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“Exploring the Town”

Topic :Space

Activity type :Explore space and improve the teamwork between pupils.

Language :Simple words related to the vocabulary and the preposition

of place.

Background Knowledge :The pupils should know about the preposition in order to
give a direction to their friends.

Time :15 minutes

Classroom setting :Indoor

Materials :Blindfolds, whiteboard marker, slide

Age :8 years old and above

Level :Elementary - intermediate

Purpose :The pupils need to plan the strategies in giving the

direction by using a suitable preposition of place.

Preparation :Introducing all kind of places on the map and the

preposition of place.


1) Four pupils are chosen to play first and they were divided into pairs.

2) In each pair, one player is the ‘tank’ and the the other one is the ‘driver’. The ‘tank’
was blindfolded.

3) Next, the teacher asked the pairs to go to a certain place on the map.

4) After that, the ‘tank’ drew the line on the map using the whiteboard marker
according to the driver’s instruction.

5) The pairs considered fail if the ‘tank’ touch the obstacle on the map.

6) At the end of the game, the pupils were asked to give feedback to the game they

Reflection :
Strength :

- It can build a good teamwork among the students as they need to cooperate in
giving instruction and receive it.

-They also learn to develop their knowledge about the preposition of place.

Weakness : The game was not challenging as the students can play it easily.

Improvement : Add another questions into the map so that the students can gain more