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Newsletter January 2016 Volume 49 Issue 1

The Official Publication of Claret School of Maluso, Inc. – ARMM
Claret School of
Maluso, Basilan
Cp no. 09169103331
2 Claret School
of Maluso

3 “Is Claret
School of
Maluso ready
for Senior “Empowering Young Claretians Through Knowledge andSkills in Writing.”
High?” The foundation of the Immaculate Conception Parish in 1964
gave birth in 1965 to an Institution of Learning for peace and
4 …An open transformation called Claret School of Maluso. This was through the
letter inspiration of Father Fernandez, CMF, and which was concretized by
5 “Science Father Mariano Gonzales, CMF, Parish Priest of Maluso, Basilan.
Extreme’’ The first Secondary School in Maluso became the haven for peace
and reconciliation for Tagalogs, Bisayans, Tausugs, Yakans, Ilanans,
6 Claret school Ilocanos, Bajaus, and Malaysians, girls and boys.
of Maluso;
The syncopated wars and insurgencies from different directions
Declared as
and even from the home have created a culture of distrust which made
Champion hard for such a School of Learning for peace to survive and thrive
amidst violence.
7 “Maluso On Like seeds thrown in a fertile land, various brave men and women
The Go” like Father Carlos Rivas, CMF, Franciscan Sisters, and finally the
Daughters of Charity responded to the request of Msgr. Jose
Querexeta, CMF to establish in Maluso for the challenging task of
Delegates forming the severely challenged youth to be agents of peace and
9 “Cheer Dance Let us be glad, rejoice, and thank the Lord for the wondrous
Competition things He has done at Claret School of Maluso! Let us proclaim a
during the 1st Holy Year, a Golden Year!
Day of *Transformed and Transformative Graduates,
Intramurals *Edifice of learning that stands strong and tall through the Years,
2015” *Vibrant and Unshaken Board of Trustees
*Vast lands filled with rubber trees and mangroves that promise
10 “Sophomores prosperity,
Will Conquer *Cooperative and supportive parents, alumni, and bigger community,
it!” *K-12 Ready members of the Faculty, Staff and Administration,and
*Library, Audio-Visual Room, and Laboratories equipped for today
and tomorrow.
Newsletter January 2016

“Is Claret School of Maluso Ready for Senior High?”

By: Marcelle Jean A. Lagutin

When President Noynoy Aquino announced the K to 12

implementation for Senior High Schoolers on 2012, it was a big bang
for all the Grade 10 students of batch 2015-2016 which was the
pioneering group for the said project. It became an uproar on the
Department of Education due to the effect of the announcement. The
High Schools in the Philippines, public or private, were given enough
time for preparatory measures. So, is Claret School of Maluso ready for
Senior High?
The Claret School of Maluso (CSM), located at Townsite,
Maluso, Basilan Province, is a Catholic school owned by the Prelature
of Isabela. CSM has been preparing for June 2016 which is the official
opening of the Senior High School, namely Grade 11 and Grade 12. Sr.
Ma. Felipa Fe C. Javen, D.C., the School Directress/Principal, together
with the Faculty Staff and other members of the Administration did
everything she could in her capacity to make the school project a
success. That includes the right teachers appropriate for Grade 11 and
Grade 12. When DepEd Cotabato personnel and TESDA Cotabato
officials came to assess CSM’s readiness they both declared that “CSM
is the most K-to-12 ready school in the entire ARMM. The school’s
administration also decided to add another building facility. This two-
storey building has been under construction since November 2014. It is
to be finished before summer vacation to make use of it for the next
school year. Many spectators already visited this school and said that the
school is ready. The enrolment for Senior High already started last
October 19, 2015. Many students from the neighboring schools came to
list their names already.
Claret School of Maluso invites you to enroll here. Be it academic
course or vocational course, you are very much welcome here!


Newsletter January 2016
Newsletter January 2016

An open letter… “…the Daughters of Charity in Maluso say, “Now master, you could dismiss
your servant in peace” and with St. Paul we say, “I have run the race to the end.”

