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01.003[N] Preliminary Exam : February 2014

StC. : 12
Dr.30-01-2014 [Semester-4] Time : 1 Hr.
Ti-.ursrlay Sub. : PHYSICS Marks : 50

il) This sectiort colsists :(t ttLrc:tions- All (lu e )rion s lre compulsory.
(-i A1! cltteslirrtl ...iilV olic rilil;i'.
(-l ) l:L)r cach qrtcstiOrt .\. i1. ( . D lrtc si1,e'5 ONllL Sireet. Darken the appropriate circle with
lrqt' i'.. ..,.'.1;;.' .,r11..: .1ril,'11

rit \r irt'n clcelr'rc crir!trit il, .r ,:LJ:l '1.t1r(iiiv chltnles tiorrt +2A to -2A in 0.05 s, an induced
cnri rrt S.0 \' is gccrrralitl rt. lrcrr tirc scll inrlttctlnce of the coil is ................. H.
(l)0 i (b) 0.1 E
1g; i).S (d) 0.2
il) ,\ siluarc contiLicting ccil oi'alca l0 cntl is placecl norrnally inside a uniform magnetic
ilclcl ol it)l s b nr l. 'fhe nragnetic tlux linked ri'ith the coil is................. Wb.
(:rt i() (b)0
(r r irl ' (d) lOi
{-i1 1 lit nragnetic llLrr linkecl ri ith u coil is changing t ith time t, according to q : 6rz -5t+l
l h.'r'c o is in \Vb. .,\t t -- ().-i s. the inducecl currctrt in the coil is ................. .

(l{csisrance (r1'thc circuit is I ())

(a) ) A (b) 0.1 A
(c) 0.1 mr\ (d) l0 A
(1) l-hc nrutuai inductance of'thc systetn of trvo coils is 2 rnH. The current in the first coil
virrics according to the cquation I - Io sin ot $fien Io : l0 A and o: 100 r rad s-r. The
vulrre of nrarimunt induced enrf in the second coil is .................
(r) 2n (b)5n
(c)r (d)4n
(5) llt \( gene rato r, indr.rced e nrf is zero at time t : 0, The induced emf at time nl2a is

(a) I (b)+l
(c)0 (d) + 2

((r) Currcnt of 2A passing through a coil of 100 turns gives rise to a magnetic flux of
5 x 10-3 Wb per turn. The rnagnetic energy associated rvith coil is
(a)O.s J (b) 0.5 x l0rJ
(c)5J (d)5xl0rJ
(7) A rod of 5 m rength is moving perpendicular to Uniform magnetic
field of intensity
2 x 10-4 wbm-2. If the acceleration of the rod is 2 ms-2, the
rate of increase of.the
induced emf is
(a) 20 x l0r Vs-r (b) 20 x 10-4 V
(c) 20 x l0+ Vs (d) 20 x 10-4 Vs-2
(8) A magnet is moving towards a coil along its axis and the emf induced
in the coil is e.
If the coil also starts moving towards the magnet with the same speed,
the induced
emf will be

(a) 2e (o);
(c) e (d) ae
(9) A coil of surface area 100 cm2 having 100 turns is held perpendicular
to the magnetic
field of intensity 0.02 wbm-2. The resistance of the coil is 2
Q. If it is removed from
the magnetic field in I s, the induced charge in the
coil is................. .
(a) 0.01 C (b) 0.s c
(d) 0.05 c (d) 0.001 c
(10) The distance between two extreme points of two wings
of an aeroprane is 50 m. It is
flying at a speed of 360 kmh-r in horizontal direction. If the
vertical component of
earth's magnetic field at that place is l0-4 wbm-2, the
induced emf between these two
end points is ................. V.
(a) 0.s (b) 1.0
(c) 0.2 (d) 0.05
(l l) A wheel with l0 metallic spokes each 0.5 m long notated with
a speed of 240 rer,/min.
in a place normar to the horizontal component of earth's magnetic
field Bn at a place.
If 8,, :0.4 G at the place, what is the induced emf between the
axre and the rom of the
wheel ? (1 G: l0-4 T)
(a) 12s.6 pV (b) l2s6 pV
(c) 0.125 pV (d)0v
(12) The dimensional formula of self inductance is .................

(a)Mrl\-24-z (b)MrL-2T2A-2
(c) Mtlzlz4-z (d)M-tL2T2A-2
(I 3) If in an A.C L-C series circuit X. > X.. Hence current ................. .

(a) Lags behind the voltage Uy in phase.

(b) Leads the vottage by
I in phase.
(c) Leads rhe voltage by n in phase.
(d) Lags behind the voltage by n in phase.

(14) For step-up transformer value of transformation ratio is ................. .

