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as Mac Irvin, Team Melo, Houston Hoops,
Oakland Soldiers, California Supreme, FOH
Seattle, International Teams, plus many more
and be seen by college coaches and top
recruiting services from around the country.
The competition awaits... LAS VEGAS LIVE LAS VEGAS CLASSIC
JULY 13-17, 2016 JULY 20-24, 2016 LAST CALL LAS VEGAS
JULY 25-27, 2016


no. 194 | FEBRUARY 2016

34. Bear Witness
Must-see college hoops in the Bay? Thanks
to coach Cuonzo Martin and possibly the
best freshmen class in the country, the
Cal Bears will be just that.

38. Harder Than Them

Already one of the game’s most interesting
players, Chris Bosh now has a story that
includes coming back from a life-threatening
health issue.

42. Catch The Wave

With unchallenged leadership responsibili-
ties on and off the court in Houston and a
new high-profile sneaker deal, fan favorite
James Harden is bringing the funk every
single night.

52. I Changed A Lot

He and his Warrior teammates not named
Stephen Curry can get overlooked, but no
one should ever forget how important Klay
Thompson is to the Champs.

57. SLAM
presents Stance
The fashion story of this NBA season is the
super-fly socks that have been gracing the
feet of NBA ballers on the court and fans off
it. The company behind this movement is
Stance, and we’ve got the story of their rise
in a special, 16-page section.

74. My Name
Holds Weight
One of the coolest—not to mention effec-
Cover: Courtesy of adidas; Thompson: Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

tive—NBA players of the ’80s was a crafty,

wiry guard out of the southwest named
Lafayette “Fat” Lever.

PG. 52
Klay Thompson
keeps growing, and
the Warriors keep

8 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
Remember to tag your sneaker pics with
for the chance to be featured on our
Instagram and in future issues of SLAM!
Control the game with seamless
UA Speedform® Technology.

Charged CushioningTM absorbs impact

and converts it into a responsive burst to
of direction explosive.
no. 194 | FEBRUARY 2016

16. Trash Talk
Old readers, old writers, new readers,
new writers...and everyone in between.

19. Hype
Going back to the streets of Oakland
with Dame, some hoop-friendly new
tracks from The Game and a lesson
on why Moses Malone is a member of
the Hall of Fame. Plus DeMarre Carroll,
Michael Eric Dyson and a book hint for
DeAndre Jordan.

30. Kicks On Court

Put the latest shoes on black and light
’em right and the result is a work of art.

32. Slamadamonth
And Justise for all.

78. The Fan
What Santa Claus should wear this

80. Kicks Off Court

Sneaker heat to combat the winter

82. Check This

We’re just out here making holiday
shopping easy for y’all.

86. Punks
Introducing...Amir Coffey, Natalie
Chou, Wenyen Gabriel, Malik Monk and
Payton Pritchard.

90. Frozen Moment

Expectations, exceeded.

PG. 86
A high-flying forward who hails
from the sticks of Arkansas,
Malik Monk is a big-time prospect.


2016 Vol.23 No.1

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Paul Scirecalabrisotto

MANAGING EDITOR Susan Price Thomas

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Rajah Allarey, Bill DiFilippo,
’d say we’re in peak sock Habeeba Husain, Eli Schwadron, Leo Sepkowitz,
Alex Squadron, Peter Walsh, Yaron Weitzman
times, as evidenced by CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Ryan Jones, Tzvi Twersky
the mess on my desk
at right, which is a good EDITORIAL INTERN Max Resetar
SENIOR WRITERS Jake Appleman, Russ Bengtson,
approximation of what Michael Bradley, Alan Paul, Khalid Salaam,
my closet and dresser Bonsu Thompson, DeMarco Williams, Nima Zarrabi
CONTRIBUTORS Shannon Booher, Dr. L.A. Gabay,
look like at home. While Branden J. Peters, Sam Rubenstein, D’Angelo Russell,
Donnell Suggs, Jayson Tatum, Dave Zirin
caring about socks may
be a trend to some, it’s CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Atiba Jefferson,
old news to me...which, in Tom Medvedich, Layne Murdoch

a roundabout way, is why Circulation/Advertising

I’m loving the increased MVP Spiro Maroulis
interest these days. ADVERTISING SALES Michael Yaari

For me, it started even Manufacturing & Production Operations

earlier than caring about SENIOR DIRECTOR, AD OPERATIONS Pauline Atwood

shoes. By 7 or 8, I was
steady rocking my joints
all the way to the knee,
even with shortish shorts. TEN: THE ENTHUSIAST NETWORK, LLC
CHAIRMAN Peter Englehart
Did I look cool? Hell no! Did I look like a pro baseball or basketball player? Well, hell no to CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Scott P. Dickey
that, too, but I was more motivated by the latter than the former. By the time I had Jordan Is EVP, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Bill Sutman
on my feet in fifth grade, I knew better than to yank up my socks, and at that point I’d taken EVP, CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER Alan Alpanian
my interest to a more formal venue. Church? School dance? Anytime I was supposed to look EVP, CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER Angus MacKenzie
“nice,” I had to rock “cool” socks. And to me that meant Argyle socks, ideally in the loudest EVP, OPERATIONS Kevin Mullan
colors possible. By the time I was playing JV, the Fab Five were rocking all-black socks for SVP, DIGITAL OPERATIONS Dan Bednar
their games. I insisted our JV team did the same. When I went to college in Washington, DC, SVP, FINANCIAL PLANNING Mike Cummings
I fell in love with high socks again, thanks to the District’s legacy of its great players sporting SVP, AUTOMOTIVE DIGITAL Geoff DeFrance
the look, as evidenced by legends such as Lawrence Moten, Moochie Norris and Walt “The SVP, CONTENT STRATEGY, AUTOMOTIVE David Freiburger
Wizard” Williams. Post-college I landed at SLAM, where one of my first big responsibilities VP, DIGITAL MONETIZATION Elisabeth Murray
was reporting for a cover story on my then-beloved New Jersey Nets. My favorite player on SVP, MARKETING Ryan Payne
EVP, MIND OVER EYE Bill Wadsworth
that team? Kerry Kittles, by a long shot. And what was he famous for? You know...
Other than always trying to score official NBA game socks, my next sock memory isn’t SUBSCRIPTION COMPANY, INC.
clear until ’07-08, when Nike started making Elite socks. Then one day I took my daughter SVP, CIRCULATION Tom Slater
to a New York Liberty game. JR Smith, a Knick at the time, was sitting courtside. He had on Donald T. Robinson III
shorts, Chuck Taylors, and some of the flyest socks ever, pulled almost all the way to his Editorial & Advertising Offices
261 Madison Avenue, 6th floor, New York, NY 10016
knees. And I knew socks would start popping again. Next thing you know, Stance is changing p.212.915.4000
the game with incredible designs and performance—and joining the #SLAMFam via our WRITE TO SLAM:
To carry slam in your store: 800.381.1288
annual Draft Suite. Then our fam joined Stance when Tzvi Twersky left us to run Stance’s
Subscriber Customer Service
basketball category, leading to important office “meetings,” aka our infamous sock drafts. FOR US: or 800.333.6411
INTERNATIONAL: 386.447.6383 or write to SLAM, P.O. Box 420235,
Today, we’re making entire sections dedicated to Stance’s dope socks (pgs. 57-72, thank Palm Coast, FL 32142-0235. Please include name,
you very much) and swimming in the best socks on the market. The only thing I need now is address and phone number on any inquiries.
CANADA POST: Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to IMEX
a Mark Jackson sock in the Stance Legends line. Amen. Global Solutions, P.O. Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2.
Peace, Contact Wright’s Media @ 877.652.5295 (281.419.5725
outside the US and Canada) to purchase quality custom
reprints or e-prints of articles appearing in this publication.

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goods and services we believe would be of interest to our readers. If you
A SLAM Editorial Intern for the entire 2015-16 academic year, Max’s history with prefer to be excluded, please send your current address label and a note
requesting to be excluded from these promotions to TEN: The Enthusiast
the mag goes back to ish 72 (September, 2003), the “UNDISPUTED” Tim Duncan Network, LLC, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245, Attn: Privacy
Champs cover, which he scooped at a Waldbaum’s down the block from his house Coordinator.

in Queens. Max has read—and owns—every issue since then. After coming to us
Bayley Claro Resetar

via our main man Bobbito Garcia and doing some occasional writing and office
work in 2013-14, Max formally joined the team this past August. While he busily
works his way through his senior year of college while playing for his school’s PRINTED IN U.S.A.
team (the incredibly named New School Narwhals), SLAM is about the only thing Copyright © 2015 by TEN: The Enthusiast
keeping him sane. Network Magazines, LLC. All rights reserved.

14 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
Players can have a breakout season and that’s

exactly what Stephen Curry did. Some are say-

ing he’s overrated, but in my case, I think it’s
LeBron who is overrated. Nothing against him
but I think people who are Cavs fans worship
him like he’s some type of basketball God. Other
players can be just as good as him.
Dominique Warren // via Facebook

It’s been forever since I’ve year of the stacked Cavs roster
written you guys (dating and the MVP competition is
back to the original one and going to be off the charts. The
done Cats cover). Chef Curry Spurs made one of the biggest
deserved that last cover, and no offseason free-agency moves,
doubt he’s going to be cooking signing LaMarcus Aldridge.
throughout this season. I ap- Maybe that’ll give Timmy D a
preciate the consistency and reason to retire. Maybe 2016
quality content you guys pump will be the year that the Clip-
out month after month, but I pers finally get to the Finals. Or
did have a request: could you maybe LeBron freakin James is
guys give some ink to Travis finally going to bring some joy
Grant and Elmore Smith? They to Cleveland. And we all know
dominated in their college these rookies are gonna be up
heyday at little known Kentucky to something big. Getting SLAM
State and more should know is my favorite part of the month. onships? Really? Speaking of If this was the ’80s, Stephen
about that. JAKE WALLS//GEORGETOWN, DE the Knicks, wtf is going on with Curry would be on his back,
MATT DOSS // VIA EMAIL D. Fish and Matt Barnes beefing tonguing some blood dripping
Mr. Grant was the subject of an awe- Uncle Ed, wtf is going on in the over Gloria? As the whole world from his nose...I don’t know?
some Old-School feature in SLAM L? KD basically put it on front knows, I’m part of Lakers Na- Maybe a little chin music from
172 (November 2013). Better look street that he don’t fuck with tion, so I feel some type of way the Bad Boy Pistons perhaps?
through your collection! Don’t think Stephen A. Smith and that he about this situation because If this was the ’90s, Steph
we’ve ever had Elmore Smith in, doesn’t like the media. Well, KD, Fish kicking it with Matt’s wife/ Curry would be roughed up at
though.—Ed. if you come to the Lakers, long ex-wife ain’t cool. We won half court, hand checked up by
as you helping win champion- championships together. Bros squads like the Knicks and the
This season you just previewed ship, you ain’t gotta talk to before hoes. Plus, Fish is an Bulls perhaps? BUT…ifs are like
is going to be a whirlwind. nobody. Then Melo NBA coach. You can’t be in the assholes—everyone got one!
Potentially Kobe’s last season thinks the Knicks streets causing havoc. You don’t MVP Stephen Curry’s Time is
(nobody knows what that guy are competing hear about Steve Kerr, Pop, NOW and at this point, ifs, hat-
is gonna do anymore), another for champi- David Blatt, etc. ers, question marks and excuses
TAG YOUR PICS Shout out to SLAM, too. will have to take a back seat to

#MYSLAM A few months ago y’all

covered Post Malone talk-
ing about his song “White
reality! All these doubters, all
these questions, and all these ifs
can look up at that banner hang-
Iverson.” I know that it’s old ing in Oracle Arena and deal wit
INSTAGRAM now but our prison ain’t shit. all these Treys, all these Handles,
OF THE MONTH We get everything late and
they took BET/VH1 away. I just
and all these WINS!!!
@southeast_supreme heard that “White Iverson” and YOU again???!!!—Ed.
First time I ever heard of I think it’s hot. Dudes in here
Lamar Odom was in this 1997 (my roommate) be hating tho. NOTHING BUT LOVE
issue of Slam no. 15, when Enjoy this 2015-16 season as I think I was about my son’s age
he was in high school. Always OKC reminds y’all how special when I first found SLAM. It
was a fan of his game. they are. worked for me because it
#SlamMagazine #Slam TAY DA GR8 // PENDLETON, IN melded my favorite sport with
#MySlam #LO #TheGoods You again?!—Ed. the music I was finding myself

16 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
SEND LETTERS TO: TRASH TALK, C/O SLAM 261 Madison Avenue, 6th floor, NY, NY, 10016
MESSAGE US ON FACEBOOK OR EMAIL US AT: (We may edit letters to fit.)

obsessed with. A true “in yo from SLAM’s entire print

face” mag. I followed SLAM like run! Call it a goldmine for my
the older heads followed Sports kids, who have been reliving
Illustrated. All throughout junior Scoop Jackson rants and
high and high school (when I classic SlamUps ever since.
could finally afford my own Twenty years and 192 issues
subscription) and beyond, I’ve later it seems things have
collected SLAM mags. I’ve come full circle. Issue 10 was
always said SLAM is the realest gold. Issue 50 was dope. No.
hip-hop mag in the game, it just 100 was the greatest magazine
happens to cover basketball. Is- I’ve ever read (word to Ryan
sue 192 earns my undying Jones, who sent me that cus-
gratitude by shouting out Sean tom SLAM-fitted himself). But
Price (RIP) in “Line of the I have a feeling SLAM 200 will
Month.” Best article in the issue top them all. So in anticipation
was the cover story, when you of that hallowed event, I’ll be
reached out to—who else?—a releasing my own tribute.
pair of local rappers to help I call it “Countdown to #200.”
summarize the sentiment of a Let the games begin.
city. Good looks. I’m from THE G-TEAM // BROCKTON, MA
Boston, so I think the mention Even better than IG of the month [top Johnson. Thanks for being y’all My name is William Burns
of Bill Simmons to HBO right]? Thank you either way!—Ed. and please continue to save and I’m currently locked up
deserves more than a raised me this season with more great right now, and I’ve been a
eyebrow! Speaking of the Bean, What’s up, Best Mag in the articles. And make Russell earn SLAM Fan for 10 years.
I’m predicting over 42 games world?I felt great today when a cover. Oh yeah, that high I’m currently a two-year
won for my Celtics and at least I got the mag but not the best school kid Alkins looks like the subscription holder, but I’ve
a 6th seed come Playoff because I’m in the box for a real deal. I hope he’s not faking been reading SLAM since
time. Barring any unfortunate while and I’m gonna miss the like the rest. #PrayersForPearl I was 12 years old. I want to
circumstances though, I def see whole season. And I think it’s #BKALLDAY #GatesAve thank SLAM for keeping me
the Cavs making it to the Finals gonna be very good, especially AROUET // WOODBOURNE BOX, NY updated the last two years
this year again. with Bron and the Cavs charged P.S. If y’all print this, let me get while I been locked up. Now
If my math is right, next up (perfect title) after that some Ed love. shout out to them Warriors
June when those Finals are sham of a Finals! Respect to Covered this request at the top of they did that. Them haters was
going on, should put us right at the Warriors but imagine if this section.—Ed. like Harden should win M.V.P.
that hallowed TWO HUN- Mike went to battle with Utah but I won’t be surprised if
DREDTH ISSUE mark! That’s without Pippen and Grant! I At the moment, I am on lock- Westbrook splits it. And no,
a landmark occasion, and one like Bron but I love the Mamba down on this slave plantation the GSW cannot shoot
that necessitated my very first and L.A. As I stated in my love called NY Dept. of Correction themselves to a title ha ha ha,
write-in to the magazine I liter- fest for both a few issues back and in honor of my daughter what do you got to say now?
Stephen Curry is a future Hall
of famer. Steph Curry is the
truth. Now I wanna give a
TWEET OF THE MONTH shout to my favorite player
D-Wade. I hope I could see
D-Wade on one of these up &
coming SLAM covers. All
I got to say is the East better
watch out because Miami
Heat is on a mission this next
season. Now NBA players,
you better watch out for that
boy Ben Simmons. I see him
being the next LeBron James.
ally grew up with. I decided in Trash Talk. But I gained so Destiny Telleria. I promise I share I see Ben taking LSU to the
to go for your Instagram of much new respect for him after her ball thoughts and dreams sec. I’m sorry to say it but it
the Month trophy in honor. that Final. As for the LakeShow, which is for SLAM to finally give has to be said: James Harden
After so many illuminating I love the Russell pick. I was female players their props with will never win a ring unless he
discussions with my two very rooting and betting that L.A. did a cover as you do the incoming go back to OKC. Houston is
inquisitive sons (who, with the what they did. I think Okafor will rookies. By putting the female not a good fit for James
help of NBA 2K Legends Teams be good but Russell is special. dream team (2015-16) of Maya, Harden. I’m sorry James, but
and their old mans reminisc- I love college ball and he’s the Taurasi, Delle Donne, C. Parker, it’s true. Now on that note I’m
Top right: courtesy The G Team

ing, have a voracious interest best PG I seen, maybe ever. I’m Griner, McCoughtry, Skylar, leave by saying the next finals
in legendary teams, players from BK so I root for the Nets Catchings, Tina and new girl on will be a rematch GSW VS
and moments of the game), I except when they play L.A. the block Breanna Stewart (next Cavs. Them golden boys will
decided to hit the storage bin But that crowd at Barclays is season) on the SLAM cover can win again in Game 5 at Golden
and dust off some of my old horrible! That Brooklyn chant only mean “Damn, SLAM always State…splash splash splash.
archives. All told, I think I’m is great but besides that they gets it right and keep it real.” WILLIAM BURNS // WALLA WALLA, WA
missing less than 10 issues are more laid back than Joe MIKE JAMES // WALLKILL CF, NY Holla holla.—Ed.

