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A list of book and magazine resources and

Web sites compiled by the History & Humanities
Division, Akron-Summit County Public Library.

History & Humanities Division

Akron-Summit County Public Library

Fall 2010 Edition


Akron-Summit County
Public Library
Akron-Summit County Public Library – 1
Akron-Summit County Public Library 1
Akron-Summit County Public Library 2
Main Library’s homeschooling collection does not include core curriculum
but offers many materials that can be used to supplement instruction. These
supplemental materials are also available at Branch Libraries and through
Mobile Services.

The Everything Homeschooling Book: All

Titles Related to You Need to Create the Best Curriculum
Home Schooling: and Learning Environment for Your Child
Linsenbach, Sherri
371.042 L759ev
100 Top Picks for Homeschool
Curriculum: Choosing the Right Free Range Learning: How
Curriculum and Approach for Your Homeschooling Changes Everything
Child’s Learning Style Weldon, Laura Grace
Duffy, Cathy 371.042 W443f   
371.042 D858on
Homeschooling the Child with Autism:
365 Days of Celebration and Praise: Answers to the Top Questions Parents
Daily Devotions and Activities for and Professionals Ask
Homeschooling Families Schetter, Patricia
Lavender, Julie 371.94 Sch327ho   
249 L399t
Homeschooling FAQs: 101 Questions
Catholic Homeschool Companion Every Homeschooling Parent Should Ask
Wittmann, Maureen Learning Express
371.042 C363W 371.042 H767L   

College-Prep Homeschooling: Your HomeSchool, High School and Beyond: A

Complete Guide to Homeschooling Time Management, Careen Exploration,
Through High School Organization and Study Skills Course
Byers, David P. Adams-Gordon, Beverly
371.042 B993 371.042 Ad213h   

Easy Homeschooling Curriculum: Homeschool Your Child for Free: More

Literature by Grade Level Than 1,400 Smart, Effective, and
Curry, Lorraine Practical Resources for Educating Your
371.042 C976eh Family at Home
Gold, Laura Maery
Easy Homeschooling Techniques, Secular 371.042 G618h
Edition: The Real How-To-Guide
Curry, Loraine Home Schooling Children with Special
371.042 C976e Needs
Hensley, Sharon
371.042 H526h

Akron-Summit County Public Library 3

The Homeschooling Option: How to Love in a Time of Homeschooling: A
Decide When it’s Right for Your Family Mother and Daughter’s Uncommon Year
Rivero, Lisa Brodie, Laura
371.042 R621ho 371.042 B864L   

Homeschooling the Challenging Child Music for Homeschoolers

Field, Christine May, Joanne
371.042 F453h 371.042 M466m

Homeschooling Your Gifted Child: The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling

Language Arts for the Middle School Bell, Debra
Years 371.042 B433u
Brainerd, Lee Wherry
371.042 B814ho Virtual Charter Schools and Home
Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner Klein, Carol
Kuhl, Kathy 371.3346 K64v
371.042 K96h
The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social
Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Benefits of Homeschooling
Syndrome: Real Help for Parents Gathercole, Rachel
Anywhere and on Any Budget 371.042 G259w
Pyles, Lisa
371.92 P996h When Children Love to Learn: A Practical
Application of Charlotte Mason’s
Home Sweet Homeschool: A Survivor’s Philosophy for Today
Guide to Giving Your Kids a Quality Cooper, Elaine
Education 370.1 W567c
Maakestad, Sue
371.042 M111h When Homeschooling Gets Tough
Johnson, Diana
The Internet for Educators and 371.042 J66wh
Jones, Steve Write These Laws on Your Children:
371.3344 J791 Inside the World of Conservative
Christian Homeschooling
Learn at Home: Reading, Language skills, Kunzman, Robert
Spelling, Math, Science, Social Studies 371.042 K96wr
PT371.042 L43

The Lifetime Learning Companion: The

Best of the Home School Source Book
Reed, Donn
374 R324L  

Akron-Summit County Public Library 4

Loving Our Kids on Purpose: Making a
Titles Related to Heart-To-Heart Connection
Educational Planning Silk, Danny
248.845 Si583Lo