…”Claret School of Maluso is a Catholic School owned by the Prelature of Isabela and administered by the
Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac. The School was a brainchild of Father
Fernandez, CMF, that was actualized by Father Mariano Gonzales, CMF, Parish Priest of Maluso, Isabela in
In May 1979, Msgr. Jose M. Querexeta, CMF, Bishop of Isabela, requested the Daughters of Charity to
establish themselves in Maluso. On May 7, 1980 the
Community of the Daughters of Charity was founded in Maluso and from then
on administered Claret School of Maluso.”

27 September 2015


Bishop of Prelature of Isabela de Basilan
Basilan City

Dear Most Rev. Bishop Martin,

Happy Feast of St. Vincent de Paul, Patron Saint of the Poor and founder of the Company of the
Daughters of Charity! We prayed for you as well as for your constituents during our Mass for our
dear founder, St. Vincent. We always remember Maluso with fondness and gratitude for the
thirty-five long years of temporary insertion, presence, and service to the poorest and most
vulnerable of Basilan.

It is with humble gratitude to you and the members of the Board of Trustees as we are updated
on the development of Claret School of Maluso.

The Prelature of Isabela through the Bishop, then Bishop Querexeta, CMF, requested the
Daughters of Charity for ten (10) years as indicated in the MOA (Memorandum of Agreement),
which has been stretched to thirty five (35) years, to put into shape Claret School of Maluso
through a) STRUCTURES: manuals, handbooks; b) PERMIT AND RECOGNITION both from the
National Government and from ARMM; c) CURRICULUM especially on the K-to-12; d)PERSONNEL
- to make them qualified both from the DepEd and TESDA requirements; e) BUILDING: Classrooms
and Laboratories; f) LEARNING MATERIALS-Books and Technologies; and g) OPERATIONAL
RESOURCES. Below are our humble updates:

Areas Status Needs

a) Structures Needed Manuals of Operation are available: Faculty, Administrative, Alumni
Student’s Handbook, and PTA Constitutions and By-Laws. Manual
We have a MOA with TESDA ARMM Basilan and Cotabato for training
of personnel and scholars. We are still in the process of applying for
NTTC (National Teachers Trainers’ Certificate) and program
b) Permit and Recognition
A rmit and recognition from DepEd National Level and submitted
v application for permit and recognition to DepEd ARMM.
ai We are awaiting its release.
Hard and soft copy January
of all the K-12 2016
curriculum are available to
c) Curriculum Hard and soft copy of all the K-to-12 curriculum are available to
Especially teachers, library, and at the administrator’s office.
d) Personnel LET requirement: Agnes Abacial is a LET passer. Twelve teachers Continue
have taken the LET exams and they are waiting for the result. All the OGF
teachers are qualified in the area of specialization.
TESDA Courses: All the NC2 and TM requirements will be completed
by December 2015.

e) Building Four classrooms were completed in 2006. Another four classrooms Build
will be completed by March 2016. There is a separate Laboratory for
six (6)
Computer System Servicing, SMAW (welding), Cookery, Electronics classrooms
Products Assembly Servicing (EPAS), and Sewing Machines if ever by 2016-
this will be considered by DepEd ARMM. A CCTV device is installed 2017.
for easy monitoring of students and events in the entire campus.
f) Learning Books for all the Grade 7 to 10 for all the subject areas are complete. Buy books
for Grade
Materials DVDS for all the subject areas are available at the library and
11 & 12
computer laboratory. There are two multimedia projectors. The
school is in the process of installing intranet (with the use of
computer servers) to make all lessons available to teachers,
students, parents, etc.
g) Operational -1,800 rubber trees (2 year old) await maturity and harvest which
Resources will be a source of funds in the future.
-Senior High was approved by DepEd-ARMM for maximum of six (6)
sections with P14,500 tuition fee; Grade 7 to 10=P8,500 with 515 ESC
grantees. CSM is proclaimed to be the only prepared and ready
school for Senior High School in the entire ARMM.

At the eve of the Golden Jubilee of Claret School of Maluso, together with Ana, the prophetess,
and Simeon, the prophet, the Daughters of Charity say, “Now master, you could dismiss your
servant in peace” and with St. Paul we say, “I have run the race to the end.”