S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 17

BIGFOOTHOOPS.COM (713) 524-3036

Always by Rick Telander

Hey, a guy’s gotta have friends, sports, groups of hangers-on to go after cattle rustlers. viewer he paid for five people
right? It doesn’t matter if he’s were called pals, and if they “Entourage” became a later to travel with him to everything
broke or has millions, a male hu- weren’t used as body guards, term for such groups, hinting now, but he had hired them all
man needs some boys or boyz they were few in number and at a veneer of respectability, for various jobs. “I don’t have
or cowboys to kick it with. Of without many demands. That all because a posse may be a an entourage,” Butler said, not
course, it’s easier to have those changed in the NBA when gar- mooching carload of idiots with too convincingly. “I’m not Mark
folks around if you have that gantuan, guaranteed contracts mischief at its heart, but an Wahlberg…They comfort me,
incredible wealth, if for no other kicked in, and many first-round entourage often has a quasi- they humble me, they never let
reason than that at any time you picks were kids not long out of sensible adult somewhere in me forget where I’m from.”
can buy them all cheeseburgers, high school, without knowledge the cluster, possibly a lawyer or Poor Lamar Odom once told
or new phones, or Escalades. of the real world. They had mon- agent or—ta-da!—a personal wife Khloe Kardashian he was
And you never have to worry ey and nobody to help them fitness chef. paying rent for 20 friends and
about who’s going to pick up the spend it. So they brought along I started thinking about cell phone bills for 30 more.
champagne tab. You. buddies from the gym, siblings, entourages again last summer Entourages, like LeBron James’
Ask Allen Iverson—reports dubious relatives, would-be as- when rising Bulls star Jimmy massive one, can help a guy out.
were that when he was starring sistants, sychophants, wannabe Butler signed his first mega- Or they can help a guy out of ev-
for the 76ers, he sometimes had rappers, etc. to their new cities, contract—a max five-year, $95 erything, as they did for Iverson,
HBO/Claudette Barius

as many as 50 people in his roll- and sometimes their homes million deal—and the quiet kid who burned through $150 million
ing pack of freeloaders, a kind resembled nothing so much as from Tomball, TX, seemed to with his peeps before declaring
of undulating blob of humanity adult sleepover camps. have glitter in his eyes. He had bankruptcy in 2011.
that Iverson claimed he enjoyed The word “posse” came to just gone to Paris for new pal Like Turtle said, “Don’t talk to
and needed. define such crowds, with no Mark Wahlberg’s birthday. And us like we’re adopted, bro.” But
Back in olden times in pro reference to ranchers deputized he admitted to an ESPN inter- remember, they likely are.

INSIDE: DAMIAN LILLARD takes it way back /// DEANDRE JORDAN visits the farm /// PROFESSOR MICHAEL ERIC DYSON drops jewels /// THE GAME + more...

S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 19

Atlanta Hawks, 6-8, F

We won’t get too sentimental here, but

the Atlanta Hawks do miss DeMarre
Carroll. The Hawks were a gritty band
of brothers starting to come into
their own. Carroll, a 6-8 grinder who’s
worked his whole life to defy the odds,
was their rock. When the League said,
“Look, y’all can bring four players to
the All-Star Game. Who’s it gonna be?”
Carroll bowed out like a gentleman. Ev-
ery other night, when the team needed
somebody to dive for a 50-50 ball, the
Junkyard Dog got the floor burn. The
city will never forget that.
“I don’t think a lot of people can
wake up every day and play hard,”
the Alabama native says. “Some
people might be lagging. But if you
can get up, go to work every day and
work just as hard as the day before,
that’s a talent. That’s how I feel on
the basketball court.”
After an unbelievable postseason
(six straight games over 20 points),
everybody not living in denial knew that
Atlanta would probably have to break
up with the 29-year-old free agent. And
sure enough, when it was time to find a
suitor this past summer, Toronto whis-
pered all the right things to DeMarre.
On the surface, the new union
looks promising. The Raptors have
a solid cast (DeMar DeRozan, Kyle
Lowry), a steady coach (Dwane
Casey) and super crowds at the Air
Canada Centre. “I’m excited,” says
Carroll, who is averaging 12 ppg in
36 mpg through the first two weeks
of the season. “I think Atlanta was
a good level for me. But coming to
Toronto, with the fan base and play-
ing for a whole different country, the
excitement level is through the roof.”
One can only hope that Toronto
appreciates what it’s getting. Atlanta
certainly knows what it lost. But
the old adage says, “If you love
something, let it go,” right? Well,
on December 2, DeMarre Carroll
returns to Philips Arena. There will
be some pre-game smiles. Probably
a few tears, too. As for embraces,
though, the closest thing you’ll see
is Carroll defending the Hawks so
tightly it’ll look like he’s reaching for

So maybe we should have done the rookie cover *this* season…..Holy smokes Andre Drummond!.....Andrew Janik, do you still read NOYZ? Or just do awesome illos? Figured we’d
make this the easiest test possible…..We’re still waiting on that Rich Kleiman call…..Katie Nolan’s KD interview was phenomenal….As much love as SLAM covers have gotten over
the years, and trust, we appreciate the love more than you know, the gallery of covers we *wanted* to do would honestly be as impressive as the ones we did do. Does that make

20 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
DeAndre Jordan, the book for you is Animal Farm by George Orwell. It’s a classic that everyone reads in middle school or
high school, even today with the Common Core State Standards. We all learned that it’s really about the Russian Revolu-
tion and rise of Stalin. Animals stand in for various historical figures, as we learn about the dystopian version of the
Socialist model, where the workers do everything and bosses have the money and power but none of the suffering.
Listen DeAndre, you signed a huge deal, you are going to make over $150 million in your life. This is incredible. Still,
you will never have the money or the power of your boss Steve Ballmer. Sure, he goes to games dancing like a lunatic,
buying material happiness for his workers with locker room gifts, and he puts a big happy face on decades of Clipper-
dom. That’s what the more fortunate animals on the farm get to do. Some animals are more equal than others.
Your Clippers successfully ousted Donald Sterling, a rare sports revolution where the public felt sympathy for young,
gifted millionaires. In the novel, the farm animals rise up
and get rid of the farmer. All’s well that ends well? Not
exactly. On the court you’re still stuck behind Golden
State, a reunited Durant and Westbrook, maybe even
Houston and San Antonio. It could take something as
drastic as revolution to get the Clippers where they
need to be. All the money in the world won’t make those
Carroll: Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images; LOTM: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE

ordered playoff fouls go away.

via Getty Images, Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images; Russell: Atiba Jefferson

And then there’s your summer drama. When your

whole public relations disaster with Mark Cuban un-
folded, some people were like, “How dare this ungrateful
spoiled brat make a promise and then not be man enough
to look him in the eye!” You don’t owe Mark Cuban ROOKIE DIARY with
anything; you were a free agent, you took care of yourself. D’ANGELO RUSSELL
Look to your point guard, who you are supposedly feuding
with. He’s the leader of the Player’s Union, not your Opening night...
enemy. “They” will try to divide and conquer you, keep was cool, it was an amazing experience.
you blind to the true power you have. That’s what they do Emotions were high, I had a lot of people at
on the farm. DeAndre, use your head, don’t just be a guy the game, but once I broke that first little
who runs and jumps and can’t hit free throws. sweat, the butterflies left my system right
The season is taxing, but Animal Farm is a short away.
read, something you could have done when waiting
out that silly free-agent signing blockade. You said you The biggest adjustment...
killed time that day by playing video games and order- is the speed of the game. It’s way faster than
college. It’s way more, man, the vibes are just
ing food, which is fine, but if you make the time for
different and the atmosphere is different
Animal Farm, you might wake up to what’s happening
at the arena. I’m not worried at all, though.
all around you.—SA M RU B E N ST E I N
We’re going to get on a roll.

At first...

Line of the Month

just being on the floor with some of the guys,
like Kevin Garnett, was my God! Like, I’m
here, I made it. It was cool. That feeling lasts
until the game starts. That’s when, I’m being
BY SHANNON BOOHER 100, you get it out of your system.

LYRICS OF THE MONTH: “I hopped up in that People have...

Maybach/I know I said I wouldn’t but some- written about it, and it’s true: Rajon Rondo
times a nigga gotta crossover like AI/I crossover is my man. That’s my guy. He just tells me to
like Steph Curry, crossover like CP,” “Just keep going at people. We’re from the same
Another Day”; “No hesitation like Steph, shoot city [Louisville], there’s a little bit of a bad
it right in your face/’Cause I’m a Golden State rep around the city, so he says play like
Warrior strapped with a K,” “New York, New you don’t have friends out there and go at
York”; “So I must be Klay with the .38/Thomp- everybody.
son with the Thompson,” “The Documentary 2”;
“I was light skin and young—Klay Thompson, I’m still...
nigga,” “Life”; The Game pays homage to the watching a ton of basketball outside of our
reigning champs with his latest albums—The games. I wouldn’t say I’m admiring anyone,
Documentary 2 and The Documentary 2.5. but you do try stealing a little bit from ev-
ANOTHER SEQUEL OF THE MONTH: In a land of purple and eryone’s game. I try to see what everyone is
gold, a fading star is forced to trek over a rocky doing and take from that.
Western landscape accompanied only by nov-
ices and castoffs. His future bleak, will this gun- As for...
slinger use his remaining time to propel his crew my hair, I’m just experimenting. Just experi-
to a return to glory or to self-destruct, blowing menting. We’ll have to see when I settle on a
up everything and everyone in sight? Coming style. I don’t know. Keep an eye out, though,
soon: The Martian 2, starring Kobe Bryant. and we’ll talk next month!

sense?.....Brock Turnipseed is the man…..Shouts to Chris Burns for the courage—and the long-time reading of SLAM!.....When ballers turn to junkies it fucking sucks…..Shouts to Marty Rosen for his awesome
work honoring the great Erasmus Hall teams of the ’50s and ’60s. Keep an eye out for more where that came from. Brooklyn hoops didn’t start with Bernard and Albert…..We were never sold on Jerry Wain-
right as a big-time coach, but that letter-writing he does that we read about in the WSJ sure sold us on him as a person…..Yo, NCAA—clear Cheick Diallo already!!!....Are there hanging chads? Oh yes there are…..

S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 21

The hard-knock
city of Oakland
made Blazers
PG Damian Lillard
the man—and
basketball player—
he is today.

SLAM: What are your earliest When I started doing that, that’s SLAM: Who were your favorite NBA jersey that you owned?
basketball memories? a whole summer of practice, players? DL: A Miami Heat jersey. I got
DL: Just shooting from across tournaments, traveling. So DL: I was a fan of Mookie. I liked it at All-Star Weekend. It was
the street with the rounded that’s taking me out of Oakland Chris Mills. I was a fan of Antawn 2000. All-Star Weekend was
curb and then it bounced back enough for the summer. That’s Jamison, Larry Hughes, Gilbert in Oakland. I remember I got a
and hit the street—just learning where I grew that serious love Arenas, Jason Richardson. Miami Heat jersey, but I put my
how to shoot like that. Shooting for it and wanted to be a part of SLAM: What East Oakland spot name and number on it.
on the street with my cousins. it. So I give a lot of credit to him. was most important to your SLAM: How about your first ball?
Shooting on milk crates on SLAM: I know you met Steve development? DL: I was like 10. My first Spald-
telephone poles. We had tree Francis at a young age. Do you DL: The rec center, playing ing ball—my dad ordered it off
branches that were shaped like remember meeting any other against older kids—there was Eastbay Magazine. I’d take it
a hoop—it was a branch that players or coaches when you one full court and two baskets to the rec. Every day I had my
came off of the tree that looped were growing up? on each side. There was some- ball with me. I actually left it up
around like the front of the rim. DL: The one with Steve Francis, body playing on each one, every there. I had it for a whole sum-
So we would be shooting over it that was the only real run-in day. If you wanted to play, you mer and then toward the end of
like it was the front of the rim. that I had that was just him had to compete. If you wanted the summer I left it in the gym
Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

SLAM: You grew up in a rough part standing there. But me and my the court, you had to play. You one day and I haven’t seen it
of East Oakland—who kept you brother used to sneak in the couldn’t be scared. People since.—A DA M FI G M A N
on the basketball path? back at Golden State games all got mad and one thing led to
DL: My dad. He was just always the time. We’d be right outside another and fighting broke out Share your photo with
pushing me to do things. Before their locker room when they and all kinda stuff. You coming #TrueToTheGame #Sweeps on
I played on the AAU team, were going to the parking lot. on your own, you gotta defend Twitter and Instagram for a
he was like, “Man, I got this We would meet them all the yourself and be willing to play chance to win Spalding NBA
traveling team you can play on. time. That was like Adonal against bigger kids. That situa- product, exciting trips and more.
You’ll get to meet new people.” Foyle, Tony Farmer, Mookie tion was huge for my growth. Visit
That was in, like, the fifth grade. Blaylock. I was a Warriors fan. SLAM: Do you remember the first to get in the game.

Never change, Z-Bo…..Oh, Gilbert. Just talk to us and clear up all the BS!.....If everyone liked mags as much as Khaled we’d be caked up…..We don’t know what type of player
he’ll turn out to be, but Frank Kaminsky definitely has some d-bag in him. And re: point one, “not as good as Justise Winslow” seems a safe bet…..Did you guys catch that New
School Narwhals shirt Max is wearing in Off the Bench? FLAMES…..Any time we get frustrated about our web functionality we look at the Sun-Times’. RT deserves better…..

22 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M

With sweat comes respect.

Share your photo with
#TrueToTheGame #Sweeps on
Twitter or Instagram for a chance
to win Spalding NBA product, a
trip to an NBA Game and more.

Visit to get in the game. OFFICIAL BASKETBALL & BACKBOARD

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The ever-reliable
Moses Malone led the
Philadelphia 76ers to
the 1983 Championship.

