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Learning English through Drama

Bibliography: Useful Sources

for Learning and Teaching English through Drama

Books on EFL Drama Classroom

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Using Drama in the Language Classroom

“Add Drama to an EFL Class”


“Drama Techniques for Teaching English”

“Listening to Body Language”

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Learning English through Drama

“Overcoming the Fear of Using Drama in English Language Teaching”

“Vocabulary Teaching Using Student-Written Dialogues”

“Web English Teacher: Theater Resources”

Lesson Plans

“Drama in Education: Materials”

“Film Festival: An ESL Lesson Plan to Get Students Talking about Movies”

“Lesson Plans”

Warm-ups and Other Drama Games

“Improv Games”



Drama Vocabulary

“ESL Test – Expressing Emotions”

“Movie Review Query Engine”

“Online English Vocabulary Exercise – Emotions and Feelings 1”

“Online English Vocabulary Exercise – Emotions and Feelings 2”

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Learning English through Drama

“Online English Vocabulary Exercise – Emotions and Feelings 3”

“Vocabulary Exercises – Art and Entertainment”

Pronunciation, Stress and Intonation

“American Rhetoric – Movie Speeches”

“ – an English Pronouncing Dictionary with Instant Sound”

“Minimal Pair Practice & Quizzes”

“Pronunciation – Oxford University Press”

“Sentence Stress in English”

“Sounds of English – Tips for Teachers”

“The Speech Accent Archive”

Reader’s Theatre

“Aaron Shepard’s RT Page – Scripts and Tips for Reader’s Theater”

“Gander Academy Readers Theatre”

“Teaching and Learning: The Power of Reader’s Theater”

“Web English Teacher – Reader’s Theater”

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Learning English through Drama

Scripts and Clips

“American Rhetoric – Movie Speeches”

“Drew’s Script-o-Rama”

“Horton’s Stage Page”


Other Books on Acting/Directing

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Learning English through Drama

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