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Firearms Difficulty Levels Using Firearms

Base Range = Regular Firearm attacks are not opposed.
Long Range* (2 x Base) = Hard
Very Long Range* (4 x Base) = Extreme 1: Determine Difficulty by weapon range.
*bipod, tripod, braced weapon doubles base range 2: Apply modifiers.
*telescopic sight doubles base range
3: Make roll.
Ranged/Firearm Modifiers Target may Dive for Cover (Dodge) but cannot Fight Back.
Diving For Cover 1 Penalty Die
(Dodge success) Armor Values
Partially Concealed 1 Penalty Die Heavy leather jacket 1 point
Point-Blank Range* 1 Bonus Die WWI helmet 2 points
(within 1/5 DEX in feet)
*excludes long/cumbersome 1” Hardwood 3 points
weapons like rifles, full-length 1” Steel Plate 19 points
shotguns, and bows.
Large sand bag 20 points
Aiming for 1 round 1 Bonus Die
6” concrete 25 points
Target moving at full speed 1 Penalty Die
(MOV 8+)
Optional Hit Locations
Target is small (Build –2) 1 Penalty Die
Die Roll Location
Target is large (Build 4+) 1 Bonus Die
1—3 Right Leg
Loading 1 bullet & shooting (same 1 Penalty Die
round) 4—6 Left Leg
Handgun firing 2+ shots 1 Penalty Die on all 7—10 Abdomen
(semi-auto fire) shots 11—15 Chest
Firing into melee 1 Penalty Die 16—17 Right Arm
Firing while running 1 Penalty Die 18—19 Left Arm
Mounted Weapon 1 Bonus Die 20 Head
(to vehicle or structure)
Firing while prone 1 Bonus Die
Movement During Combat
Firing at prone target 1 Penalty Die
(ignore if at Point Blank range)
 Character may move their MOV in yards and attack
Other Firearm Rules  Character may move their MOV x 5 in yards and make
one melee attack at end of the round.
Readied firearms may shoot at +50 in DEX order.
Reloading a clip or magazine takes 1 round. Up to two  Character may move and take shots at any point during
individual shells can be loaded per round. the round.
 To take advantage of the +50 DEX for readied firearm,
Melee Modifiers it must be fired before any movement is made.
 The character may move up to a number of yards equal
Target already Dodged or Fought 1 Bonus Die to their MOV rate and make their firearms attack (or
Back one attack this round. attacks) normally on their usual DEX rank.
*n/a if allowed multiple attacks  If the character moves their MOV rate x5 in yards, they
Kicking prone target 1 Bonus Die must fire while running (penalty die) and shots may be
delayed in DEX order if significant distance must be
covered to reach a firing position (Keeper’s discretion)
Compiled by Seth Skorkowsky