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Turbine Testing Lab

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Nischal Pokharel

Delivery Document for Head Race Pipe:

1 General
Design Summary:
Section Section Tentative Gross Surge Total Diameter Calculated Calculated
Description Head (m) head Head (mm) thickness thickness
measured from (0.3 of (m (mm) FOS (mm) FOS
head pond level Gross 2 2.5
A Upto AB 21 22.16 7.756 29.916 1500 8 8
B AB21 - 22 63.36 22.176 85.536 1500 8 10
C AB 22-23 113.82 39.837 153.657 1500 12 14
D AB 23-24 147.7 51.695 199.395 1500 14 18
E Bifurcation 147.7 51.695 199.395 1500 18 18
F Branch Pipe 147.7 51.695 199.395 1100 12 14

Assumptions/Design Criteria:
 Inlet Diameter of penstock pipe is 1500mm
 Inlet Diameter of Branch pipe is 1100 mm
 Tentative Gross Head in each anchor block is measured as head difference between
full head pond level and center line of pipe for each anchor block
 Surge Head is taken as 35 % of total head
 Corrosion allowance of 2mm thickness for all calculated thickness
 Material for pressure pipe is considered as IS 2062 E 250 Grade BR with factor of
safety 2 and 2.5.
 Safety factor against buckling with external water or grouting pressure is no less than
 Pressure pipe capable of resisting external pressure of 0.5 bar

1.1 Description
Turbine Testing Lab
1. Hydraulic Analysis
i) Mesh Description:

Figure 1 Structured Hexahedral mesh at inlet and wall

Mesh Summary Main Pipe Branch Pipe

Number of elements 184960 190785
Minimum Quality 0.65 0.65
Minimum Element Angle 45 45

ii) Boundary Condition Setup:

Figure 2 Boundary Condition Setup for flow analysis in Pipe

 Length of pipe assumed: 10D (‘D’ refers to the inlet diameter of pipe,
1500 mm for penstock pipe and 1000mm for branch pipe)
 Inlet boundary Condition: 8400 kg/s (Mass flow rate inlet)
 Outlet boundary Condition: Pressure Head Downstream(Referring to
Waterways AUTOCAD Drawing)
 Wall: No slip wall condition
 Convergence Criteria: 1e-4 residue

iii) CFD Results:

Turbine Testing Lab

Figure 3 Pressure and fully developed velocity distribution for flow in pipe

Figure above shows the results from the CFD simulations for penstock pipe at Section D.
Other sections are evaluated using similar boundary conditions and coupled with the
material and thickness defined pipe for structural analysis.
The summary of the flow conditions defined at the outlet of penstock pipe is given in the
design summary and evaluated similarly for each section.

2. Structural Analysis
Turbine Testing Lab
Section FOS Equivalent Stress Remarks
A Accepted

B Revised

C Revised

D Revised

E Accepted

F Revised

 Pressure for structural analysis is coupled from the CFD analysis

 All the analysis includes corrosion allowance too
 All the results from CFD and structural matches with the analytical design calculations