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CNL VG 6 y > ve or C0) CN ee EU PVRS Tee OMS aS Gi DAVID OPATOSHU Peas fee ee) easy Pee Ly eee a) oe Ceo mem LULU ag Seat | 7 far eer ee acy Cee a Eee Prosucion ovected ty STANLEY PRAGER [Gop] ORIGINAL cast ALBUM BY coLUMBIA RECORDS CeCe ea ot ree CaO See Scar ST TLC I'm All Ive Got From the Broadway Musical “BRAVO GIOVANNI” Tone Uke Lyric by Music by RO} ne GRAHAM ADREB MILTON SCHAFER Moderate swing A One Med 2 A dae eh x Piano Kem OME ome OME om Refrain +H a TM ALLT'VE GOT! No mat-ter what, not, I'm rot a leaf_ ab D7 macs) re-ar - range—— me_ In- to a shy, a ‘de ~ mure_ that is blow - ing Wor'ttake a trail__ ‘dh 1 know ASymbeis for Guiter, Diagrams for Ukulele © Copyright 1982 by Ronny Graham and Mitton Schafer Allrights throughout the world costrolled by GIOVANNI MUSIC INC. and MAYFAIR MUSIC CORP,, 31 West 5ath Street, Now York 19, N. Y. International Coppright Secured All Rights Reseroed Including Public Performance for Profit Engraved é Printed in U.S. A. or Fm and a strange You'll nev-er change whereits go ~ The boat I'm row - ors) 7 cn a FFE optional metody) ES | YM ALL I'VE GoT_ and T'ye got a yacht it's not; Who needs a yacht, when I've got_ iF lcm 7 om oo cag) ome cat fe ae fa tpl ofwhat - ev - er_ Ive got of what - ev - er if Caa7 We Gme Fn EE ee Onething 'm got. I don't ad- mire a mil- Tm All eteos