez Richard Garrett
Richard Nevills Tresy Germany
Lee Ella Oglesbee Afton Graves
Mathew Pachmayr Austin Hamilton
Andrea Park James Henderson

Honor Roll 119

"Do You Believe In Magic" ...
Layout by Stacy Canon

- -
Top: Prom King Matt
Lindsay and Queen
Christy Hammerbacher

- share the traditional

Left: Junior Heather
Hodges strikes a pose.

120 Prom
Left: Best friends
Adrienne Boulware
and Brooke Skinner
take time away from
their dates to smile
for the camera.

Right: Seniors
Randyn Saner, Brad
Nyberg, Darrell
Miller, and Jeremy
Brownfield dance
the night away.

Prom 121
Layout by: Rachel Paro


Aaron Johnson - Jerry Delvin
Lelia Belt - Connie Travers
Brian Welch - Buzzy Burdett
Darcy Condren - Theodosia Travers
Jade Enokido - Flame Fondue
Michelle Dugas- Zitza Van Zok
Jeremy McMillan - Mauvins
David McClain - Adler Sheridan
Holly Loyd - Kissy Travers
Glenda Haueter- Eloise Ainsley
Jill McNabb - Pippi
Barbara Mcinvale- Lucretia
Matt Pachmayr - Dan Denton
Mrs. Mary Lou Beckner- Director
Kim Smitherman - Assistant Student Director
Grady Johnson- Stage Manager & Sound
Jeremy McMillan - Lighting
MichelleDugas & Jeremy McMillan take Samantha Haskett - Make-up
time out to hug after a hard days work. Shaun Zimmerman & Cast - Properties
Michelle Sarlitto & Cast - Publicity
Jeremy McMillan & Mrs. Beckner- Set Design

122 Spring Play

Layout: Amanda
L-----------____. Jackson

The Top Ten °/o 1998
Becky Ray
Jason Beltz
Kristy Mathews
Randyn Saner
Brad Nyberg
Darcy Condren
J.R. Perkins
Amanda Jackson
Jeremy McMillan Valedictorian Salutatorian
Brad Shockley Becky Ray Jason Beltz
Jeremy Brownfield
Daniel Herrera
Brian Shewmaker
Senior Honors 123
One group of guys that will never be forgotten.

Randyn Saner, Jeremy Brownfield, and Brian Brook Davies, Lori Maddux, Kerrie Fielder,
Shewmaker waiting for baccalaureate to start. and Heather Chambers, friends till the end.
124 Baccalaureate

The Class of '98 line

up while waiting for
baccalaureate to start.

Seniors enter the fieldhouse for the beginning of baccalaureate.

Graduation 125

HRI, Inc.
Route 2, Box 802
Buffalo, Mo. 65622
(417) 345-8019 or 345-4744
Fax (417) 345-8398



Phone 417-345-7113

MON-FRI 8:00-4:30 Brad Jennings

SAT 8:00-12:00 345-6187
126 Ads
Buffalo Ve • ary Clinic GEARBOX
Rusty · e, D.V.M.
P.O. BOX 1580
345-7231 BUFFALO, MO 65622 906 . MAPLE
PHONE: 345-5945


'9cAMPERS ·~ CLASS OF 1998

liMO -~
81ton Cullom Built Ttuek Ctm/*'1 & Pickup Covet~
Hwy. 65, P.O. Box 795, Buffalo, MO 65622 (417) 345-2325

When your #1, you can do
things others can't.
Karen Kjar
Ed Maddux Broker I Owner
Highway 65 South
Buffalo, MO
Buffalo, Missouri 65622
Business 417-345-2274

Anomey at Law Phone 345-8232 South Highway 65

T 303 South MaP'e
P.O. Box 1141
Buffalo. MO 65822
(417) 345-6713

Ads 127
Kay Courtyard
Hip Pocket Pizza Parlor
Buffalo, MO :~ :~ :~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
Visit us at our new location
on South Highway 65.
Tapestry Country ~hoppe
345-8649 345-6229
Marty ~gan-1(aren Jtlforc£
Purveyors of fine country and Victorian
collectables,antiques,and heartwarming keepsakes
SERVING UNFORGETTABLE PIZZA South Highway 65 - Buffalo, MO 65622
SINCE 1976 (417) 345-5459

Internet Service Providers

Check Out Our Computer Lab
Today's Technology
1 126 S. Ash
Buffalo, MO 65622
•· Phone: 345-881 0 Fax: 345-41 66 Birthday Parties Weekly Child Care

Rodney Kay Julie Kay Matt Swims

Owner Director of Technical Director Pam Kay, Director 345-8479
Operator Marketing Kay Courtyard, Buffalo, MO Licensed Daycare for 2-12 yr. old
E-mail U ! ! ! taff@today

P 0 BOX 665 BUFFALO MO 65622

417-345-7457 417-345-6273

South Highway 65
Phone: 345-7431
Open: 6:30 a.m.-1 0:00 p.m.
6:30 a.m.-11 :00 p.m. HUARIC NE BAY CARWASH
Friday & Saturday 417·345..8007
12:00 p.m.-1 0:00 p.m. A DlRIY CAR 1S A DlRT'l SHAMS

128 Ads
Circuit Clerk & Recorder
Brenda & leroy Young
212 South A\apl~ Pool
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Buffalo, Mo 65622 &
Janice Hicks & staff
(41n 34s-9oo4 Snooker
Susan Potter-Barbara Aouth-Stacy Satterfield

OFFICE 417-345-2272 Ru Week



"For Fast Pain Relief" Music Les on -Supplie -Repair-Sound
Equipment Rental-Mobile DJ
Service-Piano Tuning
206 W . Main Buffalo, MO.
Come visit our new location
P.O. Box 709 701 N. Maple Buffalo, MO 65622 Skyla Week (417) 345-4140



Go Bison


We specialize in 710 W. Hooker Dr.

caring for the Phone 345-7026 THE PTA!
ones you love.
Ads 129
Ddvid K. 'howers, DO, FAAFP


m Jft/~r · f
t 19 N. Ash St.
P.O. Box 154
Bufblo, MO 65622
RT. 2, BOX 450B (417) 345-5119 t\1;1/' -/0(- /f,~it<ll in Lilt! US 417/345-2211
BUFFALO, MO 65622 (FAX) 345-5657

Buffalo Ve ' ary Clinic
Convenient Drive-up
Rusty ai , D.V.M. Window HWY 32
Buffalo, MO


345-7231 BUFFALO, MO 65622 HOURS: MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 8:30-5:30
SATURDAY 9:00-1:00
Telephone 345-6500 After Hours 345-8705

}]l®IltDrrlcQ] [7~

Behind Buffalo Dairy Queen

Phone 345-5374
Slow smoked with Hickory


Mr. Halleran hard at work.

