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~Galactic Free Press~ 10/21/10

Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure

~Everybody's Free, Share the News~
Quindon Tarver-Everybody's Free (Lyrics)

"Father~MotherGod's Personal Love Letter to all of Humanity" Please...

OUR Vision Now is to Live with All In the Garden of Eden and so it Is. ..and so
it shall be Done on Earth as It is in Heaven....Spirit is in the
Manifest, Here. Go within. In Love with Humanity and In Service to
the Truth, Love, Brilliance, Light and Heaven Consciousness On Planet
--FathermotherGod Amon RA

The Starships Frequency is One Of Pure Love Vibration, the More Others Awaken in
to Love, the closer we are for the Ships to decloak.
The Wave of Love - Raise Your Frequency
~See, in the Kingdom of Heaven, MotherGod and I, We've got the registered patent
on Creation and All Contained Therein. Angels witnessed that,
and then they tried to see the label on their butt, “We're really
made in the Kingdom of Heaven?”
“You're certainly not made by Mattel.”~
Mary Poppins The Laughing Song
~ There is a Funny
thing about Humanity is that, when they truly find the Present Moment
of Now, they will be rolling in the aisles at the Joy They Find,

Once you have lived through a few eternities, age means nothing at all to the Li
ght You Are. Living Forever is just Being Now Presently.

Forever Young-Rod Stewart

End Transmission With Love Everywhere Present


Your Donations Assist in the Energy of the Divine Flow and Abundance for ALL. Mo
ney is just Energy, and
we take these donations to Serve Love completely. The Faster We can
balance the funds, the faster Nesara will Be released. Our intent is
to get an Abundance Going to Be able to share this with Others. This
has not occurred as of Yet, and this Will take ALL of US! A Simple
support of $5 or $10 Would Assist this.
Our Total Donations so far for
October is $30.
Please share if you can.

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Love Reporter Carolyn Andrews Allred

“In spirit I AM embracing you all and feeling the most wonderful WAVE of comfort i
n your words, thoughts, and, actions here with us...And now
we move forward, with ever increasing light and lightspeed...Happy
for each Days' events in which I participate...knowing that it is I
AM which propels me in energetic response, with UNIVERSAL LOVE!
Blessings Namaste! '

Letters to the Editors:

Love Reporter Lucy

Hi Mother and Father God,

I am happy to be here again. I lost my old computer with everything in it, sniff
and now I have to redo
almost all of my passwords and so on. I feel like I lost my
electronic brain LOL!
But the good thing is that emails don’t get lost. La la la lala! That is why I am
back with all of you.
I had a hard time trying to get here, all morning since 5:00 am, son
now I am ready to share with you and learn about the good news. I see
people happy and I know that our world is changing even thou it does
not seem like that.
The majority out there feel confuse because they still are not looking in the ri
ght direction even thou they can
see that something great is happening around the world with peoples
attitudes and behavior. Love is being felt and is spreading like a
wild fire and nothing is going to stop it. I guess many will get burn
with love from toes to head.
Love you Mom and Dad
My favorite cheer leaders of Love


So Wonderful you are Back On Line with US. And We Are Happy that You Are Ready t
o Serve
and Participate Here on Facebook with US, as The Light Here Has Taken
Over The Internet. As All the Awakened Beings Focus on the Light, The
Joy, and The Truth. You are correct, that Love is Pouring into The
Hearts of Humanity and Love is Contagious. Here On Facebook, the News
Feeds are Beautiful, and this is where We All Communicate as well as
the Profiles. We Love YOU, and WE Stand With You In Love, Light, and
Truth. All Our Love, Your Favorite Cheerleaders of Love. YEAH RA!


Thank you for your very warm welcome to me. You have simplified Truth to such an
extent that even a Post Graduate teacher that I am feel small
that I may not be able to simplify it more. To understand others is
God bless. You simplify learning. I adore you. I would like to see if I can prac
tice what you so simply say. With best wishes
Prof Ramu P. Iyer


Just Let go of Everything, and then You Are There, Simply Just Being In The Pres
ent Moment of Now, and You Got it! Simple..God is the Scholar
of Creation. Love US