At the end of thirty five years, we look forward to the turnover of the School back to the Prelature
in good shape.

With the current condition of Claret School of Maluso, may we recommend the qualified Claretian
Fathers and Brothers to take back and bring into a better shape the little that we have shared in
the mission of your prelature for the following reasons:
1. CSM is the brainchild of the Claretians; they are most knowledgeable as to its direction and
role in the transformation of Maluso.
2. They are currently missioned in Maluso; CSM mission will complement their other existing

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be of service to the people of Maluso.

Very sincerely yours,

Daughters of Charity

Newsletter January 2016
Claret School of Maluso, Overall Champion
“Science Extreme’’
-Cheska M. Sarabia
-Hyacinth A. Barlovento
Claret School of Maluso (CSM) brightens Claretian writers from CSM, went home with
the whole month of September wherein pride and victory when declared as Overall
every week, Science clubbers headed by
Champion during the Division Schools Press
Al-Jhea A. Jul-alfad, the Club President,
Conference (DSPC).
holds Science trivia in the open field
before classes start. Thought-provoking Dr. Isabelo Brillantes, EPS Supervisor, spearheaded
questions like ‘’The largest bone in the the event which took place on December 10, 2015
human body’’, ‘’The study of plants’’,
at PEO Hostel Isabela City with participants coming
were asked. Such activity reminds
from seven (7) different schools which include
students of the importance of the
Maluso National High School (MNHS).
information and technology in this world
of Science. Intellectual development is Different competitions took place. Radio-
gradually observed through this trivia. Broadcasting, News Writing, Feature Writing,
Everyone in the line exerted effort to join
Editorial Writing, Sports Writing, Science and
and beat other students in terms of
Technology Writing and Photo-Journalism are some
Science lingo.
of the categories that the Clareters have won first
Parlor games also highlighted the Science
Month Celebration wherein games were place. Medals and trophy were given to the

participated in by groups. Camaraderie, Claretian writers .

Sportsmanship and team- working were
the focus. The culmination day for the
said celebration made CSM students felt “MALUSO ON THE GO”
and realized that goals are best achieved By: Hennessy A. Barlovento
when there is unity and cooperation.
Maluso Municipality championed both Elementary and

Our salute to the organizers Secondary levels during Palarong Panlalawigan 2015.

as well as the Science ClubAdviser for This year’s Division Meet, Maluso Municipality hosts Palarong

gracing the School with such memorable Panlalawigan on December 13-18, 2015. The said event started
activities which fought always with a parade participated in by the delegates coming from
different districts, which include Claret School of Maluso and Claret
boredomness of students in studying.
School of Tumahubong. The starting place of the parade is at

Really, life of students would be Maluso National High School (MNHS) and ended at Maluso Central

boring if the focus is on one aspect alone. Elementary School (MCES) where the opening program was held.
In the evening of that same date was the Welcome Night wherein
This is one of the response to the K-to-
all the district delegates presented their best performances to
12 claim for holistic development of
entertain and welcome everyone. Different events and competitions
quality students.
took place for three (3) days which include the Teachers’ Sports

Festival, among others.

Kudos to CSM Science Clubbers!
Newsletter January 2016
CSM Accommodates
Delegations Delegates
CSM Accommodates “Sophomores Will Conquer it!”
Luis Q. Q.
Luis Balansag III III
Balansag By:Shariefa Jhan S. Jadji

