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Our self-assessment checklist.

First check: December. Final check: January

Topic- Mass Media School-Jamnabai Narsee School

Group leader Aryan Arora

Student Mihir Mahale
Student Yul Chaudhary
Student Niharika Shah
Student Manoviraj Gill

Our self-evaluation: Done: yes/no Our score : Poor (P) / fair (F) / good (G)/ very good (VG)
our self-evaluation
Done Our score
Checklist Criteria yes/no P/F/G/VG
Introduction of 5 p Text, pictures, video yes vg
the group
Attractive 10 p Layout: use of different features of the Weebly (columns, pictures, Yes VG
layout gallery, Scribd, videos etc.) Is the text readable? (font size etc.?)
Videos: Are they creative (scenario, humour), technically well-
produced (sound, image)? Give the video the tag Eumind. Embed
the YouTube videos.
Research 10 p Sufficient number of interviewed people. yes G
Number Five group members: four grandparents and four parents .
interviewees Three or four group members: three grandparents and three parents.
Research 35 p Content: Are all research questions covered? How good was the
Interviews research?
General questions about the family. Are all questions covered? Yes VG
(How many people, where did they live, profession parents,
remembrance historical fact?)
You can use the worksheets to fill in the answers and to upload
them as a Scribd on Weebly or you can summarize the answers
Specific questions per topic. Are all questions covered? YEs G
You can use the worksheets to fill in the answers and to upload
them as a Scribd on Weebly or you can summarize the answers
Comparison answers grandparents-parents. Yes VG
Conclusion from the main question.
Research 10 p Has the research been documented by pictures/videos? Yes G
Pictures, videos Pictures: ask permission to take a picture of the interviewee. Can
you add any scanned pictures of the time your grandparents/parents
were about 14 years old?
Videos: length: not more than 3 min.
Don’t record the whole interview and don’t record all interviews
of all interviewees.
Collaborative 10 p Collaborative task. Which outcomes (methods, products, activities Yes G
tasks etc.) have been reached together with counterparts in subclusters?
Evidence of 5p Evidence of communication with counterparts. Yes G
communication Short report with screenshots, pictures of communication, report of
video conferences.
Comparison 10 p Compare your outcomes with the research results of two other No
groups from India/EU. Indicate clearly which groups and school.
Answer the question “What are the main similarities and
differences on the subtopic?” Draw a conclusion from the
Reflection 5p Write a group reflection. Yes VG
What went well? What would you do differently? Methods, group
work, technical aspects etc. At least 5 lines.
100 p
If there is no possibility to compare We could not compare our article because
(no articles from EU/Indian side), We did not have a video conference as there was a lack of communication from
please indicate why you could not our EU peers.
compare your findings with those of
the counterparts. The group will be
assessed on a total of 90 points.
If there was no possibility to work We could not work together with peers in India/EU because
together with peers in a subcluster,
please explain why.
The group will be assessed on a total
of 85 points.

Can we nominate our group to get a certificate of excellence?

Has your group completed the project (except in some cases comparison and collaborative
Has the group assessed most of the elements of the checklist good /very good?

How to nominate your group?

Send the filled in self-assessment checklist as a wordfile via mail.
The international jury will use the form to check your assessment against the criteria.

Any remarks about your self-evaluation?

It is a good exercise as it tells us about the work we have done.