P.O. Box 1385
61 0-A South Locust
Buffalo, Mo 65622

130 Ads
Kelly Trygg, M.D.
nternal Medicine

Marcy Martinez, MS, RN, CS, G P

urse Practitioner
'Daffa.s County Community Meaicaf Center
Each member of your family i different.
And that mean each one of them ha
201 South Ash different health care need . That' why the
Dalla County Medical Center i de igned
Buffalo, Missouri to provide your entire family with acce to
(417) 345-6100 a full array of health care ervice .

Citizens Memorial Home Health, Hospice, Homemaker Plus and

Home Medical Equipment services are also available at this location.

Colonial Springs
Healthcare Center
... i a 120-bed facility which offer lcilled nur ing,
rehabilitation therapie , a full activitie program, as well a
outpatient rehabilitation ervice including phy ical, COLONIAL SPRINGS
occupational, and peech therapie and audiology. Healthcare Center
Colonial Spring ha an expan ive li t of re ident and
family ervice including ocial ervice , daily activitie ,
beauty and barber ervice . Colonial Spring i Medicare
A and B certified. 750 West Cooper
Robert McMillan, Administrator
Colonial Springs offers comprehensive
Buffalo, Missouri
outpatient rehabilitation services. (417) 345-2228
n. I. One who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory.
2. An innovator. 3. A leader.
Citizens Memorial Hospital v. 1. To carve a path or chart r cour e where other have not travelled.
1500 . Oakland C.M.H. (Citizen Memorial Ho pi tal)
Bolivar, Mi ouri 65613 n. 1. Till< Pioneer in Mis ouri health care. 2. One of the top ten mall or rural
(417) 326-6000 ho pi tal in the United State (according to an independent national urvey).

Ads 131

Jim Hamilton

Highway 65
Ph. 417-345-2224 114 E. Lincoln
(417) 993-5511
Urbana, MO 65767 Home {417) 993-4348
Fax 417-2235 P.O. Box 770
1-800-862-8186 Buffalo, MO 65622

10-channe l~ Great Southern Bank

7'*"" Color TVs & VCRs • 9Sherwood• St8reos Member FDIC 1}:)
(417) 345-6111 -Fax (417) 345-6113
The $199 West side of Square - Buffalo, MO
417-345-2351 919 W. Dallas - Buffalo, MO 65622
Dish Larry Davison , owner


"Breakfast Is Our Speciality"
Open 6 am - 2 pm Mon. - Sat.
7 am - 2 pm Sun.
Closed Thurs.
903 West Dallas Buffalo, MO

406 W. Dallas
Buffalo, MO
Lois Maddux- Owner 345-6747

Seniors '98 congratulations from all of us.

Kathy Foresee - Manager Sophomores Amy Dunham and Courtney Fisk take
time out to pose for the camara.

132 Ads
SHuna Life - Disability - Home
INSURANCE Auto - Farm - Business

WOODS SHOPPING CENTER Mark Stephens, MaJter Photographer
BUFFALO, MO 65622 211 W. Broadway Ph . 417-326-4315
BUS. : (417) 345-2608 Bolivar, MO 65613 Fax 417-326-4316
RES . : (417) 345-8987




P.O. BOX 4915
(417) 882-2048 SPR INGFIELD, MO 65808

Aaron thanks for being our Son & Brother.

GOB/SON You have made life very interesting.
Mom, Dad, Leslie, and John

AU. YOUR CAR NEEDS Hwy 32 & 73

Oil • lube • Cooper Tires
Buffalo, MO
Mechanic • transmission
AJr Conditioning
Pizza Phone:
414 Dallas • Buffalo, WO 65622 345-2210
417-3 44

Open : Mon. - Fri. 8 to 5 Sat. 8 to 12

PsA.·. ~be:rB --1+~

U Prescr~~CJ;!lt!c~~y
"Serving Dallas County for over 46 years!"

Kenneth Nyberg, R.Ph. - Dwight Nyberg, R.Ph.

Phone: 417-345-2321
Woods Shopping Center
65 & 32 Junction, Buffalo, Missouri

1:: : 1-Hop~ PH:oro: : I Sophomore Josh Wisely goofing off between classes.