7 Keys to Comprehension: How to Help Making the Most of the Preschool Years:
Your Kids Read It and Get It! 100 Activities to Encourage Independent
Zimmermann, Susan Play
372.47 Z76s Bendt, Valerie
371.042 B459m
The Big What Now Book of Learning
Styles The Mozart Effect for Children
Barnier, Caro Campbell, Don
372.1102 B262bi    649.51 C187m

The Core: Teaching Your Child the My Kids Can: Making Math Accessible to
Foundations of Classical Education All Learners K-5
Bortins, Leigh A. Storeyagard, Judy
370.112 B739c    372.7 M995s

Developing Portfolios for Authentic The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching

Assessment, PreK-3 Guiding Potential in Reading
Young Learners Wise, Jessie
Kingore, Bertie 372.41 W812o
372.126 K54d
Ready Set Research with Britannica
The Facts on File Guide to Good Writing Student Encyclopedia
Manser, Martin 372.1302 R287eb
372.623 M286fg
The Sciencebook: Everything You Need
Family Driven Faith: Doing what it takes to Know About the World and How It
to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk Works
with God Delbruck, Matthias
Baucham, Voddie Teen 500 Sci416Na
248.845 B337f
What He must Be –If He Wants to Marry
Freedom: A History of U.S. My Daughter
Hakim, Joy Baucham, Voddie
973 H155fr 248.8 B337wh

Little Family Big Values: Lessons in Love, Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom,
Respect and Understanding for Families ages 4-14
of Any Size Wood, Chip
Roloff, Matt 305.231 W874
306.8708 R755L

Akron-Summit County Public Library 5

Testing and Evaluation Located at the Desk
in the Education
Home schooled families look for ways Department
to evaluate their child’s yearly progress.
Some school districts will permit children
to take standardized tests when they are Ohio’s Model Competency Based
administered at local schools each spring. Program
Contact your school district in January to A guide for local school districts to use as
find out if this service is available. they develop their curriculum.

Show What You Know on the Ohio Benchmarks K-5: Benchmarks to

Achievement Test Excellence
371.1262 Sh559oat A guide to the Akron Public School’s
Ready Set Show what You Know:
Activities to Build Skills for the Ohio Homeschool Resource File: Information
Achievement Tests and Ideas for Homeschooling Families
372.1264 B171 (Also available at the desk in the
Children’s Library)
The Best Test Preparation for the OGT
Mathematics Learning Resources File: Tips and
Study 510.76 B561m Activities for School-Age Children
(Also available at the desk in the
Children’s Library)
CD-ROM’s –
Children’s Library Local Homeschooling
Support Groups
A+ Math & Computer Basic Learning
System Akron Roman Catholic Home Educators
510 A111 - ARCHE
Jumpstart Typing AkronARCHE
652.3024 J94 E-mail: AkronARCHE-owner@
Typing Instructor for Kids
652.3 T991 Christian Home Educators of
The Chapel - CHEC
135 Fir Hill
Akron, OH 44304
Rhonda John

Akron-Summit County Public Library 6

Christian Home Educators of Ohio National Challenged Homeschoolers
(CHEO) Associated Network-NATHHAN
616 Hebron Road; Suite E Contact NATHHAN and they will have a
Heath, OH 43056 local member get in touch with you.
740-522-2460 PO Box 39 Porthill ID 83853
Email: 208-267-6246
The Company of Mary
Neil & Peggy Durbin
4613 Seminole Circle Northeast Ohio Homeschool Connection
Stow, OH 44224
thecompanyofmary/index.cfm Ohio Virtual Academy Homeschool
First Baptist Church
GOHOME – Gifted Ohio Homeschoolers 1670 Shatto Dr. Akron, OH
GOHome Mary Ravanelli – 239-1631

HEART Homeschool Group (all ages)

Hudson, Ohio Web Sites
General Homeschooling
Light of Ohio
PO Box 142
Green, OH 44232 toc.html
Rick & Sheryl Culp Homeschooling Series by Charlotte Mason - online version of six-volume book series.

