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Did Allah finish his primary education before sending this down? Let's put this sorry episode of
Quranic plagiarism out of its misery.

The Bible very clearly describes Ten plagues; (Exodus 7.14 to 12.36):-

(1) Waters turn to Blood

(2) Frogs

(3) Lice

(4) Swarms of Wild Beasts

(5) Livestock Epidemic

(6) Boils

(7) Hail

(8) Locusts

(9) Darkness

(10) Death of the First Born.

The Quran on the other hand describes only NINE; five of which are utterly different from the Bible:

(1) The Rod

(2) Radiant Hand

(3) Years of Draught

(4) Short Crops

(5) Human & Animal Epidemics.

Surah 7:133 "So We sent (plagues) on them wholesale Death [Toofan], (6) Locusts (7) Lice (8) Frogs
and (9) Blood: signs openly Self-explained; but they were steeped in arrogance a people given to

Surah 17:101 “To Moses We did give NINE Clear Signs: ask the Children of Israel: when he came to
them Pharaoh said to him: "O Moses! I consider thee indeed to have been worked upon by sorcery!"

2308 Nine Clear Signs: see vii. 133, n. 1091. The story of Pharaoh (or a phase of it) is here told with a
view to exhibiting the decline of a soul on account of pride in outward power and dignity. (17.101)

2309 To them: i.e., to Pharaoh, as sitting in his Council, with the Chiefs of his people. Cf. vii. 103. The
whole scene is described in some detail from the point of view of nations or Ummats in vii. 103-133.

2310 At a different and later stage in the scene, Pharaoh's Chiefs call Moses a "sorcerer well-versed"
(vii. 109). Here Moses, who had come with the Nine Signs but had not yet shown them, is
reproached with being the object of sorcery: he is practically told that he is mad.

The 9 in total are:

(1) the Rod (vii. 107)

(2) the Radiant Hand (vii. 108)

(3) the years of draught or shortage of water (vii, 130)

(4) short crops (vii. 130), and the five mentioned in this verse, viz

(5) epidemics among men and beasts

(6) locusts

(7) lice

(8) frogs, and

(9) the water turning to blood as agreed upon by the translator/interpreter himself.

Wholesale Death [Toofan] was NOT among the TEN signs/ miracles because it pertained to the
drowning of Pharaoh and his charioteers at the crossing of the Sea.

Surah 27.12: "Now put thy hand into thy bosom and it will come forth white without stain (or harm):
(these are) among the nine Signs (thou wilt take) to Pharaoh and his people: for they are a people
rebellious in transgression.”

3249 Cf. xx. 22. There the expression is: "Draw thy hand close to thy side." As far as the physical act
is concerned, the expressions there and here mean the same thing. Moses had a loose-fitting robe. If
he put his hand within the folds of the robe, it would go to his bosom on the side of his body
opposite to that from which his hand came; i.e., if it was his right hand it would go to the left side of
his bosom. The hand comes out white and radiant, without a stain. Ordinarily if the skin becomes
white it is a sign of disease or leprosy. Here it was the opposite. It was a sign of radiance and glory
from the higher Light. (27.12)

3250 The nine Signs: see n. 1091 to vii. 133. (27.12)

Surah 7.133: "So We sent (plagues) on them wholesale death Locusts Lice Frogs and Blood: signs
openly Self-explained; but they were steeped in arrogance a people given to sin."

1091 In xvii. 101, the reference is to NINE Clear Signs. These are: (1) the Rod (vii. 107), (2) the
Radiant Hand (vii. 108), (3) the years of drought or shortage of water (vii, 130), (4) short crops (vii.
130), and the five mentioned in this verse, viz., (5) epidemics among men and beasts, (6) locusts, (7)
lice, (8) frogs, and (9) the water turning to blood.

Is it possible that Gabriel was so ignorant that he did not even know the most important miracles
that God visited upon the Egyptians?

Was it really Gabriel speaking to Muhammad or was it Satan pretending to be Gabriel?

How was it possible that Gabriel was MISLEADING and MISINFORMING Muhammad on almost
everything that he quoted from the Bible?

It is inconceivable that God's messenger (Gabriel), was so completely ignorant of what the Almighty
did and instructed His servant Moses.

How can Islam's scholars explain away or reconcile all these INCONGRUITIES, INCONSISTENCIES,
ANOMALIES and MENDACITY that fills the Quran when compared with and based upon the historical
Biblical records let alone on logic?

The Quran ASSERTS that Allah gave Moses certain monitions on tablets (of stone), and also that he
gave him nine clear signs.

Surah 17.101: “And verily We gave unto Moses nine tokens, clear proofs (of Allah's Sovereignty). Do
but ask the Children of Israel how he came unto them, then Pharaoh said unto him: Lo! I deem thee
one bewitched, O Moses”

(See also Surah 7.l42).

These two statements have perplexed the commentators very much, and every effort is made by
them to reconcile the NINE signs with the TEN Commandments, although it is evident from the
Quran itself, that the NINE clear signs refer to the miracles of Moses. [PLAGUES OF EGYPT.]

According to the 'Traditions', Muhammad himself, was more than a little confused in the matter and
was totally responsible for the mistakes of the commentators on his book, for it is related in-

Mishkat, book i. c. ii. pt. 2:

"that a Jew came to the Prophet and asked him about the nine (sic) wonders which appeared by the
hands of Moses. The Prophet said: " (1) Do not associate anything with God, (2) do not steal, (3) do
not commit adultery, (4) do not kill, (5) do not take an innocent before the king to be killed, (6) do
not practice magic, (7) do not take interest, (8) do not accuse an innocent woman of adultery, (9) do
not run away in battle, and especially for you, O Jews, (10) not to work on the Sabbath."

Abdu 'l-Haqq remarks on this tradition that the Jew asked about the nine (sic) miracles (or plagues)
of Egypt and the Prophet gave him the Ten Commandments.

This is also asserted to by the following Tirmidhi Hadith which is without details:

Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 889 Narrated by Safwan ibn Assal

A Jew asked his companion to take him to the Prophet (peace be upon him). When they met him,
they inquired of him about the NINE clear signs (given to Moses); this was followed by the recital of
the relevant Hadith. This made the issue quite clear. In the end both of them kissed his hands and
feet and said: We bear witness that you are indeed a Prophet.

Transmitted by Tirmidhi.

No Jew would have asked Muhammad - or any one else for that matter - about NINE miracles of the
Plagues of Egypt.

Muhammad - as he repeatedly proves himself in the Quran and Hadiths - got almost all of his
collected information jumbled up in time and space.

His answer to the Plagues question is wrong since it addresses the precepts of the Ten
Commandments wrongly stated instead.

A comparison of the Ten Commandments given by Israel's great lawgiver (Moses) with those
recorded in the above tradition, and in Surah 6.152, show how IGNORANT Muhammad was of the
Bible Scriptures.