“Cheer School of Competition
Dance Maluso (CSM) during
accommodates The Sophomore team nipped the Junior
delegatesst from Tairan, Concepcion and Tipo-Tipo
the 1 Day of Intramurals 2015” team in Intramurals: Soccer championship
during the Division Meet held December 13 - 20,
2015 by the score of 4-1 on Oct. 23, 2015 at
2015. By: Julianne C. Brussett
Soccer CSM open field.
The Claretfrom Tairan,
School of Concepcion
Maluso (CSM) and Tipo-
Tipo stayed the atINTRAMURALS
CSM for four (4) every year.
days. It isarrived
They Before the first half started, the
at CSM students most likely
as early enjoy.12
as Dec. Butwhere
in the year
water and Sophomore team thought that they would
2015, a cheer
electricity dance
were competition started where in
provided. loose the game because the Junior team are
each grade level presented their talents.
CSM’s willingness to accommodate known for their excellence and skills in the
Thanks to the never ending support of the soccer field and also they don’t feel the sense
delegates encourage them and other districts to stay
school administration, it all ended up a success.
in the
The firstschool. According
grade level to performing
who’ll be the differenton delegates,
of victory. But as players, they have to show
big fieldisis the best 8and
the Grade the safest
students, place their
representing to be in and give their best for the sake of
yellow banner. They carried out the task efficiently Sophomores. The first half started, and the
and cheerfully. But the Seniors also did an battle for Sophomore and Junior also fired!
Such accommodation creates a bond among
overwhelming performance causing great joy
schools that can’t be broken easily. The two teams showed a very rough game like
because of the teamwork and cooperation shown
by each members of their grade level. The Juniors, bull versus bull because you can’t think who’ll
with their red and white flag also made a grand win! But, before the first half ended, the
entrance underDance Competition
the guidance of Mr. during
Mark Junior team made a goal and scored 1-0. The
Siodena. Lastst but not the least, the Freshmen
the 1 Day of Intramurals 2015”
presented their performance showing that they are
Sophomores had a very small percent of
as good as the By:otherJulianne
presentors.C. Brussett winning. During the second half, Abdul-aziz
Dodong quickly made a goal and scored the
The Three
Claret judges
School were observing
of Maluso (CSM) clearly to
celebrates the team, and ended the second half 1-1. The tie
decide who has theevery
INTRAMURALS best cheer
year. dance of the this
It is during year.awaited
In thewhere
event end, students
the Sophomores won.
most enjoy. As But the fact
in prior years, this
breaker was the free kick where Gerome
year everyone enjoyed
2015 included their presentation
a cheer was morewherein
dance competition Santiago, Mardawi Salim and Ariel Palisoc
each good
level presented their talents. made a goal and officially made the
Thanks to the never-ending support of the school 6 Sophomore team as champion for the soccer
administration, it all ended up a success. The first grade event.
level who performed on the big field was the Grade 8
students, representing their yellow banner. They carried The Sophomore team happily took
the crown as soccer champion. Sophomore
out the task efficiently and cheerfully. But the Seniors
also did an overwhelming performance causing great joyteam is just “small but terrible”. In the
because of the teamwork and cooperation showed by
championship or in a game. We should give
each member of their grade level. The Juniors, with their
our best, if we lose accept it because in every
red and white flag, also made a grand entrance under the
game, there’s always a loser and a winner. The
guidance of Mr. Mark Siodena. Last but not the least, the
Freshmen presented their performance showing that theySophomores are one of those who showed
are as good.
their best, make the best of everything, and
Three judges were observing clearly to decide who has never lose hope but just have courage to win!
the best cheer dance of the year. In the end, the
Sophomores won. But the fact that everyone enjoyed
their presentation was more than good enough.
Newsletter January 2016
“Using CCTV Inside the School”
By: Eisha Jade Jaji

Technology makes things easy and with less effort. Technology is used by most people to create
something new and to increase their control and understanding. Claret School of Maluso is one of the users of
This school year, a TESDA training on EPAS (Electronics Products and Assembly Services) was
conducted by persons no other than TESDA Cotabato Assessors and Trainors. As an output of the training, a
CCTV was needed to be installed
This device can be a big help to record unusual activities such as theft, murder or monitor events that
nobody else witnessed such as students loitering around school premises during class hours, students cutting
classes and skipping school.
In this way, the CCTV can help the students discipline themselves and become more responsible. Not
only that, it can lessen the hard work that the teachers and other faculty staffs are responsible of.
Don’t wait for the CCTV device to change you as a person but be responsible enough on your own
because it is the best thing we have until we grow older.

“Mabuhay! Wikang Filipino” “Teknolohiya nga Talaga!”

