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Version I

1. brest litovski treaty between Germany-soviets C.

2. desiderius erasmus of holland and thomas more of England were humanists A.
3. the Hundred Years War ended on October 19th, 1453 C.
4. last supper, mona lisa was painted by Leonardo da vinci C.
5. Magna Carta is great charter C.
6. Shah Abbas reigned in 16-17 century B.
7. christopher columbus reached the west indes in 1492 .
8. French revolution was in 1789 A.
9. Serfdom in Russia was in 1861 A.
10. after the french revolution the king and queen were exiled A.
11. Maria antiunetta was loui XVI’s wife C.
12. creator of david was sculptor Michelangelo B.
13. October revolution in Russia was in 1917 A.
14. normans installed a new royal family in 1066 B.
15. ww I was in 1914-18 C.
16. otto von bismark was the prime minister of Wilhelm I A.
17. Congress of Vienna in 1815 B.
18. republic of turkey was declared in 1922 B.
19. sal ad din conquered jerusalem in 1187 C.
20. oliver cromwell was lord protector B.
21. battle of hastings was between france and England A.
22. The American entry into World War I came in April 1917 B.
23. Hundred Years' War from 1337-1453 A.
24. Elizabeth I of England 1533-1603 B.
25. William Shakespare, Petrarch, Boccaccio were writers A.
26. Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca was between otomans and Russians A.
27. Martin Luther 1483-1546 and how hell I suppose to know exactly century he fucking lived in two
centuries :@@@ he probably lived in 16th cc C.
28. The fall of the tsar in Russia took place in 1917 C.
29. Entente members were rus, uk and fra C.
30. crusade wars from 1096-1270 B.
31. Dutch Republic independent from 1581 A.
32. recognition of american independence was by peace of paris A.
33. Neutral powers during World War I were Scandinavian countries C.
34. Gogen, van gog, rubens … were impressionists C.
35. Siege of Vienna was in 1529 A.
1. fernando magelani went in 16th century A. version II
2. Persian ottoman war started in 1514 B.
3. Frederick William IV king of Prussia C.
4. Shah abbas reign started in 1587 probably B.
5. in the conflict between spain and portuguese in order to keep peace between the two nations
tok part pope alexander IV in 1493 A.
6. In 1494 was signed traty of tordesillas B.
7. St. Petersburg was founded by peter the great B.
8. In 1492 christopher Columbus started voyage C.
9. Maria antiunetta was loui XVI’s wife C.
10. St. barthlomew’s day in 1572 24 august A.
11. Janissaries were sultans private army C.
12. Battle of Borodino 1812 A.
13. 1815 waterloo C.
14. Young Italy in 1832 A.
15. Hungary independence in 1849 C.
16. The emperor of byzantine in 1453 was Constantine B.
17. Ottoman empire disappeared in 1922 B.
18. Intervention of Jeanne in paris A.
19. Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt C.
20. declaration of independence was signed ar phyladelphia in 1776 B.
21. William the Conqueror was duke of Normandy A.
22. First monarch of ottoman was Osman C.
23. Divine Comedy wrote dante aligieri C.-whaaaaaaat ? “was written by” for fucks sake 
24. german republic was proclaimed in 1918 A.
25. battle of chaldiran in 1514 B.
26. the traveler who reached the court of kublai khan was marko polo A.
27. peace conference opened in paris in 1919 B.
28. Russian Revolution was in 1917 october A.
29. Louis XVI reigned from 1774 A.
30. british chinese opium wars were in 19 century C.
31. Fourteen Points by Wilson B.
32. protest against papacy started in Germany A.
33. sal ad din conquered jerusalem in 1187 C.
34. entente members were rus, uk and fra C.
35. Voltaire, montesqueu, rousseau … were philosophers probably because option A is not wisible
unswer is C.