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Subject : English Language

Year : 5 Arif

Enrolment : 34 pupils

Date/Day : 8th September 2017/Friday

Time : 0800 am – 0900 am (1Hour)

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Fascinating Sabah and Sarawak (Unit 8)

Focused Skill : Grammar

Previous Knowledge : Pupils have been exposed to prepositions of place during

previous class.

Content Standard : 5.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will
be able to use different word classes correctly &

3.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will

be able to form letters & words in neat legible print
including cursive writing.

Learning Standard : 5.1.5 Able to use prepositions correctly and appropriately:

a) Over
b) Among

3.1.1 Able to write in neat legible print with correct spelling:

a) Sentences

Learning Objectives : By the end of this lesson, pupils will be able to:

1. a) complete at least 4 out of 5 sentences using ‘over’ or

‘among’ correctly. (AP)
b) complete at least 3 out of 5 sentences using ‘over’ or
‘among’ correctly. (LP)

Vocabulary : Bridge, tourist.

Educational Emphases : Mastery learning.

Moral Value(s) : Be attentive when the teacher is teaching.

Resources/Teaching Aids : An information table, pictures, worksheets, A3 papers.

Stages/Time Content Activities Remarks

1. To arouse pupils’ 1. Teacher introduces the Preparation
interest through topic that the pupils will Phase
pictures. learn for today’s lesson. - Preparation
2. To prepare the 2. Teacher shows a picture - Analysis
pupils for today’s of a dog jumping over the
lesson. fence.
3. Next, teacher shows a
Appendix 1: picture of a guinea pig
- Picture of a dog hiding among the red
jumping over the roses.
fence. 4. Pupils observe the
- Picture of a guinea pictures and try to guess
Set Induction pig among red what are the names of
(5 minutes) roses. preposition of place
shown in the picture.
Oral questions: 5. Teacher guides the pupils
- What is the dog to guess the name of
doing in the each preposition of place
picture? by asking questions.
- Where is the guinea 6. Teacher introduces two
pig in the picture? prepositions of place
which they are going to
Prepositions of Place: learn for today’s lesson.
- Over 7. Teacher shares the
- Among learning objectives with
the pupils.
1. To enhance their 1. Teacher shows an Imagination
understanding of information table to Phase
the usage of each explain more about the - Generating
(15 minutes)
preposition of preposition of place. ideas
place. 2. Teacher explains the - Synthesising
2. To facilitate them usage of each preposition ideas
for the next activity. of place to the pupils.
3. After the explanation,
Appendix 2: teacher shows the
- Information table of example of the
preposition of preposition of place by
place. using pictures.
4. Teacher asks the pupils
Appendix 3: to observe the pictures.
- Picture of a 5. Teacher teaches the
kangaroo jumped pupils to write sentence
over the stream. by using the preposition
- Picture of people of place correctly
walking over the according to the picture.
bridge. 6. Pupils read the example
- Picture of a cat of sentence shown in the
hiding among the picture.
- Picture of a baby
sitting among the
1. To facilitate them in 1. Teacher divides the Development
writing a correct pupils into groups of five. Phase
sentence with 2. Each group will be given - Enrichment
correct preposition a worksheet containing - Assessment
of place. activity which require the
2. To assess their pupils to write sentences
understanding on using “among” and
the usage of each “over”.
(20 minutes)
preposition of 3. Then, teacher distributes
place. an A3 paper to each
Appendix 4: 4. Pupils practice in group
- Group activity to write the sentences by
worksheet. using the preposition of
- A3 paper. place correctly.
5. Pupils write down the
answers in the given A3
6. Teacher monitors and
guide the pupils while
writing the sentences.
7. Teacher chooses groups
randomly to present their
1. To test pupils’ 1. Teacher distributes a Action Phase
understanding of worksheet to the pupils. - Implementation
the usage of the 2. Each pupil will receive a - Continuous
preposition of worksheet containing an practice
place. activity which require
2. To measure the them to complete the Assessment for
level of their sentences with the learning objective
understanding after correct preposition of (1)
(15 minutes)
conducting the place that they have
lesson. learned.
3. Teacher asks the pupils
Appendix 5: to complete the task
- Individual individually.
worksheet. 4. Teacher checks the
answers with the pupils.
1. To recap the lesson. 1. Teacher asks questions - Teacher closes
2. To instil moral to the pupils to reinforce the lesson.
values. the meaning and usage
of each preposition of
Questions: place.
Closure - What are the 2. Teacher discusses the
(5 minutes) prepositions of moral value of the lesson
place that we have to with the pupils.
- What are the
function of each
preposition of
Moral value:
- Be attentive


Prepared by:
Augustine Meola Anak Achai (PISMP BI 1615)
IPGK Tun Abdul Razak