Ni:Louie Palma By: Judd Harvey T. Bucoy

Ang teknolohiya ay dulot ng

Noong nakaraang ika-30 ng Agosto 2015 ay muli na namang
binigyan ng kulay ng mga Filipino Clubbers ang makulay at makabagong henerasyon. Ginagamit ito
tradisyonal na Buwan ng Wika na pinangunahan ni Gng. Mei Ting upang mapadali ang pagkilos ng
Lim, ang modereytor ng Filipino Klab. Ginanap ang nasabing transportasyon ng mga tao. Umusbong
ito noong dalawampu’t isang siglo. Ang
selebrasyon sa CSM Auditorium.
mga cellphone, appliances, at mga
Ang patimpalak sa Sabayang Pagbigkas, Balagtasan at paligsahan sa sasakyan ay mga halimbawa ng
pagsasayaw ng mga Katutubong Sayaw ay parte ng nasabing makabagong teknolohiya.
selebrasyon. Ang bawat estudyante ay nagdamit ng mga Pilipinong
kasuotan bilang patunay na buhay pa rin sa kanila ang diwa ng Dito sa paaralan ng Claret School
pagka-Pilipino. Nagpamalas ang ilang mga estudyante ng kanilang of Maluso ay mayroong mga computer,
mga talento sa pagsayaw, pagkanta, at marami pang iba. Maging ang electric fans, printers, at mga CCTV
mga guro ay hindi nagpahuli bagkus ay nagpamalas din ng kani- cameras. Ito ay dahil kailangan ng
kanilang mga talento. Sa pagtatapos ng selebrasyon ay inanunsyo na paaralan upang makatulong sa pag-aaral
ng Punong Hurado ang mga nagwagi. Sa Sabayang Pagbigkas ay at mapanatili ang kagandahan at
nanguna ang ika-10 baitang, sa patimpalak naman sa Balagtasan ay seguridad ng mga estudyante.
nakamit nina G. Roel Visande, Bb. Hyacinth Barlovento at G. Louie Sadyang nakakatulong at maganda
Palma mula sa ika-10 baitang ang unang gantimpala, samantalang ang impluwensiya ng teknolohiya sa mga
nanguna naman ang mga ika-7 baitang sa larangan ng pagsasayaw ng estudyante. Ngunit hindi lahat ng mga
katutubong sayaw. teknolohiya ay nakakatulong at
maganda. Kaya pagnilayan at dahan-
Ang nasabing selebrasyon ay nagtapos ng mapayapa at masaya.
Nagsiuwian ang mga estudyante ng nakangiti at dala-dala ang dahan lang sa paggamit, dahil ikaw rin
ang makikinabang nito. O, Teknolohiya
masasayang alaala ng makulay na pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika.
nga talaga!

Newsletter January 2016

“An Open Hand with an Open Heart”

By: Roel B. Visande
The organization of Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) of Claret School of Maluso (CSM)
conducted an overwhelming community service for the needy people in the community of Maluso
last September 30, 2015.
The club officers and members headed by Mrs. Antonette Helen supervised the mission of the
club’s patron saints, St. Vincent de Paul and St. Frederick Ozanam, who are known to be very active
in helping the less fortunate members of society.
The SSVP gave some three (3) kilos of rice and noodles to each selected family. The club also
conducted feeding program to different areas in Maluso.
This simple act yet meaningful one created some happy memories to the family and a big help
to the less fortunate members of society.
Everyone can be a big help to anyone and has a chance to be free, to be happy and to be good.
So have courage to extend an open hand with an open heart.
“MAKATARUNGAN bang Ipagbawal ang pagdadala ng cellphone sa Claret?”
By:Louie Anthony B. Palma
Makatarungan bang ipagbawal ang pagdadala ng cellphone sa CSM? “Hindi!” hinaing ng ilang
mga estudyante. Bakit ipinagbabawal ang pagdadala ng cellphone, sa paaralan kung tutuusin ay
malaki naman ang naiitutulong nito? Gamit ang cellphone, mas mapapagaan na ang mga gawain ng
mga estudyante sapagkat hindi na kailangan pang halughugin ng mga estudyante ang buong Library
upang makapag-research, isang pindot mo lang ay naka-access ka na sa internet gamit ang mga high-
tech na applications na naka-install sa mga cellphones. Mas nabibigyan pa ng oportunidad ang bawat
estudyanteng matuto at makasabay sa makabagong sistema ng pag-aaral.
Siguro nga’t malaki ang naitutulong ng cellphone sa pag-aaral ngunit maaari rin itong maging
isang malaking balakid sa pag aaral ng isang estudyante.
Kung ating uusisaing mabuti, sa pagdadala ng mga estudyante ng cellphone sa paaralan
maaaring ma-distract sila sa kanilang pag aaral. Mas nabibigyan lang nito ng pagkakataon ang mga
etudyanteng makagawa ng mga di kanais-nais na bagay katulad ng pambu-bully at mas binibigyan
lang nito ng motibo ang mga estudyante na iasa na lamang sa cellphone at internet ang bagay-bagay
na may kinalaman sa paararalan. Sa halip na gamitin ang library at tumuklas at matuto gamit ang
sariling pag-iisip at mas lalong ituon ang atensyon sa mga diskusyon sa loob ng klase ay nakatutok na
lamang sa mga cellphones at nagpe-facebook, nagtu-tweeter, nag ii-instagram, naglalaro ng mga
games sa cellphone o di kaya’y nag si-search ng mga malalaswang bagay.
Hindi naman sa ninanakaw ng paaralan ang kaligayahan mo bilang isang estudyante ngunit
kailangan ring panatilihin ang responsiblidad ng bawat mag-aaral upang makasigurado sa mas
magandang kinabukasan na gamit ang sariling kakayahan.