Love Reporter Sunshine Shanti

“Now is the Moment of Magic “

Now is the moment of magic, and here s a blessing: we already possess all the gi
fts we need; we ve already received our presents: ears to hear
music, eyes to behold lights, hands to build true peace on earth and
to hold each other tight in love. Vict...oria Safford Today is a
new day, and what you do of it depends on you. Your first thoughts
when you wake up can color the whole day. They can be happy, positive
thoughts and negative thoughts... Never be influenced by the outside
conditions, by the weather for example. If your heart is filled with
gratitude, your whole attitude will be filled with sun and blue sky.
Do you see which immense responsibility you have? Life is what you do
with it, then never accuse anybody for the state in which you are,
but know that you are responsible for it. Change your attitude and
you can change all your way of seeing. Adopt a constructive attitude
to the life; Build the best from what you see around you, and ignore
the rest;don t give it any strength of life and it will disappear.
E.Caddy source video :
merci Happy magical eternal new NOW! Infinite LOVE,
LIGHT, PEACE, JOY and POSITIVE Vibes to ALL Namasté Om Shanti
Shanti Shanti

Elizabeth Spencer [FB]

“Fully Commit to the Desired outcome. If you are fully committed you help Spark th
e movement in your life.. Allow yourself to enjoy Each
moment.. Fully open your Heart to Every Experience. See the Joy and
the Blessing within. As with each connection we make, we spread the
Love.. the Unity and the peace.. Respecting and Accepting each other
for All the Uniqueness within them, and that is the Blessing that we
offer to each other by Sharing a connection with each other..
Much Love, and Thank you for your Blessed Connection with me.. and To all
that connect with you..

“God s vastness I glimpsed in the skies of quietness. His joy I tasted in the foun
tains of my existence. His voice I heard in my unsleeping
conscience.~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Love Reporter Marc Chauvette


“Life must celebrate life each day, every day, however the day may begin, or whate
ver the day may bring, however we might do the celebration.
The celebration of life must never stop as long as mankind is on this
earth, and we each have breath. To celebrate is to emphasize the
positive and not the negative."
“yogi god is one
love is the only truth
I am floating between two worlds the more its weird the better it is
heavenly state
give it some to laugh so above from down below
...if it not look like fiction must be false you are a god struck with amnesia”
More from Marc Chauvette

“Power of Love”
It s easy to say "love others, stop judging, open your heart." Learning to do th
ese things is more challenging. A first step is to
understand that we need no reason to love. Love, beauty, wisdom,
hope, and faith are not; they are powerful forces in the
universe, while logic is only a mental tool. If we wait for a
rational reason to love another person whom we have defined as enemy,
we ll be waiting a long time. When we love our enemies, they will no
longer be our enemies. What gets in the way of opening our hearts is
precisely our judgments, which come from the logical mind.
A shift in perception, in which we see that all people are doing the
best they can, based on their beliefs and their past circumstances,
can help us be more understanding. Forgiving and accepting oneself is
the basis for extending acceptance outwards. If we can forgive
ourselves and realize that aggressive behavior is usually rooted in
fear and pain, we can forgive the other.
Expanding Our View
Picture all the cultures of the world as a tall tower; each culture has a window
facing a slightly different direction. To
get the full view of reality, we need to look through all of those
In the Babemba tribe of South Africa, when a person acts irresponsibly or unjust
ly, he or she is placed in the center of
the village, alone and unfettered. All work ceases, and every man,
woman and child in the village gathers in a large circle around the
accused individual. Then each person in the tribe speaks to the
accused, one at a time, about all the good things the person in the
center has done in his lifetime. Every incident, every experience
that can be recalled with any detail and accuracy is recounted. All
his positive attributes, good deeds, strengths and kindnesses are
recited carefully and at length. The tribal ceremony often lasts
several days. At the end, the tribal circle is broken, a joyous
celebration takes place, and the person is symbolically and literally
welcomed back into the tribe.

Alex Fitch [FB]

“ Love, live, and laugh. Tell the ones you love what you feel, and speak the truth
. Be mindful, embrace this one moment...for we know it is
fleeting...Put away any hate, any grudges, any pain... embrace what
possibilities exist in this very moment.
Step outside, your eyes, take in the scents, the sounds, the
This it.”

Love Reporter Ponder Cory

It is time to start feeling completely safe within yourself and within Mother Ea
rth. Know that you are protected and guided by the light.
Start thinking and acting out of pure, unconditional love, not out of
fear and worry to avoid tragedy. We are in the final phases of the
dark age as we are breaking through into the light and LOVE is what
is going to push us through...EMBRACE IT, FEEL
IT and BE IT...
Do not fear bad things happening to you anymore. Do not worry about money and ma
terial issues. They only take you away from pure love. They
take you away from your true connection with yourself, others and
most importantly GOD/SOURCE.....LOVE connects all as ONE and binds
everything together. It breaks down the walls of separation between be it..

At the same time we surrender ourselves to our ego/persona and realize that we a
re nothing in this system created by man, we need to step into our true light bo
dies and
realize that WE are everything in this world created by us, GOD and
Creation. We truly embody our true GOD/GODDESS form as creators and
ONE with Spirit/GOD and reclaim our true power and divine birthright
as we continue in our be it...

