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The purpose of studying the proposed product of Moringa Bathroom Cleaner is to

identify the feasibility and viability of the product for the peculiar group of consumers

which is the selected hotels and inns within Cebu City, where the proposed project

location is located. The following questions were answered:

1. Is the proposed project feasible under each of the following aspects:

1.1 Technical

1.2 Marketing

1.3 Management

1.4 Legal and Taxation

1.5 Financing

1.6 Financial

1.7 Socio- economic desirability

1.8 SWOT analysis

2. Based on the findings of the study, what recommendations may be given

for the proposal.


The researchers will make use of the descriptive method to their study through

survey questionnaire prepared and formulated by the researchers and will be distributed

randomly to the respondents of the selected hotels and inns within Cebu City. The aim

of the researchers is to determine the market potential of the proposed product and to
know other essential information like the opinions in regards to the purchasing custom

of the respondents. The researchers consult and collaborate knowledgeable persons or

professionals regarding the study to obtain more relevant data.


Hereunder are the following findings after analyzing and considering the

information gathered: The population data of the registered hotels and inns in Cebu was

obtained from Cebu City Hall. As of August 2017 (2017,) there are 112 registered hotels

and inns in Cebu however only 87 were used as the sample size which is 77.68% of the


Management Aspect

The proposed Moringa Bathroom Cleaner will be implemented and decided by

the researchers as a sole proprietorship form of business organization. The manager

will be given the salary of P500 per day, the production workers, delivery man/janitor

and the security guard will be paid P366 per day in their 260 working days, while the

office personnel will be paid P380 in every working days (day).

Technical Aspect

The production location for the warehouse of this project will be in Biasong

Talisay, Cebu City that is suitable for the operation of the company because the area will

be equipped with sufficient power connection and adequate water supply to assure a

smooth business operation.

Legal and Taxation Aspect

The following requirements are given by the government to comply in order the

business will officially and legally exist. To start its operations, the future implementer
must secure the Mayor’s Permit, Business Permit, Barangay Clearance, Fire Clearance,

BIR Registration and DTI Registration. This can be secured from the government

agencies such as BIR, DTI and Office of the Mayor that must also be complied and

renewed every year. The prospective implementer must register its employees with the

PAG-IBIG, Philhealth and SSS membership to offer funds for security and other


Financing Aspect

The proposed product requires an initial capital of Php 547,989.83. The

estimated project cost will be finance (financed) by the proprietor from his personal


Financial Aspect

The projected financial statements presented and calculated through our

gathered data and assumptions and analyzing it thoroughly to make sure that it will

have a feasible and profitable result. A series of ratios and sensitivity analysis were also

showed to provide a detailed and broad understanding of the business in different

scenarios and cases. It can be distinguished that the business is practically profitable,

liquid and solvent as shown in the financial statement analysis.

Socio- Economic Desirability

The proposed product’s implementation will affect the creditors, its community,

financial institutions, Government, suppliers, and target market to improve and will have

benefits. However, the product still needs further improvement due to the changing of

customer preference, its high advertising costs and its dependent nature. As observed,

the “used to” mentality, established competitors and the imitation of the product
producing organic cleaners could be a significant threat which the implementation

showed develop appropriate strategies to overcome such.

SWOT Analysis

The increasing trend of numbers of hotels and the rapid change of technology

development as main constituents of our product is (a) timely opportunity for the project

to grow and be viable.


The result of analyzing and considering the different aspect of the project study,

the proponents have determined that the “A Proposed Moringa Bathroom Cleaner for

the group of consumers which is the selected hotels and inns within Cebu is financially

feasible, technically viable and socially desirable.


The recommendations of the proponents of (the) proposed project are that the

product will be implemented and should improve the profitability of the business.

However, the proponents suggested the following:

1.To expand business if necessary due to the increasing demand.

2.To have the product patented.

3. To expand the market distribution of the product to other consumers or the

target market.

4. To improve the product’s effectiveness and efficiency through continuous

research and product development.

5. The proposed product should be tested by the DTI and attain approval to

attest the product’s credibility.