Newsletter January 2016


Hindi Patitinag INTRAMURALS 2015”
Ni: Kreachel Pantaleon
BY: Aurelliano Leigh E. Castillo

Pinagtagumpayan ng CSM team laban sa Sinimulan ni G. Ramon Egerra, ang Sports

Coordinator ng Claret School of Maluso (CSM),
Tairan NHS team sa Palarong Basilan: Soccer
ang INTRAMURALS 2015 noong ika-19 ng
Championship 2015 sa iskor na 3-0 na naganap Oktubre 2015. Binigyan ng limang araw ang
sa Maluso Plaza noong ika-17 ng Disyembre mga estudyante na makilahok at magpakitang
2015. gilas sa larangan ng Sports. Pinangunahan ni
Bb. Kreachel Pantaleon ang panunumpa ng
Bago nagsimula ang Championship game,
Pledge of Sportsmanship. Sa Lighting of Torch
naramdaman ang init ng labanan. Sa first half, naman ay si G. Crismel Gallatiera ang
nagtagisan sila ng galing na parang tigre’t humawak.
leong nag-aaway. Ngunit sa kalagitnaan ng
first half naka-goal si Adzman Marjuni (ang Unang araw pa lamang ay ipinakita na
captain ball ng team) sa tulong nina Ryan kaagad ng mga mag-aaral ang kanilang
Baldesimo, Crismel Gallatiera, at Al-arhiedz kakayahan hindi lamang sa Sports kundi pati na
Abdurasad. At natapos ang first half sa iskor na rin sa larangan ng pagsasayaw. Nagtagisan
1-0. Sa pagsisimula naman ng second half, dito kaagad ang apat na lebel, ang Freshmen,
mas naramdaman ang sumiklab na tensyon ng Sophomores, Juniors at Seniors sa kanilang field
laro. Dito rin inilabas ng CSM team ang demonstration presentation.
kanilang galing sa paglalaro. Mistulang Opisyal ring nagsimula ang mga iba’t ibang
konektado ang kanilang mga isip at kahanga- klase ng mga Sports nang sumunod na araw.
hanga ang kanilang kooperasyon, maging ang Katulad na lamang ng Softball, Baseball,
dipensa kahanga-hanga rin. Dahil sa Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton at iba pa.
determinasyon, dalawang magkakasunod na Hindi naging madali sa apat na lebel ang
goal ang naganap na si Adzman Marjuni pa rin paglalabang ito. Ngunit naipakita nila ang
ang nakagawa. At inanunsyo nang kampeon pagiging isang tunay na Claretiano sa
ang CSM team. pamamagitan ng pagiging tapat na manlalaro.
Laking tuwa naman ng coach ng grupo na Nagkaroon rin ng Quiz Ball kung saan
si G. Ramon J. Egerra dahil hindi nasayang ang naipamalas ng mga estudyante ang kanilang
kanilang araw-araw na todo ensayo at kakayahang intelektuwal.
kanyang mga itinuro. At alam nilang hindi dito
Sa huli, hindi lahat nanalo. Nakamit ng
nagtatapos ang laban, nasa unang hakbang pa
mga Seniors ang pangkalahatang kampyon.
lamang sila ng tagumpay…
Sumunod ang Juniors, Sophomores, at ang
Newsletter January 2016