The season ticket brochure for the 1977-78

Philadelphia 76ers included a photograph of
Julius Erving’s wristbanded right hand and
forearm, the index finger extended toward the
Or, perhaps, a Championship.
The Sixers had blown a 2-0 lead in the
’77 Finals and fell in six games to Portland.
The fallout from the late Darryl Dawkins’
comical Game 2 fight with Maurice Lucas
and a barrage of George McGinnis bricks was
another Philadelphia sporting disappoint-
ment and brought a promise from Dr. J that
“We owe you one.” Thus, the photo.
That finger remained outstretched for
six long years, through the improbable
’78 Eastern Conference championship round
meltdown against Washington, the Magic
Miracle in the ’80 Finals, the 1981 ECF choke
job against Boston and the 1982 title series included Erving, Mo Cheeks, Andrew Toney nobody in the League worked harder on the
bowdown to L.A. By the 1982-83 season, the and Bobby Jones. The NBA title wasn’t neces- court, and that was exactly what the flashy
running joke in Philadelphia was that the Six- sarily won that day, but the Sixers certainly Sixers needed. In Malone, who died in Sep-
ers’ credit line was just about exhausted. The established themselves as strong favorites. tember at the far-too-young-age of 60, Philly
team’s fans were tired of IOUs. It was time for Philadelphia won a League-best 65 regular- had the perfect, hard-hat-wearing pivotman.
the franchise to make a payment. season games, then the fifth-most in NBA Lakers fans grouse that had rookie James
Only one man had the coin to pay up. history. And with Malone averaging 24.5 and Worthy not broken his leg in ’83, and Norm
Moses. 15.3, Philly was no longer the entertaining— Nixon not separated his shoulder in the first
On September 15, 1982, the Sixers traded though ultimately disappointing—team it had game of the Finals, things would have been
center Caldwell Jones and a first-round pick been the previous six seasons. It had been different. Yeah, maybe L.A. might have
to Houston to acquire the League’s best pure fun to watch Doc dunk, but it was time to win won a game, and the Sixers’ “Fo-Fi-Fo” Playoff
rebounder, Moses Malone. No longer would it all. When he joined the Sixers, Malone had would have been amended. But why argue
the team be susceptible in the middle. Jones been deferential. “I know it’s Doc’s show, and semantics? Malone made sure 1982-83
Scott Cunningham/NBAE/Getty Images

and Dawkins were game—and in Dawkins’ I’m happy to be part of Doc’s show,” he said. belonged to the Sixers. His uncompromising
case, a lot of fun—but Malone was a relent- “Doc’ll still be the show, but maybe now it will interior play steeled a team that had lacked
less, 6-10 board monster who was in the midst be a better show.” a sturdy spine at a time when the NBA was
of a seven-season run in which he would lead Erving was the headliner, but Malone was still pivot-centric. Acquiring Malone
the League in rebounds six times. In ’81-82, he the reason the Sixers had been transformed. transformed the Sixers from an entertaining
had been a Leviathan, averaging 31.1 ppg and It was sometimes comical to watch him basketball show into a deadly serious
14.7 rpg in a League-best 42 sweat-soaked amassing three and four offensive re- hardwood force. By the time the Sixers swept
minutes a night. The Sixers signed Malone to bounds—off of his own misses—on the same away the Lakers, all the debts were settled.
a then-unheard-of six-year, $13.2 million deal possession, and media members had to get Philadelphia didn’t owe anybody a
and stuck him into the middle of a core that used to his third-person Moses-speak, but damn thing.— M I C H A E L B R A D L E Y

FWIW, Brandblacks are mad comfortable…..Yo Charley H—keep up the good fight, dude…..For Pete’s sake—we just saw a Pete Nice mention on social me-
dia for the first time in a long time. We had such high hopes for him.....Maybe the Sixers would have a bright future if robots could play basketball at a high
level. Alas…..Bard Beal is a great nickname if the Wiz 2g ever wants to moonlight as an actor…..Now the Nets care about their Jerzey heritage? GTFOH.....

24 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M


Public intellectual Michael Eric Dyson
understands the way sports bleed into
everyday society better than most.
Michael Eric Dyson is perhaps tunities. I try to give them some
America’s freshest scholarly societal understanding of what
voice in the social dialogue that all means and how to com-
surrounding race, class, gender port oneself. These talks are
and poverty. The New York also for the coaches, as they
Times columnist, MSNBC po- need to appeal to their players
litical analyst and Washington intellectually and culturally. I
Wizards season ticketholder imagine that the rookies see
caught up with us recently to me as some pontificating
share his wisdom on a variety professor or preacher. In fact, I
of basketball-related issues. officiated Carmelo’s wedding.
SLAM: The first game you ever
SLAM: Your writing carries a dis- saw was with Pete Maravich,
tinctly rhythmic, almost musical whom you described as an
voice—not only in presentation “alchemical magician.” Who
but also in lens. How does the are some of the more inspired
auditory element frame your geniuses you have witnessed on
use of language? the hardwood?
MED: I grew up in Detroit listen- MED: The greatest force is
ing to the Pistons on the radio. Michael Jordan—and LeBron
I actually heard basketball James is the greatest athletic
before I saw it played profes- spectacle. Nobody can ever referred to Allen Iverson as you lament the NCAA’s “deep
sionally live. It was stunning to do what Jordan did. He was a the toughest pound for pound rooted” pathology in its treat-
imagine Dave Bing or Jimmie pioneer in terms of broader athlete in any sport. ment of student athletes.
Walker going up against Nate commodified hipness and up- MED: Allen Iverson essentially MED: It’s said to be an amateur
Archibald and the Cincinnati per echelon economy. But ball exposed the country to the sport and yet the coaches,
Royals at Cobo Arena. Visual- on floor, footwork, complicated beautiful complicated mas- athletic directors and schools
izing the tiny lefty putting 40 shots (with difficult delivery of culinity of black men when he are making millions of dollars
points on us with little effort those shots), court intelligence, forged the hip-hop aesthetic literally on the backs of these
was amazing. This was critical and understanding to be mani- in the arenas of America. players. If we induce capitalism
to my intellectual life, as hear- cally obsessed with every detail The body ink, which is now as the adjudicative force in the
ing is a function of learning. of the game and the physical the norm, was at the time a marketplace—the compensation
SLAM: You have spoken to fitness it demands—there is repudiation. Tattoos were for of getting a college education is
several NBA rookie classes. nobody better than Kobe Iverson a necessary gesture of good, but it is hardly the fulfill-
What is the general purpose of Bryant. He is Jordan-esque but self-expression that in many ment of what they deserve. It’s
your talks? to another degree. ways transitioned one genera- really about taking a hard look at
MED: These are young men with SLAM: In addition to being a tion to another. the exploitative practices of our

Plum: Washington Athletics; Abdul-Jabbar: Walter Iooss Jr./NBAE/Getty Images

SLAM: In Can You Hear Me Now?

Dyson: AP Photo/Earl Gibson III; West: Gary Hardamon/Northwestern State;

deep pockets and open oppor- distinct signifier, you have also young people.
SLAM: Why have sports become
PICTURE ME BALLIN’ such a cauldron for race, politics
and substantive conversation?
Jalan West, Northwestern State (LA): Leading the nation in assists is pretty good. Being top-20 MED: The NBA held a panel
with Kareem, Corey Booker,
in points per is also pretty good. Combining both of those is even better. Northwestern State point
Bill Bradley and myself where
guard Jalan West put up averages of 20 ppg and 7.7 apg in ’14-15, helping to lead his Demons to a 19-13
we addressed our nation’s tre-
record. The Bossier City, LA native is lightning quick, with the desire to take big shots and the skill to
mendous history of civil rights
make them. West is going into his senior season as opposing defenses’ top priority—but good luck. and the lingering problems of
West can get to the rim at ease and he has a knockdown shot. rhetorical and actual violence
Kelsey Plum, Washington Huskies: Plum finished the 2014-15 season directed at specific groups.
with a 22.6 ppg average, including 87 percent from the line and 40 Athletes are entertainers. But
percent from distance for the Washington Huskies. She’s got a in the absence of strong unity
beautiful stroke that lets her light up defenses from all over the court, in the community, we turn to
both off the dribble and off the catch. The lefty from La Jolla, CA, them, right or wrong, as voices
dropped 45 points at Oklahoma to begin her second campaign, which set for direction. Sports doesn’t
the tone for her entire season. If her sophomore year was any indication, always transcend differences or
Plum’s jumpshot is going to torch even more defenses over the coming even ideas. Race is not a card—
months.—MA X RESETAR it’s a condition.— D R . L . A . G A BAY

A little bit like comparing apples and oranges, but sometimes we wish Steph looked out the same way Bron does…..Way to go, Mizzou!.....Huge shouts to Courtney Barnett
for KILLING the parallax game on our behalf!.....Even if he’s long since moved on from chronicling Gary Payton, we still mess with David Shields heavy…..What Li-Ning
launch event???…..What happened to the camel anyway?.....When we really make it, we’re doing conference calls from helicopters…..Big news in the mag business when

26 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
LOUDER THAN A BOMB Always by Dave Zirin

A Beautiful Mind
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has evolved into the
most prominent politically minded athlete of our time.
Who could have predicted that the most discomfort being in public and his belief that were “outsider” candidates. Instead he his article and scrawled on it with a black
political, thoughtful and consistently a white-dominated media never gave him a pointed out what makes them different. sharpie,“Now I know why the press always
interventionist athlete of 2015 would be a fair shake.“I’ve had to deal with that ugly He wrote, “Ernest Hemingway once said treated you so badly—they couldn’t stand
68-year-old Hall of Fame legend, a man who blend of racism and envy my entire career,” that courage was ‘grace under pressure.’ you. The fact is that you don’t have a clue
spent most of his career not talking? he wrote,“and what it’s done is sharpen my Two presidential candidates, Donald Trump about life and what has to be done to make
But that’s the case with Kareem killer instinct, made me super-intense. If I’ve and Bernie Sanders, have recently tested America great again!” It is certainly true that
Abdul-Jabbar. Young Kareem was part of a become aloof and almost impervious to this proposition. And how each man the press did treat Kareem badly. But guess
singularly political group of athletes while criticism, it’s because I’ve come to expect it. responded revealed the type of person he what? Now he’s part of the press and we are
also winning three NCAA titles at UCLA. As a Still, it never feels good.” is and the type of president he would make: profoundly richer for the fact that this great
20-year-old college sophomore known as Surely the changing times also fed Trump authored his own doom, and man has chosen to share his voice.
Lew Alcindor, he was at the table of the Ali Kareem’s move toward being more reticent. Sanders opened immense new As we went to press, he was at it again,
Summit where Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Bobby Today, it seems like Kareem is feeling, if not possibilities as a compassionate person challenging the GOAT himself, Michael
Mitchell and a host of other athletes pledged good, then at least confident in his belief that and serious candidate for president.” Jordan. Many have ripped MJ over the
to support Muhammad Ali in his efforts to if he opens his mouth, his voice will be heard. The comparison was how Trump reacted years for his lack of a public social
resist being drafted into the Vietnam War. In His columns for TIME magazine’s website to being challenged on his history of sexism, conscience, but few if any in the NBA have
1968, he did not participate at the Olympics and The Washington Post have a tendency to contrasted with the ways Sanders reacted done the same. Yet here was Kareem on
out of solidarity with John Carlos, Tommie go viral and his takes straddle the line after being pushed by the Black Lives Matter NPR saying, “He took commerce over
Smith and the other rebel athletes of the day. between meditative and searing. movement. Trump doubled down on his conscience. It’s unfortunate for him, but
Then Kareem went to the pros for two There are many examples to choose from misogyny while Sanders actually shifted his he’s gotta live with it.” For a player whose
decades and gave us at most a thin political but my favorite was when Kareem compared platform and rhetoric to deal more with consistency and technical genius on court
gruel. He spelled out why he was so quiet— Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Kareem anti-racist and criminal justice issues. was once described as “boring,” Kareem is
reporters called it sullen—in his 1985 dismissed the mainstream media’s take that The column actually got less press than the Dominique of pundits. Agree or
memoir Giant Steps. Here he explained his they were two peas in a pod because they the response. Trump sent Kareem a copy of disagree, he’s a human highlight reel.

Southern Living does an A-B-C split…..Yo Bill Dwyre—credit your quotes!.....What’s up with Cali-based sportswriters lately anyway? Simers, Simmons x 2, etc…..Kyle Kuric stay up!!.....One of the few must-have
SIs of the year was the College Basketball Preview. Not for the rankings, but the classic cover shoots and institutional knowledge. This year’s cover had Eric Hosmer on it?!.....Tacko Fall is a saint.....Grantland…..
Sites that don’t make money and are operated by companies that need to…..Jim Barker…..Stanley Booth…..Mel Daniels…..Nate Huffman…..Dave Meyers…..Flip Saunders.....Scotty Stirling.….Michael Wright.....

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I ma ge
Tom Medvedich


adidas Crazy 8 December 18, $110
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S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 31
32 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images
11 . 08 . 15
Justise Winslow was the 10th overall the Duke freshman. Instead he fell to of course. First and foremost, there isn’t the end of the world financially, Winslow’s game is still developing,
pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, which is the Miami Heat at 10, who were prob- is the possibility that an elite rookie and could even help situationally, but as any 19-year-old’s would be, but
fine and all—a dream for some—but ably as surprised to find Winslow still lands on an already-good team, as it still rankles. Ask Paul Pierce, the he’s already an elite defender and, at
not exactly what he was expect- available as they were to be picking Winslow did with the Playoff-ready 10th pick of the 1998 Draft, how it 6-7, 225, a problem on the break. And
ing. Heading into the Draft, top five there in the first place. Heat. And then there’s the little man- made him feel. Hell, ask the 18-year if anyone should get in his way, well,
seemed like a distinct possibility for There are advantages to dropping, ner of motivation. Falling a few picks veteran how it makes him feel now. Justise is served.— RUSS B EN GTSO N

S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 33
With a loaded
roster featuring
young and
NBA-ready players,
Cal should be
the most exciting
college team
in the country
this season.

John Todd/
From left:
Jaylen Brown,
Ivan Rabb, Jabari Bird,
Tyrone Wallace,
Jordan Matthews

and have been tight ever since.
So much so that Rabb’s mom
has become the impromptu
team mother, cooking dinners
for both guys and helping out
with laundry.
Although Jaylen had a
slightly higher national profile
coming out of Wheeler HS in
Marietta, GA—also the alma
mater of the last Cal player
with this much hype, Shareef
Abdur-Rahim—being that they
are playing in Ivan’s backyard,
Brown often jokes that he acts
as his roomie’s security when
they are out and the photo and
autograph requests get to be
too much. With the drive, ath-
leticism, work ethic and talent
that both of these guys pos-
sess, sooner rather than later,
they’ll both be taking fan selfies
and signing autographs from
Berkeley to Brooklyn—if the

team wins as much as pundits
expect them to.
In a year that many thought
The addition of Oakland “All those expectations are would be a down one for the
native Rabb (or Ive, as his team- cool, but we still have to play Pac-12, the Cal Bears should
mates call him) and Brown as basketball,” Brown says. “I’m do a lot of winning. They have
the catalysts of a top-5 recruit- appreciative of that and we’re the ideal balance of youth,
ing class immediately catapult- very blessed to be considered experience, size and depth—
ed Cal onto the radar of even the at such a level, but at the same something that has not been
most pedestrian college hoops time I can’t pay attention to the case in recent years. Cal
fan, as well as into the top 15 that.” goes five-to-six deep in the
of most pre-season polls and Jaylen’s fellow team member backcourt with Jabari Bird, Sam
lists—official and unofficial. and roommate Rabb agrees Singer, Georgetown transfer
Both Jaylen and Ivan were wholeheartedly: “It doesn’t Stephen Domingo and Roger
recruited by Kentucky, Kansas, matter, I think the rankings Moute a Bidias expected to
UCLA—traditional powerhouse are more for the fan base, to get minutes behind starters
schools—but they chose Cal get them excited and get more Wallace, Matthews and Brown.
he energy surrounding the for different but equally impor- attention to the program, but Despite the plethora of
Cal Men’s basketball program tant reasons. at the end of the day we have to talent, everything starts with
these days is unlike any Bears “A lot of people from the inner win games.” returning point guard Tyrone
fans have seen in a minute. city don’t get the opportunity After spending any amount Wallace. Coaches selected
There is an unmistakable [to come to Cal], so for me it of time with Jaylen and Ivan, Wallace as First-Team All-Pac-12
air of confidence and focus was just another opportunity it's apparent that, despite after his standout junior season;
that permeates through the to prove [people] wrong that being from opposite ends of he was also a finalist for the
coaches and the team. And why I could make it here, just like I the country, they agree on a Bob Cousy Award. Wallace sets
not? After a respectable 18-15 made it at [Bishop] O’Dowd, lot. The two well-mannered, the tempo on the floor at all
campaign last season—the first [when] they said I wasn’t intel- laid back stars arrived on Cal’s times; he knows the system, so
with coach Cuonzo Martin—he ligent enough,” Rabb says. campus early in the summer he’s always vocal, whether he’s
and his staff pulled off the best “For me it was just getting
recruiting hall in the program's away from home and experienc-

“We don ’t just talk

history, landing top-10 players ing something different,” Brown
Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb, as says. “Twenty years from now I
well as SoCal forward Roman want to be able to tell my kids

about family, we try

Davis (who it was just an- or grandkids what I did when
nounced will sit out this season I was 18 years old in Northern
as a redshirt). Add them to California other than just being

to live it. That ’s who

a trio of top-notch returning at home and staying in my area
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

talent in four-year senior Tyrone for the rest of my life.”

we are, it s’ a lifestyle,
Wallace, former McDonald’s All- The irony of all the pre-
American Jabari Bird and the season hype attached to the Cal

much-improved 2-guard Jordan program is that the two guys

it ’s a culture.” Martin
Matthews, and the Cal faithful who are largely responsible for
have a reason to be excited. generating it couldn't care less
Very excited. about the premature accolades.

