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Question to Answer

1. What are the factors to consider in selecting a site for broiler production (commercial level)? Explain each

Neighborhood-: Nobody likes noise and strong offensive odors close to their homes. One of the ways to quickly run into problems with
environmental protection agencies is to site your poultry farm close to a living area.

2. Setbacks-: One other important factor to consider is the setbacks to provide in order to prevent water quality problems and nuisance. There
are recommended guidelines for setbacks.

3. Utilities and public amenities-: You would need some public utilities like electricity and water to run your commercial poultry farm. Therefore,
you have to consider the availability of these facilities in the area where you have chosen to site your poultry farm.

4. Road Network-: Next, you must consider the road network in the place where you plan to site your poultry farm.

5. Expansion Plan-: Your business is definitely going to grow. Just manage it efficiently and you will see. Hence, you need to start planning for the
growth of your business; you must ensure that the site you choose has enough space for expansion.

6. Topography-: The topography of the area is also important. You have to consider how leveled the site is because if it is not properly leveled,
you would need to spend a lot of money on grading to be able to get a well leveled ground for construction and that would shoot up
construction costs.

7. Drainage-: Ensure that the site has proper drainage system. Absence of a good drainage system may lead to erosion and cause great problems
for your farm. You should also take the slope of the area into consideration; ensure that water would flow out of the place and not into the

8. Wind direction-: The prevailing wind direction of the area would give you an idea of how much distance you need to provide between your
poultry farm and other residences.

9. Waste Management-: Another factor to consider is waste management. Some of the waste from your chickens can be used as manure but you
need enough space to collect and process it.

10. Natural Disasters-: You should also find out about the area and natural disasters. You must know what natural disasters like earthquakes,
storms and tsunamis the area is prone to and what preventive measures to take to reduce the effects if and when they happen.

2. Why do we need to consider economic and environmental factors in building a layer house and broiler house? (5 pts.)
- Because this factor influences the prices of the eggs, productivity of eggs. We conclude that if the poultry farm is not affected by climatic factor,
the revenue would be more throughout the year. This study suggests that the poultry farmers may adopt a suitable precautionary method to
prevent the outbreaks by climatic factor. Then the economic status of the poultry farmers will be in equilibrium.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages if tunnel ventilated broiler housing as compared to the conventional broiler housing common
here in the Philippines? (0.5 pts.)

Advantages Disadvantages
 to remove heat  causes reduced feed consumption
 to remove excess moisture  reduced growth
 to minimize dust and odors  increased mortality
 to limit the buildup of harmful gases such as ammonia and  as water is evaporated, the humidity of the air is increased
carbon dioxide  the amount of cooling that can be produced
 to provide oxygen for respiration.  depends on the air's relative humidity

4. Discuss briefly the importance of proper cage arrangement, floor space requirement, quality of cages and housing in any type of poultry
production. (10 pts.)

5. Write 3 housing problems you observed in each of the following animal housing facilities present in the Department of Animal science. Write
also the possible solutions to the problems identified. (1 pt. each)

Problems Solutions
Native chicken house
Bantam and Plymouth Rock house
Layer house
Duck house
Turkey House
Ostrich house