Ads 133
After all, what is education but a process by
which a person begins to learn how to learn?"
---Peter Ustinov - - -

~~~~~ You're learning and preparing

for the future, and you've got
the Bank of Urbana to help you.

Highway 65 South
Buffalo, Mi ouri 65622

Our Personal Service Makes The Difference.

@ _ The Oldest Bank in Dallas County. MIMIEI


Urllana, mo 417-345-7928




You are the young
man in my life, who
has always looked
after your mother.
417-345-7507 Son, /love you.
Hwy 65 and Main St. Mom
Buffalo, MO

tt <:11inf1s

P.O. BCJx 162 Buffalo MO o5o22

417-'345 ·8900

fM'l "I Luv Your Smile!"


904 S. Ash P.O. Box 707

Buffalo, MO 65622

Keri McDaniel and teven Bli pend orne "quality time" together
Bus. 345-2793 Home 345-6310
before school!

Phon (41 7) 345-5362

Buff lo Fitncs enter

Famtly Owned and Op rated
610 S Locust St P.O. Box 1093
P.O Bo 637 Mon Fn 7 a m 9 p.m Buffalo, MO 65622
Buff lo, MO 65622 Sat- am 3pm

(417 ) 345 7415



PHONE 345-2512
South Side of the Square
Buffalo, Missouri 65622



David L. Kramer, 0 .0 ., F.A.A.O .

COMPANY Rex A. Newcomb, 0 .0 .

112 West Commercial Street
PO Box 80
Buffalo. MO 65622
P.O. BOX 1580 Telephone· (417) 345·290 1
Fax (417) 345 2904
906 . MAPLE
PHONE: 345-5945

Jeanie's Hair Fashion


Jeanie Barnes, operator
Alway's a friendly atmosphere.
115 N. Maple Buffalo, MO 345-7632
Ads 136
FUNERAL HOME (417) 345-6751 Office
(417) 345-6477 Fax

• JERRY T . CANTLON 417 /34!1-2211
• 5 . ER I C OTTERNESS UHBANA. MO 8!5?8? P.O. Box 1490, Hwy 73 & DO. Buffalo. Mo 65622
• NEAL OGLESBEE 417 / 993· 5133


Congratulations to the MO THL Y BOOKKEEP! G
Cla s of 1998 RT.5 BOX 5250 BUFFALO

Jet Hwy 65&32

The Choice for South Central Missouri

Robb Herren, Commercial Loan Officer

Penny toner, Branch Manager

Member FDIC

Ads 137


413 S. MAPLE, BUFFALO 119 E. Main street, 417/345-5644

P.O. Box 20 FAX: 417/345-5561
345-2057 Buffalo, Missouri 65622


VERNON VIETS (417) 345-2233


Dallas County Treasurer

303 NORTH MAPLE P.O. Box 605 Area Code (417)

P.O. BOX620
Buffalo, Missoun 65622 345-2020


Dallas County Assessor,
Dallas County Clerk
Jo Mcintire,
REGISTER AND VOTE Carol Baker, Linda Dibben,
Kern Lewis, Linda Blecker,
Your vote today may preserve tomorrow. and Lillian Crawford.


HOURS: 6:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Closed Wednesday
Closing at 4 p.m. on SUnday

In the eyes of Matt Stokes, we are all first place.

Ads 138
Auto - Homeowners - Farm - Commercial - Life - Health

• Tracy-Lane
Carl's Package

I f/ lns~~~~~~p~~~~cy Buffalo, MO 65622

Gas, food, and drink
South Hwy 65, Buffalo, MO
Dale Lane and Bus {417) 345-7214
Linda (Katie) Lane
Res. (417) 345-7290
FAX (417) 345-6937

Buffalo, MO

South H/ghwsy 65 Phone: 345·7712


,.-- -.

~ Buffalo Feeds
Northwest Comer of Wood's Supermarket Lot
Rt. 1, Box 359, Buffalo, MO 65622
PHONE (417) 345-7935
Cash & Carry

Extruded Soybeans Custom Grinding

Rt. 1 Box 359 Rodney Kropf

Buffalo, MO 65622 417-345-7935
951 W Dalla~ (4171 l4 -1wo~


Corner of Commercial & Pme
P 0 Box 378
BuHa 1o, MO 65622
Phone 417-345-7522 , ales and Installation
ommerical or Residenttal
Edwm Duane Davtd
Home 345-8278 • 345-2841 • 345·2543

"Wiaere Yoar Shoppla,

DoU.r M.dew More
"The Best Prices in the Ozarks" BUD AND PAT'S

M.ln Sl. • DoMJiown
UriMDa. MO

P.O. BOX 1068

101 E. MAIN
PHONE: 417-345-2127

Be careful
when it comes to
Electricity Play it safe- and have fun
Cowboys hard at work.

Ads 140
Dress C!ocles.

However, O'Bannon Bank does hove Checking and Savings Accounts,

ATM cards, and Student Loons. No matter where you plan to go,
or what you're saving your money For, we con take care of all your banking needs.
Come to O'Bannon Bank and you won't hear any bells or
take any tests, but you will get the attention you need.

A Tradition ol Personal Service

Since J905 11XI.OOO LENDER

141 Ads
z ~
1250 West Dallas
345-6166 ~ PHONE 417-345-2720 ~

Dallas County Farmers Exchange

W. Dallas
Buffalo, MO 65622 I((Jlidl
Office: 417-345-2121 Congratulations Mandy,
SERVE Your mom would be as proud of you as I am.
Love, G-Ma


(Senior High Department)

Bible Baptist Church

Dallas at Locust
P. 0. Box 361 Buffalo, MO 65622
"Bad as I wanna be ," by seniors Lori Maddux and Adrienne Schedule of Services
Sunday School . .......... .. .9:30 A.M.
Morning Worship . . ....... . . I 0:4 5 A.M.
Evening Worship ........... . . 7·00 P.M.

Youth Bible Study .... .. .. .. . . 7:00 P.M.


ESTIMATE SERVICE • DELIVERY SERVICE Milton Hathcoc k John rhrockmorton
Pastor Youth Pastor
41 7·3 4 5 29 18 41 7 34 5 81 27
(417) 345-2246 BUFFALO, MISSOURI 65622

S. Hwy. 65
P.O. Box 199
All Work
Buffalo, MO 65622 Guaranteed DRILLING
Water Wells
Curt WUson
Res. 417/345-8777
E cort Contour Mu tang Tauru Crown Victoria Van Truck CALL COLLECT
Office 417/345-6817
P.O. Box 1179
DARLENE B. HEETER Bus. Phone (417) 345-7000 Buffalo, MO 65622

Because It's your Car We're Talking About....

Right Part, Right Price.

Highway 65 • 345-2791

Buffalo Heights Salon

Hair Styling and Tanning Beds

Woods Shopping Cent r

Phone: 345-6195 BUFFALO,MO

Buffalo, MO 65622

TRW Makers of
''The Nation's Finest''
Machine Shop
Work and
~n~me Cha s1 and

H1ghway 65
AutomaliC' Tran rniss1on Parts
Phonr 345 225
Leisure Wear
Buffalo . MO Shop 345 7HIO

Ads 143

One Last Strand....

When you pick up this yearbook 20
years from now, what will you remem-
ber? Will you remember the classes
we all had to take, the sports we all
watched or played, or the people we
all knew and the things we had in
CO 0 ? We all went to the same