(c) r:

(d) r: o
(I 5) In a A. C. Circuit current is 2 A and voltage is 220 Y and power is 40 W. Power factor
(a) o.oe (b) o.e n
(c) 1.8 (d) 0.18
(16) In R-C circuit when charge on the plates ofthe capacitoris increasing the energy
obtained from the source is stored in
(a) Magnetic field
(c) Gravitational field
(b) Electric field
(d) both Magnetic and Gravitational field
(17) The output power in a step-up transformer is ................. .
(a) Greater than the input power (b) less than the input power E
(c) Equal to the input power (d) Maintained even during the power cut
(18) The equivalent inductace of two inductors is 2.4 H when connected in parellel and
l0 H when connected in series, then the individual inductance is ................. .
(a) 5H,5H
(c) 7H,3H
(b) 6H,4H
(d) 8H,2H
(19) In an oscillating L-C Circuit the maximum chrge on the capacitor is Q. What will be
the charge on the plate of the capacitor, when energy stored int he magnetic field and
electric field are equal ?

@3 @)# E
(c) Q @)t
(20) What is the r.m.s. value of the current for A. C. Current I : 100 cos (200 t + 45o)A.

(b) 5018 A E
(c) looJI A (d) Zero
(2 l) An alternating voltage given as V :\OOJ, sin 100 tV is applied to a capacitor of
2 pF. The current reading of the ammeter will be equal to ................. mA.
(a) 100
(c) 40
(b) 20
(d) 80
(22) One inductor is connected to an A.C. source then the current flowing through the
inductor of inductance L henry is ................. A.
f sin (-' .;) (b) VowL sin
- -; E
(c) 4 sin (- -;) (d)
n sin l*'* Z)
3 lcontd...
(23) Current of a H. frequencv ls pass rg through an A.(-. Circutt hir,. - --i CS
combination of resistance R - 100 O and indrictor L : l li. tlren pha:c ':-:rtnce
between voltage and current is
(a) 60" (b) 30'
(c) 45" (d) 90"
(24) A coil of inductance L and resistance R is connected to an A.C. saurce of V r olt. If the
angular frequency of the A.C. source is equal to W rad S-1. then the current in the
circuit will be .................

v v
''R (b)
G).re (d)
(25) In A. C. Circuit in 1 second. current reduces to zero value 100 times. Hence the
frequency olA.C. Current is ................. Hz.
(a) 60 (b) 100
(c) 50 (d) 200
(26) Two opposite charged particles oscillates about their mean equillibrium position in
free space with a frequency of 10e Hz. The rvave len s tlr of the corresponding
electromagnetic rvave produced is
(a) 30 cm (b) 0.3 cm
(C) 3 x l0r7 m (d) lOe rn
t27) If relative permeability and k be dielectric constant oi a siven medium, then the
pt. be
refractive index of the medium is n :
(a) fi3 (b) Jti, €.
(c) pl
(d) tr
(28) An electromagnetic wave passing through the space is given by equations :

E : E, sin(<ot - k-x) and B : Bo sin (olt - kr) Which of the follorving is true ?
(a) Eok : Brro (B) EoBo: rok
(c) Eoro: Bok (d)4=A
(29) The rms value of electric field of the radiation coming from the sun is 720 N/C. The
average radiation density is ................. Jm-3.
(a) 4.58 x l0-6 (b) 81.35 x l0-12
(c) 6.37 x l0-e (d) 3.3 x l0r


-1{i) .-\t roonr ternperxture, if the relative permiativity of rvater be 80 and the relative
perrneability be 0.0222, then the velocity of light in water is ................. ms-r.
(a) 2.15 xto8 (b) 2.5 x 108
' (c) 3 x lOs (d) 3.5 x 108

rj I ) .,\ n electromagnetic wave coming from infinity, enters a medium from the vaccum.
i or this wave ................. is independent of the medium.
(a) rv (b) k
{o (d) l.
(32) For a radiation of 9 GHz passing through air, the wave number per I m length is

(a) 30 (b) 20
(c) 5 (d) e
,,13) The intensity of a plane electromagnetic wave with Bn :1.0 x l0-4 T is............. wm-2.
(a) 1.19 x 106 (b) 2.38 x 106
(c) 6 x 105 (d) 4.76 x 106
A plane electrornagnetic wave is travelling
along the X-direction. The electric field
vector at an arbitary point at a time is E : 6.3 j V6-t. The magnetic field at that point
at that time is .................
rg A
ra) 2.1 x lo-R k T (b) -2.1 x l0-8 k T
l rj)
(c) 6.3 k T (d) -6.3 k
energy of the charges osciuating between the two spheres.
(a) Energy (b) Frequency

l ,: 6 )
(c) Wave length (d) Velocity
If V", v, and V. are the velocities of the y - rays, X rays and microwaves respectively
int he space. then......
(a)V*:V,,:V- (b)Vs>V >V-
s: (c) v* <\ <v- (d) v" >v- >vs -+ .,
t37) In the region closer to the oscillating charges, the phase difference between E and B
fields is
(a), (b) n
(c) 2n (d) Zero
r38) The distance between two slits in an young's experiment is 0.2 mm. If the wavelength
of light used is 5000 Ao the angular position of 3rd bright fringe from the central
bright fringe is ................. rad.
(a) 0.075 (b) 0.75
(c) 0.0075 (d) 0.057
l12l (13)

is 2'5mm' wavelength of the
cm. rran.',ira,n of ,h.
screenfrom the slits is100
light used is ......"""""' Ao'
(b) s00
(a) 50 (o]'::
(c) 5000
1L^ r:'+^'^a hctween t'*
two slits and that between the screen
(40) ,o ,orn*'' experiment' the distance between
slits is halved' The width of
the fringe"' r^-,,-,^
(b) becomes double
(a) becomes 4 times
(c) remains the same lt]:::::::f" ......--.........Iight should be
'r1;tn:1i".n,on a point rike object precisery
(4r) f] ",
@) Long wavelength
(a) Polarized (o).'l::1t^:^-
i"i tnou wavelength """"""""'
(42) ;"i. ,*-;;;;;;' oran opticar'**T:l'i:::::::**'or
^^^^,,. '