36 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
praising teammates or correct- that is exactly what you’ll hear Purdue. He and eventual No. 1 times when Martin, his staff
ing them when they're in the at workouts or during stretches pick Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson and the players describe the
wrong spot. As the only scholar- in practice. Everything from wreaked havoc on the Big Ten, bond they share.
ship senior on the team, Wallace old-school jams to Kevin Gates winning back-to-back confer- “Everybody uses that word
is also a guy whom Coach (players say that Martin loves ence titles in '94 and '95 on top family, but I think family is
Martin trusts. The second-year the Louisiana rapper’s “I Don’t of an Elite Eight appearance. displayed over time,” Martin
general allows Wallace to make Get Tired”) to Shy Glizzy gets Multiple injuries would cut says. “We don’t just talk about
decisions that most coaches rotation. At only 44 years old, short Martin’s playing career, it, we try to live that, and that’s
wouldn’t allow, from what days Martin is old enough to have but he quickly found another who we are, it’s a lifestyle, it’s
to take off to fun stuff like what lived but young enough to calling in the game when a a culture. The relationships,
shoes to wear in a game. relate, as is his staff. former Purdue coach hired the friendships, the respect we
Cal’s upperclassmen are The way that Martin leads him as an assistant in 2000. have for our players, not just as
quick to give credit to former while also giving his team free- A promising stint at Missouri basketball players, but as young
head coach Mike Montgomery’s dom is part of the reason he State as a head coach would men, as well as students.”
regime, but it is clear that and his staff have completely lead to a less than ideal time Whether Cal’s freshmen
the example Coach Martin changed the culture around the at Tennessee, but for the man take the one-and-done route
has brought to Berkeley is program in such a short time. of faith who made it out of East or they stick around the school
something that his players “It can’t be a dictatorship St. Louis and beat cancer in for a couple more years, it’s
respect. The healthy balance in this relationship because his 20s, the debacle in Knoxville clear they understand the
of competition and camarade- in order for those guys to was just another hurdle to importance of this season and
rie among the team is a good grow, I have to let them make overcome. the ramifications it has on the
indication. On non-game days, decisions,” says Martin. Over As a lifelong Midwest guy, future of the program.
Martin will have players work the summer, the team went Martin never imagined coach- “Obviously I came here to
out in the morning, followed by on a trip to Australia to play ing on the West Coast, but it win games, but I also came
a two-and-a-half hour intense exhibition games against pro has suited him well, partially here to change the culture of
game-situation practice. After, competition and even though because he brought a lot of the basketball team,” Rabb
the team sticks around to run they were nearly 8,000 miles home with him to the Bay Area. says. “Berkeley has so much
shooting drills. from campus, Coach didn’t give Martin’s Associate Coach, As- to offer as a school, so why not
In the midst of the killer them a curfew. sistant Director of Operations offer the academic side and
practices, the team also has a College hoop fans of a and Strength and Conditioning the basketball side? We can be
lot of fun. There aren’t many certain age should remember Coach all worked with or played a big-time, huge program for
major college head coaches Martin from his days as a lock- for him at some point. This many, many years and I think
who can rap word for word with down defender and sharp- tight-knit unit exudes family, this is the year to really put us
1990s Snoop Dogg records, but shooter under Gene Keady at a word that is used multiple over the top.” S
38 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images
Over the past year, o o has
dealt with life-let alone career-threatening-injuries.
His road back has been no joke,
but the 10-time All-Star, ever the optimist,
is back to doing what he does best.
a kidney transplant—those are to question things a bit, wonder
life-threatening diagnoses,” says what I was actually contributing
Heat president Pat Riley. “With to society, wondering what I’d be
Chris, this was the same thing—a doing if I wasn’t playing ball.
condition that could be fatal. It Especially after the champion-
was a very sobering time.” ships, things got really hectic.
Riley also thought about Basketball was really difficult.”
another former player of his, That word, difficult, Bosh used
Jerome Kersey. The Bosh family to think he understood what it
did, too. One day earlier, Kersey meant. That was before he spent
suddenly died at the all-too- a week in a hospital room with
young age of 52. The cause of fluid-draining pipes drilled into
death: A blood clot traveled from him as if his body was nothing
his left calf to his lung. more than a clogged kitchen sink.

“It was scary,” Bosh says. “I The thought of all that hardware
knew all about blood clots and resting between his ribs still
how dangerous they are.” sends shivers down his spine.
It took over a day for the “It’s such a hard feeling to
blood thinners to do their job, describe,” he says. “Unlike
after which Bosh was informed anything I’ve ever felt. Just a
his life was no longer in danger. weird and tough experience.”
“That period beforehand—that One day in particular stands
was the most nervous I’ve ever out as being the worst.
seen him,” Keener says. It was his third with tubes in his
As for the 31-year-old Bosh’s chest, and his body was adjusting
playing career, well, that was a to the morphine and slowly
different story. beginning to feel more pain. The
walls of the room were closing in.
CHRIS BOSH’S LIFE has, for the The few times the two did speak “I OWE EVERYTHING I’ve done to He felt nauseous, and depressed,
most part, been a fruitful one, full over the phone Bosh sounded the game of basketball,” Bosh and dirty, too. Showering was
of accolades, prosperity and nervous—and understandably so. says. “I’ve done so much in my life forbidden. Instead, he was forced
success. He’s won champion- A week earlier Bosh had gone that I never dreamt I’d be able to, to clean himself with a wet cloth
ships and played in All-Star to Haiti for an All-Star Weekend and it’s all because of basketball.” that seemingly never stayed
Games. He’s made $144 million vacation, only to have it ruined by It’s a recent October warm. He knew he wasn’t going
on the court, and, via endorse- an agonizing pain in his back and afternoon, and Bosh is calling home for three more days and he
ments, a small fortune off of it. chest. He returned to Miami and from his Miami home. He’s was sick of daytime TV. Family
And then there are the other checked into Baptist Hospital, upbeat and jovial, and enjoying a Guy, SportsCenter, American
gifts the game has given him, like where doctors discovered blood lunch of lightly fried snapper Dad—he felt he'd seen them all.
the time and means to pursue his clots in his lungs. Bosh was also and broccoli. “Don’t worry,” he “I had an iPad, but I just didn’t
other interests. Bosh has made diagnosed with a pulmonary says between laughs. “[The fish] have the energy to do all that, set
TV cameos and learned to play infarction; dead tissue had led to is barely dipped in oil. It’s not it up and everything,” he says. “I
guitar; he’s chilled with camels fluid build-up in his lungs. that greasy spoon stuff.” just wanted to lay back. I couldn’t
and brewed his own beer. “All A left shin contusion suffered a He’s answering questions deal with trying to get comfort-
these things,” he says, “I couldn’t few months earlier seemed to be about the past year, the trials able with the screen on me.”
have done if I worked a 9-5.” at the root of all these afflictions. he’s endured, the pain he’s felt, He’d use it to watch Heat
But like all human beings, But at the moment the why was and how he overcame. He’s games, but his zeal for life had
despite his fame and fortune irrelevant. All that mattered to introspective and thoughtful—“A disappeared. No longer was the
and freakish 6-11 height, Bosh Bosh, and those who know and renaissance man,” Riley calls him. glass half full. Bosh’s wife,
has also dealt with the merciless love him, was that, for the time “He and Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] Adrienne, was constantly at his
side of life, and over the years being, his life was in doubt. are the two smartest players I’ve side, and he allowed his three kids
he’s developed a coping “For me, it immediately ever been around”—and Bosh’s to visit him once. He couldn’t
mechanism for such times. brought me back to when I found pensive mind serves him well stand his kids seeing him in that
“Don’t worry,” Bosh is fond of out about Earvin ["Magic" when recalling the recent past. state; the next time they saw him
saying, both to himself and to his Johnson] and his HIV diagnosis, “I’m just more appreciative of was when he returned home.
friends, those times when life hits and [Alonzo Mourning] needing the career I have,” he says. “I used “He just looked so unhealthy,”
hard, “the sun will come out

o was what
o basketball
tomorrow. Everything will be OK.”
A “glass half-full guy” is how
Dean Keener, the former Georgia “I realized that playing
I was put on this o o
Tech assistant who recruited
Bosh out of Dallas’ Lincoln HS,
earth to do. I’m 31 now-there’s
only so oo
describes him. Bosh, he says, is
the definition of a positive person,
which is why he was so struck by much more basketball I’m going to be
oand (I’m) more
the text messages he was getting
from his former player and
able to play. My career is finite,
o of it now than I o
longtime friend back in late
February. They were downtrod-
den, defeated and full of despair. appreciative ever was.”
40 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
says Ed Downs, Bosh’s trainer “I’m a yeller when watching my The slow progress frustrated Workouts lasted from 10:30-2,
and friend. “That image of him team, even though they can’t Bosh, but he also felt invigorated. six days a week. He ran 100-yard
lying there, it haunts me.” hear me. Like the manager in Confronting death had altered sprints and focused on improving
But, slowly, Bosh regained his Major League II, jumping up and his perspective, but so had the his balance and strengthening
hope. Little by little his fervor down. The games gave me an threat of losing his career. his core. By the end of the
returned. It may manifest itself escape, a way to feel normal for a “I realized playing basketball summer, Bosh added 20 pounds.
in different ways, such as crying couple of hours.” was what I was put on this earth “After what I went through,
after a high school champion- After a week of torture, an to do. I’m 31 now—there’s only so when I’m tired I keep pushing,” he
ship, or NBA Finals loss, but ecstatic Bosh was, finally, much more basketball I’m going says. Downs adds that he records
Bosh has always been ruthlessly discharged from Baptist to be able to play. My career is Bosh’s fitness numbers every
competitive. This is a person Hospital—only to forget to take finite, and [I’m] more apprecia- year and this summer Bosh set
who in high school used to scan his pain meds his first day back tive of it now than I ever was.” career highs “across the board.”
the PUNKS section of this home. “I figured once I got out of Rejoining the Heat last season “I came from a place where I
magazine, then share with his there I’d be able to get back to was out of the question, but Bosh wasn’t doing anything,” Bosh
friends why he was better than being normal,” he says. “I was quickly went to work on preparing says. He’s been to hell and back,
every player there. wrong.” It took four bedridden for an October 2015 return. and “knows what it’s like to
“You can’t have the career he’s days for Bosh to get the go-ahead Downs had reached out to Dr. come close to losing it all.”
had if you don’t have a little bit of from his doctors, and when he Cedric Bryant, the Chief Science Now, as he embarks on his
dog in you,” says Bosh’s friend/ finally did, his comeback didn’t Officer of the American Council 13th NBA season, and second in
former teammate Shane Battier. exactly get off to a roaring start. on Exercise, so he could design Miami without LeBron James,
Bosh just needed some time First, he began with short the proper rehab plan, and then the future Hall of Famer has just
to rediscover that drive. walks with his wife. They’d bring sent it over to Bosh, who spent one goal. It’s what pushed him to
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The first signs came toward their baby girl, Dylan Skye, in her the summer at his Santa Monica return from the brink, what kept
the end of his hospital stay, toy car. A winded Bosh, down 13 home training in a sweltering high him going all those times when
when nurses rushed to Bosh’s pounds from his listed 235, would school gym with Downs, former things were looking bleak.
room after hearing screams. last maybe three houses before Arizona Wildcat star Miles Simon “I want to win another
“I was watching Heat games requesting to turn around. They’d and a shooting statistics guru Championship,” Bosh says.
and getting into them,” he says. do this every other day. named Justin Zormelo. “That’s what all this is about.” S

the Wave
He’s the best PURE
SCORER in the NBA.
He’s also a WORLDWIDE
only thing 26-year-old
superstar JAMES HARDEN
really cares about is
Last call to board his
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

42 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
sits about 20 minutes southwest
of downtown Los Angeles,
inconspicuously located between
Marina Del Rey and the campus
of USC. There, students in grades
six through eight are required to
abide by a school dress code:
gray uniform pants, white
collared shirt. It’s at Audubon that
Camilo Valencia first noticed a
fellow sixth-grader who, like
himself, always had a basketball
in his hands. But whereas most
kids wore Dickies and Polos, this
kid wore gray sweatpants and a
white t-shirt. He was chubby, his
cornrows were messy and he
wore the same sneakers every
day. His name was James Harden.
“James was never like, the
handsome guy. He was always
like the Black Swan of the bunch.
Definitely not the best-dressed,”
Valencia says. “All the kids used
to make fun of him. He wasn’t fat,
but he was a bit on the chubby
side. Not athletic at all. But
everyone knew him. He wasn’t
the most popular, but everyone
knew who he was.”
“Sometimes his braids would
be half-done, and the other half
not, with the ’fro. We were in L.A.,
so that’s how it was,” remembers
Lorenzo “Zo” McCloud, another
childhood friend. Zo, a year
From left: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images; Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

younger than the other two,

eventually followed Harden and
Valencia to a small local travel
team, the L.A. City Wildcats, and
then to Artesia High School.
Bonded by the game of
basketball, the three became
inseparable. They’d spend the
night at each other’s houses and
talk about making it to the NBA.
They shared long car rides
listening to Jadakiss. James’
mother, Monja Willis, would cook
for them after school, or Zo’s
mom would buy them
McDonald’s between practices.
“Everywhere we’d go,” Harden
says, “we’d just want to hoop.”
“I feel like this year
we can really win a
I’m not just talkin’.”
In junior high, Harden camped superstar. When he appears,
out in the corner and shot “If you’re not Harden signs autographs for as
three-pointers, almost many of them as he can reach.
exclusively. But to the surprise of
his boys, he made Artesia’s
CONFIDENT One kid wearing his No. 13 jersey
even takes a shoe off his foot
varsity team as a 6-foot, IN YOURSELF, and hangs it over the railing—
150-pound freshman. “Me and a
couple other guys were the you’re not without hesitation, Harden
scribbles his insignia and tosses
nice-looking kids. We’d play
games with a headband on—we going to it back.
When Harden’s fans are
were the flashier players,” says
Valencia, who eventually joined
get anywhere satisfied, he begins his pre-game
shooting routine. Right away, he
his best friend on varsity as a
junior. “But James had a more
in life.” seems a little upset. Upset, as in,
he’s shooting about 75 percent
poised game. He never got sped instead of 100. Even so, it’s a
up, he always stayed at his pace.” 19 points, 8 rebounds and 3.5 on a team that finished second in dazzling display—a kind of
Harden seasoned his game assists per game, Harden led the vaunted Western Conference “Around the World” utopia. He
on the summer circuit. After Artesia to back-to-back last season. His beard has its floats from one side of the court
showing up at ABCD Camp California state titles in his junior own Twitter account. And he can to the other, stopping to hoist
before his junior year in 2005 a and senior years. In between, he scream “Swag!” at 3 a.m. out the five or six shots from each of a
fish out of water, uncomfortable earned a rep on the summer passenger side of an SUV with half-dozen spots. When he gets
at first with the me-first style of circuit. An ABCD All-Star, Harden tinted windows in Hollywood to the left side of the floor,
play that often clogs things up at also piloted his Pump-N-Run Elite because fuck it, life is good. Harden breaks the monotony
such HS All-Star summer camps, AAU team to the 2006 Las Vegas with some creativity, planting off
he got acclimated and he got adidas Super 64 championship, ABOUT AN HOUR before a his right foot, jumping back,
busy. “The year he came back leveling competition like Michael mostly meaningless mid- dropping the ball between his
from ABCD Camp, he came back Beasley’s DC Assault and Kevin October home pre-season game legs and flicking a floater up from
a whole ’nother player in the Love’s Southern California against the Pelicans, some 30 the baseline off one foot. Swish.
summer,” says McCloud. “He All-Stars along the way. rabid Rockets fans have His incredibly acute dexterity
came back like a whole ’nother A two-year stop at Arizona assembled near where the home even when it looks so damn
dude. That’s when I noticed like, State, a trip to the Finals with team’s locker room lets out to awkward conjures thoughts of
Damn, he’s on another level.” OKC and one blockbuster trade the court, hoping to get some Dirk Nowitzki. But the way he
His averages hovering around later, Harden is the leading man attention from their favorite rocks the ball back and forth,

