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Case Document

Bayan v. Zamora VFA

Nicolas v Romulo VFA

Lim v Exec. Sec Mutual Defense Treaty

Pimentel v Exec. Sec Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

Renato v Rosario Philippine Comprehensive Financing Program for 1992

Pharmaceutical v DOH International Convention on the Rights of the Child

Abaya v Ebdane Loan Agreement No. PH-P204

Memorandum of Agreement on the Ancestral Domain

The Province of North Cotabato v
(MOA-AD) Aspect of the GRP-MILF Tripoli Agreement on
GRP Peace Panel
Peace of 2001

Bayan Muna v Romulo US-RP Non-Surrender Agreement

China National Machinery v Northrail Project Contract Agreement & Memorandum of

Santamaria Understanding (MOU)

Deutsche Bank AG Manila Branch

RP-Germany Tax Treaty

Saguisag v Exec Sec (including

Enhanced Defense Corporation Agreement
dissenting and separate opinion)

Landbank v Atlanta Industries Loan Agreement No. 4833-PH

Mitsubishi Corp v CIR Notes executed by PH and Japan.

DPWH v CMC Road Improvement Component Loan No. 1473-PHI

Bulatao, Johann
Capacite, Mark
Casama, Fritz Paolo
Cruz, Malcolm Joshua
Faderguya, Mark
Infante, Paolo
Navarro, Bea Czarina
Ybañez, Marie Athena
Parties to the Document Subject matter
RP-US Temporary Troops
Validity of US custody over defendant
Lance L/CPL Daniel Smith

Mutual assistance in case of an external


ICC's Jurisdiction over persons for the most

RP and other states
serious crimes of international concerns

RP and foreign creditor

Debt-Relief Contracts

RP and other states Milk Code

Loans to be extended by Japan to the

Philippines for the
RP and Japan
improvement/rehabilitation of

the right of the Bangsamoro people on the

past suzerain authority of the sultanates

RP-US Extradition of persons

Construction of the North Luzon Railway


RP-Germany Preferential Tax Rates

RP-US US Military Access to "Agreed Locations"

Procurement of Goods through Loan

RP-Japan; NPC-Mitsubishi Two loan agreements with Japan and a
Japan contract between Mitsubishi and NPC

RP and
Construction of Roads in Zamboanga Del
Joint Venture
Process Legal Basis
Exchange of Notes, President signs Art VII, Sec 21
PH submitted the VFA only to US Congress within 60 days after
its ratification (under the Case-Zablocki Act), as an implementing Art XVIII, Sec 35
agreement of the MDT
Signed by plenipotentiaries in Washington, ratified by President,
Art II, Sec 2
exchange of instruments of ratification

PH through Charge d Affairs Manalo signed the Statute without Section 21, Article VII of
Senate concurrence 1987 Constitution

Signing by Secretary of Finance with concurrence of the Art VII, Sec 20; RA 245 as
President and consultation with Monetary Board amended by PD 142

Section 2, Article II
PH ratified the ICRC and Cory Aquino issued EO 51
EO 51

Exchange of Notes between Japan's Ambassador and Philippines'

Art. II, Section 2
Secretary of Foreign Affairs

The GRP and the MILF, through the Chairpersons of their

respective peace negotiating panels, were to sign a MOA-AD Art. II, Secs 2 and 22; Art.
preceded by a long process of negotiation and the concluding of X, Secs 1, 3, 15 and 20; UN
several prior agreements between the two parties beginning in DRIP

Exchange of notes, DFA Secretary accepted terms Art II, Sec 2

Parties executed agreement stating that Philippine law shall be Article 2(1) of the Vienna
applicable Convention

Exchange of instruments, PH ratified the tax treaty Art II, Section 2

DFA and US Embassy exchanged diplomatic notes, DND and US

Ambassador signed the agreement, President ratified the Art. VII, Section 17

Executive agreement without Legislative Concurrence Art II Sec 2

Exchange of notes between Ph Govt and Japan Art. VII, Section 17

Philippines executed a Contract with a Joint Venture composed of

Art. VII, Section 17
international financial institutions
Recognized as Treaty
Recognized as a binding international agreement by the US Congress,
implementing the VFA (ratified and concurred by both PH and US
Recognized as Treaty; US forces are prohibited from engaging in an
offensive war on Philippine territory
Rome Statute as a treaty subject to ratification. President cannot be
subjected to mandamus to pass the signed copy of the treaty to the

Considered constitutional

ICMBS as a binding international law through transformation to local


WHA Resolutions are recognized as “soft law”

Agreement is an Executive Agreement; Exchange of Notes had been

practiced for a long time by States making them part of International
Customary Law.

Unconstitutional because the associative relationship envisioned

between the GRP and the BJE presupposes that the associated entity
is a state and implies that the same is on its way to independence.

An exchange of notes falls "into the category of inter-governmental

The parties to the contract were not States as per the MOU. The
Contract Agreement is not an executive agreement, but merely an
ordinary commercial contract.
Recognized as a binding treaty; the period for availment of the tax
relief as required by the Revenue Memorandum Order should not
divest entitlement to the relief which would impair the value of the
tax treaty

Treated as an executed agreement

Treated as an executed agreement

The government of the Philippines binds itself, through the NPC, to
shoulder the tax obligations and liabilities of the Mitsubishi in
connection with paragraph 5 of the Exchange of Notes which is
considered as an Executive agreement and is binding even without
senate concurrence.
A foreign loan agreement with international financial institutions, is
an executive agreement contemplated by our government
procurement system