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Phase 2 9.

0 software tools for rock and soil

Excavation & Support Design Software

Phase2 9.0 is an extremely versatile 2D finite element stress analysis program for designing underground
or surface excavations and their support systems. Phase2 9.0 can be used for rock or soil applications and
includes slope stability analysis, fully-coupled groundwater and dynamic analysis capabilities.

Phase2 9.0 provides new material
models for rock and soil including
Anisotropic, Mohr-Coulomb with
Cap, and Softening/Hardening.
Groundwater pore pressure can
be determined using steady state
or transient finite element seepage
analyses. For consolidation analysis,
Phase2 9.0 also comes with fully-
coupled fluid/solid analysis based on
Biot Theory.

Support Design
Phase2 9.0 offers a wide range of
support modeling options, including
a variety of bolts and liners. Liners
can be used to model retaining walls,
piles, geotextiles, steel set systems, Consolidation analysis of embankment under variable load.
and much more. Support-capacity
envelopes can be generated based on
the following codes: CSA A23.3, ACI
318-11, EC2 EN1992-1.

Slope Stability Analysis

The shear strength reduction method
is fully automated and can be
used with either Mohr-Coulomb or
Generalized Hoek-Brown strength
parameters. Slope models can be
imported from Slide and computed in

Dynamic Analysis
In Phase2 9.0, the dynamic analysis
option can be used to examine
earthquake, blast, and machine
loading scenarios. Dynamic boundary
conditions allow the user to absorb
incoming pressure and shear waves,
transmit motion into the model, and Dynamic modeling - earthquake analysis results: Deformed mesh and Sigma1 contours and time-query
Horizontal Displacement vs Time results
insert user-defined dashpot dampers
and nodal masses.

© 2014 Rocscience Inc.

Phase 2 9.0 software tools for rock and soil
Technical Specifications

Modeling  pore pressure grids Probabilistic Analysis

 interactive geometry entry  fully-coupled consolidation  Monte Carlo, Latin Hypercube,
 intuitive workflow tabs  include pore pressure for effective Point Estimate methods
stress analysis  random variables - materials, joint
 boundaries – external, material,
excavation, stage, joint, piezo, properties, field stress
structural interface Support  contour / error plots of statistical
 grid/vertex/object snapping output
 staged support installation
 sequential staging of excavation  bolt types – end anchored, fully
and support (up to 300 stages) bonded, cable bolts, Swellex, Finite Element Slope Stability
 plane strain or axisymmetric split-set, tiebacks
 automated FE slope stability using
analysis  liner types – beam, reinforced shear strength reduction method
 one-click material assignment concrete, geotextile, cable truss
 import/export Slide models
 import/export in DXF format  composite liners
 unlimited undo/redo  reinforcement database
Data Interpretation
 right-click editing shortcuts  Timoshenko or Bernoulli beam
 view stress, displacement, strength
 Tunnel Wizard factor contours
 staged liner properties
 effective stress, pore pressure
Elements & Meshing  elastic or non-linear contours
 triangular or quadrilateral finite  peak/residual strength  contour user-defined data
elements  interactive support capacity plots  stress/failure trajectories,
 3 or 6-noded triangles (thrust/moment, thrust/shear) deformation vectors
for reinforced concrete liners
 4 or 8-noded quadrilaterals  display deformations to user-
(includes CSA, ACI, EC2 codes)
 one-click mesh generation defined scale
 graded, uniform or radial meshing Far-field Stress  query and graph material, support,
joint data
 mapped meshing  constant stress field
 export to Excel
 custom meshing  gravity stress field
 show values directly on model
 check/define mesh quality  multiple stress fields (customize
 highlight yielded material, support,
 easily apply boundary conditions per material)
joint elements
 load split per stage or material
 add iso-contours
 elastic or non-linear Loads
 strength criteria – Mohr-Coulomb,  constant or linear distributed
Generalized Hoek-Brown, loads Price & Licensing
Cam-Clay, Modified Cam-Clay,
 concentrated load
Drucker-Prager, discrete function, Personal License (no USB)
anisotropic, Mohr-Coulomb with  seismic load
Cap, Softening/Hardening  ponded water load $4995 USD
 staged material properties  staged loading Flexible* License (no USB)
 datum dependent properties  springs $7995 USD
 isotropic, transversely isotropic,  dynamic *add $200 USD for USB
orthotropic elastic models
 import from RocData Joints Phase2 9.0 is part of our
 elastic or non-linear
Maintenance Subscription plan
Groundwater  Mohr-Coulomb, Barton-Bandis,
(15% annual fee). Please contact
 finite element steady state or Hyperbolic, or material-dependent
slip criterion
transient seepage analysis
 staged groundwater  natural or artificial joints for more information.
 material permeability functions  pressurized joints
 staged joint properties
 discharge sections
 piezometric lines  statistical modeling of joint