46 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
toying with defenders, it almost he’s overly fidgety, there’s good

makes you want to utter Rafer reason. Harden is eager, in his
Alston’s name, too. All that, plus own words, to “get that bad taste
he’s left-handed with prototypical out of my mouth from last year.”
shooting guard size (6-5, 220) “I feel like this year we can James Harden’s new relationship
and he’s averaged 10 free throws really win a Championship, and with adidas BASKETBALL is
(aka 10 free points) per game I’m not just talkin’,” he says of this
already showing signs of promise.
over the last three seasons, too. year’s Rockets squad. “Last year,
We had no doubt.
On this night, about a week we had some really good pieces,
before the real games begin, we had a couple injuries that
Harden coasts to 20 points slowed us down. But we basically
against NOLA, watching much of brought the same team back and
the fourth quarter of Houston’s added Ty Lawson, who’s another
blowout win from the bench. playmaker, which we struggled
During one timeout, he tosses with in the postseason. That right
t-shirts into the crowd. Later, he there gives us more versatility,
jumps out of his seat to break out gives us better opportunities,
his signature cooking dance after better efficiency on offense,
Jason Terry drains a three. which is gonna help our defense
The next day, Harden is on the out. We’ve got more depth off the
set of an adidas TV commercial bench. So we’re fully loaded. We
shoot at the Jerabeck Activity just gotta stay healthy—that’s
and Athletic Center at nearby the main key.”
University of St. Thomas, a Multiple times per game
Catholic school in the NAIA. The during Houston home games,
tiny campus is sleepy, save for Dwight Howard’s voice bellows
the flurry of commotion in the throughout the arena in a team

gym, where bits of Drake and video on the Jumbotron: “I don’t bout a month into #ThreeStripeLife, James Harden is
Future’s “Jumpman” boom out think we all came together just to way, way up. His much-ballyhooed, reportedly 13-year,
loudly each time a production make the Western Conference $200 million deal with adidas kicked in on October 1.
assistant hurls open the metal finals.” At every turn, it’s clear “It’s a blessing, to be honest. I’m definitely blessed in all measures,”
doors. Harden didn’t make that Harden and the Rockets says Harden, adidas Basketball’s new top dog. “Also, it’s the work I’ve
today’s playlist, but he may as aren’t satisfied with the way last put in to prepare myself for moments like this. I try not to get too
well have. He mentions the season ended—with their overwhelmed. I try to stay humble about it and just do what I do.”
#WATTBA collaborators along superstar guard dribbling the ball For the man who played the most total minutes in the NBA last
with Meek Mill, J. Cole and Nipsey off his foot and out of bounds in a season, taking care of his size 13.5 feet is as critical to his suc-
Hussle as the most-played music fatal Game 5 loss of the Western cess as he is to adidas. Which is why so far, the H-Town king has
in his iTunes. finals against the Warriors. After been rocking the Crazylight Boost 2015 in various PE colorways
As more than a dozen extras carrying the Howard-less concocted by the design team at adidas. Early on, Harden favored an
bomb threes and crack jokes Rockets deeper than anyone all-white edition with pearlized collar panel for home games, but he’s
during a break from filming, expected them to go, Harden had expanded to rock versions with red, black and even blue accents.
Harden walks from the basketball a total of 12 turnovers that night, With his deal finally in place, sneakerheads are clamoring for a
court through a narrow hallway and Houston was eliminated. James Harden signature shoe. They’ll just have to be patient—part of
at the south end of the gym and Looking back, Harden shrugs it adi’s pitch for The Beard to join the brand was the promise that he’d
into a racquetball court that’s off. “It’s over. We lost in the Finals have a hands-on role in crafting his own kicks, which takes time and
being used as a makeshift green and I didn’t dwell on that,” Harden care. But Harden’s excited at the way he’s clicked with adidas already.
room. Valencia gives a nod from says, referencing his 2012 Finals “The energy’s there, the flow’s there. The vibes are there,” he
his seat in a barber’s chair, where appearance with the Oklahoma says. “If the vibes are there, you tend to wanna get more work done.
he’s getting a quick shape-up. City Thunder. “Then the next year It’s exciting for both parties—myself and the brand.”—AS
Troy Payne, another longtime I’m here in Houston. So I can’t
friend, leans against the wall next worry about that. I had to worry
to Rob Pelinka, Harden’s agent about my new role and things Last season, Harden posted and unsurprisingly, minutes
(who also reps Kobe Bryant, that I had to. The summer right 27.4 points, 7 assists and 5.7 (39.4, tops in the entire League).
among others). Aside from a after you lose, it hurts. But then rebounds a night, and he He hung 43 and 46 on the Kings
small woven basket with a few it’s time for you to get better and managed to maintain his and Clippers in back-to-back
snacks, two folding chairs and a get ready for next year. efficiency despite being one of Rockets wins in November. Of
clothes rack draped in more “A lot of people didn’t think the highest usage players in the course, for a team that won 56
adidas gear, it’s empty. So when we’d make it to the Western League. In 2014-15, he was the games last year, no one’s getting
This spread: Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Harden speaks, his voice echoes Conference finals, right? We’re only player in the NBA to post excited until June. All offseason
through the room. He’s wearing not worried about what other an offensive rating over 115 and long, Harden asked for one thing
an all-white pair of adidas people say or where we’re use at least 30 percent of his from his teammates.
Crazylight Boost 2015s, white projected,” Harden continues, as team’s possessions. In the last “Toughness,” says Lawson, the
compression tights down to his he kicks off his shoes and begins decade, LeBron and KD are the speedy PG whom Houston
calves and a white and silver unfurling his socks. “We’re not only other players to have brought in to help Harden see
hoodie with t-shirt length cutoff worried about that. That’s just accomplished that feat. And more time off the ball in 2015-16.
sleeves. He slides his chair back a people talking on what they think through the first two weeks of “We don’t want to get punked. On
few feet, sits down and leans that’s gonna happen. But for us, the 2015-16 season, Harden was the offensive end or the defensive
forward. He’s shuffling three we’re worried how can we get already averaging career-highs end. Just on the basketball court,
different iPhones in his hands. If better and reach our potential.” in points (29.7), rebounds (5.9) period. You’ve got to be tough

“He didn’t change.
His mentality is
and it’s still there.
Nothing’s changed
with that.” —McCLOUD
Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

when you’re playing this game, dirty, but it’s just—you have to playoffs, then leading LAUNFD prospering. He didn’t change. He
when you’re down in the Finals or earn it. When guys step on the past Nick Young and DeMar don’t change. His mentality is a
the Playoffs. You’ve got to be floor, they’re not in awe of DeRozan in the finals on a hard worker, and it’s still there.
mentally tough to get through it, James, or anything. They wanna game-winning three as Kevin Nothing’s changed with that.”
that’s what he’s tried to instill in go at him. And I think he takes Durant, Paul Pierce and Iggy Beyond the fact that Harden is
everybody.” that same attitude on the floor. Azalea sat courtside. “I’m not a cold killer between the lines,
It’s not difficult to trace the His eyes didn’t get big when he worried about having to prove he’s also became a part of the
genesis of Harden’s mental first ran into LeBron and all myself because that’s how I grew League’s culture itself. It was
toughness. When you grow up in these guys. He just wanted to up. For me, it’s just going out Harden who convinced KD to
Compton, CA, there’s only one go at them.” there and doing what I do. That’s play at the Drew in 2013. And
place to really earn your stripes More than anywhere else, how I was raised. That’s one of these days, of the Drew League’s
on the basketball court—the basketball-wise, Harden is at the reasons I still play in the NBA regulars, Harden is by far
famed Drew League. Founded in the most celebrated. Smiley says
1973, the South Central L.A. even as a pro, before 2011 he
league is the West Coast’s answer would get recognized by the local
to Rucker Park (though at cats, but generally James could
present, it almost inarguably has “walk in the door by himself.”
surpassed the Harlem park in That summer, Harden was
cache). The first time Harden still able to hit up his normal
played there, he was, in Drew neighborhood spots, like
League terms, just a kid. To Roscoe’s, and not get mobbed.
veterans of L.A.’s best summer This summer? It was bedlam
league, he was nothing more than every time he was in the zip
an anonymous high schooler. code. “It was like a show in
“I was impressed with him, but Vegas, man,” he says.
to be honest with you, I wasn’t Harden has taken to his new
like, Wow, this is a can’t-miss stratosphere of celebrity with
guy!” says Dino Smiley, Director zest in spite of the burden it
and Commissioner of the Drew brings with it. “At first, he didn’t
League for 30 years. “I’ve seen have paparazzi, it was just people
them all come through the L.A. coming up for pictures and
area, from Baron Davis to Paul things, but now he’s got
Pierce. He didn’t have that ‘it’ paparazzi,” says Valencia with a
factor then.” laugh. “You know you made it,
Even after he starred at ASU you doing something big, if the
and went No. 3 overall in the paparazzi is following you.”
2009 NBA Draft to Oklahoma When Harden travels
City, Harden was afforded no internationally, hundreds of fans
special treatment at the Drew. wait at his arrival gate. While on
That all changed during the 2011 vacation in Australia this
lockout, when the NBA’s summer, one dude wound up
absence led to legendary stalking him for an entire
exhibition showdowns across afternoon, tailing Harden in a
the country. The best was a taxi everywhere he went. Then
surprise matchup between again, as Zo points out, “You
Harden and Bryant, the player can’t hide the beard.”
he idolized growing up, at a Perhaps the only thing harder
packed-out Colonel Leon H. to hide than Harden’s facial hair is
Washington Park. The crowd was his confidence. Does he think he
so out of control, police should have won MVP last year
helicopters began to hover over Stephen Curry? Yes. Does he
above the gym. Here was Kobe think he’s the best player in the
in his prime, in East L.A., looking NBA? Yes. He’s repeated these
From left: Chris Covatta/NBAE via Getty Images; Courtesy of adidas

for a game. Harden stepped up things over and over. Like Kanye,
and gave him 47 (or 44, or Donald Trump—whose private
depending on who you ask). plane Harden once insisted on
Kobe went for 45 and the home in the Drew League. There Drew League, even though it’s taking a selfie in front of for
game-winner, but suddenly are no analytics, no trolls my seventh year in the NBA. motivation—Harden refuses to
Harden had solidified his star complaining about his penchant Because I will never forget where bite his tongue, even if he knows
status. A few months later, the for drawing fouls. It’s put up or I came from and how I was raised the media is fishing for juicy
lockout settled, he helped OKC shut up. Get buckets or get to play the game. I always had to headlines.
beat the Lakers in a second- booed. Just the way he likes it. fight for what I got, I’ve always “It’s always been who I am. I’m
round Playoff series en route to “That’s how I grew up. We’re had to go get what I wanted. not shy at all. Speaking my mind,
the NBA Finals. basically in the hood. You have to That’s gonna stay with me ’til I’m being who I am, wearing what I
“I honestly feel that the Drew prove yourself then,” says done with the game. want to wear, just being very
League has played a part of his Harden, who won his first Drew “It’s like the same mentality confident in myself,” Harden
style of play,” says Smiley. League title this summer, we have, though,” says McCloud. maintains. “If you’re not confident
“Because the Drew League is a outdueling Klay Thompson’s “When we didn’t have nothing to in yourself, you’re not going to get
very physical league. It’s not team in the first round of the now. I think that’s why he’s still anywhere in life.” S


Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Trevor Paulhus


Courtesy of Stance
S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 53
ball while growing up in expectations of being an athlete
Orange County, CA, thought may have hindered his passion
he would either. in chess. “In high school it might
Standing before the young not be the cool thing to join a
students of Kipp Charter School band or the chess club;
in Oakland, Thompson asks especially as an athlete, you’re
about their dislikes. Math is at supposed to be this macho big
the top of the list and Thomp- man on campus type of guy that
son understands. Kipp is a shouldn’t be doing those
national network of free open things,” Klay says. “Looking back
enrollment college preparatory on it, I wish I would have done
public schools that are more of that. I play chess with
dedicated to serving students [Andre] Iguodala all the time on
in underserved communities for the plane. I tell kids to never be
success in college and in life. ashamed about what your
Their mission is very important passions are or what another
to Klay, who believes he was kid may say to you because you
extremely fortunate to grow up care about something.”
with full family support and a While he was in high school,
top-notch education. His visit to Washington State University
the program in September recruited Klay the hardest.
included a personal donation of Leading up to that point,
$25,000 to support the cause Thompson exceled in various
and the Larry O’Brien trophy as sports, as a dual-threat QB on
a very nice conversation piece. the gridiron and a strong-armed
“I tell kids that it’s OK to have pitcher on the diamond. The son
the NBA in the back of your head of former NBA great Mychal
as a dream but don’t think you’re Thompson and former college
going to make it tomorrow,” volleyball standout Julie
Thompson explains. “I encour- Thompson, college scouts knew
age them to play other sports. I Klay had incredible pedigree and
played basketball, baseball and could shoot. As his game and
football growing up and I learned body continued to develop at a
so much from each sport. I think rapid pace late in high school,
it can help you become more Klay chose WSU for college.
cerebral. You’re not going to Looking back, it was the perfect
know what your real true love is place for his development.
until you’re older. I encourage “Pullman really grew on me—I
them to try things.” was able to focus on my game up
Klay also likes to remind there and I was coming from L.A.
kids about the rough days he where there’s not really a college
has at work. town,” Thompson says. “Pullman
ON THE NIGHT he snapped for 37 that’s hard to do in practice, let “It’s not that much different is exclusively a college town. I
points in one quarter against the alone a game. I didn’t have to than school—we all have bad was able to have the true college
Sacramento Kings, Klay take too many dribbles in that days,” he says. “It took me a long experience and that was a great
Thompson didn’t look like sequence—I was able to get to time to become a good player in time for me.”
himself. He was smiling, jumping my spots. And the shots I was this League, and I learned that His trajectory since declaring
up and down, screaming at times putting up were all in rhythm. It you’re going to have your ups for the Draft as a junior and
on his way to a pristine 13-13 looked like it came in good flow. and downs. It’s about how you being selected by the Warriors
from the floor and 9-9 from It was a crazy night, man. It’s respond and that’s what I also in the Lottery has been
behind the arc in the third hard to even put it in words.” stress to them.” stunning. As a rookie, he
quarter. The stone-faced, When he has gone back and As a teen, Klay was obsessed averaged 12.5 ppg and last year
expressionless look he usually watched film of that night, with the game of chess, his true in his fourth season, he made
exudes on-court had evaporated Thompson has come away love. Some kids are surprised his first All-Star team, finished
as he charged toward the NBA dreaming for more. “For me it’s to hear that. “When I was in the year with a 21.7 ppg average
record he set that night. He was very motivating—man, I can put school my biggest regret was and was among the top
in the moment and loving it. up 37 in a quarter?” Thompson not being involved more in three-point shooters in the
Some of the evening is still a blur says. “I know I have a lot of chess,” Klay says. “I love League with 239 triples for a
for Thompson, who racked up 52 untapped potential after seeing chess—it’s my favorite thing to .439 percentage. He has also
in all. What he recalls vividly are that. I know that if I can do that I play on the planet. I encourage flourished as a defender,
the Warriors fans on their feet can really become a great all kids to join the chess club or locking up guys with a serious
each time he touched the ball player. I don’t know if I can ever to play an instrument especially commitment to that side of the
and his teammates unwilling- do it again. I don’t want to put a if the school is going to fund it. ball. “I hate getting scored on,”
ness to shoot. “I have to give so limit on myself. It was a special Try new things as much as Thompson says. “You’re going
much credit to my teammates night for me because I never possible because you never to get scored on in this League
because they didn’t want to thought in my lifetime I would know what you may fall into and playing against the best players
shoot the ball until I missed,” hold an NBA record.” fall in love with.” in the world. It’s just a feeling
Thompson says. “I couldn’t Not many people who Reflecting back on his days in that I hate. It’s a feeling I always
believe I hit 13 shots in a row— watched Thompson playing high school, Klay says the had as a kid. As a competitor, it