school, cruised the same square, and
grew up in the same town. As we look
back, we realize that we shared many
of the same READS. As we go
through high school now, we should
realize we are not so different. Some
of us may dress different, act differ-
ent, and even talk different; but indi-
viduality helps to make us all a part of
the huge patchwork quilt we call
Buffalo High School.

Back row: Heather Chambers, Christy

Colophon Hammerbacher, Stacy Canon , Ashley
Schwanke, Rachel Paro, and Heather Hodges.
Theme: Common Threads Middle row: T.J. Rainwater, Jason Beltz, Josh
Paper Stock and Trimsize: 801b enamel , 9x12. Ford , and Paul Hill. Front row: Michelle
Number of Pages and Pressrun: 144 pages, 300 copies . Acreback, Amanda Jackson , Anna Viets, and
Delivery: Summer
Sarah Kinnaman.
Type Styles:Helvitica, Times, Zaph Chancery, New Berolina.
Type Size: Body Copy, 10-14; Captions, 10-12; Headlines, 24,
30, 36, 48, 60 point.
Color: 16 four-color, 16 spot-color
Endsheets: 100% Colonial Red
Photography: Yearbook Staff, Life Touch , Buffalo Reflex.
Staff: Buffalo Yearbook Staff
Publisher: Herff Jones Marceline, MO

Closing 144

1. Calista Flockhart walked away with prime time in Spin City. He won a
a Golden Glob award for her Golden Globe for hi role as the Deputy
performance in the most talked about Mayor of ew York City. 10. "They
"tJ how of the ea on, All_v McBeal. work in :ecr t and dre sin black." Men
c 2. Chri Rock stayed bu. y in 1997 with in Black, tarring Will Smith and
res hi new ~how on HBO- The Chris Rock
c Tommy Lee Jone , wa one of the most
Show, hi album Roll with the ew, ucces ful film of the , ummer. The
·-0 tage performance , and hi book, Rock
·-"'::a This! 3. Jerry einfeld announced that
movie's combination of awesome
special effects and humor drew p ople

hi~ show, televi ion's most p pular
comedy, will end on May 14, 199 . Fan
aero the country and co- tar Michael
to the b x office.ll. Canadian director
James Cameron" unk" 200 million
dollar into the film Titanic. The film
Richards, Ja on Alexander, and Julia won Golden Globes for Best Director
Louis-Or yfus pr pared for life without and B st Picture and captured 14
einfe/d. 4. Julia Robert had a big year Academy ward nominations. In
in 1997 with Conspiracy Theory and M_v addition to earning award and
Best Friend's Wedding. 5. The Lost nominations, it became the top money
World, the equel to Jurassic Park, wa making film in history. 12. hildhood
a ummer blockbu. ter gro ing an friend Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
estimated 229 million. 6. AB won cowrote the screenplay for Good Will
viewers' heart with Dharma & Greg, a Hunting. Their effort were recognized
sitcom about an uptight yuppie and a with a Golden Globe for Best
happy-go-lucky yoga in. tructor. Screenplay and nine Academy Award
7. Kirstie Alley returned to prime time a nominations. 13. ince the animated
a lingeri executive in one of the most h w King of the Hill debuted in
~ucce ful new itcom of the sea on, January of 1997, it has consi ·tently been
Veronica 's Closet. 8. The true-to-life one of television's top 30 hows. Fox's
drama Party of Five, tarring eve other animated hit, The impsons
ampbell, Matthew Fox, cott Wolf, became the longest running animated
Lacey Chabert, and Jennifer Love , how in television hi tory, . urpa sing
Hewitt, attracted millions of new the record previously held by The
devotees and increa. ed it · rating by Flintstones. • Air Force One, with
\\ am~r Brothers/Sh<xllang Star
29%. 9. Michael J. Fox al o returned to Harrison Ford, was a . ummer hit
earning 171 million. Ford also won a earned each of them a Golden Globe.
People's Choice Award. • Ellen The film wa. al ·o nominated for be t What were your favorite
Degeneres' character in her itcom Ellen picture at the Acad my Awards. • Talk television
became the first openly gay series lead in show host Oprah Winfrey was sued by shows and
television. • creenwriter Kevin Texas cattle ranchers, who aid that her movies?
Williamson brought horror back to the comments que tioning beef safety co t
movies with cream, its equel Scream 2 them million . The jury found Winfrey
and I Know What You Did Last Summer. not liable. • Kim Basinger tarred in the
• Disney\ tag version of The Lion '50s Los Angele crime thriller, L.A
King was one of Broadway's biggest hits. Confidential. The movie was nominated
• Talk-show host Ricki Lake gave birth to for nine Academy Awards. • Other
her first child, a on. • Helen Hunt and popular television shows were ER. The
Jack icholson starred in the romantic X-Files, Touched hy an Angel, Dawson's
c medy As Good A It Gets, which Creek, The Drew Care_v how, Frasier,
Xena, Brooklyn
outh, Just
hoot Me.
Chicago Hope.
Sahrina the
Teenage Witch,
and Buffy the
Vampire Slayer.
• Brandon -c

Tartikoff died
at 48 of Cit
Di ease. He
wa th B executive re p nsible for ::s
shows like Hill Street Blues , Cheers, Q.
The Co hy how, L.A. Law, and Seinfeld.
• Throughout hi acting career, Jimmy
Stewart tarred in 79 film including
The Philadelphia Story, Hitchcock'. -·
Vertigo, and Rear Window. Howe er, hi ·
mo t m morable p rformance wa in the
Chri tma cia ic, It's a WondeJful Life.
tewart died at 89. • We also paidfinal
re peel to actor Chri. Farle). explorer
and filmmaker Jacque Cou teau, new
commentator Charle Kuralt, actor
Robert Mitchum, comedian Red
kelton, and actor Lloyd Bridges.

Ron D.n- 1'/Shoot1ng Star l·o Shootm~ St.Lr


1. t the tender age of 16, blue, guitarist and the Papas, Santana, Llo_v d Price,
