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Contains the source code files and also binaries for 32-bit and 64-bit

Is the installer for the Windows version.

Version 1.07 16.05.2013

1. Fix problem where auroramon sometimes frezzes on startup.

2. Added "total energy" reading at the end of each line in the

d2_yyyymmdd.txt files.

Version 1.06a 26.03.2012

1. Fix problem where "Retrieve 10 second energy data" did not fill in
gaps in the power output graph.

2. Adjust the times of retrieved energy data to match computer time.

Version 1.06 23.Mar.2012

1. Double-click on a day in the energy histogram shows the charts for

that day.

2. Added horizontal scroll-bar.

3. Choice of black or white background colour for chart and histogram


4. Inverter->Inverter Information now includes the time difference

from computer time.

5. If connection to is not available, the data is saved

and uploaded when the connection returns.

6. Add an option in Settings->Inverter to automatically retrieve

5 minute energy data each day (into the yyyymmdd_out directory).

7. Whenever 10 second (or 5 minute) energy data is retrieved from the

inverter, it is used to fill in any gaps in the power output graph.

Version 1.05a 28.Feb.2012

1. Added 'Inverter temperature' to PVOutput options

Version 1.05 28.Feb.2012

1. Added feature to automatically send Live Updates to

every 5, 10, or 15 minutes.
2. Double-click on the graph window opens a small window which shows
the numerical values for that time position.

3. Display->Select_Day now uses a date-picker dialog.

4. Option to show the date in different formats.

5. Fixes to Inverter->Retrieve_daily_energy.

6. Inverter -> Set_inverter_time now shows a dialog which displays

compter time and inverter time, and allows the inverter time to
be set to a specified value, or to match computer time.

Version 1.04b 26.Feb.2012

1. Fix problem with change in "today" date not being recognized. Data
was being written to yesterday's log file, and yesterday's date and
data remained on the screen.

Version 1.04a 26.Feb.2012

1. Fix: Display->Select Day doesn't load data.

2. If "Serial port" is blank, don't show spurious error message, don't

blink the red light.

Version 1.04 24.Feb.2012

1. Added files "aurora/2012_out/e5min_yyyymmdd.txt" which contain

Energy Generated and Power Generated values at 5 minute intervals in a
form suitable for pasting into the "Live Loader" screen at

2. Added "Inverter" menu, including "Set time" and "Reset partial counts".

3. Added "Inverter->Retrieve 10sec energy" to retrieve 10sec energy data

from the inverter. This includes an option to produce a file of power
generated values at 5 minute intervals, suitable for

4. Added "Inverter->Retrieve daily energy" to retrieve the daily energy

totals from the inverter. NOTE, this is experimental and may possible
give wrong information for some models of inverters (please let me know
it this is so).

5. "Inverter Information" now includes the "time running" and

"time connected" information.

6. Fixed: Time values on Windows did not include daylight saving.

7. Added "Peak power today" on the Status Panel (in place of "week energy").

8. Added file "aurora/system/alarm0_2.txt" which contains a list of alarms

which occurred while Aurora Monitor was running.

9. Added the peak power output value for each day to the information
saved in aurora/2012/inverter0_2_2012.txt
Version 1.03 06.Feb.2012

1. Added an "Energy today" graph in Settings -> Extra readings.

2. Energy Today value is now shown to 3 decimal places.

3. Show an updating Energy Today total (for both inverters) at the top left
of the graph window.

4. Fixed a crash bug.

5. Re-enabled flashing status light in the Windows version.

6. Reverse the sign of the auto Timezone value in the Windows version.

Version 1.02a 03.Feb.2012

1. Flashing of the red/green status indicates has been disabled on

the Windows version because it seems to cause a crash. I don't know why
but I'll investigate further.

2. Fixed from v1.02: Energy totals (other than "today") were not being

Version 1.02 02.Feb.2012

1. Added graph type "Solar Intensity" which shows the theoretical energy
in Watts per square metre, taking account of sun elevation and panel
direction and tilt.

2. Added "Settings -> Location" dialog, which includes panel direction and
tilt values.

3. Added "Settings -> Extra readings" dialog which allows additional

measurements from the inverter (such as leakage current) to be displayed
as numeric values or as graphs.

Version 1.01 27.Jan.2012

Initial version.