Living Waters

Meets at the Community of A to Z Home’s Cool includes 800 pages
Believers Christian Church of Web sites and articles about different
2543 State Road methods of home education.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
Ohio Home Educators Network - OHEN Donna Young offers resources for
P O Box 38132 homeschooling and classrooms.
Olmsted Falls, OH 44138
Education World offers information for
all educators, lesson plans, professional
development, technology integration and

Akron-Summit County Public Library 7
The Homeschool Hub is a free online Legal
academic resource for students of all
ages. It features learning activities, a
reference collection, college information, Home School Legal Defense Association
and subject guides for language arts, A non-profit organization for families
mathematics, science, social studies, who homeschool their children.
world languages, arts, health and
In Ohio homeschooling is regulated by the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC)
Homeschooling Organizations is an index chapter 3301-34-03 and the Ohio
to Ohio homeschooling organizations, Revised Code (ORC) chapter 3321.04 and
local support groups, mailing lists and 3323.12.
people. The state of Ohio Web site provides
access. Click on “Government” then
under State click “Constitution, Laws and
Home Schooling Curriculum Reviews
and Archives is a message board
that shares opinions related to
homeschooling resources.
General Education
Akron-Summit County Public Library
The National Home Education Network
provides links to the library catalog,
exists to encourage and facilitate the
databases, Internet resources and more.
work of state and local homeschooling
organizations and individuals by
providing information, fostering =greatwebsites&template=/cfapps/gws/
networking and promoting public default.cfm
relations on a national level. American Library Association links to
great Web sites recommended reading
lists and reference resources.
Home Schooling in the United States
offers information compiled by the Core Knowledge
National Center for Educational Statistics. An educational movement that believes
early schooling should provide a solid,
specific, shared core curriculum in
A Virtual Homeschool provides
order to help children establish strong
resources, information and support to
foundations of knowledge.
homeschooling families.
Default.aspx - Teaching American History
- Using Ohio to study important people,
Akron Tribe – Local blog for area
places and events.

Akron-Summit County Public Library 8 - typing
Figure This! – Activities and math instructions and games.
challenges for middle-grade students. Summit County School District Click on
Illuminations – Lessons based on Resources at the top of the page to find
standards. Web sites and interactive the courses of study by subject and grade
tools for students to explore learn and level.
apply math.
http://webinstituteforteachers. This City Reads - A community alliance of
org/~gammakeys/Lesson/Introduction. organizations to champion and leverage
htm the power of reading in Akron/Summit
Krazy Keyboarding for Kids will help you County.
learn the basic keys and functions of the
keyboard. Zero to Three is dedicated to the
development of infants and toddlers.
Learning 247 – Math activities for middle
school students in Summit County Ohio. Special Needs
Ohio Department of Education - Under All Kinds of Minds - understanding and
“Teaching” you will find “Instruction” and managing learning needs.
Academic Content Standards. Select the
subject area to find updates regarding
curriculum, instruction and assessment. htm
Homeschool Central - Links for children with special needs.
Ohio Kids – provides activities to learn
about Ohio history.
LD Online – Information and advice about learning disabilities and ADHD.
Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators National Center for Learning
is a categorized list of sites useful for Disabilities – Fact sheets that offer a
enhancing curriculum and professional quick introduction to different learning
growth. disabilities.
School Express provides links to free education.topic?content=1541
worksheets, software programs, online Schwab Learning - A parent guide to
activities and educational Web sites. helping children with learning difficulties.

Akron-Summit County Public Library 9

Styles and Methods of Additional Alternatives
Homeschooling to Traditional School
Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association - Akron Digital Academy
Resources for homeschooling families. home/pages/?schId=16016&linkId=Abou
Simply Charlotte Mason – A method t&pageTitle=About
in which children are taught as whole Akron Alternative Academy
persons through a wide range books,
firsthand experiences, and good habits.
Hearts for Jesus Christ Christian Education Institute
Classical Christian Homeschooling -
Sections on the Trivium, the Grammar HOPE Academy
Stage, the Dialectic Stage, the Rhetoric
Ohio Virtual Academy
Our Seeds Homeschooling the Muslim
Family - Homeschooling resources, Templates/Pages/ODE/ODEPrimary.
information and networking for Muslim aspx?page=2&TopicRelationID=695
parents. Post Secondary Option
S.U.P.E.R. Learning Center

Akron-Summit County Public Library 10

Akron-Summit County Public Library 11
Akron-Summit County Public Library 12