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Beat Map from Hamlet’s Hit Points

Hamlet Swears
Friends to
by Robin D. Laws 1.5.A
Ghost Assigns Scheme Shows
1.3.C 1.4.B 1.4.C Hamlet Mission Polonius’
Polonius Horatio: Don’t Hamlet Breaks of Vengeance Duplicity
1.3.B Warns Ophelia 1.4.A Meet That Ghost Free to Confront 2.1.B
Polonius Off Hamlet Hamlet vs. Ghost Ophelia Reports
1.2.C 1.3.A Gives Laertes Coronation Hamlet’s Distress
Hamlet Agonizes Laertes Warns Platitudes Drunkenness to Her Father
1.1.A 1.2.A 1.2.B Over Father’s 1.2.D Ophelia Off
Guards Take The King’s Gertrude and Death Hamlet Decides Hamlet
Horatio to 1.1.B Authority Claudius Entreat to Investigate
See Ghost Horatio Established Hamlet Ghost

Ophelia Agrees
2.2.E 2.2.K 3.1.A to Take Part in C. 3.1.C
Hamlet Seeks “Rogue and Claudius Happy and P.’s Scheme “To Be or
2.2.A 2.2.D Empathy from 2.2.F 2.2.H 2.2.J Peasant Slave” 2.2.L to Learn of Play Not To Be” 3.1.D
C. and G. Greet Hamlet Plays R. and G. Hamlet Seeks Hamlet Reprises Hamlet Enlists Hamlet’s Plan “Get Thee to
Rosencrantz and 2.2.B 2.2.C the Madman Remorse from 2.2.G Death of Priam 2.2.I Aid of First Explained a Nunnery”
Guildenstern No War from C. and G. Buy for Polonius R. and G. Child Actors Hamlet Seeks Player
Norway Into Hamlet’s Decried Submission
Madness Ruse from Polonius

3.2.F 3.3.A
H. Gives R. & G. Claudius
3.2.C 3.2.E Second Chance 3.2.G Assigns R. & G. 3.3.B
Hamlet Subjects Claudius at Contrition Hamlet Subjects to Hamlet’s Exile Polonius Plans
3.1.F 3.2.B Ophelia to 3.2.D Reveals Himself Polonius to a to Spy on 3.3.C 3.3.E
Claudius Plans Hamlet Seeks Ribald Jokes Play Prompts by Storming Off Cloudy Jape Hamlet’s Talk Hamlet Kills Ghost Pressures
3.1.E to Send Hamlet 3.2.A Assurance G.’s Unwitting Polonius 3.3.D Hamlet to Kill 3.3.F
Claudius to England Hamlet’s From Horatio Admission Haces Laces into Claudius Ghost: “Save
Convinced of Acting Advice Gertrude; She Gertrude’s Soul.” 3.3.G
Hamlet’s Madness Sees Her Guilt Hamlet Can’t
Persuade G.
Ghost is Real

3.3.I 4.1.B
Hamlet Fears R. and G.
3.3.H Treachery from 4.1.A Dispatched to 4.1.C 4.3.A 4.3.B 4.3.C
H. to G.: Rebuff R. and G. Gertrude Keeps find Hamlet Gertrude Still Why Claudius Hamlet Mocks Hamlet Departs
Claudius; Keep Hamlet’s Secrets Allied With 4.2.A Doesn’t Kill Claudius for England 4.3.D 4.4.B 4.5.B
My Secret Her Husband Hamlet Mocks Hamlet Claudius to Ask Hamlet Contrasts O. Confronts King
and Rebuffs English King 4.4.A Himself with 4.5.A and Queen With 4.5.C
R. and G. to Kill Hamlet Re: Fortinbras, Fortinbras Horatio Persuades Her Madness Claudius Plans to
Hamlet Inveighs Gertrude to Suborn Returning 4.5.D
Against War See Ophelia Laertes Laertes

Claudius Calms
Laertes 4.5.F
Laertes Discovers
Ophelia’s 4.5.G 4.6.B 4.6.D
Madness Claudius Claudius Seeks Claudius Plans
Makes an Ally 4.6.A Laertes’ Trust 4.6.C “Accidental” 4.6.E
of Laertes Hamlet Has C. Dismayed Death for Hamlet Ophelia
Escaped by Hamlet’s Drowns 4.6.F 5.1.A 5.1.B 5.1.C 5.1.E 5.1.F
Plan to Return Laertes’ Rage Clowns Jape Hamlet Muses Clown Won’t Yorick’s Laertes Vents
Ignites; Claudius Over Ophelia’s on the Irony Reveal Whose 5.1.D Skull Anger at Priest 5.1.G
Worries Grave of Death Grave He Digs Clown Provides Hamlet Realizes
Rumors About the Funeral
Hamlet is Ophelia’s