54 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images
doesn’t sit well with me.”
Thompson was a critical piece
San Clemente are near where
Klay grew up and he has spent “It took me a long time to
of the Dubs’ run and his
emergence as a superstar is
considerable time there learning
about the company. “I have no become a good player in this
clear. But where do we go from
here? “We have great competi-
idea about designing, but it’s
something I would love to learn
League, and I learned that
tors on this team and we’re not
going to be complacent,” he says.
about,” Klay says. “I’m going to
learn and give my input.”
you’re going to have your
“I don’t want to settle with just From a fashion standpoint,
being good and having a couple Thompson describes his style
good years and winning one as classic and clean. “I don’t pull
Championship. We’re too
competitive to let that happen. I
off anything too flashy, I don’t
think that’s my personality,” he
It’s about how you respond.”
feel like there is something says. “As long as it’s crisp and
special brewing with this team looks fresh, I like it. I don’t really would be 6,000-7,000 people. there is still plenty of room for
here. We’re not satisfied with just wear any crazy colors. I love The only place I might get that growth. He is excited about
doing it once—we know we really black jeans and black shoes— turnout is in the Bay—maybe. It’s working with new Warriors
have a chance at putting that’s always my go-to.” crazy to me.” assistant coach Steve Nash to
together something special Thompson has also gone Klay has also joined the add new wrinkles to his arsenal.
because we have such a young global, partnering with Chinese strong team of athletes at “I worked out with him twice
team and great mix of veteran footwear company ANTA, who BODYARMOR, noting Kobe when I was in L.A. and learned a
players as well.” has added him to Team Priceless Bryant’s involvement in the lot about what I need to get
Individual and team success and intends to market the company as a major factor. “I better at,” Thompson says. “We
have helped establish some sharpshooter exclusively in like their mindset in the sports didn’t even shoot the ball that
new off-court opportunities for China. He has made trips to drink game,” he says. “I’ve been much—we did a lot of technical
Thompson. He has partnered China to work camps for the to a few of their camps and they work on things like balance. He’s
with Stance Socks as the face brand and has been blown away are really passionate about still in great shape and really
of their NBA line, a brand he by the country’s passion for the what they are doing and I think gave me some great pointers on
loves. “I’m so excited to be with game. “Instead of being another they are going to blow up.” how to play at a lower level and
Stance—we both have a mutual guy with a shoe company, I’m He has rounded out his work on my balance so I can be
respect for one another,” one of ANTA’s featured players,” marketing portfolio with a in a better position to make
Thompson says. “I’ve never Thompson says. “It’s such a trip natural partnership with Shot plays. I know how good he is
seen socks this unique with so to me that I will actually be in Tracker, a sleeve that can be going to be for me.”
many different designs. I commercials that air in China— worn during workouts to record Thompson’s heard the
especially love all the throwback it’s hard to believe that data on your performance. whispers about teams attempt-
socks with all the old NBA basketball has taken me that far. Despite his heavy off-court ing to mimic the Warriors’ style
legends on them, those are my It’s like a pinch-myself moment demand, the goal has not of play. The notion that teams
favorite. I just got this Pistol every time I go over there. I would changed for Klay. He wants to across the League are planning
Pete pair that are really sweet.” go to some events where I was continue to transcend his to attempt more threes, play a
The Stance headquarters in featured on stage and there game—he’s only 25 and knows little more “small ball.”
“People seem to think it’s
easy,” says Thompson, who was
averaging 15 ppg through the
Dubs’ first seven games, all easy
wins. “To play our style you really
need to have five guys on the
court that can shoot, pass and
dribble. Not a lot of teams have
that, you know?”
His growth as a player has
coincided with his development
as a communicator. Thoughtful
and insightful, he has become a
media favorite when it comes to
snagging a quality quote.
It once seemed as if he
despised having to talk.
“Ask anybody on the team, I
said very few words here my first
year,” Thompson says. “I feel a
lot more comfortable around the
facility and all the guys. Even
with Bob Myers and our owners
Joe and Peter—it’s easier to joke
around with those guys being in
Courtesy of Stance

my fifth year. But they really may

have only heard me say 10 words
my entire rookie year. It’s been a
drastic change.” S

56 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M






The Time
Has Come
As the official on-court sock
of the NBA, STANCE is changing
the game from the floor up
CERTIFIED Against plenty of odds, Stance has become the
official sock of the NBA. Here’s a look at how it happened.

Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 59
ears before Clarke Miyasaki behold, it worked. In April 2015, Stance and “It is quite a change,” Gaspar admits.

Y stepped into his current role as

Stance’s executive vice president of
business development, he attended a Utah
the NBA announced a multiyear partner-
ship, installing the brand as the League’s
official on-court sock provider.
“Usually, dealing with the socks in the
past, we’d wear a home white and then
black on the road, and then you’d plan
Jazz game with his friend Jeff Kearl, who “I for sure laugh at it,” Miyasaki says of accordingly. But with Stance, they
would some months later be better known the infamous million-dollar check story, changed the game. We go with four
as the brand’s CEO and founder. Miyasaki, with Stance now a few months into its first different socks this year, and we have six
who previously helped grow Skull Candy season outfitting the L. “Everyone’s like, different uniforms, so we match up the
headphones, was a hoophead always ‘Oh, what a gimmick.’ It kind of was a socks with those uniforms.” Not to
interested in seeing the game up close. gimmick, but at the same time, they had mention the special socks Stance already
Kearl, a keen entrepreneur, had been told me no at least three times, maybe had planned for Hoops for Troops,
looking for the next big thing, and was more. So I needed something to say we’re Christmas and other special occasions
excited to tell Miyasaki that he’d finally, serious. And looking back, it really did get throughout the year.
after considering jewelry and school the NBA to say, ‘Damn. These guys are Stance’s out-of-the-box personality in
supplies, settled on the perfect category to serious—OK.’ It put us more on the map of, turn inspired Gaspar to bring an idea to the
challenge in the market: socks. ‘Maybe they could pull this off.’ I really League and the brand. With Suns legendary
“He’s like, ‘Yup, men’s hosiery,’” Miyasaki believed that we could do it, but it took PG Steve Nash being inducted to the
remembers. “I just start laughing at him. about, at least a year, year-and-a-half of team’s Ring of Honor early in the season,
I’m like, ‘Socks? Wow.’” convincing for them to give us a shot.” Gaspar dreamt of outfitting the PHX
Eventually, Kearl convinced him to come Opening night 2015, Stance socks were players in a sock adorned with his
aboard, not knowing that Miyasaki all on players’ feet. “We wanted to innovate image—much like the Legends socks
along had his eyes set on getting on-court and knew that Stance would Stance had seen success with at retail. With
Stance—at its outset an action sports bring a fresh perspective and create the League’s approval, Stance made it
brand with wavy designs that matched top-class, superior products for the NBA happen. Phoenix beat the visiting Blazers,
better with Vans than basketball shoes— and our athletes,” says Piken Koper. Oh, all the while wearing the limited edition
onto the NBA hardwood. and the NBA never cashed that check. Nash socks with pride.
There was only one problem for Instead, they’re framing it. The reaction, from both fans and players,
Miyasaki’s pipe dream: a company During All-Star Weekend 2015, Stance was overwhelming. Miyasaki says he
called FBF was already producing the NBA’s gave the players a chance to test out their couldn’t get away from the tweets, texts
official socks. You know the ones—plain performance socks for the first time in a and pats on the back that night. “I saw Dirk
white and plain black, with the NBA logo on competitive NBA environment. Miyasaki Nowitzki posted a photo of the sock,
either side. For the better part of two and Co. were nervous—not because they congratulating Steve, and I was like, ‘Man,
decades, those were the joints, no doubted their product, but because elite all this hype around a sock.’ It’s just so
questions asked. “We’ve had the same sock athletes can sometimes be resistant to crazy to me,” he says. “I think what it’s done
partner for a long time,” the NBA change. “These guys have been wearing is just show me that it’s the tip of the
told Stance, in essence. “They’re great, the same socks for a decade or several iceberg on what we can do at the NBA.”
we’re good.” years and it’s hard to switch, right? Not even a month into the brand’s first
Undeterred, Miyasaki and Stance Whether it’s creatures of habit or they like season in charge of the League’s socks,
focused first instead on securing the the feel or they’re superstitious, or Stance is making waves at retail and in
license to produce Hardwood Classics whatever it might be. No matter how much locker rooms. Perhaps it’s because of
products, which led to the wildly successful better we think our sock is, or a laboratory the company’s undying commitment to the
“NBA Legends” collection. With retail sales says our sock is, or we can say, ‘It wicks game. “With that Nash sock, it just really
of the Legends socks popping off and the this percentage better than any other one,’ showed that they’re second to none,”
brand’s performance products getting it’s different,” Miyasaki acknowledges. “A Gaspar says of working with Stance.
better behind the scenes, Miyasaki decided lot of credit to the players for being “If you have an issue with any of the socks,
it was enough of a foot in the door to revisit open-minded and giving it a shot.” they’ll come out and see you. They want
the on-court discussion with his connects Now that Stance has been installed for our constant feedback, and we really didn’t

Clockwise from top left: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images; Andrew Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images;
at the NBA. real, the reaction to the brand-new have that in the past. I really think they’re
“We had this idea to do the Hardwood partnership this season has been going the extra mile to make
Classics and Legends, which went so well prodigiously positive. Jay Gaspar, longtime sure it’s the perfect sock for on and off Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images; Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images
that I think we gave ourselves a license to Head Equipment Manager with the the court.”
ask for the on-court sock. I was doing a Phoenix Suns, says he was “pleasantly For Miyasaki, the feeling is mutual. “It’s
normal NBA meeting and I said, ‘Hey, I got surprised” when he learned Stance had just cool that the NBA could share the
one more thing for you guys. I wanna take inked a deal to become the League’s vision with us,” he says. “If the first couple
over the on-court sock’,” Miyasaki official on-court sock provider, and that of weeks have taught me anything, it’s
remembers. “Laughed out of the room is a just about every player he’s talked to has that the sock game might be even cooler
little strong, but…I was kinda laughed out given the socks two thumbs up. than I thought.” S
of the room.
“They were like, ‘Oh, your little sock
company in San Clemente that’s been
around for 18-24 months? Riiiiight.’”
“I really believed we could
What happened at the next meeting is
now a well-known piece of the brand’s
do it, but it took about, at
folklore. At All-Star Weekend 2014 in New
Orleans, Miyasaki handed Lisa Piken Koper,
least a year, year-and-a-
NBA Vice President of Licensing, a
million-dollar check, hoping it would prove half of convincing for them
to the powers that be that Stance was
ready to get down, whatever it took. Lo and to give us a shot.” —MIYASAKI

every sense imaginable.

In 2014, Stance signed Pistons big man
Stance assembled an

Andre Drummond and Mavs swingman
eclectic team of Chandler Parsons—the first two NBAers to
NBAers to rep its up- join the brand’s “Punks and Poets,” the
and-coming brand. wide-range of celebrities who rep the

company—giving each a line of Stance
Fusion performance socks. Marketed as the
“Battle of the Birds,” both guys were given a
bird-inspired line of socks, Parsons’ with
flamingos (nodding to his Floridian
upbringing) and Drummond’s with
tarting a basketball team is easy: point: Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade penguins (nodding to his cold-weather New

S Get five players and you’re good to

go. Starting a roster of endorsees for
a sock company—not so easy. You need
has been catching fans’ eyes on the court
with his uptempo, flashy game and off the
court with his slick, classy and, uh, flashy
York upbringing and lack of fear).
“I’ve always thought a great pair of socks
finishes an outfit,” Parsons says. “I came
players who can grab attention, who inspire style for years. Wade got down with Stance across Stance and had my agency reach
others to act how they act and dress how early and has had his own casual sock line out. I ended up getting the first Stance
they dress. This was the challenge Stance for quite a long time (see pg 66). He’s been Hoops signature line, and they are the best
faced upon diving into the basketball world, a member of the Stance team since socks on the planet.”
and they’ve done a pretty damn good job (almost) as long as the Stance team as a Next Stance added Golden State
putting a group together. whole has existed, and he’s been an integral Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson, an
The sock company chose a solid starting part of the brand’s growth in just about upstart who could in many ways be


compared to the sock company itself. Not going to be special as well. So just to have Harden. The Beard evolved into full-on
that long ago, Thompson was, like Stance, them want me gave me a huge confidence luminary over the past year; in 2014-15 he
simply a young, up-and-coming entity; just boost. I felt like we could build something averaged 27.4 ppg, 5.7 rpg and 4.7 apg while
a couple years later Thompson has now great because I love to hoop, and every leading the Rockets into the Western
established himself as a legitimate star in hooper needs good socks. I run and shoot Conference Finals and utilizing both his sick
his own right. Klay made the All-Star Game for a living, so I have to take care of my feet.” handles and ever-flowing facial hair to
in 2015, averaging 21.7 points and 3.1 threes Every group needs a quality vet, so become a marketer’s dream (word to his
per game over the course of the season, Stance went out and snatched up a true partnerships with adidas, Foot Locker, BBVA,
all while becoming an integral part of the OG in the world of NBA style—retired BODYARMOR, New Era KT Tape and others).
World Champion Warriors—to say nothing Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson, It’s a solid squad—DWade as the
of the endorsement deals he signed with the man who years ago singlehandedly metaphoric coach, AI as the legend, and
sneaker company ANTA, sports drink pushed then-Commissioner David Stern to Parsons, Drummond, Thompson and
company BODYARMOR and wearable-tech rewrite the guidelines of how players could Harden rounding out the unit.
maker ShotTracker. In the process, dress on the sidelines of NBA tilts. AI will “We could not be more thrilled with our
Thompson was the face of Stance’s NBA have his own casual sock line next fall, current group of basketball Punks and
on-court launch. years after he laced up official NBA socks— Poets,” says Stance’s Basketball Category
“You have to sign with brands you believe which he says he loved even before his Director Tzvi Twersky. “They’re all high-
in and are passionate about—that’s what NBA days. “You get some NBA socks and caliber players; they’re all exceptional
makes for a great relationship,” Thompson you aren’t in the NBA?” AI laughs. “[Then] people; and they all have personalities and
Courtesy of Stance

says. “[Stance’s] creativity is on another you doing something.” interests that align with our brand. It’s been
level. They’ve kind of changed the sock Rounding out the group is the brand’s awesome to see the roster quickly evolve
game, and their socks are so comfortable, most recent NBA signee, 2015-16 MVP from one guy to a team that we’d put up
too. The partnership with the League is candidate and all-around superstar James against anybody—on and off the court.” S

S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 63
64 S L A M OPN
E .C
Stance’s official NBA socks are outfitted
with the best tech the sock world has ever seen.


nce upon a time, not so long ago, guys to put this sock on and forget about it. hoop or diving for a loose ball), the floor or

O the phrase “performance sock”

didn’t exist—not even in the NBA.
The best hoopers on the planet would
That’s the true mark of a great product, if
when I put it on, I’m not thinking about it.
Because if these guys are thinking about
even their own footwear. Unlike its
predecessor, the ultra-high loft cushioning
in the ankle padding of the official Stance
simply slip on the same old white cotton their socks, they get distracted, they’re not NBA sock stands up to wear and tear. Plus,
socks that your Pops still wears at the performing at top level,” he says. “The last it stands out.
gym, then lace up the most technologically thing you want is a guy jacking his sock up “The ankle is pretty iconic to us,” says
advanced kicks known to man on top where the heel is coming out the top of the Craig. “It was intentional. There’s a
of them and sprint on the court to play ball. shoe or something. If these guys are functional element there, but we did want
Looking back, it just didn’t make wearing premium performance product but to make something that was iconic. We
much sense. it doesn’t fit, they’ll notice.” wanted to link our brand identity to a
“The NBA athletes are bigger, they’re With that in mind, Stance used every- functional element, not just an aesthetic.
stronger, they’re faster than they’ve ever thing in its power to build the best “Stance, as a brand, we’re known for our
been, and the game is more physical. If you basketball sock ever. You’ve got the saw designs and our style, but as we go into the
look at apparel, a lot of these guys are tooth anatomical lateral compression— performance category, the product really
wearing almost body armor, product with cushioning placed to match the anatomy of has to perform. That’s the driving force. It
built-in padding for impact. So we’re the foot and impact points. There is the can’t just be the form, it’s got to be the
recognizing that and using that same Y-shaped seam knitted into the heel for function first,” he continues. “For us as a
mentality as we approach the sock,” says superior fit and the seamless toe closure to brand, when function and form collide—
Todd Craig, Senior Director of Innovation at prevent abrasions. There is the mesh on top that fusion—that’s what our brand is about.
Stance. “We’ve got to create a product that of the foot for thermo-regulation and So really it’s creating the functional
fits right, that feels good, it wicks moisture ventilation. There are the fusion fibers that element to be the best basketball sock in
and it protects the players. That’s the fight blisters and bacterial growth. After a the world.”
driving force behind the product. We look at few in-house wear-tests with the Stance One aesthetic that will remain forever is
it not as a sock, but a piece of equipment. fam, their signed athletes and other pros the legendary Jerry West NBA logo, now
And I think that’s different from the NBA’s (“We don’t want to see anything with our prominently flanked by Stance’s logo and in
prior sock supplier.” logo on it that we don’t feel good about,” many cases, the individual NBA team logo,
In fact, Stance looked at the existing sock Craig insists) the prototype was ready for too. But while the socks have a distinctive
market and found that the best perfor- the NBA hardwood. look that’s already resonating with players
mance socks were actually being made at Of course, there was room for one more and consumers alike, Craig maintains that
the collegiate level, where sneaker brands critical detail: the instantly recognizable for the pros, the goal is simple: “If these
outfit their schools with their premium high ankle padding, designed to keep guys put this sock on and forget they’re
products. NBA players, on the other hand, players’ feet from pains caused by other wearing it, that’s utopia for us. That means
were playing in what Craig describes as a players (think getting kicked en route to the we did our job right.” S
“basic” or “core-level” sock. And while they
weren’t technologically advanced, they were
liked by the players, simply for the fact that
they were NBA socks.
“For us as a brand,
Craig, who also helped create the brand’s
new running sock and whose résumé
when function and form
includes a role at Nike’s Innovation Kitchen,
says the brand’s design team knew right
collide—that fusion—
Courtesy of Stance

away what to focus on when word came

down that they’d be making the official NBA that’s what our brand is
sock from scratch. “For us, it’s about fit, it’s
about comfort—that’s No. 1. We want these about.” —CRAIG
S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 65
Courtesy of Stance
Dwyane Wade

FASHIONABLY is the undisputed

forefather of the style
movement that

EARLY has taken control

of the NBA.

t’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment it then realizing that NBA athletes are that so many NBAers currently strut on.