and . inger lonny Lang to k hi . debut Gene Vincent, Allen Toussaint, and Jell_v
song, Lie to Me, to number two on the Roll Morton. 10. From America's
blu ,· chart. 2. Producer, remixer, and heartland came Hanson , three brother
rap artist ean "Puffy" Comb 'album from Tul a, Oklahoma. With I aac, 16,
o Way Out old 56 l ,000 copies in the
fir t week after it relea e. Six
con ecutive ong that were either
on guitar, Taylor, 13, on keyboards and
Zachary, 11, on drum , the group
received an enthusiastic reception from
E produced r ung by Comb, remained at teen . Their fir t album, Middle of
th top of Billboard's rap sing! :chart owhere, hit the t p 10, and the single
for 42 week . 3. At the 40th Grammy MMMBop went to number one in the
award , Shawn Colvin walked away .S. and Europe. ll. LeAnn Rimes'
with Record of the Year and Song of the Blue wa the best-selling debut album
Year for Sunny Came Home. 4. Erykah ever by a female country arti t. While
Badu won a Grammy for Female the double-platinum You Light Up My
Rhythm and Blue Vocal performance Life topped the pop and country charts,
with her . ong On and On. Her album the 15-year old wa. busy writing an
Badui:m won a Grammy for Rhythm autobiographical novel, tarring in a TV
and Blue lbum. 5. The Florida-ba ·ed movie, and doing ad for Sam ung and
group Matchbox 20' debut album, KFC. 12. The British quintet, The Spice
Yourself or Someone Like You, sold Girls, took the world by storm with their
more than four million copie . . hit single Wannahe!, their b ok Girl
6. ]amiroquai, known for its unique Power, and th movie Spiceworld.
ound and lead inger Jay Kay', Sue - 13. Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers
inspired hats, won a Grammy for its had huge hits with the album Bringing
ong Virtuallnsanit_v. 7. Fiona Apple's Down the Horse and the ingle One
debut album Tidal brought the 20-year Headlight. • Jakob's father, Bob Dylan,
old arti t great ucce s and a Grammy. survived a , eriou heart ailment to
8. Garth Brooks gave a free concert in rei a e Time Out of Mind. The album
ew York ity's Central Park and drew was widely prai ed by critics and
hundreds of thou and of fan . His
album Sevens . old 3.4 million copie
between Thank giving and ew Year .
9. Fleetwood Mac released it. first new
album, The Dance, in a decade. The
album debuted at the top of the chart
and the band gro. sed more than 36
million on tour. The group was also
inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame along with th Eagles, the Mamas
Sunn) Bak/Shooung Star
received a Grammy for Album of th the ardigans, Fi na Apple, Jewel,
Year. • Elton John sang g odbye to Tracy hapman, hawn Colvin, Mary Who were your favorite
Prince . Diana at her funeral with his Chapin Carpenter, Indigo Girl , uzann musicians?
tribute Candle in the Wind 1997. The Vega, Paula Cole, Li a Lo b, and Joan
recording b came the fa te t elling Osborne. The tour was so popular it
single in history. The inger aid that he up taged even the hippe t of tours like
would never perform the ·ong again, Lollapalooza and H.O.R.D.E. • Bill
unle s it wa at the reque t of Diana' Berry, drummer for REM, retir d after
sons. • Michael Jack on' son, Prince 17 years with the band. Berry suffered a
Michael Jack on, Jr. wa · born and ha brain aneurysm while on tour in 1995.
already earned 2 million for appearing • Rap arti t and actor Will Smith took
on th cover of a Briti h tabloid. home hi third Grammy for Men in
• Canadian mu ic legend Joni Mitchell Black. • While on tour in ydney,
was reunited with the daughter he gave Au ·tralia, U2 loaned it cargo plane to
up for adoption in 1965. After a lengthy the people of uckland, ew Zealand.
earch, private investigator helped the The city had been without power for
pair find one anoth r. • Canadian Sarah almo t two weeks and needed
McLachlan had a hit ingle, Building a generator . The use of 2' plane
Mystery, but h r bigge t accompli hment allowed needed generator · to be flown
wa putting together the Lilith Fair in to re tore power to million of people.
Tour. Lilith Fair wa an all female rock • The Verve' album Urhan Hymns
jump d 34 . pot on the chart after the 3
tour that included arti t Sheryl Crow, c
ong Bitter weet ymphony was u ed in
a 60-second ike ad. The band d nat d -·
it profit to the Briti h Red Cross Land
Mine Appeal and the .C.H. Action for
Children "Hou e our Youth 2000"
campaign. • While the movie Titanic
dominated the b office, it oundtra k
dominated the mu . ic chart a well.
• Celine Dion performed on the Titanic
oundtrack and had a hit of her own
with Let's Talk Ahout Lo\'e. • Madonna's
album Ray of Light was" imm rsed in
spirituality and self-disco ry." • Other
popular mu icians included Paula Col ,
Duncan Sheik, Verve Pipe, Shania
Twain, Beck, Oa. i , Sugar Ray, Tri ha
~ arwood, Mighty Mighty Bo st ne ,
OM , Tim M Graw, Faith
Hill. Chumbawamba,
Everclear, Ben Fold Five,
Sublime, Lila McCann, Ty
Herndon. Bryan White,
Jars of Cla), George Strait,
Sa e Ferris, bra Moor ,
and Radiohead. • The
music industry lo t I X
singer Michael Hutchence,
rap arti t otorious B.I.G.
(Christopher Wallace),
·inger, , ongwriter, and
en ironm ntali t John
Denver, and Beach Boy
Carl Wil on.
1. After a long standoff with Amaru homes and cars in its path. 7. Special
gu rrillas, Peru's President Alberto Prosecutor Kenneth Starr began
Fujimori ga e th order to Peruvian investigating the Clintons for their
forces to ·torm the em bas. y re idence involvement in the Whitewater land
wher 72 ho tage. were being held. II de elopment company in Arkansas.
