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SUBJECTIVE: Acute pain Within 2 to 3 hours of ONGOING ASSESSMENT: Goal partially met,
“nagka edaran related to joint rendering proper  Assess for signs of  Local signs of within the time given
naman jd ko ani nya inflammation nursing intervention, joint inflammation inflammation may upon rendering proper
magsakit akong associated with the patient will be able (redness, warmth, be the first to nursing interventions
tuhod usahay kining increased to: swelling, manifest to the patient.
wala usahay kining disease activity decreased
tuo, muhubag akong  Identifies motion)
tuhod nya sakit jud factors that
kaayo” exacerbate or  Evaluate location  Pain occurs
influence pain and description of primarily in small
OBJECTIVE: response pain joints, such as
 Patient hands, wrists,
report of  Identifies and fingers, ankles.
pain uses pain
 Guarding on management  Assess  Joint pain and
motion of strategies interference with decreased range of
affected lifestyle motion (ROM) can
joints  Verbalizes limit the fine motor
 Facial mask decrease in and gross motor
of pain pain movements
 Moaning or required for
other  Verbalizes that completing ADLs
sounds pain is THERAPEUTIC
associated characteristic INTERVENTIONS:
with pain of gouty
and arthritis  Instruct the  Anti-inflammatory
movement patient to take drugs should not
 Identifies Anti-inflammatory be taken on an
changes in medication as empty stomach
quality or prescribed (they can irritate
intensity of the stomach lining
pain and lead to ulcer
 Encourage the  Muscle spasms can
patient to monitor result from non-
position and to functional body
always maintain alignment and
anatomically result in pain and
correct alignment predispose the
of the body deformity

 Recommend use  Alternating use of

of hot or cold hot and cold is
packs on painful, sometimes helpful
inflamed joints in reducing the
response in the

 Encourage use of  This measures may

alternative augment other
methods of pain medications to
control such as diminish pain
relaxation, guided
imagery, or