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320C vs.

PC 200LC-6*
Serviceability Comparison

Tucson Proving Grounds

April, 2000
* Export Model
Battery Compartment

320C PC 200LC-6
• Good ground level access • Access through storage box
• Top protected by easily from track
removable covers • Potential damage to top
• Maintenance free battery • Requires electrolyte level
• Easily accessible check every 250 service hours
– 12 openings = 15 minutes for maintenance
disconnect switch
Fuel System

320C PC 200LC-6
• Excellent access for priming • Difficult to access because lever is
pump located near the bottom of the
• Easy operation for priming pump engine
• Water separator is standard • Operation requires removal of
access covers
• Water separator is an attachment
• Fuel filter requires maintenance
initial 250 service hours
Swing Out Oil Cooler

320C PC 200LC-6
• No tools required to rotate out • Requires tools
60° to allow complete access to • Tilts outward from the bottom
radiator and oil cooler • Requires maintenance every 500
• Maintenance is done from service hours
ground level when required
Hydraulic System and Filtration

320C PC 200LC-6
• Ground level access • No case drain filter
• Oil sampling valve and pressure • No pilot oil filtration
tap provided • No oil sampling valve or pressure tap
• Spin-on element • Element type filter requiring separate
Lubrication Points

320C PC 200LC-6
• Bank of fittings on boom • Bank of fittings on boom
• Requires daily maintenance for • Requires maintenance every 100
first 100 service hours service hours for boom and stick
• Requires maintenance every 1000 • Requires maintenance every 100
service hours for boom and stick service hours for bucket
• Requires maintenance every 100
service hours for bucket
Swing Gear Lubrication

320C PC 200LC-6
• Easier access between • Difficult to access because
hoses access under hoses
• Requires maintenance • Requires maintenance
every 2000 service hours every 500 service hours
Air Filters

320C PC 200LC-6
• Clamps provide easy cover • Wing-nut causes lengthy
removal removal of primary filter
• Primary and secondary • Secondary filter element
filters pull out requires a tool for removal
Engine Oil Filter

320C PC 200LC-6
• Easy access on top of engine • Difficult to access
• Filter drain and sampling – Low in engine compartment
valve provided on filter base near the turbocharger

• Requires maintenance every • Requires maintenance

500 service hours every 250 service hours
Hydraulic Oil Sight Glass

320C PC 200LC-6
• Sight glass is located inside • Sight glass is exposed
the pump compartment through an opening
Sampling Valves and Test Ports

320C PC 200LC-6
• Sampling valves and test • No sampling valves or test
ports provided ports provided for engine oil,
hydraulic oil, or coolant
Hydraulic Pressure Release

320C PC 200LC-6
• No cap to release pressure • Screw cap provided to release
• Move joystick to completely pressure
release pressure
320C Improved Features

Pressure Taps and Drains Hand operated Fuel Valves

Fuse Access and Organization Improved Sight Gauge

Maintenance Interval Comparison
Maintenance Item 320C PC200LC-6
Export 5000 service hours
Hydraulic System Oil Change 2000 service hours
US 2000 service hours
A/C Belt Adjustment 250 service hours 250 service hours
A/C Cab Filter Element When Required 500 service hours
Alternator Belt Tension 250 service hours 1000 service hours
Cooling System Coolant Change 6000 service hours 2000 service hours
Corrosion Resistor Replacement N/A 1000 service hours
Engine Damper Case Oil N/A 1000 service hours
Engine Starter and Alternator Check N/A 1000 service hours
Initial 250 service hours
Engine Valve Lash Check 1000 service hours US 1000 service hours
Export 2000 service hours
Hydraulic Tank Breather N/A 500 service hours
Swing Drive Oil Check 250 service hours 100 service hours
Maintenance Interval Comparison

Maintenance Item 320C PC200LC-6

2000 service hours
Turbocharger Clean and Replace N/A Dealer required
No procedure in OMM
1000 service hours
Turbocharger Parts Tighten N/A Dealer required
No procedure in OMM
1000 service hours
Turbocharger Rotor Play N/A Dealer required
No procedure in OMM
Vibration Damper Inspection N/A 2000 service hours
Water Pump Check N/A 4000 service hours
Requires Replacement of Safety
N/A 4000 service hours
Critical Parts