of the guerrillas were killed and 71 f the Later, tarr became the key prosecutor in
hostages were r scu d. 2. Louise President Clinton's alleged relationship
Woodward, a 19-year old British au pair, with a f01mer White H use intern. tarr
wa convicted of murdering an eight wa. investigating whether the Pr sident
month old baby in her care. Howe er, had co reed MonicaL win ky into lying
iting an absence of malice, th judge ab ut the nature of their relationship.
reduced the second-degree murd r Even as accusations rocked the White
con iction to mamlaughter and her House, the president's appro al ratings
ent nee to time s rv d. 3. Former were his highest ever. 8. The Heaven'
pre ident George Bush took up Gate Cult committed . uicide with the
. kydiving at the age of 72. He had b lief that their souls would be picked up
jumped from a disabled plane in World by a space hip hidden in the tail of the
War II and had vow d that one day he Hale-Bopp com t. ult leader Marshall
would do it again for fun. 4. Etienne Applewhite was among the 39 d ad.
Bacrot, 14, tarted playing che when he 9. The men' religiou group, Promise
wa four. He bee am the world's younge t Keepers, brought hundreds of thousands
hes. grandma ter ever, beating Canadian of men together in Wa. hington D. . to
grandmast r Kevin praggett, 42. pledge their devotion to Je us, family and
5. Mother Teresa died at the age of 87, on an ther. 10. t Ohio tate niver ity,
1 aving behind a legacy of love and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
compassion for the poor. She al o left tried to make a case for .S. military
behind more than 4,000 nun pledged to action again t Iraq. During the meeting,
continue the order she founded. 6. In !bright was continuall y interrupted by
pril, h a y spring snows rais d th Red prote ts from the audi nee. 11. When the
River in Grand Forks, orth Dakota Teamster's union went on strike at United
flooding the town, cau ing 50,000 Parcel ervice, the nation' leading
re ident to evacuate and de. troying package-delivery company, millions of
package were delayed or lost. Labor diet drugsfen-phen and Redux were
ecretary Alexis Herman kept PS and removed from the market after the Food
the Teamsters at the bargaining table and and Drug Admini tration di ·covered the
the strike ended after two week . 12. Bill medications caused erious heart
and Hillary Clinton faced an empty nest problems. o Ted Turner donated I
as daughter Chelsea went away to billion to the nited ations, while
college at tanford. Mrs. linton also encouraging others to contribute to
marked another milestone by celebrating charitable cau es. Financier George
her 50th birthday. 13. Bobbi McCaughey, Soro pledged 500 million to Ru ia for
from Carlisle, Iowa, gav birth to health, education, and welfare while Bill
septuplets. Th babie ranged in ize Gate pledged 200 million to bring the
from 2lb ., 5 Internet to low-inc me libraries.
oz to 3 lbs., 4 o Earthquakes in Italy left II people

oz. It i · dead and thou and homele · . o ICEF

e timated the e timated that 80,000 children were
SouJJ.I<.iamma Lia1~nn

McCaughey's ·tarving in the North Korean famine.

will change o Captain Craig Button' · A-10 plane
What was the most
m re than my teriously di appeared after he
15,000 uddenly broke a three-plane formation
event to you?
diaper thi over Arizona and headed toward
year. o The Colorado. The jet wa found era. hed near
Eagle, Colorado with Button' remain
inside. The four 500-pound bombs that
were on th jet ha e not b en recovered.
o First Lieutenant Kelly Flinn, the fir t

woman to pilot a B-52, wa given a

general discharge from the ir Force for
lack of integrity and disobedience to
orders. Her car er ended over an alleged
affair with the husband of an Air Force
airman. o Timothy McVeigh wa
convicted of the Oklahoma City bombing
and entenced to d ath. o Terry Nichol , Top 10 Most Significant
al o arre ·ted forth pril 19, 1995 Events for 1997:
b mbing wa · convicted of con piracy and 1. Princess Diana's death
man laughter. He wa acquitted of murder 2. Mother Teresa's death
3. Hale-Bopp Comet
and weapon charge . o Ted Kaczynski
4. Mars exploration
pled guilty to being the nabomber in 5. Hong Kong reverting
to Chinese control
6. El Niiio
7. Flood in North Dakota
8. The victory of
Britain's Labour party
9. The birth of
septuplets in Iowa
10. UPS strike

e change ~ r a sentenc of life in pri. on

without parol . Kaczyn ki aged a 17-
year anti-t chnology b mbing campaign
that included a tring of 16 bombings.
Three people were killed and 29 injured.
6. Congre man Sonny Bono died in a a concern a addam Hu ein failed
kiing accident. Before turning to to comply with . . weap ns
politics, Bono achieved fame a a regulation . However, the
ongwriter, entertainer, and half of the Security Council voted unanimou ly
duo Sonny and Cher. • A bomb in an to endor e a deal negotiated by
abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama Secretary-General Kofi Annan that
left an off-duty police officer dead and a provided U . . in pector
nur. e critically wounded. • The Peabody unre tricted acce to all weapon
Award for broadcasting excellence wa ite. . • In We t Paducah, Kentucky,
awarded to author and joumali t Peter Michael Carneal, a high chool
Gzowski. Thi wa the fir t time a fre hman, opened fire on a group of
Canadian had received the pre tigiou tudent gathered for a prayer
American award for work in Canada. ervice at Heath High School. Three
• Susie Maroney of Au tralia became the girl wer killed and five other