I happened, but at some point during the

late ’00s, years after David Stern instated
an NBA dress code and years before the
superstars in their own right. She started
working with Wade in late 2006, originally
planning looks for him, until years later,
“It feels awesome to know I was the
catalyst for changing the face of NBA
fashion and ultimately how marketing
bowels of arenas evolved into pro-athlete when the 11-time All-Star became legiti- dollars are allocated to athletes,” Wade says.
runways, Dwyane Wade established himself mately interested in style, transforming their “Big fashion houses are now looking to the
as the undeniable leader of the style relationship into a collaboration. athlete to collaborate with.”
movement that’s dominated the League “Dwyane understands that his brand is As are sock brands.
through the past half-dozen or so years. bigger than basketball,” Barnett says. Always a colorful sock wearer, Wade was
If you had to zero in on a time, though, “When the season ends, the real work starts approached by Stance years ago to get
you could do worse than the ’08-09 season, to maintain the brand. He also knows involved with the company and design his
specifically All-Star Weekend of ’09, when he that the most important article you can put own line. He accepted, though the first few
sported a bow tie above a yellow cardigan on on is confidence.” months together were not without hiccups.
Friday night, then red-rimmed glasses on “We realized [Wade] was setting trends “I vetoed the first designs because they were
Saturday. These outlandish outfits, as it when his wardrobe was making headlines— all stripes,” Wade declares. “I wanted socks
turned out, weren’t some random coinci- good and bad,” says Lisa Joseph, Wade’s that made a statement.”
dence—at the time, Wade’s Miami Heat were business manager. “The pink pants, the Wade was the first NBA player the brand
painfully average (with a 28-24 record in an Versace jacket—there’s been some classics.” signed and his lines have sold very well over
Eastern Conference that was strong up top In 2011, Wade visited Milan and Paris for the last few years. He’s very involved with
but lacked any depth whatsoever), and the Fashion Week, and from there, it was official: the design of his line, evidenced by the mood
bright fashion choices were made simply to Dwyane Wade was the international face of boards he and Barnett send to the brand’s
avert attention from that reality. NBA style. He sat front row at a Versace creatives every season. As of press time, 34
“I started working with a stylist at a time show—“It was like sitting courtside at a different styles are available in the “Dwyane
when I was just coming back from surgeries game,” he says. “It was like the fashion Wade” section of And he says a
and the Heat was having the worst season,” playoffs!”—and the fact that he could make luxury dress sock is up next. Stance has
Wade says. “She presented the idea of using a real dent in this new world truly clicked. If since added Chandler Parsons, Andre
my personal style to distract the media from All-Star 2009 was the unofficial beginning of Drummond, Klay Thompson, James Harden
the terrible record we had going into All-Star the movement, Milan Fashion Week ’11 was and Allen Iverson to their roster.
2009. I loved the idea of being able to when the concept of athletes having a “My sock line has been extremely
express myself through my fashion while still secure place in the fashion industry evolved successful because it’s a true expression
[complying with the] dress code.” from cute trend to statement of fact. and everyone from 10-year-old kids to
Since then, we’ve seen all sorts of Nowadays, Russell Westbrook’s shirts 60-year-old surgeons...” he says. Wait. What?
sartorial statements from the Miami guard: regularly become trending topics, Stephen “True story, a friend of mine sends me
flip-up sunglasses, skin-tight pants, a Curry is the face of EXPRESS and LeBron pictures of her dad and all his 60-year-old
Versace jumpsuit with a v-neck open down James seems to own a second home in the surgeon friends wearing my socks.”
into his abs. “#Ifyoucantpullitoffyouwont- pages of GQ. But it was undoubtedly Wade Maybe Father Time can be defeated
understandit,” he hashtagged the Instagram who cleared the path—runway, if you will— after all. S
post containing that much-parodied v-neck
’fit. Most can’t, and so most didn’t.
Fact is, whether it was a personal decision
to target the pages of Vogue and Esquire or
just a stylist with an idea aimed to turn eyes
away from a subpar basketball team, Wade
“It feels awesome
has led the charge of athletes who focus
equally on playing their best as they do
to know I was the catalyst
looking their best.
The aforementioned stylist who pushed for changing the
Wade into this realm is Calyann Barnett.
Barnett began as a stylist for musical artists, face of NBA fashion.”
S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 67
Following the
UNDER company’s domination
of the sock world,

THE Stance’s takeover

of the men’s underwear

INFLUENCE category has begun.

using extracted milk proteins—it is unlike

anything else in the market and will
revolutionize the industry, according to
Stance co-founder and Chief Product
Officer Taylor Schupe.
“The butter blend fabric, the wholester,
the coreflex waistband, our feather seam
panel construction and beautiful designs
are all points of difference in this market,”
he says. In addition to the unique fabric
offering, Stance will continue its quest for
top-notch design and creativity—their
DNA. “There is more real estate in
underwear so we have an even bigger
canvas to try unique, creative concepts,”
Schupe says.
Stance plans to infuse the visionary
personality of their brand into the category
all while paying close attention to packag-
ing, storytelling and marketing. After
product testing a few pairs of the Stance
line during a week in November, we believe
in the ease and quality they provide. Critical
point: the underwear stays in place without
feeling like spandex, meaning it doesn’t
ride and is a complement to modern
wear—this is a much better look and feel in
today’s tighter fitted denim, pants and
shorts. The designs are super fresh and the
elastic waistband is on some next level
comfort, which is also very important. The
price point for the Stance Underwear line
will range from $28-$36—I expect them to
last longer and look better than anything
else I currently have folded up in my drawer
right now.
ocks were just the beginning for the nities in socks. “The target consumer for us is anyone

S people at Stance. A remix of the

underwear drawer was long overdue
and luckily the company that has spent the
When a fabric developed inside the
company’s innovative SHRED lab was
deemed too soft and supple for socks, the
who wants to look good and feel incredible,”
Schupe says. “We want Stance to become
synonymous with first-layer knit-wear. That
past couple years helping make our feet feel brand had the industry game-changer it includes socks and intimates. Once you try
incredible has answered the call. was looking for, convinced they had this Butter Blend, you’ll agree that we
Despite dozens of companies crowding invented the perfect “buttery blend” to definitely have a chance to take a large
the lane, the market has been clamoring for cobble premium men’s boxer briefs and amount of market share.”
their presence—several upstart brands in boxer shorts. The fabric was developed Sold.— N I M A Z A R R A B I
the retail space have been self-proclaiming
their product as the “Stance of underwear”
for quite some time. From the outside,
men’s underwear seems like a natural
progression for Stance, but the category
is a completely different environment to
break into, as numerous established brands
“The target consumer
have already anchored heavy terrain in the
market. Finding the proper time to develop,
for us is anyone who
design and execute the category was
challenging for the brand as well—their full wants to look good and
attention has been dialed in on their
numerous initiatives and product opportu- feel incredible.” —SCHUPE
E .C
With an aptly named
TRUE line dedicated to the
greats of the game,

LEGEND Stance is appealing to

old-school fans as well
as new-school ones.

“The original Legend and Hardwood by our love for basketball, design and
Classic socks were a huge success for the history,” says Tzvi Twersky, basketball
brand. The socks sold exceedingly well, but category director for Stance. “A while ago,
more than that, they opened a lot of new we gave our designers the task of coming
eyes to Stance,” explains Clarke Miyasaki, back to us with something new, innovative
executive vice president of Business and original. Weeks later, they came back to
Development at Stance. “We were the first us with this incredible line of socks. Almost
ones to sublimate NBA images onto socks. immediately, we knew that they were ready
Since that time, a lot of people have tried for our consumers.”
their hand at it. It’s time for us to up the Besides consumers and #SLAMFam,
game again.” obvious potential fans of the Legends
One update is in the form of the Trading socks are the great players who have
efore they had the license for on-court Card line, and the other is the Ink Splatter appeared on them. “Reactions to the socks

B NBA socks or modern-day NBA logos,

the folks at Stance were making their
mark on hoop fans with their Legends line,
line, which work action images of past NBA
greats into a much more aggressive design.
There are also caricature socks that
have run the gamut, from nonchalant to,
“Yo! Send me 100 pairs for my family!”
explains Twersky with a laugh. “It’s pretty
which featured (and continues to feature) emphasize certain players’ hairstyles (ie, cool, though, when you hand a player a
action photos of past greats such as Larry Allen Iverson’s cornrows and Bird’s blonde pair for the first time. It probably com-
Bird, Wilt Chamberlain and Julius Erving. The mop). “Ink Splatter and Trading Card are pares to showing a guy the cover of SLAM
relatively simple design of the socks was a hit our newest designs. The trading cards were when he’s on it. There’s a sense of ‘I made
in the SLAMDome and at stores nationwide, definitely inspired by 1980s and 1990s it!’ mixed with ‘What took you guys so
but now Stance is updating things. trading cards and both of them are inspired long?!’”—BEN OSBORNE

Stance’s lifestyle socks

CASUAL pay homage to everything from
pop culture mainstays

GAME to world-renowned musical

artists…and we love them.

brand Harley Davidson, photographer 13th

Witness and Comedy Central cult favorite
TV show, Workaholics—a little bit of
something for everybody.
The Anthem Legends socks truly stand out
for me—unbelievable pieces curated to pay
homage to Muhammad Ali and The Notorious
B.I.G. Stance has also partnered with artists
Big Sean, Nikki Lane and Action Bronson to
create one-of-a-kind socks inspired by their
music. Stance’s core ethos is rooted in the
n the sneaker world, UNDS is a term used collaborations have had me prepping my action sports world—skateboarding legends

I to describe pulling deadstock sneakers

from the box and tissue paper and rocking
them for the first time. UNDS-ing a pair of
’fit like never before—the sock is a critical
piece of getting it right. Stance has
delivered on a different variety of styles and
like Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero and
John Lucero are some of the brand’s skate
legends. Every Stance sock is truly unique
kicks can be a euphoric feeling for sneaker- patterns to suit nearly every occasion, but and I’ve found myself routinely surfing their
heads—some will plan a future date to what really sets the brand apart is vibrant website for the latest releases and collabs.
showcase their favorite pair. I never thought artistic design and inspirational collabora- I’ve even had to double and triple-up on a few
I’d have this same feeling toward any other tions. Pop culture is a way of life when it styles—the fear that my favorites will sell out
piece of clothing or accessories until I bought comes to Stance’s lifestyle division, and not restock.
my very first pair of Stance socks. featuring collections from MTV legends Damn, we may need some Stance retro
The brand’s styles, colorways and unique Beavis and Butt-head, iconic motorcycle releases soon.— N Z

S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 69

Heat Logo Knicks Logo Magic Core

Nuggets Core Blazers Core Hornets Logo

Thunder Logo Bucks Logo 76ers Core

70 S L A M P R ES EN TS STA N C E $26/ PA I R , AVA I L A B L E AT S TA N C E .C O M A N D F O O T L O C K E R


Dwyane Wade NBA Casual Dwyane Wade

Gatsby Orange $14 Timberwolves Logo $16 Bellot $14

Legends Dwyane Wade Hardwood Classics

Dominique Wilkins Cartoon $20 Nights $16 Vancouver Grizzlies $14

Dwyane Wade Hardwood Classics Dwyane Wade

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Ultra-high loft cushioning

to protect your ankles
from wear and tear


Knitted mesh improves

ventilation, thermo-
regulation and forefoot


Cushioning where you

need it, not where you
don’t, with cooling air
channels and a traction
design that allows you to SEAMLESS
make cleaner cuts in your
The toe box is linked
stitch-by-stitch to
and an abrasion-free

Y-GORE SEAM experience.

A Y-shaped seam is
knitted into the heel
cup to provide you

We added extra-dense
cushioning to protect
your feet from the sheer
forces involvedin high-
performance play.

Brian Drake/NBAE via Getty Images

S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 75
A MAN CAN wear many hats, but kid, was 11 when he first laid
it takes a special gift to be able eyes on the desert, and he took
to thrive in so many lanes simul- his time adjusting, even then the
taneously. Take, for example, the patient playmaker. Basketball
triple-double statistic. One has came naturally to the young
to reach double figures in three man nicknamed “Fat” due to his
separate (positive) statistics in a younger brother’s inability as
game. Fat Lever was that gifted a baby to pronounce his given
of a ballplayer during his 11-year name of Lafayette.
NBA career. Only Larry Bird (59), “My younger brother Elmore business in Phoenix. “Far enough having a talented squad to run
Wilt Chamberlain (78), Jason couldn’t say ‘Lafayette’ so he to grow up, but close enough to with, and the 1981 Arizona State
Kidd (107), Magic Johnson (138) called me ‘Fett,’ which later get home in an emergency.” Sun Devils were indeed a team to
and Oscar Robertson (181), became ‘Fat,’” Lever says. Lister knew ASU was getting reckon with in the Pac-10. “That
respectively, have more career Having loved the game from a special player before the PG was probably one of the first
triple-doubles than Lever’s total an early age, Lever didn’t stop suited up. “I saw Fat play in the groups of guys I had ever been a
of 44. Despite that list being working on it despite his new en- Arizona State high school bas- part of that was overly talented
loaded with Hall of Fame players vironment. When the time came ketball championship game [held but didn’t know how to put it all
(Kidd is universally considered to choose a high school, nearby on ASU’s campus] when he was together as a team,” says Lever.
a first-ballot inductee once he Pueblo High [now named Pueblo at Pueblo,” Lister says. “When The Sun Devils were going
becomes eligible in 2017), Lever Magnet High] on South 12th it was time for Lever to visit into Lever’s sophomore year
was never one to follow the lime- Avenue was an easy choice. From campus, I made sure that I spent with senior center and future
light, fame and publicity during the start of his playing career, extra time and talked with him.” NBA first round Draft pick Lister
his collegiate and professional Lever was counted on to do more Following a solid freshman and a future three-time NBA
career. A man of that many than just bring the ball down season Lever had the opportuni- Champion at shooting guard in
talents rarely has to. the floor and distribute. Before ty to try out for the 1979 United incoming freshman Byron Scott.
“I knew Fat was special the long he was a 6-3 point guard—a States U19 World Champion- Arizona State’s coach Ned Wulk
first time I saw him play,” says starter his sophomore year—with ships team in Colorado Springs, and his staff had been recruit-
former college teammate and 16- plenty of college options. Fond CO, with future profession- ing talent from all over the West
year NBA vet center Alton Lister. of Arizona but looking to branch als like James Worthy, Mark Coast (with the exception of
Born and raised in Pine Bluff, out, Lever felt it necessary to turn Aguirre, Fred Roberts, long-time some top-notch players through-
AR, Lafayette Lever, his mother down hometown University of University of Washington coach out the years: we see you James
and two brothers left home to Arizona—not yet the powerhouse Lorenzo Romar—then a Husky Harden, Ike Diogu, Eddie House
start anew thousands of miles it would become in later years— guard—and North Carolina point and Lionel Hollins).
away in Tucson, AZ. His mother and stay loyal to the state, choos- guard and Worthy’s teammate The team looked tough from
and oldest brother Anthony ing to play at rival Arizona State, Jimmy Black. “I remember going the jump. “Byron [Scott] came in
made the move initially before 111 miles away in Tempe. to the Sports Festival in Colo- my sophomore year and he was
Lafayette and younger brother “When the time came, I felt rado Springs and working out the best athlete I’ve ever seen
Elmore followed. Work was hard like I needed to go away and with the guys and realizing that I come through at ASU,” Lever
to come by in Pine Bluff in the grow up and get out of Tucson,” could really play,” Lever recalls. says of the current Lakers’ coach.
early ’70s, so a change of venue Lever says during an afternoon Nothing fosters success, “He ran faster, jumped higher
was necessary. Lever, a quiet break from his construction particularly for a point guard, like and was a very gifted athlete.

