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Air Line High Voltage (SUTT) and extra high voltage air channels (SUTETI) is a means of power
installations on land untukmenyalurkan electric power from the substation to the Power Center (GI) or
from other GI GIke (between GI) .SUTT / SUTETI an artificial equipment human. This equipment is in
dasarnyabisa damaged either because of the operation, an error constructions maupuntelah beyond the
period of his (life time) .Pengertian Maintenance is an activity that includes:-care / checking-Repair-

Maintenance 2.1Tujuan

MAINTAINING workability live Extends Equipment-time hardware-Eliminating, reducing the risk of

damage to the work-Restore capability Reduces hardware-Giving economic loss of reliability assurance

2.1Jenis-jensi maintenance

Many methods of maintenance is performed from the most simple to the most complex. Some types of
maintenance include: -Maintenance routine (Preventive Maintenance) -Maintenance Corrective
(Corrective Maintenance) -Maintenance of emergency (Emergency Maintenance) -Maintenance are
based on the conditions / characters equipment (Condition BaseMaintenance / CBM)

20.2.1. Routine maintenance:

Routine maintenance is an activity / business which are periodikdilakukan to maintain the condition of
the network to always dalamkeadaan well with the reliability and efficiency of the implementation
optimal.Dalam routine maintenance consists of: annual -Maintenance Maintenance five-yearly

20.2.2. Routine inspection

Routine inspection is visual inspection (inspection): - Ground patrol-Climb up inspectionHasil

examination is the data that can be used: -Evaluasi / planning / development-Mitigation and prevention-
Repair / change / modification-Replacement patrol

Ground patrol is the kind of work monitoring / pemeriksaanharian to transmission lines without climbing
tower dilakukanoleh Line walker on a scheduled basis. Objects examined were: -Ground-wire conductor
wire-free space (Right of Way / ROW) -Tower and home-environment and the surrounding community
activities up inspection
Climb up inspection is the kind of work the following equipment pemeriksaanterhadap tower carried by
climbers by climbing tower at SUTT / SUTETI that dalamkeadaan bertegangan.Obyek examined are: -Iron
Tower and completeness-wire conductor around the tower around the tower -Klem -Ground wire and
wire holder asesorisnya-isolator and accessories-foreign objects contained in the towers, insulators and
kawatMelalui expected early this examination can ditemukanabnormaly or abnormalities that may
menimbulkangangguan. so that the damage can be immediately ditanggulangiyang ultimately the
reliability of electric power distribution tetapterjaga well.

Systematic 20.2.3.Pemeriksaan

Systematic examination is a job testing dimaksudkanuntuk find damage or damage dapatditemukan

symptoms or known at the time of inspection for later disusunsaran suggestions
perbaikannya.Pelaksanaan Systematic examination is broader and more thorough than
padapemeriksaan routine. To obtain a level of accuracy tinggidipergunakan bantu.Contoh equipment
from this inspection example is kemampuanisolator in laboratory testing, inspection Infra red
connection conditions USING thermovision examination tembusisolator by corona voltage detector,
Some things that affect the pattern of routine maintenance, among others:

Natural setempatpolutif natural conditions, polluting industry, earthquakes, normal conditions,

pertumbuhantanaman along the lane and around the track, lightning, avalanches and employment
characteristics peralatanbiasanya lainsebagainya.-based user guide for a factory or experience
yangterjadi this: glass insulators are frequently broken in kemasyarakatanpenggalian Social wild, theft:
grounding - tower and lainsebagainya members.


Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance (corrective maintenance) is pekerjaanpemeliharaan done due to equipment

damage penyempurnaan.Pemeliharaan ataumemerlukan corrective mostly due pernahdilakukan rarely
or routine examination.


Emergency maintenance

Emergency maintenance is done because there has been damage padaSUTT / SUTET caused by things
outside the plan such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, fires, was hit by another
kendaraandan sebagainya.Pemeliharaan this type was an emergency requiring immediate
penangananekstra and to overcome them. The cost is certainly not bisadirencanakan and may be
included in the category of cost takterduga as indeed happened beyond human control. One is to install
the tower emergency satusolusinya