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Feburary 4, 2019

Honorable Members of the Department of Homeland Secruity Conference


On behalf of our organizations and the activists we represent across the country,
we eagerly express our support for a bipartisan solution that pairs a permanent
solution for Dreamers with border security funding.

With only days to negotiate, this narrow and focused package has the broad
support from both sides of the aisle and among the American public that is
needed to avoid another partial government shutdown. While we represent a
range of audiences with diverse views, swift action on this is a priority we all

For far too long, elected officials on both sides have failed to successfully unite
and work on this issue. There is strong bipartisan support for legislation to
provide certainty for the Dreamers – immigrants brought here as children. The
uncertainty of their status is a barrier that prevents them from reaching their
full potential, limiting their ability to contribute fully to their families, their
communities, and the only nation they call home.

As you meet to develop solutions before the upcoming spending deadline on

February 15th, we urge you to come together and deliver bipartisan legislation
that pairs the certainty Dreamers need going forward with funds to enhance
border security.

There is no reason to wait. We can get this done now, and we stand ready to
work with anyone on good faith efforts to move this forward.

Despite our differences on important policy issues, we are joining together

now to endorse this approach. The time is right to act. We urge lawmakers and
the president to set aside partisan concerns and lead on this important goal


Americans for Prosperity Niskanen Center

Tim Philips, President Jerry Taylor, President

Freedom Partners Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious

Nathan Nascimento, Liberty Commission
Executive Vice President Russell Moore, President

FWD.US The Council for Christian Colleges and

Todd Schulte, President Universities
Shirley V. Hoogstra, President
Hispanic Leadership Fund
Mario H. Lopez, President The LIBRE Initiative
Daniel Garza, President
National Association of Evangelicals
Leith Anderson, President Arizona Chamber of Commerce and
National Immigration Forum Glenn Hamer, President and CEO
Ali Noorani, Executive Director