76 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
Portland and I enjoyed playing on such a great career in the NBA.”
that team,” says Lever. “We had Lever’s successful six-season
a second unit with Clyde Drexler stint in Denver (which included
and myself that more times than two All-Star selections) ended
not beat the starters in practice.” with another surprising multi-
Veteran Blazers Wayne player trade, this time to Dallas.
Cooper and Calvin Natt were “That was a surprise trade.
his NBA tutors during his first Whenever you’re playing well
years, and though unhappy with there are always trade rumors,”
the move to the Nuggets, he was Lever says. “I was on a trip to
pleased to learn that they’d be Hawaii with the Players Associa-
going with him. “I was surprised I tion when I heard about it.”
was a throw-in along with Calvin The Mavs team he went to
and Wayne,” says Lever. “When looked amazing, at least on
we were traded I didn’t know paper. “The expectations in Dal-
what to expect so I just followed las were higher than in Denver,”
them and did what they said.” Lever says. “We had Alex English
Those six seasons as a Nugget [traded with Lever from Denver—
would define Lever’s career. In Ed.], Derek Harper, Rolando
that first season with old team- Blackman, Roy Tarpley, Rodney
mates Natt and Cooper, and McCray and James Donaldson.
new teammates Alex English, That was probably the most tal-
“That first day at practice after a recent Lakers practice. Bill Hanzlik and Danny Schayes, ented squad I’ve been around.”
when the coaches assembled “We had a great team and we ex- the Nuggets finished the ’84-85 Talent aside, the Mavericks
us and I saw the talent we had, pected to get to the Final Four or season 52-30, winning the would bottom out due to injuries
I knew we had something spe- Elite 8, so to lose in the second Midwest Conference and beating to Tarpley and Lever and fin-
cial,” he continues. “We had an round was very disappointing. San Antonio and Utah en route ish the ’90-91 season 28-54.
NBA-caliber team in college.” “I definitely believe Fat and to a Western Conference finals Further hampered by injury,
Along with Lister, a senior, I were the best backcourt in matchup with the Lakers and Lever ultimately retired at age 33
Scott, a sophomore and Lever, the nation,” he adds. “We didn’t Lever’s old college teammate, following the ’93-94 season. “It
a junior, that Sun Devils squad get the recognition we felt we Byron Scott. “That was the best was just the wear and tear on my
would also have 6-8 senior deserved, but if you go back and basketball experience of my pro knees,” he says. “When it’s more
forward Sam Williams drafted look at where we both ended up, career,” Lever gushes about going work getting on the court than it
into the NBA. The goal was to I think obviously we were one of head-to-head with Magic, Worthy is playing on the court, it’s time
dominate the Pac-10, then head the best, if not the best, combos.” and the rest of the Showtime to do something different.”
to the NCAA Tournament. The After a less-successful senior Lakers. “Being a young player on That “something different”
first half of that mission was season but some good pre-Draft a good team playing the stars of would include assisting Lister’s
From left: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images; Sun Devil Athletics

clearly accomplished with a 16-2 workouts, the quiet kid from the NBA was priceless.” Mesa Community College hoops
conference record, and an overall Arkansas walked into the NBA as The Lakers beat the upstart squad with workouts, to opening
record of 24-4. Arizona State the No. 11 pick, having been cho- Nuggets in five games and then the aforementioned construc-
barely lost three regular-season sen by the Portland Trail Blazers the Boston Celtics in an epic tion business, to working for
games—then they were blown and their legendary coach Dr. six-game series to win the ’85 the Kings as their Director of
out by Kansas in the round of 32. Jack Ramsay. Lever started Championship. Scott stood out Player Development and color
The game had suspiciously been on and off his first two years, throughout that postseason, analyst, positions he held for
held in Wichita despite Arizona learning in the process. “Portland remembering all the while what seven years up until the end of
State being a high seed. “That was probably the best place I he learned as a collegiate team- last season.
place was packed to the rafters,” could go as a rookie because of mate of Lever’s. “The thing I The man with many hats is still
says Lister. “I thought we had the Dr. Jack and the way he taught learned from playing with Fat was a ball of energy, always looking
horses to get it done, but once the game,” says Lever. “He was a that you didn’t have to be flashy to branch out to new endeavors.
we fell behind and with the entire great teacher of the game.” to be productive,” says Scott. “He “I’m trying to figure out what I
gym on their side, we were done.” Two seasons into his career, was the most non-flashy guy I want to do when I grow up,” Lever,
Scott still feels a sense of loss Lever was blindsided by a trade had ever played with, but he was now 55, says with a chuckle.
in regards to that night. “That to Denver and was not happy the most fundamentally sound. Says here he’ll be good at
was a tough loss for us,” he says about it. “I loved the city of That’s why he went on to have whatever that is. S



To get your own adidas
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Fashion trends come and go, but one thing that will never go out of style is supporting your squad.
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Among the adjectives that describe the
vibe Brandblack brings to the court,
smooth might be the most fitting.
Which is why the brand’s most recent
addition makes so much sense.
Clippers forward Josh Smith, better
known as J-Smoove, officially signed
a multi-year endorsement deal with
Brandblack starting this season.
Smith first got wind of Brandblack
from former Hawks teammate and
current Lob City super-sub Jamal
Crawford. Intrigued by J-Crossover’s
kicks, he inquired within. Soon
thereafter, Smoove put ink to paper.
Now he’s bringing his on-court
charisma and off-court fashion sense
to Brandblack’s growing vision.
“When we spoke to Josh, it was
apparent that he has the same mantra
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always wanted to be different from
the crowd, try new things or wear
something different, so it only made
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A longtime adidas endorser, Smith
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with adidas. I’ve worn them since
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skeptical when trying new things and
getting out of your comfort zone with
any kind of shoe company,” J-Smoove
says, which meant that whatever brand
he signed with next “had to be a fit with
my comfort, and how it would feel on
your foot, and how it would look.”
Right away, he says Brandblack
passed the test. Smoove’s sneaker
of choice so far this season is the
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all-premium Nappa Leather—it’s a
performance sneaker that features
high-end materials unlike any other on
the NBA hardwood right now.
Along with Smith, Brandblack
Courtesy of Brandblack

recently announced they’d signed NFL

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it’s good to be one of the first athletes
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arely 24 hours after a Yesterday’s coach was was more representative of his chatter has been down to the
college coach stopped Kentucky’s John Calipari and personality, and that’s where Wildcats and the Razorbacks.
by to reiterate his his trip to Bentonville came just the impact that hunting has had Choosing between an in-
recruitment pitch, four days after Monk returned on him becomes apparent. state school and a national pro-
basketball questions led to a home from visiting the Univer- “I wanted to switch my gram is tough for anyone. But
conversation about animals and sity of Arkansas—his fourth number to 5 because when God for Monk, this in-state school
hunting just minutes after Malik and last scheduled official visit made the earth in seven days, also has family roots. His older
Monk wraps up practice on this on the recruiting trail. the fifth day was when animals brother Marcus played wide
early November evening. While hooping and hunting began appearing on earth,” says receiver for the Razorbacks,
“I grew up in the country, don’t necessarily share much Monk of the number switch last where he set a still-standing
so when all of my friends went relation on the surface, in the season. “I watch Animal Planet record for single-season TD
hunting I just wanted to kick cut-throat business of recruit- a lot and I’m actually really into receptions with 11 in 2006,
it with them,” says Monk, who ing, where coaches travel the the way African wildlife animals before being drafted in the
grew up in the small Arkansas country looking to woo quality like cheetahs and hyenas move.” seventh round by the Chicago
town of Lepanto, which counts talent, the concept of the hunter A key skill in hunting is Bears in 2008. Marcus also
fewer than 2,000 residents, be- and huntee do correlate. patience, something Monk has had a couple of stints with the
fore relocating to the relatively But in the case of the 6-4 applied perfectly to his recruit- basketball team, including a
larger city of Bentonville the top ranked combo guard, the ing outlook. As of press time, 12-point performance in an up-
summer before his sophomore link between animals and there isn’t a timetable for his set victory against then Blake
year. “The first time I shot a gun basketball has a different origin. decision, despite having taken Griffin-led No. 4 Oklahoma.
I was like 9 or 10. I tried [hunt- His jersey number used to be all of his visits. And while he “But when it comes to him,
ing] a couple of times and then I 35, a nod to Kevin Durant. But officially cut his list to six over my loyalty is with him,” says
just liked it.” then he wanted a number that the summer, the majority of the Marcus. “I tell him this is one
time when he can be selfish.”
Whichever program is fortu-
nate enough to land Monk will
get an explosive combo guard
who can light up the scoreboard
in a hurry. After all, he does hold
the record for most points in a
single game in the most pres-
tigious summer youth circuit,
the Nike EYBL, with 59 in 2014.
Last season, he averaged 26.9
points, 6.7 rebounds, 2.7 assists
and 1.9 steals as a junior while
helping lead the Tigers to their
first state championship game
appearance in history.
“My brother’s been through
this whole process, so he’s been
telling me that whenever you
feel ready, just pick,” says Malik
of the looming decision. “I just
have to be patient.”
That’s what true hunters do. S

86 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
“I watch Animal
Planet a lot and I’m
really into the way
African wildlife animals
like cheetahs
and hyenas move.”
Wilbraham (MA)
Wilbraham & Monson Academy, 6-9, F

Back in 1996, an unknown kid named Tracy McGrady

walked into adidas’ ABCD Camp at New Jersey’s
Fairleigh Dickinson University and capped off an
otherworldly week with a ferocious dunk over James
Felton (RIP) that launched him to the top of the
recruiting world. Less than a year later, the Raptors
drafted him with the No. 9 overall pick.
University of Kentucky commit Wenyen Gabriel
has a long way to go before he can be mentioned
alongside T-Mac, but his story is off to a similar start.
Gabriel, a 6-9, 210 combo forward from New
Hampshire by way of Sudan, entered the summer
of 2016 with offers from the University of New
Hampshire and Providence. He was an afterthought
on major recruiting service websites and a YouTube
mixtape of his highlights was nonexistent.
Playing for Mass Rivals on the AAU circuit, Gabriel
tore up the adidas Uprising Summer Championships
in Las Vegas, and after he averaged 17.4 points, 8.6
boards and 2.3 blocks over eight games, Gabriel
went from off-the-radar recruit to the talk of prep
basketball. “Going to Vegas was when I really blew
up,” he says. “After a couple days in Vegas I started
picking up a ton of offers and right before the cham-
pionship, Kentucky offered me. We lost the game but
right after [the game] I picked up offers from Duke,
Kansas and UNC. That was big time.”
Just as he started his senior year, Gabriel an-
nounced his decision to become a Wildcat on ESPN.
Despite recently blowing up nationally and being
courted by the likes of Coach Cal and Coach K,
Gabriel, who has five brothers and sisters, believed
in himself from day one. “Sometimes I sit back and
think: Wow, it really happened,” he says. “You always
plan on certain things but when they actually come
through, it’s amazing…I knew this was all going to
happen, it was just a matter of time.”—PETER WALSH

Gabriel: Courtesy of adidas; Pritchard: Ahmed Klink; Chou: USA Basketball;

PAYTON PRITCHARD West Linn (OR) High, 6-1, PG

Coffey: Jon Lopez/Nike Basketball; Tatum: Atiba Jefferson

When Payton Pritchard entered high school in the fall of 2012, Oregon had just witnessed a program in its big-school classifica-
tion win a fourth consecutive state title for the very first time in history when Jesuit High of Portland did so the previous spring.
The 6-1 crafty point guard, though, was enrolling at West Linn High—in the southern suburb of Portland where he re-
sides—which had yet to win a state title at the 6A division. Three years later, the Lions will be looking to put their names in
the history books after winning the 6A state crown the past three years by attempting to join Jesuit as the second program
in Oregon’s big-school classification to ever four-peat.
“Winning the three state championships has been my biggest accomplishment,” says the top-50 national prospect.
“This third one was special because I played with kids that I grew up with. The first two years I played with kids that were
older, which was fine, but this year I finally played with kids I came in with.”
And just like when he opted to attend the neighborhood high school three years ago, last season’s Gatorade State
Player of the Year—who averaged 22.0 points, 5.8 assists, 3.8 rebounds and 2.4 steals as a junior—announced in late
August that he’ll be staying home for college as well, set to join the Oregon Ducks next fall.
“I wanted to represent for my state,” says the one-time Oklahoma commit. “When I visited it just felt like home. I think
we can put a great team together and accomplish a lot.”—FRANKLYN CALLE

88 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M
NATALIE CHOU Plano (TX) West, 6-0, G
When opponents would laugh, “Oh! I got the Asian, I got her!” Natalie Chou’s competitive nature
would spark, and she’d show those doubters what they were in for—a rough time. “Sometimes I feel
like, me being Asian, that’s what makes me stand out,” she says. “During the game, I’d prove myself.”
What those naysayers didn’t realize about Chou? Basketball was in her blood. Her mother
played professionally in China and continues to coach her to this day. “She taught me everything I know,” the Plano (TX)
West player said of her mother. “And she always believed in me.”
Ever since first grade, Chou had a ball in her hands. During freshman year in high school, she took the sport more seri-
ously, even trying out for USA Basketball. She didn’t make the cut before her sophomore year, but the following summer
she made the U17 team that traveled to France and the Czech Republic to claim a World Championship.
Now, Chou prepares to start her final high school season. Having recently committed to attending Baylor, Chou is
excited for the future. “Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d have this opportunity,” Chou said. Can’t help
but wonder where those doubters are now, because it’s quite clear Natalie Chou got the last laugh.— H A B E E BA H USA I N

AMIR COFFEY Minnetonka (MN) Hopkins, 6-7, F
So the season is finally here. Right now we’re
just in practice mode, getting ready for our
first game on December 1. We started practice
on November 2. I’m just trying to get in shape,
working out in the morning and then practicing
after school with my team.
We have pretty much the same guys from last
year with just a few add-ons. We’ve picked up
from where we left off last year so practice has
been really competitive, and guys have been get-
ting after it. We only have three new players—two
sophomores and a junior transfer. We’re bringing
back the same starting five from last year.
Everybody is familiar with each other and
knows their roles. In the end, we all have the
same goal in mind—to win a state championship.
I went to Countdown to Craziness at Duke
on October 17. That trip was fun! It was my sec-
ond time being at Duke and the first time since As the best prep player in the star of a top-20 recruit- ing, and he’s a great scorer.”
I committed, so this time it was a little different. Minnesota and the son of a ing haul and a top-40 player He’s focused now on his
It felt more relaxed and open.
former Gopher, Amir Coffey in the 2016 class. As the final high school season and
I was only there for one day. I flew in Saturday
seemed destined to play for son of former U of M stand- on adding some pounds to
morning and then flew out Sunday morning. The
his state’s flagship univer- out Richard Coffey, Amir his frame before college.
fans chanted my name for me to go sit with them
in the first 30 seconds that I walked in the gym. sity. But his future coaching always had a soft spot for And about that: Coffey went
They were chanting, “Jayson Tatum, sit with us!” staff wasn’t taking that for his dad’s alma mater, but down last December with
I had a chance to see the guys and hang out granted. “I heard from Coach says his decision ultimately a knee injury that required
with the coaches again. It just felt like I was at Pitino the first week he got came down to a belief surgery. Not only was the
home. It felt like I was already one of the guys there, and I don’t think I’ve that he can thrive in the surgery a success—he
there; like if I was already at Duke. gone more than two or three Gophers’ system. Long and dominated all comers at a
In school, I’m currently taking engineer- days without talking to them rangy, with solid handles, pre-season tournament
ing. This is my third year taking it. Some of the since,” he says of Richard great court vision and a in August—but doctors told
projects we work on are pretty exciting and dif- Pitino and his staff. “It just willingness to dime or drive Coffey he has the potential
ferent. We’re making LEDs, circuit boards; we showed how much of a prior- as needed, he cites James to grow another inch or two.
made a scoreboard the other day, actually. ity I was for them.” Harden’s game as an obvi- No wonder the Gophers
I’m very excited to see that Harry Giles com- Three years later, the 6-7, ous model: “How he reads made sure he stayed home.
mitted to Duke. That’s my best friend and now 185-pound combo guard is defenses, his decision mak- — RYA N J O N ES
he’s coming to college with me—as well as Frank
Jackson and Javin DeLaurier. It just looks like
it’s going to be a great season next year. We’re all
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S L A M O N L I N E .C O M 89
Damian Lillard,
August, 2012
They grow up so quickly, huh? Given
his unconventional, under-the-radar
path to the NBA, Dame Dolla seemed
even more fresh-faced than the
average rook when he arrived on
the scene in ’12. In a little more than
three years, he’s become a house-
hold name, a force in the sneaker
industry and, most impressive in our
opinion, a legit franchise player.
Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

90 S L A M O N L I N E .C O M