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A. Fuels –materials that can be burned to - Plate Tectonics refer to the constant
provide heat and energy. motion of Earth’s crust. This phenomenon
is said to be the builder of Earth because
Fuels may be classified into two groups,
when plates slide, rub, or bump against
namely, burning fuels which are those that
each other, old landforms are destroyed
must be burned to produce heat and
and new ones are created.
energy, and nuclear fuels from the nuclei of
atoms that release energy.
- Plate tectonics occur in the ocean floor
1. Burning Fuels where the crust is thin.

Coal. This fuel comes from the dead bodies - The ocean floor has underground
of huge ferns, bushes and trees that lived in mountain ranges called mid-ocean
swamps some 30 to 40 million years ago. ridges where hot molten materials rise up
Petroleum and Natural Gas. Petroleum was which solidify into new crusts.
discovered in Pennsylvania in 1859. It was
thought that petroleum and natural gas - When two plates come together and
originated from organic matter, both plants one of them slides beneath the other, a
and animals. trench is formed.

2. Fuels from oil wells - The Pacific plate bounded by a ring of

Gasoline is one of the most important fuels earthquake zones descends under the
taken from crude oil. Other chemicals are Eurasian plate along the North Pacific
added to it to make it burn better. and Japanese islands. This active zone of
Pacific earthquakes and volcanoes is
Kerosene is still used as fuel in many homes. often called the “ring of fire”.
It is also used as light.
- Tectonic plates move in three different
LPG is a mixture of two gases, namely
ways: Divergent plates: they may move
propane and butane. They are stored in
away from each other. Convergent
metal container.
plates: they can also move toward each
3. Nuclear Fuels other. Conservative (transform) plate
boundaries: they may slide passed each
The nuclei of atoms may be split into two or
more to produce big amounts of energy.

B. Metals – are found in Earth’s crust. When - Temperature and gravity are the two
they are concentrated, they can be main causes of plate movements.
mined and an ore deposit exists.
- Scientists theorize that because Earth will
Some of the things we can do to save our
cool off in about 5 billion years more, the
ore deposits are the following:
plates will then stop moving. Earthquakes
- New technology. New techniques are and volcanic eruption will also stop.
being developed to make mining less
expensive and for miners to use old - When tectonic plates move, continents
deposits. are formed. Continents is a large stretch
of land unbroken by the sea.
- Recycling is the process of reclaiming
used metal scraps that would provide a - There are seven continents: Africa,
supply for new materials. Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North
America and South America.
- Substitution means using new types of
materials that are useful and less - It is believed that 300 million years ago,
expensive than metals. all the land on Earth formed just one
continent called Pangaea.

- About 180 million years ago, it split into

two continents which were called
Gondwanaland and Laurasia.
Name: ____________________________ Score:____ __________________ 16. This is where plate
tectonics occur.
LC: _______________________ Date: ____________
__________________ 17. It formed when two
Worksheet #5
plates come together and one of them slides
I. Read and analyse each statements beneath the other.
carefully. Write the word/s of the
__________________ 18. The movement of the
correct answer in the space
plate where plates slide passed each other.
__________________ 19. These are the two
__________________ 1. One of the most important
fuels taken from crude oil. __________________ 20. main reasons why

__________________ 2. This is the process of plate move.

reclaiming used metal scraps that would
__________________ 21. These are fuels that
provide a supply for new materials.
__________________ 22. originated from
__________________ 3. Refers to the constant
motion of Earth’s crust. It is said to be the builder organic matter, both plants and animals.
of the Earth.
__________________ 23. These are found in Earth’s
__________________ 4. It is the movement of the crust and when concentrated they can be
tectonic plate where plates move away from mined and an ore deposit exists.
each other.

__________________ 5. This is a major area in the

basin of the Pacific Ocean where many 24- 30. Seven Continents
earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. 24. ______________________
__________________ 6. These are materials that 25. ______________________
can be burned to provide heat and energy.
26. ______________________
__________________ 7. It is using new types of
materials that are useful and less expensive 27. ______________________
than metals. 28. ______________________
__________________ 8. It is a mixture of two gases, 29. ______________________
namely propane and butane and is stored in
metal container. 30. ______________________

__________________ 9. The name given to the

supercontinent that existed during the
Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras, before the Fuels Plate Tectonics
process of plate tectonics separated each of Coal Ocean floor
the component continents into their current
configuration. Petroleum Trench

__________________ 10. A movement of the plate Natural Gas Ring of Fire

where they move toward each other. Gasoline Divergent Plate
__________________ 11. This is a fuel comes from Kerosene Convergent Plate
the dead bodies of huge ferns, bushes and trees
that lived in swamps. LPG Transform Plate

__________________ 12. It is formed because of Nuclear Fuels Temperature

the movement of tectonic plates.
Metals Gravity
__________________ 13. These are the two
Recycling Continents
__________________ 14. continents that formed
Substitution Pangaea
about 180 million years ago.
Gondwanaland Laurasia
__________________ 15. These are fuels that is still
used in many homes and can also use as light.