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Thank you for downloading Payara Server 5.184!

Here are a few short steps to get you started...

0. Prerequisite

Payara Server currently supports the following Java Virtual Machines:

* Oracle JDK8 (u72+)

* Azul Zulu JDK8 (u72+)
* OpenJDK JDK8 (u72+)

For IBM J9 support, please download Payara Blue from

1. Installing Payara Server


Installing Payara Server is just a matter of unzipping the Payara Server archive in
the desired directory. Since you are reading this, you have probably already
unzipped Payara Server. If not, just type the following command in the directory
where you want Payara Server to be installed: jar xvf

The default domain called 'domain1' is already installed and preconfigured.

2. Starting Payara Server


The 'asadmin' command-line utility is used to control and manage Payara Server
(start, stop, configure, deploy applications, etc.).

To start Payara Server, just go in the directory where Payara Server is located and
On Unix: payara5/bin/asadmin start-domain
On Windows: payara5\bin\asadmin start-domain

After a few seconds, Payara Server will be up and ready to accept requests. The
default 'domain1' domain is configured to listen on port 8080. In your browser, go
to http://localhost:8080 to see the default landing page.

To manage Payara Server, just go to web administration console:


3. Stopping Payara Server


To stop Payara Server, just issue the following command:

On Unix: payara5/bin/asadmin stop-domain
On Windows: payara5\bin\asadmin stop-domain

4. Where to go next?

Open the following in your browser: It contains useful

information such as the details about the Payara Project, links to the Payara
Server Documentation, etc.

Make sure to also check the Payara Server 5.184 Release Notes as they contain
important information:

5. Documentation

Payara Server 5.184 Release Notes:


Payara Server Documentation:

Payara Server GitHub Project:

Payara Community:

6. Follow us

Make sure to follow @Payara_Fish on Twitter and read The Payara Blog
( to get the latest news on Payara.