fir t woman to wim from Cuba to tud nt wounded. • . . Marine
Florida. It to k her 24 1/2hour to jet I iced through a cable car line at
complete the 112 mile tretch. • The an Italian ki re ort killing 20
threat of war in the middle ea twa again people. • The .S. Department of

Agriculture recalled 25 million

pound of po ibl) tainted beef aft r
an outbreak of th E. Coli iru . • In
Pearl, Mi i ippi. Luke Woodham .
16, tab d hi mother t d ath and
then went to chool with a rifle and
opened fire. Woodham killed two of
hi cia mate and \\Ounded even
oth r . • We paid final re peel to
wri t r Wil liam . Burrough.,
Mal olm X's \\ido\\ Bett)
habazz. artist Willem De
Kooning, poet lien Ginsb rg.
mba ador t France Pamela
Harriman, Michael Kennedy, and
politician Paul T ngas.
Gamma L1J 1'nn
1. Martina Hingis captured the .S. Red Wings defeated the Philadelphia
Op n t nnis tournament. Hingis had a Flyer to win their eighth Stanley up.
r markable year with are ord of 75-5. 8. In 1997, Jeff Gordon won LO races,
he won three of the four Grand Slam took home 4.2 million in prize money,
tournament and became the fir t player and captured his econd Winston Cup
to earn more than 3 million in a sea on. hampionship m thre years. 9. At age
2. Figure skater Scott Hamilton , 39, left 21, Tiger Woods outplayed his opponents
the tars on Ice tour in March of 1997 to to win th Master with a record 13-
undergo chemotherapy forte ticular troke margin. Woods finished the 1997
ancer. But, on October 29, he returned s a on a the game' leading money
to th ice and a ch ering crowd. Hi winner, taking home more than two
progn i i for a full rec ery. 3. In million dollar and was named PG
college football, th niver ity of Player of the Year. Tiger' fath r, Earl
Michigan and the Univer ity of Wood , first put a golf club in his on's
ebra ka hared the national hands wh n Tiger wa, only 11 months
championship. Michigan' Charles old. JO. SuperB wl XXXII had
Wood on b came the first primarily excit ment for fans of both teams right
defen ive player to win the Hei man down to the final econd . The AFC
Trophy. 4. Sport broadca ter, Harry Champion Denver Broncos, L d by
Caray voice of th hicago Cubs, died quarterba k John Elway, beat the FL's
at the age of 77. 5. fter several Gr en Bay Packers, 31-24. Elway finall;
attempt , two .S. women' won hi first Super Bowl ring after
profe · ional ba ketball league were everal losses. 11. In the World Series,
finally unveiled in 1997- the BLand Moise Alou led the Florida Marlins to
theW BA. Sheryl Swoopes, 26, who victory over the Cleveland Indians with
L d the 1996 Olympic team to a gold three hom r and nine RBis. Only in
medal, igned with theW BA' their fifth year, the Marlins reached the
Hou, ton Comets. 6. Violet Palmer and World Serie fa. ter than any e pansion
Dee Kantner became the BA' fir t team in history. 12. In Mike Tyson \ and
female referees. In their rookie eason, Evander Holyfield' s boxing rematch,
both will earn 0,000. 7. The Detroit Ty on bit ff a piece of Holyfield's right

Laura Luongo/Shontmg Star

Da"d lc Klutho/Spom lllu , tratcd
Brave pitcher Greg Maddux signed a
contract extension for 57.5 million
which made him the highe t-paid player
in ba. eball. • Major league ba. eball
I brated the 50th anniver. ary of Jackie
Robinson\ efforts to integrate baseball.
In Robinson's honor, his number "42"
was retired from all team rosters. • Pete
Sampras dominated at Wimbledon to
win it for the fourth time
in fi e year . • lso at
Wimbledon, three-time
champion Boris Becker
tunned the world by
announcing his retirement
S. Jones/Gamma Lia''""
from tenni . • In her debut
at the U . . Open, 17-y ar
Who were your favorite
old Venus Williams
sports personalities?
becam the first un, eeded
woman to advance to the
finals. • The Arthur Ashe
Stadium opened in
Flushing, ew York in
Augu t with a parade of
45 tennis champion

including Chris Evert and John McEnro

• Michael Joluzson ran the 400 m ter
rae in 44.12 seconds to win his third
consecutive world championship in track
ear in the third round. Tyson was and field. • fter 20 year of trying, Dale
disqualified, fined. and su p nded fr m Earnhardt won the Daytona 500.
boxing in evada. 13. Michael Jordan lu ky penny wa given to him before the
and the Chicago Bull defeated the Utah race from a five year old girl permanently
Jazz to capture their fifth B title in confmed to a wheelchair. The Make-A-
even years. • 0 car De La H oya Wish foundation granted her reque t to
defeated Pernell Whitaker in a see the Dayt na 500 and meet Earnhart.
unanimous decision and captured the • Jockey Gary Stevens, riding ilver
World Boxing Council Welterweight Charm, captur d his third Kentu ky
Title. • Arizona de~ ated Kentucky 84-79 Derby. • We paid final respect to golf
in the A tournament to win its first legend Ben Hogan, baseball enter fi ld r
national men\ basketball title. • tlanta Ut1 Flood, and jock y Eddie rcaro.
• Canada al o did well in the men'
peed kating. In th 500 meter
race, Jeremy Wother poon won
the ilver medal and Kevin
Overland took the bronze. • .S.
athlete won three gold medal in
free tyle kiing. Eric Bergou t
won gold in th men' aerial
while Nikki Stone took the gold in
women' aerial . Johnny Moseley
won gold in the men' mogul .
• After two day of competiti n
and four heat , Canada and Italy
tied for the gold medal in the
men's two-man bobsled
competition. Thi wa the fir t
5. De pite injurie and the flu, Canadian time that two team hared th
Elvis Stojko won th ilver medal in gold medal in thi event. • In the
