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Early Literacy Fun: February 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Time to review alphabet, sentence, word, 1 Clap out the 2
syllable, and sound knowledge. number of syllables
in the months of
the year.

3 Think of 5 winter 4 5 Talk about letters 6 7 Look at your 8 9 What are some
words (e.g., snow, using foam pieces or favourite books. words that begin
freezing). Talk about stickers. Can you Try to find repeated with /v/ as in
the first and last make any words? words in print (e.g., Valentine?
sounds of the words. the, in, and).
10 11 Count the 12 Talk about the 13 Write a long 14 15 PA Day 16 Eat alphabet soup
number of first and last sounds sentence on a strip and talk about the
sentences on a in family member’s of paper and cut letters. Can you find
page in a story. names. the paper to any words?
segment the
words. Put the
words together to
reform the
17 Find and talk 18 Family Day 19 Think of 5 animal 20 21 Use magnetic or 22 23 Play a writing
about 5 words in names and jump for foam letters to game on the iPad,
your home language each syllable in a write words. such as
or an unfamiliar name. “iWriteWords Lite”
language. by Roy Winata.
24 25 26 Count the 27 28 Keep an eye out for Toronto Fun Guide
number of words in a spring/summer program registration
long sentence. Count information.
the number of words
in a short sentence.