Love Reporter Sapphire Stone

“The Key to Being Ageless”

The Appearance of Your Physical Body Is Determined By The Amount of Light Used I
n The Four Lower Bodies: The Mental, Emotional, Etheric And Physical Body!

The Emanation of Natural Light Through The Four Lower Bodies Is A Wall of Protec
tion Against Aging!

Our Body Is Made of Atoms! When Electrons Move More Slowly In Their Respective C
ells And Organs, They Attract Less Light From The Higher Planes, And Thus The Na
Resistance of The Current of Life Diminishes!

For Humanity, There Is Only One Way To Return To The State of Immunity Is To Con
sciously Bring Light Into The Four Lower Bodies, And That Light Has The Same Fun
ction As
An Electric Charger! In Every Electron Flowing In, It Speeds Up Its
Rotation Around Its Orbit And Gradually Increasing The
Vibratory Rate of The Four Lower Bodies! The Latter, Supported By A
Conscious Effort, Bringing The Current State of Life Where It No
Longer Records Any Disagreement Over Any Imperfection!

The Aim Sought By The Attraction of Conscious Light In The Body Is To Increase T
he Vibratory Action of The Electrons By Providing An Additional Charge of Power!
At The Same
Time As Each Electron Is Rotating Faster Around The Heart of Every
Atom To Which It Belongs, Increasing Its Vibratory Action Changes The
Contours of Your Body And Your Thought Processes And Feelings!

When The Acceleration Reaches A Certain Intensity, The Slower Vibrations of Disc
ord, Disease And Decay Can No Longer Attach Itself To The Body That Have Achieve
d This
Degree of Vibration!

To Achieve This State of Harmony, As Human Beings, You Must Learn To Control The
Vibration of Your Body To The Point Where They Will Not Create More Dissonance
In Your World
Or In That of Another Person! That Is Why Individuals Who Have
Achieved Mastery And Peace Are of Great Beauty!

The More Attention You Have Towards The Light, The More Light You Get, The More
Your Vehicle Vibrates At High Frequency And It Is Easy To Maintain Harmony!
Because When You Vibrate Beyond A Certain Rate, The Disharmony Cannot
Be Engraved In Your Flesh Or Your Body! You Vibrate So Fast In
Thoughts And Feelings That The Human Vibratory Action Ceases To

Any Thought That Man Accepts And Allows Himself To Feel Inevitably Occurs In The
Body Because The Body Records Every Thought, Every Human Creation!

The State of Our Body Depends On All of Our Thoughts, For Every Thought That We
Let Into Our Brains, Electrifies And Nourishes Every Cell In Our Body, Which Dec
reases The
Body s Vital Force That Creates Aging! It Is Within The Attitudes of
Personality! If We Accept The Thoughts of Aging By Focusing On Age,
Expecting That The Body Is Suppose To Do So, Then Our Body Will
Gradually Start The Process Towards Decrepitude!

We Have The Power Within Us To Reverse The Mechanism of Aging, To Regain Youth,
And Live For An Infinite Number of Years! Just By Our Attitudes We Have Regardin
g It!

If You Do Not Want Your Body To Age And Die, Then Change Your Attitude And Repro
gram Your Cells!

I Don t Celebrate Birthdays, Because It Recognizes And Accepts Aging!

Never Ever Say " I Am Getting Too Old For This!" For You Will! Plain And Simple!
Constantly Live In The Present, The NOW! Do Not Plan Your Life As Being of Limit
ed Duration!

Speak To The Soul To Create The Enzymes of Youth! I Read In One of The " Convers
ations With God " Books, By Neale Donald Walsch, That Our Bodies Were Meant To
Live Forever!

Ascension Is Increasing And Raising The Vibrational Frequencies of Light Until I

t Surpasses The Material 3D World!

Only An Attitude of Pure Thoughts, And A High Degree of Unconditional Love For O
neself And Others, Will Maintain The Vibrational Frequency of The Light In Our B

The Fountain of Youth And Immortality Is Created Through Your Thoughts And Inten
tions! Night And Day Focus In On Being Youthful Looking! Even If You Are Middle
Aged Keep Saying And Believing That You Are Subtracting The Years
Instead of Adding Them!

The Key Is Consistency And Believing It s Possible! Your DNA Is The Fourth Key T
o Access The Fountain of Youth And Infinite Vitality! Your DNA Is Changing Fast
Your Consciousness Changes As You Increase LOVE Vibrations!

Your Thoughts, Words And Feelings Lead You To The Fifth Key! The Content of The
Dialogue That You Think Each Day, Is Programming Your Future!

