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Menu for Mess , NINE Hostel ,PGIMER, Chandigarh

( The licensee is required to provide meals i.e. Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner, Evening tea and Snacks as
per the menu given below )

Sr Days Breakfast Lunch Dinner Evenin

. g tea
n and
o. Daily
1. Mo Seasonal Veg. Rajma +Chapatti Rice +Sabji Dal Mah Chane+ Veg +Chapatti Tea,
nday Parantha +Raita +Salad +Pickle +Rice +Salad +Pickle+ Custard Coffee
Onion etc. )+Tea+
Butter/Curd or
Bread+ Butter
2. Tuesda Seasonal Veg. Black Gram+ Rice +Chapatti+ Dal Sabut Masoor +Veg. Tea,Co
y Parantha Raita +Veg.+ Salad & Pickle +Chapatti+ Rice+ Pickle +Salad ffee
etc.)+butter +Tea+
Pickle +Curd or
Bread +Butter
3. Wedne Seasonal Veg. Black gram +Rice +Chapati Dal Moong+ Veg+ Chapatti Tea,Co
sday Parantha(Gobhi/M +Raita+ Veg+ Salad &Pickle +Rice +Pickle +Salad +Gulab ffee
uli, Onion etc.)+ Jamun(Hot)+Cheese chili/Egg
butter+ curry
or Bread+Butter
4. Thursd Seasonal Veg. Kari+ Chapatti +Rice +Dahi Dal Arhar+ Veg +Chapatti +Rice Tea,Co
ay Parantha +Veg +Pickle +Salad +Pickle +Salad ffee
utter/Curd or
Bread + Butter
5. Friday Seasonal Veg. Mah Dal(Black Tea,Co
Parantha(Gobhi/M chole+Chapatti+Rice+Veg.+D Masoor)+Veg+Chapatti+Rice+Pi ffee
uli,Onion ahi+Salad+Pickle ckle+Salad+Kheer
utter/Curd or
Bread +Butter
6. Saturd Seasonal Veg. Mah Rajma + Rice +Sabji Dal(Moong Masar)+ Veg Tea,Co
ay Parantha +Chapatti +Raita +Pickle +Chapatti+ Rice +Pickle +Salad ffee
(Gobhi/Muli, +Salad
Onion etc.)+Tea+
Butter/Curd or
Bread +Butter
7. Sunday Bhatura+White Pulao +Dal Makhni Paneer+Curd+Rice+Chapatti+M Tea,Co
Grams+Pickle+Tea +Raita+Salad ix veg+Pickle+Salad+Sweet Dish ffee
or Black gram
+Suzi Halwa+ Puri
or Bread +Butter

In addition (special order on extra payment with prior information)

 Maggi,Egg,butter bread for evening snack tea.

 Curd (Verka,A Class)
 Egg Bhurji,Paneer only for Dinner.
 Salad to include cucumber,radish on alternate days as per season.
 Mess committee is formed in the beginning of every year. It will be constituted by
representatives of every year ( total members will be 8-10 in number).
 Minor changes can be made with the consent of the mess committee.
 Utmost hygiene will be maintained.
 Cooks to be free from diseases.
 Surveillance of cooks and worker can be done by our Microbiology Deptt.
 Rate list of additional items may be quoted separately.