“Ang Pangatlong Beses na Pagdiriwang ng English Filmfest”

Ni: Sasha Ladeena G. Salimbulong

Ang English Film Festival (filmfest) ay isa sa mga inaabangang aktibidad taun-taon ng
Claret School of Maluso (CSM) na gaganapin ngayong ika-27 ng Enero 2016.

Ngayong taon ang ikatlong beses na pagdiriwang ng filmfest na nagsimula noong ika-5 ng
Pebrero 2014 sa pamumuno ni Bb. Grace D. Leoligao.

Sa naunang filmfest, magagandang pelikula at magagaling na estudyanteng artista ang

naglaban-laban para sa pinakamagandang pelikula at pinakamagaling na artista ng taon. Sa
pangalawang selebrasyon ng filmfest noong ika-28 ng Enero 2015, nagkaroon ng patimpalak sa
paglikha ng malikhaing music video na pinamunuan nina Bb. Zherhaina O. Isa at G. Jhon Vincent
R. Sagayno. Nagtagisan ng galing sa paggawa at pagdirek ng pelikula at pag-arte ang mga
magaganda at naggagwapuhang estudyanteng artistahin. Sa huli, nanalo ang “Time With You”
sa direksyon ni Bb. Hyacinth A. Barlovento, ang tinanghal na “Best Director” dahil sa nakuha nito
ang damdamin ng mga manonood. Nanalo sina Bb. Cheska M. Sarabia at G. Roel B. Visande
bilang “Best Actress” at “Best Actor” ng taon. Tinanghal naman sina Bb. Julianne C. Brusett at G.
Mudzer H. Insang bilang “Best Supporting Actress” at “Best Supporting Actor”. Nasungkit ni Bb.
Marcelle Jean A. Lagutin ang “Best Scriptwriter” ng taon. Tuwang-tuwa ang mga kalahok lalung-
lalo na ang mga nanalo dahil sa tagumpay ng kanilang paghihirap na buong-puso nilang inialay
sa mga manonood.

Sa taong ito, magkakaron ng kauna-unahang paligsahan sa Love Story Music Video,

Comedy Music Video at Tragic Music Video na siyang paglalabanan ng bawat baitang na
pamumunuan ni Gng. Rica Joy N. Jusay, English Moderator. Magkakaroon din ng pelikula bilang
proyekto sa MAPEH ang mga estudyanteng nasa ika-8 baitang na ipinagawa ni Gng. Marichu D.
Ortega. Ito ay ipapalabas kasabay ang English Film Festival sa ika-27 ng Enero 2016.

Sino kaya ang mananalo at tatanghaling best director, best scriptwriter at pinakamagaling
na aktor sa Claret School of Maluso (CSM) sa taong ito? Abangan!

Peace Camp
Selected students coming from different Claret Schools in the Philippines joined Peace
Camp held at Bunguiao Eco-Farm, Lamitan, Basilan November 27 to December 01, 2015.
The Association of Claret Schools in the Philippines Inc. (ACSPI) organized a five day camp,
with five delegates namely: Claret School of Quezon City (CSQC), Claret School of Zamboanga
(CSZ), Claret School of Tumahubong (CST), Claret School of Lamitan (CSL) and Claret School of
Maluso (CSM). CSM was represented by outstanding students Marcelle Jean Lagutin, Roel
Visande, Hyacinth Barlovento, Cheska Sarabia and Judd Harvey Bucoy.