men' figure kating. Ilia Kulik of end, the United States brought
Rus ia won the gold medal, while home 13 medals and Canada 15.
Phillippe Candeloro of France won the But, it wa Germany with a medal
bronze. 6. The U.S. women's hockey count of 29 that topped the li t. ~.
team defeated Canada and won the gold orway wa not far behind with 25 a
medal to capture the fir t Olympic medal , and Ru ia won 18. tD
women' hockey title. Canada took Women accounted for eight of the 11111
home the ilver and Finland the bronze. 13 U.S. medal . • Nagano's closing 2.
The .S. team al o appeared on the ceremony included a backdrop of \C
March Wheatie box. • The Czech 50,000 illuminated handheld 3
Republic captured it fir t hockey gold
medal when it defeated Ru ia 1-0. Th
lantern and a thank you to the "0
world for allowing it to be the ho t Ut

bronze medal went to Finland. of the final Winter Olympic of the
• Canadians Catriona LeMay-Doan 20th century. The captain of the
and Susan Auch dominated women' .S. women' hockey team, Cammi
peed kating by winning the gold and Granato, carried the American flag
5 the ilver medal in the 500 meter race. at the ceremony.

1. Italian fa hi on de igner Gianni lander. Kid and toy collector ·ent sale
Versace wa gunned down in front of hi oaring. 6. With increa ed reading
Miami home by alleged erial killer awarene on t levi ion due in large part
Andrew Cunanan. Cunanan later took his to Oprah Winfrey' b k club, and the
own life as police closed in after an rise of e pre o-serving book tore ,
e ten ive manhunt. 2. Time magazine American exp rienced a kind of reading
. elected Andrew Grol•e, chairman and renaissance. 7. People magazine rei a ed
EO of Intel, as it 1997 Man of the its fir tissue of Teen People , with Part)'
Year. He wa the per. on mo t re pon ible of Fil·e' Jennifer Love Hewitt on the
for the a tounding "growth in the power cover. The first issue included articles
and innovative potential of microchips." about what's hot in fashion, a behind the
3. In an effort to ave Apple, cofounder seen s look at the mu ic group Hanson,
Steve Job truck a deal with it number and photo fla hback of Brad Pitt.
one competitor, Micro oft. The 8. Beanie babies ent children and
agreement gave Jobs some time tore. cue parent running to th toy ·tore. These
the company, while the Micro oft cuddly little creatures were mu. t-haves
Chairman, Bill Gates, became part owner for kids of all ages. Retired beanies, like
of Apple after buying 150 million in Peanut the Elephant, increased
tock. 4. Tamagotclzi gave kid a taste of enormously in value. 9. The Hale-Bopp
re ponsibility. Much like the real thing, Comet returned to view 4,200 years after
the e virtual reality pets needed its last visit. In many areas, the comet
e erything from attention, t t: d, to was visible with the nak d eye. Th
sleep. Without thi care, the pet would comet' next appearance hould be in the
mi behave, get fat, or even expire. year 4397. 10. In a re-match in May,
7 5. Hot Wheels released its "miniature" IBM' chess playing machine, Deep
ver ·ion of the ojoum r Mars Rover, Blue, defeated world champi n Russian
complete with Pathfinder pacecraft and Garry Kasparov. ll. Retro 70s trends
brought back
bell-bottoms, What were the trends &
platform shoes, technology stories in your
butterfly c liar , area?
and an array of
other style that
sent teens into a
fashion era that
u ed to be
as ociated with
their parents.
12. In 1997,
Tommy Hilfiger
opened his first
mega tore on
Rodeo Dri e in
Beverly Hills,
California and
published All 1997 Trends:
American : A 1. Beanie Babies
Style Book. His 2. Tamagotchi Vll'tual Pets
primary-colored, 3. Retro 70s fashion and
patriotic themed the return of disco
sport wear wa 4. Tommy Hilfiter clothes
popular with 5. Riverdance
6. Surfing the net
teen . • The
"soul patch"
7. Cloning ,.,
8. The soul patch tD
became the 9. Oprah's Book Club n
latest fa hion 10. Home electronic games
tat ment in
facial hair. It
could be worn
with or without c
a mu tache and
wa popular
among teens and movie star like Keanu
Reeve and Jo h Brolin. • R iverdance,
ba ed on traditional Iri h tep dancing,
played to packed hou e in the United
Stat s and Au, tralia. It oundtrack
stayed on the Billboard' World Mu ic
charts for mor than a year. • Barbie
received a make-over that included a
brea, t reduction and a more reali ·tic
waistline. • Th Federal Communication ·
Commi sion cleared the way for high-
definition digital television , giving
audience, a harper image and CD
quality ound. • A m erica Online took
over Compu erve' 2.6 milli n mem r,
to make 0 numb r one in the online
indu try. On a typical day OL
, ubscribers logged on 16.7 million tim s.
• In a ewsweek Poll, 9CJ'< f teens u ed
computer at lea ·t se eral time a week..
• June marked the 50th anni versary of the
alleged era h in 1947 of a f1 ying aucer
near Roswell, Ne w Mexico. Due to all
the hype, Ro well became known as the
capital of Ameri ca's alien nation. • When
the huttle Columbia takes off in
December 1998, Eileen Collins will
become the first woman to lead a U.
pace mi ion. Collins, the nation firs t
female pace shuttle pilot, has tlown two
previous shuttle mission , one in I 95
and the other in 1997. • The winner or the
1998 We tinghouse cience Tal nt
earch and a 40,000 scholar hip a
Christopher Colin Mihelich , a 17-year
old from Indianapo lis. For hi proj ct,
Mihe lich tudied certain prope rtie of
polynomial that have application to
geometry and combinatori cs.



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