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Final BHP III 13.

PSSK 14. –
15. Intinya tahap tahap dying
1. – a. Shock & denial - Bergaining -
2. Autonomous choice is.. Depression - Acceptance - Anger
a. made by informed consent of patient
b. Acceptance - Bergaining - Shock &
b. made by family Denial - Acceptance - Depression
c. made by patient after coercion
d. made by patient who is confused c. Shock & Denial - Anger - Bergaining -
Depression - Acceptance
e. made by close friends 16. –
3. Which of the following statements regarding 17. –
principle of confidentiality is TRUE? 18. –
a. We don't need to keep confidentiality 19. –
on a dead patient 20. The main psychological problem from patients
b. - suffering cancer is :
c. Telling one's spouse about his/her a. Fear of disease
medical condition is vconfidentiality b. Fear of leaving beloved family
violation c. Fear of negative outcome
d. Confidentiality can prevent d. Uncertainty of QOL after intervention
information leakage to insurer care
e. Distress due to financial problem
e. Videotape interview is not used in 21. –
specialist 22. –
4. – 23. –
5. – 24. –
6. – 25. –
7. patient-doctor communication is unique. the factor 26. –
that influence patient-doctor communication in 27. Condition that patient can be awake but cannot
'dying patient are'? aware is
a. age, psychic condition of doctor and a. Loss consciousness
patient b. No heart beat
b. belief, culture, gender, of doctor and c. No effort of breathing
patient d. No function of brainstem
c. socioeconomic, physical condition of e. Permanent vegetative stage
patient and doctor 28. –
d. a,b benar 29. –
e. a,b,c benar 30. –
8. – 31. –
9. – 32. which condition causes cessation of all basic life
10. Perspektif Islam terhadap kematian function?
a. Divine plan a. loss of consciousness
b. transition to another form of life b. no heart beat
c. no effort of breathing
c. reincarnation to another form of life d. no function of brainstem
e. permanent vegetative stage
d. All above 33. Norm of respecting the decision making capacity
e. A & B of autonomic person
11. Confidentiality dpt dishare tanpa informed consent a. Autonomy
ke b. Non malificence
a. Keluarga c. Beneficience
b. Pengacara d. Utilitarianism
c. Therapist sebelumnya e. None of the above
d. Tenaga media terkait 34. Which of the following is the most important
e. Insurer in discussing informed consent
12. – a. Absence of mental illness
b. – c. –

10. Patient preference and doctor decision must rely on

a. Patient's education background
b. Patien's economic
c. Patient's
d. Evidence based medicine
28. This technology should be the competence of a general physician
a. Respiratory technology
b. Dialysis
c. Organ transplant
d. Cornea transplant
e. Resuscitation
32. what mandatory act for a doctor when meet a dying patient with his/her family there?
a. to cure
b. to give palliative care
c. to relief suffering
d. to confort
e. to save life
34. a norm of respecting the decision making capacity of autonomous people
a. autonomy
b. beneficence
c. non maleficence
d. utiliarinsm
e. salah semua
42. focus obesity management enhance emotional festures QOL
a. beauty
b. exercise
c. self esteem
d. diet method
e. physical activity