Its aim is to have inner peace, valuing the nature and preserving Philippine culture.
Newsletter January 2016


By: Roel B. Visande -Shariefa Aine Jhan S. Jadji-

What kind of thing do you treasure? I have a friend, my friend is you Who
The thing that you get for pleasure is so dear, loving and caring too.
or the “Thing” that is more than the When I’m alone and feeling blue
You cheer me up and ease me through…
thing you treasure.
We shared the laughter and tears together,
Everybody has a treasure, We depend on each other because we care
A treasure that you must know, When I am in pain and in sorrow
A treasure that will not come and go, A You never left me, you never dare!
treasure that will never lose its glow.
The smile on your face makes my heart fonder
You have a shoulder to cry on
You don’t need a map to find it You’re a person to lean on
nor a compass to see it where You’re my friend, my buddy, my best friend!
You just need to come closer Thank you for the love.
And let your heart feel it deeper.

There is no need to put it in a chest “Maas Natuh Kalasahaan”

-Sasha Ladeena G. Salimbulong-
In a basket nor in a nest
‘Cause this treasure is worth to keep,
A pure treasure of friendship. Ina, ama natuh tuyu na mag-usaha
Ha supaya kita niyu amun datungan,
Sah maytah in kaibanan bata di magkahagad
“Loving You Once” Ha maas natuh nagpipikil katu n`yu sadja.
-Marcelle Jean A. Lagutin-
Hangkan sa mga kabataan
I tried loving you, Pag-iskul kamu marayaw
But in the end you broke my heart into two Ampah in luug sin maas natuh dih kaugun
I tried wanting you, Maas natu kalasahan dihilan kasanyangan!
But you don’t want me to
and walked away like you always do
I tried needing, Pag-iskul dain mahinang kabayaran
But my wish didn’t come true A hulas laul sin kamawmaasan.
Loving you once is enough, Sometimes there Magsarang sukul kita niyu katan Ha
are people who are always there for you maas natu piyara sin Tuhan.
But I am not one of them
I got tired
So thank you for letting me love you
Even just for once.
Newsletter January 2016
“Sixteen” “High School Life”
By: Marcelle Jean A. Lagutin
Now is the day to become sixteen
A day to begin sexy but not thin A place where we can move forward,
Though I’m afraid to face the day
But here I come, so make way. A life where we are most comfortable,
Being a child or an adult,
My little birthday is turning bright
That’s what makes High School life, land of youth.
16 candles in my sight
Reminiscing things that had happened in my life Holding onto each other,
I wish I may, I wish I might.
Making life much memorable with one another,
I remember those days when I was a kid When you have friends behind your back,
A kid who is wearing sandals which are not her type
But wearing cool slippers is what she likes.
You’ll never think that High School suck!
At my mid age I began to wonder
I’m a girl, I know! No need to bother Love and friendship, you find here.
I wore big pants, polo, to look older Hate and pain especially fear.
But I never wear things that boys wore under.
But know what happens when you surpass those tests?
Mama told me to stop acting boyish You’ll always think that life in High School
Because I’m a girl and that’s their wish
is the best!
I love my mom so I promise to act girly
Well, now is the time to become a lady
Becoming a lady is not that hard.
When Time Stops
When you become a teen
By: Marcelle Jean A. Lagutin
you’ll receive a love card
Oh! So nice to become a teen
Especially when you turn sixteen. Every time in our life
We somehow look around the isle
“MAHAL KONG KAIBIGAN” To make sure we spend it wise
-Louie Anthony B. Palma- Done it nicely in our eyes.
Simula ng tayo’y magkakilala
Mundo ko’y nagbago at nagkaiba Binigyan mo Sometimes in life, We
ng kulay ang maputla kong buhay At pinuno mo are mesmerized
ng saya ang bawat araw na tayo’y magkasama Hoping that someday
Sa mga oras na ako’y nagdadalamhati
Time should stop once or twice
Sa iyong mga ngiti ito’y napapawi
To capture and memorize it
Sa mga oras na ako’y walang makapitan with our own two eyes
Ikaw ang nagsilbi kong sandigan at takbuhan ‘Cause when time stops,
Ikaw lamang mahal kong kaibigan It will be very nice.
Ikaw na lang talaga at mahal kita.


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