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Immigration Counselor: Immigration Counselor/Program Assistant.

Job Description:
The position provides direct immigration assistance to persons/families needing immigration
legal assistance within the scope of the Catholic Charities of Fairfield County- The Immigration
Services Offices (CCFC-ISO) in Bridgeport main and Stamford Satellite Offices. This position
provides legal representation to persons before the Department of Homeland Security United
States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
Essential Job Functions- Immigration Legal Assistance.
Conduct client interviews to determine if clients are eligible for federal immigration benefits;
Complete appropriate immigration applications for clients under the direct supervision of an
Immigration attorney or BIA Accredited Representative until personally accredited;
Conduct legal research to ensure compliance with immigration laws and regulations;
Make appropriate referrals as necessary for immigration legal services beyond the scope of the
program or one’s own competencies, and for other social service needs;
Conduct on-site consultations at partner sites;
Maintain all case records and documentation mandated by Catholic Charities of Fairfield
County, Inc and COA policies and procedures.
Represent clients before the Department of Homeland Security after applying for and receiving
accreditation from the Board of Immigration Appeals.
Community outreach-
Actively participate or present information relevant to the immigrant community held
periodically for the immigrant community;
Assist in public relations efforts which increase the visibility of CCFC-ISO, publicize
immigration issues faced by immigrants and raise community awareness on immigration issues.
Quality Improvement-
Participate in monthly round table discussion of immigration files as well as weekly meetings
with CCFC-ISO Program Manager/Director;
Conduct open and closed case file reviews as mandated by Council on Accreditation;
Collect data for United Way and other funding sources.
Performs other related duties as assigned by management.
*Reliable attendance is an on-going essential job function.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Must be bilingual in English and Spanish;
Understanding of, and sensitivity to, people of low-income and multi-cultural backgrounds;
Ability to work with and be sensitive to non-English speakers;
Ability to function as an active, collaborative, team member, sometimes across agency lines;
Ability to translate between English and Spanish and vice versa, fluently and accurately;
Proficient in Microsoft Office;
Some knowledge of the U.S. immigration system desirable;
Ability to read, analyze and apply legal material to client’s cases;
Ability to interview client, listening for information and following up with additional,
appropriate questions;
Ability to present information effectively to an adult group in a public education forum;
Knowledge and ability to access the internet and research legal information;
Ability to be detail oriented and manage a large caseload;
Ability to prioritize multiple projects and ensure all deadlines are met;
Ability to be organized and delegate tasks to other members of the team to complete;
Must be able to work with victims of domestic violence and be sensitive to their needs and
Ability to qualify for Department of Justice (DOJ) accreditation.

Work Experience, Education, Licenses and Certifications

Work experience in the immigration legal field, other legal fields or social service is preferred
(1-3 years);
Experience working one-on-one, with people dealing with very personal information requiring
confidentiality (1-3 years);
Work experience in researching and in handling legal matters (1-3 years);
Computer proficiency including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook;
4-year college degree;
Partial Department of Justice Accredited (DOJ) within the first 6 months of hire.
Valid CT Driver’s License and Insurability
Working conditions are typical of an office environment. In-state travel is required on a weekly
basis. Occasional night and weekend outreach presentations and naturalization workshops are