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Research Proposal

Socio-Economic Barriers in Women

Empowerment :
A Study on Women Empowerment in
Bangladesh Context.

Prepared by
Md. Moniruzzaman

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Research Proposal

Md. Moniruzzaman
Apply for MS Studentship
November 16, 2002


Significance of the research 3

Scope of women Empowerment Studies in Bangladesh 4

Methodology 5

Time distribution 6

Budget 7

Profile of Bangladesh 8

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Research Proposal

Significance of the Research:

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries of the world. Most of the people of
this country live under the lowest margin of poverty. Illiteracy, superstitions &
disaster are main hindrance in the development of the country. About 50% of 130
million people are women. Since the independence of 1971, out of 31 years for
about twelve years the country was under the control of Marshal-law. But it is a
matter of great hope that the wind of democracy has began to blow from 1991
after the establishment of a fairly elected democratic government. But total
democracy and human rights are yet to be established. Traditionally the social
structure of my country is Patriarchal. My research proposal topic is the socio-
economic barrier in women empowerment, because in the context of this country
it is the main promise and point of thinking of the policy makers of this country.
The democratic government has already taken different types of development
program for the proliferation of women education. In various professions field
women are getting more privileges. The awareness of the people of the society
for women rights is increasing day by day. But it is not enough to reach them in
the desired status. I think, a vast study is necessary to analyze the right way
directing to this issue. That’s why it undoubted mentioned that the significance of
women empowerment studies in this country’s context unquestionable.

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Research Proposal

Scope of women Empowerment Studies in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is one of the under develop countries of the world. That’s why in
every of sphere life the touch modern amenities is yet to reach. Specifically the
status of women in every aspect is a concerning issue. Each and everybody
begins to realize their worse condition, day by day govt. NGOs and many other
development organization are going to take various development programs to
develop their socio-economic condition. And women are becoming more
conscious about their positions in the society. They are being inclined to
education and to take leadership. Now they don’t want to be dominated but to
dominate. The number of school going girl, working girls and various others
professional are increasing. But it is a matter of great regret that inspite of all the
above mentioned prevailing preconditions the speed of women empowerment is
not to the desired level. Though the head of the govt. and leader of the
opposition are female, the participation of women in various fields is not at all
comparable with the male, why? 31 years after the independence was enough to
establish their condition. Moreover, all around the world a wind of women rights is
blowing. But why the result is not satisfactory in this country? I think there are
some hidden socio-economic barriers, which stand on the way, which should be
detected properly and then should be solved. Because if the problems remain
unidentified how can we expect it’s solution. That’s why regarding all this matters
my research will be oriented around these socio-economic obstacles. How the
act and how they creating problem in women empowerment. I hope, I will get
enough scope to study this in the context of Bangladesh and will be able to add a
little contribution to make the ignored able to walk on their own shoes.

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Research Proposal


The student presented the detail research proposal explained the topic of the
research. In order to demonstrate efforts of women empowerment studies in field
based it have to need survey methodology. Sampling must have to Random and
data collection will be Questionnaire’s and interview method. Also it have to apply
case study and content analysis.
Random Sampling will be applying vast in the 64 districts of Bangladesh about
15 %, that means 10 districts would be covered. Respondent will be finding out
by random sampling more than 10 districts. Secondary data will be collect by the
government offices & some Development organizations.

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Research Proposal

Time Distribution & Budget:

Program of the survey:

1. Working Plan : Three Month & Fifteen days

First Phase : One Month

i) Collection of literature : 10 days

ii) Questionnaire Preparation : 5 days

iii) Primary Data collection : 15 days
30 days

Second Phase : Two Month & Fifteen days

I) Report on first Phase’s work : 10 days

ii) Further Questionnaire Preparation: 5 days
iii) Secondary Data Collection : 5 days
iv) Final Data Collection : 25 days
v) Final Reporting : 30 days
65 days

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Research Proposal

2. Budget :
First Phase :
SL No Item Cost (US $)
1. Conducting Field Work 30
2. Traveling 40
3. Stationary 10
4. Primary Reporting 10
Total 90

Second Phase :
SL No Item Cost (US $)
1. Conducting Field Work 30
2. Traveling 40
3. Stationary 10
4. Secondary Data Collection 15
Final Reporting 15
Total 110

Profile of Bangladesh

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Research Proposal

Name of the Country : People’s Republic of Bangladesh

President : Professor Dr. Yeazuddin Ahmed

Prime Minister : Bagum Khaleda Zia

Division : 06 Administrative Area

District : 64

Total Population : 129,247,233 (According to census’2001)

Male : 65,841,419

Female : 63,405,814

Growth Rate : 1.48

Life Expectancy : 60 years

Density of population : 834 Per Square Km

Literacy Rate : 42 %

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