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Circuit Training Workout # 49 Soaked In Sweat

Need: Dumbbells, Weighted Plate, Medicine Ball, Barbell

Dive Bombers 1m TO Table Top Flip into Alternating One Legged Push Ups 1m (tabletop, flip into plank, lower into one legged push up, lift & repeat other side) TO 2-Count Twisting Jump Squats with Touchdown 1m (2 squats then jump twist around)

Dumbbell Sit Outs 1m Each Side (dumbbell in hand, press up into one arm reverse table top, push hips forward at top) TO Atomic Stand Ups 1m (plate touches down overhead, explode forward into standing, feet wide, press plate overhead) TO Flying High Knee Drops 1m (arms
stay extend, complete 10 high knees then fully drop to mat, explode up and repeat)

Extended Arm Weighted Crunch 1mTO Dumbbell Alternating Jabs 1m (controlled!) TO Sumo Jump Squat / Knee Lifts 1m (complete 2 sump jump squats then lift sumo knee on each
side, repeat)

Side Burpee with Side Push Up 30s LEFT Side TO Roll Over TO Alternating Toe Touches 1m TO Side Burpee with Side Push Up 30s RIGHT Side TO Roll Over TO Alternating Toe Touches 1m

Rotating & Reversing Side Plank Lifts 1m (side plank, flip to reverse plank, other side) TO Alternating One Legged Push Up Step Into Crescent Lunge 1m (one legged push up, step into crescent lunge, hold 5 counts step back & repeat other side) TO Alternating Cross Legged Push Up with Jump Ups 1m (jump up then back into cross legged plank, lower into push up,
uncross legs and jump up, repeat on other side)

Sit Up Punches 1m (dumbbells touch behind head on lower, throw two jabs) TO Dumbbell Pendulums 1m (hands on dumbbells, touch legs down side to side) TO Kick Up Wide Climbers Combo 1m (in reverse table top do 5 kick ups, flip into 5 wide mt. climber, repeat)

Dancing Crab 1m (alternate opposite hand to foot) TO Low Alternating Lateral Skater Leg Raises 1m (touch to side and lift outside leg) TO Crazy Rolling Burpees 1m (jump up, roll over,
jump up, repeat)

One Legged High to Low Tricep Push Ups (hold high 5 sec. hold low 5 sec., alternate lift leg each up/down) TO Tricep Side Lying Press Ups 1m Each Side TO Jump Squats into Side Crunches 1m (complete 3 jump squats, lower to floor and do 4 alternating side crunches, burst up
and repeat)

Crazy Hip Touch-Downs into Standing Split 30s Each Side (hands on floor in front, , hip touches floor, press off foot into standing split, lower and repeat) TO Negative Push Ups 1m (lower 5 count, explode up in 1) TO Alternating Twist Single Dumbbell Forward Lunges 1m

Corkscrew Dumbbell Press 1m Each Side (touch weight down across body, lift into one arm upright row, flip up and press into shoulder press) Alternating V Twist 1m (during crunch, legs extend to one side, arms the other) TO Lateral Raise with Rotation 1m (lift weights laterally, twist
to side, lower and repeat other side)

Barbell Roll Out 1m TO T, Y Shoulder Raise Combo 1m (lateral raise, palms down, Y Raise, from front lift up & out ending palms up) TO Weighted One Sided Crunch 1m