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1000 Panther Creek Parkway, Denton Tx 76203

Professional Summary
Skilled Academic Art Teacher focused on imparting artistic knowledge while building confidence and enhancing overall skills.
Passionate about helping students develop a love for expressing oneself through the beauty of art.

 Positive Reinforcement
 Skill Building
 Student Motivation
 Interpersonal Skills
 Active Listening
 Classroom Discipline
 Experience with special needs students

Private Lesson Instructor| Mark Lawyer| Frisco, Texas
August 2017 to Currently
 Collaborated with teachers to develop and evaluate lesson plans by sharing student’s creative productivity.
 Document student’s progress through organized journals.
 Improved overall wheel throwing and hand building skills.
 Developed huge progress in student’s creativity and drawing techniques.
 Maintained safety and security for youth under care.
 Facilitated and provided one-on-one support to student.
Kids N Art| Justin Johnson| Frisco, Texas
July 2014 to August 2017
 Instructed students on visual arts techniques and assigned related art projects for students based on their grade
 Improved student's analytical skills by introducing state-of-the-art wheel throwing techniques.
 Researched best practices for arts integration and visual arts trends and applied new techniques to lesson plan
 Created engaging lesson plans, fostered a culture of discovery and provided a well-organized classroom structure
to help students succeed in the program.
 Provided visual arts equipment and tools to facilitate the creation of drawings, paintings, collages, mixed media,
pottery and ceramic projects.
 Observed individual behaviors and suspect actions, and reported issues to supervisory staff.
YMCA |Art Department| Watertown, New York
November 2012 to September 2014
 Responsible for creative design for prominent students interested in wheel throwing and hand building.
 Planned and executed activities to promote artistic abilities and improving developmental skills.
 Assisted students with special needs such as Autism and ADHD.
 Developed and taught lessons on relevant children's proficiencies to promote student interest.

ABC University| Denton, Texas| Visual Art Studies| Bachelor’s Degree
2018 to Current Student

Collin County Preston Ridge| Frisco, Texas| Visual Art Studies

2016 to 2017

Collin County Spring Creek| Plano, Texas| Visual Art Studies

2017 to 2018

Jefferson Community College| Watertown, New York| Liberal Arts Degree

2006 to 2009