(b) Polarisation
(a) Interference (d) None of the above
' \ .-'".-^^':^-
ll*r**,n, 4000 A"
(43) ii.Xf:nsoving power or telescope?r)";"-;:':i {
5000 A" are used is
(a) 16:25 G) a:5
(d) e:l
(c) 5:4 of light is 5000 A'
of the lens of atelescope is t 'zz m'
(44) The diameter ll,*uut'"n"h
telescope is """"""""' m-t'
ft. r.rotriog power of the

(a)2x105 @)2xlo2
(c)2x106 .(D).:,1l1^,^-^
oil immersion objective of a microscope
(45) sl1,[u].r".mation can be obtained by the

because the objective has """"""""' '

tt'ugnintutio" (b) large diameter
(a) Large value of
rJsolution (d) None ofthe above
(c) Greater value of -,^- i,
rays reflectedby the still surface of water in a lake are
(46) A person finds that the sun sun will be seenn at the angle
indexof wate r is | '327
polarized. If the refractive 'the
withthehorizon' D
(a) 57' G) 75'
(d) 53"
(c) 37'
the light reflected.n"T tl: :'i::,']i:Jt::become
(41) At what angle of incidence' angle is 33.6o.
ldffiil;;, ,*;
angle of reflection at that incident

(a) 46.4' O) 90"

(d) 0"
(c) 56.4' lcontd...
(48) Which of the following undergoes maximum diffraction ?

(a) Ultraviolet Light (b) Infra-red light

(c) X-rays (d) Radio waves
(49) A plate of thickness l" and refractive Index 1.5 is placed in the passage of one way in
young's experiment. If the central fringe is bright, the minimum thickness of the
p1ateis................. .

(a) x (b)
(c) 21.
(50) The angular spread of central maximum in diffraction pattern doesnot depend on

(a) Wavelength of light

(b) Width of slit
(c) The distance between the slit and sources.
(d) Frequency of light.

1... (1s)
01.003[N] P*tirinr.V e*rm fgb
Std. : 12
Dt.30-0r-2014 ISemester-4] Time : 2 Hrs.
Thursday Sub. : PHYSICS Marks : 50

(l) This part consists three sections. Write new section on new page.
(2) In Section A, question number 1 to 8 are short questions, each of two marks.
(3) In Section B, question number 9 to 74 are long questions, each of three marks.
(4) In Section C, question number 15 to I 8 are essay type questions, each of four marks.

Question Nos. Ito 8 do as directed. Each carries 2 marks. (16)
(1) State and Explain Lenz's law.

(2) Deduce an equation U : for an inducror.

(3) L, C and R are connected in series to an AC voltage V : VmcosWt obtain the differential
equation for the charge.
(4) Using the expression for charge and current for L-C oscillator, explain L-C oscillations.
(5) Draw necessary figure to explain the inductive and radiated components of
electromagnetic waves.
(6) Write any four characteristics of electromagnetic waves.
(7) Distinguish between interference and diffraction phenomena of light.
(8) Write any four uses of polarization of light.
Question Nos. 9 to 14 do as directed. Each carries 3 marks. (1S)
(9) obtain an equation for metional emf produced in a conducting rod which is moving
on the two arms of U-shaped conductor perpendicular to magnetic field.
( I 0) Using P : v,-, I.-. cos 6, discuss the special cases for power consumed in
anAC circuit.
(11) Obtain an expression for the current in an AC Circuit containing resistor and the
capacitor in series. Also draw necessary figure and graph.
(12) Obtain an expression for energy density of electromagnetic waves.
( 1 3) Determine the width of central maximum in franhoffer diffraction.
Question No. 15 to 18 do as directed. Each question carries 4 marks. (16)
( I 5) Prove that the energy density associated with the magnetic field of a very long

solenoid is

(1 6) In an L-C-R A.C. Series Circuit L : 5 H, W : 100 rad r-t, R : 100 O and power factor
is 0.5. Calculate the value of capacitance of the capacitor.
(17) The magnetic field of an electromagnetic plane wave travelling along the negative
X-direction is given by By: 2 x 10-7 sin (0.5 x 103;r + i.5 x 10-11 t) T.
Calculate -
(a) the wavelength and the frequency of the wave.
(b) Write the equation of the electric field.
(18) Prove that when unpolarized light passes through a polari.zer, the intensity of the
transmittedlight will be exactly half to the incident light.