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Lesson Cover Page

Lesson Topic: En la Escuel a

Date : week 3 Janunary 21-25 Length of Class Period:55 minutes

Course: Spanish Grade Level:7th and 8th grade

Students will know and explain their school class time by assessing their individual class schedule.

IR.N.1 The student can understand familiar words, phrases, sentences,,and sometimes the main idea within short and simple text related to everyday life.
PS.N.1. The student can present basic information on familiar topics using learned phrases and simple sentences.
PW.N.1 The student can copy some familiar words, character, or phrases.


List the language objective for listening, speaking, reading and writing: Arizona ELP Standards []

List any ELL accommodations, vocabulary, strategies you will use:

List accommodations you will make for Exceptional Education students:

List enrichment/extension activities you will provide for students:

If there is homework following this lesson, list it here:

You tube video- Mi horario de clases
Avancemos 1 leccion 2.2.
Worksheets Exercises

Lesson Sequence
The Task Analysis must include the specific sub-tasks/topics. The first step in your Task Analysis should be your BW/Anticipatory Set.
The last step in your Task Analysis should match your terminal behavioral objective for the lesson. (Add more rows to this chart as needed.)

(Sub-tasks/topics) (BW, lecture, lab, group work, handout, (Active participation, Int. Closure)
guiding questions, etc)
10 Bellwork: How many classes has your school Bellwork: Students respond to the question by
minutes Each student can cite his/her classes in the schedule? Which classes are and at what time telling the classes they have are taking.
school. you start your classes?
Students will listen tthen write the vocabulary
Vocabulary Presentation. Classes and time. after introduction.

10 Each student can list the classes and You tube video- Mi horario de clases. Class Note-taker- Students will watch a video and
schedule time. schedule. Teacher complete the sentences.
Students work take notes about the you tube

10 Each student will recognize their daily Students will write their daily schedules. Think/pair/share : Students will ask each other.
schedules and select Daily schedules.
Student A will ask student B
Think/pair/Share Students work in pair The Student B will ask student A
practice¿ A qué hora vas a _?
Yo voy a la clase de _ a las ___?
Teacher walk around the classroom to check
answers /pronuntiation in numbers.
10 Students will clarify saying the time Formative Assessment- Answer numbers and Students will use white boards and answer th
practicing numbers 1-100. writing. correct time
Teacher will tell examples ot time -students
will write it on the white board,
10 Students will match a time exercise Independent activity: Daily schedules Independent activity- Students will answer the
worksheet. questions- what time is it? worksheet exercise about the daily schedules
questions- what time is it?
Exit ticket; What time is it?
Exit ticket: Student will choose the time wrote it
on the board.