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• 1 :f 5. •• • OFFICIAl. R•CORD
.·;. ·.




Thie j:.:~U!Ient ::-:ntaine inf.:·rmati.:.n that i~ re~tricted t·: :::aeeo parti::ipant::-.

(U//FOUO) FBI Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) reter P. St~:::ok was

inter•:iewe-:1 in his •:Office in the St:•ecial C<:•unsel':::; Office in Washington D.
C. Parti~ipating in the interview were Senior Assistant Special C:unsel
anj FBI Stt}.:>e['l..'isc.ry Special Agent The
purpose of the inte1view was to collect certain information regar:ling
Str:ok' s involv.:-ment in Vat ious aspects of what ha~ bec.:•me the Special
cc.uneel' s inve-stigation. Strzok provided the following infc•rmatio:.n:

A~ FBI CciUnterintelligence DAD, Stl·zo~: had in•Tolvement in

FBI investigations which were subsequently taken •:over by tho?
-special c. nmsel. S~·ecifically, FBI inve:::t atic·ns rega:din•;t then-national
.se.;urit:,• A·;l7iser, Ge-neral Michael Flynn;
J.t •;arious times, Str:::o~: and t
Dez:•utr Att.:.rney General/Acting Attorney Ge-neral Sall:I Yate.~: and
-other DOJ representatives con the entire span of the FBI's F.ussian election
interference/collusion inv~stigations.

Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord.

Wa!Jhin;,t·:·n, t•i!trict Of r·.:.lumbia, TJnit<S-d .:tate.!" ,:n

., Per:~o::•n)

----------------------------------------- D•~dnotied •)7 ;::o;~Ol7

Ths• ~ COilbiiDIDnllln' =OIIIIIInldo-•1101 caaclu.U.. of~ FBI It io lt.. pJDpOI!Y uf!IM FBI aDd ••loall«< to ~·our •f<DCY 11 aud 11• COillelll> arr 1101
10 bC' dlolnbuled Dllftldr your •Bft'CY

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FD-JO~otRe\· O~-OS-101

_'_IJ7_;_1_9_.!_2_0_1_7_ . Par•

(TJ//FOUOJ On January :4, 2017, i1c(;abe t•:Jld Str:ok to inten-1<->w

F:.. :;nn. N.:•:::ab<::- t:·aL.. e·:! Flynn at 1.:: 30 p.m. and Flynn agr<.>ed tr.~ be
inter·\·i;:-viE-<1 that ·jay at ::30 p.m. McCabe- may ha"!E: document:e·::l the
c·:·nvers?.tL~n. C0mey •..;a~: •;!(ling t•:> tell 'Yate-s 1:·ight bE'fc·re t]·,e intt:'n'le'rT,
but she call~i him first far another reascn before he had a chance to

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07/l9/~0J.7 . Paae 3 1Jf 5

call. When he told her the FBI wa:o: inter\•iewing Flynn she- was n•:•t

(U/ /FOUO) Str:o:ok an:i FBI ss;,. his interview pa:rtne~ got

acce-u to the White- Heottse with the assistance of an FBI White House
jet.ailee. Flynn me-t them at at-.•jUt ::15, \olhich was earlie:r than
agreed. Flynn wa.~ al..:>ne an:l ":rela:r:ed and jocular." He wantej tc• <JiVe
them a little tcour of the area arc•und his office. DurintJ their wa:;.l:
thr ...-.ugh the West Wing, Pr.:osident Trumt:· and s•:·m-a movers 'llh•:o were discussing
whe1.e to place s.:•me- art work walked betwe-en Str:::ok and , but nobody
paid attentiun to the agents. Flynn did not intrc.duce them to an:t•:·ne.

(U/ /FOUO) Befc•:::e the interview, McCabe,

an:l others ·:le-ci j~.j the agents would nl)t warn Flynn that it '•las a .:rime to
lie during an FBI inter•;iew becauee they wanted Flynn to r.e rela~:ed, anj
they were concerned that giving the warnings might adversely affect the

(U//FOUO) Flynn .,.,.as unguarded and clearly saw the FBI agents a~
allies. He talked about various subjects, including hotels wh~re they
staye.j dt1r111g the .::ampaign and the f·z:esident 's knac}: for intE'riCl:
de.eign. He talke-d about the long hou:t:s of the job and complaine.j about
thE' t:•olitics su:t:rotmding it, but Flynn always seemed to wo:t:k his '11ay to
the subject of ter~·(,rism. Flynn wae so talkative, and had so much time
for them, that Str:ok wondered if the Nati~nal Security Adviser dii not
have ffi(·re important things tu do than have- such a rela}:ed, non-pe1:tinent
jiscussion with them.

the e:·~act w•::.l·.:is Flynn used, such as

recollection. If Flynn still wuuld
, they would not confront

(U/ /FOUO) Str=r.·k conducted the interview an:i • • • • •nae p1imarily

responsible for taking note3 anJ writing the FD-30:.

(U/ 1 F:>UO) Thtough•jUt the intervie•...,, Fl~lnnhad a very "sure" .jemeall·)l: and
di j n.::.t •;;ti ve an:; of dece)?tion. He did not pa:r ~e
hi~ words or
hesitate in any of his ans•,;ers. He.- only hedged once, .,.,.hich they

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_ _ _ _ _~_r·A_r·_F_e:_t_l'l-__r_P_._s_t_r_:_:_·k_i_n_t_~_r_v_i_e_w_ _ .o. 07/H/:O! 7 . Pa,• 4 cf 5

.:1·:.-::urnentt-d in th~ 30::. Stxzo}: anj both had th~ imvressi.:-n at the-
time that Flynn was not lying or ~id not think he was lying. Flynn struck
Str:.ol: as "b:ri•Jht, but not profoundly sophisticated."

(U//FOUO) The ag~nte left Flynn in a collegial, positive way. Ther~ wae
no ·:Uscussion of follow-up.

(U//FOUO) Str:ok and returned to FB! Heajquarters and bri~fed

Mc·:::a:te and - on the- interview. McCabe briefed Corney. Str=ok ·.tas
awar.;,. that - and
later argued about the FBI's decision to interview Flynn.

(U//FOUO) Shortly after the interview, Yates ani McCord briefej Whit~
staff .:•n the Flynn calls.

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