World Peace ~ Love ~ Joy! ; ))

Sapphire Stone

"But if a person has had the sense of the Call -- the feeling that there s an ad
venture for him -- and if he doesn t follow that, but remains in the society bec
it s safe and secure, then life dries up. If you have the guts to
follow the risk, however, life opens, opens, opens up all along the
line. I feel that if one follows what I call one s "bliss"
-- the thing that really gets you deep in your gut and that you feel
is your life doors will open up. They do! They have in my life and
they have in many lives that I know of." ~Joseph Campbell
“Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny--he has something to fu
lfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are
not here accidentally -you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose
behind you. The whole intends to do something through you.” ~ OSHO

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. Get ready for Earth changes.SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. Get ready
for Earth changes.


The Warriors Of Light, they came down from the heavens to bring about a new life
. Their shield is the light, their weapon is love.
They are warriors of light that have conquered all their fears and put hatred as
ide. Their souls are the
light that make their bodies strong.
They shall lead mankind into the world of love where there is always harmony and
never sadness. The feeling of love is eternal.
Darkness shall put aside its weapons of fear and chaos and stop playing god. For
they do not change their hearts they are on a course to self
All can feel love and harmony if they choose. Just open your hearts and let the
light in and feel eternal
(Michele Markos)

By Love Reporter Elina [FB]

What does it mean to be centered, in balance? How is it possible to remain in a

harmonious state of mind and spirit even when surrounded by
situations of duality and chaos?
In the core of each and every one of us lies the potential to see things exactly
as they are, in a
clear perspective that will literally dissolve all fears,
indoctrinated beliefs, doubts, negative thoughts and questions that
bring confusion and blockages into our lives. Self-empowering sayings
like “The Answer is Within You” are often perceived as obscure
wisdom, dangerous wisdom by religious institutions ;) and isn’t yet
fully grasped by Humanity. Even those of us who claim to live by this
simple and natural principle can be tricked back into believing that
well-being and knowledge are separate from us and is something to
strive for, to be obtained by something or someone else instead being
accountable for ourselves and having trust in our own intuition.

The ones we are collectively enabling to remain in control over our experienced
reality are directing our lives by running a system that
is feeding off of the fear and programming of our minds which is
deceiving us into believing that answers to our problems are bought
with money, requires us to follow a precise protocol, can be trusted
in the hands of government… We are basically being taught through
mass media, education, religion and false teachings that solutions
are “Out There” for us to consume, work towards and rely on
instead of unveiling the truth of how unlimited knowledge and
potential are found nowhere else but Within. One should not fear of
stepping outside the box and not conforming to the demands of this
hierarchical type society, as doing so can only bring us closer to
the true nature of who we really are, which is of pure Loving
Consciousness. The more you break free of self-enabled mind prisons,
the more consciousness flushes through you, and the more centered and
in balance you become no matter what situation you may face. Having
trust in knowledge that comes naturally will always lead you exactly
where you need to be.
The power to Create lies inside all of us. Just imagine how our reality will tra
nsform in a heart-beat when the majority of us Gets It.
“Not being in touch with your Center leads you to experiences and
situations that you will perceive as a duality of absolutes,
therefore go through them with fear, anger, adversity or the constant
struggle of "striving to be". Living life while being in
touch with your Center means accepting all experiences as equal,
understanding the totality of any situation and it s lesson, unifying
the opposites and thus find Peace within. Evolving is the
transcendence of duality back to it s source of Oneness.”
If you are still striving to be, then you have simply not yet remembered
who you already are.
Be Change.

Donavon Frankenreiter Life, Love and Laughter

Don t look back it don t do any good but don t look ahead you ll just be misunde
rstood. Everything you need could be right in front of you, it
doesn t take much to see what is true. ~Donavon Frankenrighter

Love Reporter John E. Hall :

I feel your love, calling out to me In the rhythm of your heart, the journey to
be free Carried by the One, hand in hand we ll go You are so beautiful, so let y
spirit flow
We are the LIGHT, We are the LOVE, We are the PEACE In the warmth of the sun, in
the cool of the moon I feel it in my
soul, and I know that it s true In the ...midst of love, a smile
upon your face The light of children and giving, fills the world
with grace May this prevail, may mankind live in absolute Joy
Happiness, and Prosperity And may WE understand each other, in trust
and affection
WE are the Light, WE are the Love, WE are the Peace
Each Day the Connections in the Light increase. I thank my Newest FB Friend, Ani
ta Stoeckel for all the Light and Love that She Shares. I
am in Gratitude of Love Each Day for All the Wayshowers and
LightBearers that Enter My Life.

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