5.2.E 5.2.M
Osric Explains Gertrude Drinks
5.1.H 5.2.B 5.2.C 5.2.D the Duel 5.2.F 5.2.L the Poison 5.2.N
Hamlet Scuffles Hamlet Reveals Hamlet Defends Hamlet Mocks Horatio Fails Hamlet Scores Laertes Fails to
with Laertes in 5.1.I 5.2.A R. and G.’s Death His Decision; and Befuddles to Talk Hamlet 5.2.G 5.2.I 5.2.K Second Hit Assure Claudius
Ophelia’s Grave Hamlet and Hamlet Seeks Sentence Blames Claudius Osric Out of the Duel Hamlet Asks Claudius Offers Hamlet Declines
Laertes are Assurance for Laertes’ 5.2.H a Regal Toast 5.2.J Poisoned Chalice
Separated From Horatio Forgiveness Hamlet’s Veiled Hamlet Scores
Mockery Rattles the First Hit

5.2.Y 5.2.aa
Hamlet Hears Hamlet Dies
5.2.X Fortinbras’ 5.2.Z
Hamlet Convinces Approach Hamlet Makes Horatio Mourns
5.2.W Horatio to Live Fortinbras King Hamlet
Laertes Wins and Tell His Story Fortinbras
5.2.O 5.2.P 5.2.R 5.2.T 5.2.V Hamlet’s Horrified 5.2.dd
Inconclusive Hamlet Wounded Gertrude Gertrude Hamlet Kills Absolution R. and G.’s
Sparring by Poisned 5.2.Q Collapses 5.2.S Dies 5.2.U Claudius Deaths
Rapier Laertes Laertes Laertes Reveals Announced
Wounded Confesses Claudius’ Guilt

Hamlet’s Hit Points

This beat map accompanies the analysis of Hamlet found in
Hamlet’s Hit Points. If you acquired this PDF from a legitimate Text © 2010, 2015 Robin D. Laws
Illustrations © 2010, 2015 Craig S. Grant
source, it should have come in a bundle with two PDF editions of Design © 2010, 2015 Gameplaywright LLP
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Hamlet’s Story
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Version 1.3
Hamlet Beat Map ~ Page 2
Dr. No
Beat Map from Hamlet’s Hit Points
by Robin D. Laws

4 5 6
Blind Men at Strangways Blind Men Kill
3 Queen’s Club Leaves Card Strangways 7
Credits III: Game Unseen Figure
2 Blind Mice Enters S.’s 8 16
Credits II: Compound Radio Operator Bond
1 Dancing Girls Menaced 9 15 Withholdingly
Credits I: Radio Operator Seductive Flirts With Sylvia
Bond Theme Killed 10 12 14 Impression
Killers Take Bond Sought Functionary on Sylvia
Items and “Dr. 11 at Le Cercle 13 Gives Bond
No” Folder HQ Notes Baccarat Message
Stopped Establishes B.’s
Transmission Awesomeness

19 Gun Talk 21
M Gives Bond Dangers of 007
18 His Mission Job Emphasized 22 26
M Reveals M Interrupts Mysterious
17 Strangeways’ Repartee With 23 25 Pomaded Figure 27 31
Bond Flirts With Mission Moneypenny Someone Bond Rebuffs, Another Watcher “Someone’s
Moneypenny in Bond’s 24 then Relents (Female) 28 30 Following Us” 32
Apartment Sylvia Leggily Mr. Jones, Predatory Pursuer Lost
Golfing Shifty Chauffeur 29 Smirk
Bond Confirms
Jones is Hinky

43 46 48
Bond Secures Quarrel Casually Quarrel Says
42 Hotel Room 44 45 Resistant 47 He’ll Talk
Bond Spots Dent Remarks Bond Learns Bond Follows in Back
41 Photo of Quarrel on Dead About Quarrel Quarrel to
Clue: Secretary Restaurant
38 40 Dent Labs/
Jones Swallows Station Chief Geology Test
35 37 Cyanide 39 Briefing
Jones Bond Gets Jones Bond Drops
33 34 Attacks 36 to Agree to Talk Off Corpse
Bond Gets the Bond Stops 007 Punches With a Quip
Drop on Jones Jones From Jones Out
Getting the Gun

56 Resists 58 60
Quarrel Grabs Interrogation Photographer Who Inspires
55 Photographer Cuts Quarrel 59 Such Fear? 61 63 64
Bond Spots “Want Me to Crab Key Leiter Supplies Two Blind Mice
54 Shady Break Her Arm?” is Scary 62 Ominous Creeping About
Key Clue: Photographer Strangeways’ Name: Dr. No
49 51 53 Crab Key Samples From
Quarrel Pulls Leiter Gets the Calypso at Crab Key
Knife; Feller 50 Drop on Bond 52 Puss Feller’s
Grabs Bond Bond Gets the Leiter IDs
Drop on Them Himself as CIA

66 69
Bond Gets …is an
65 Nothing But 67 68 Armed Camp 70
Shot at Bond Rattles Dent Dent Demands The Bauxite Guard Gives
Ruined Trip to Crab Key Mine Dent a Dirty 71
Look Ominous
Meeting 72
Chamber Dr. No as
Disembodied 73 75 77
Voice Kill Bond With Bond Enters Cold Glass
This Tarantula 74 Darkened 76 Gesture 78 80
Foxy Hotel Clerk Hotel Room Bond Keeps Tarantula! Station Chief:
Checks 007 Out Cool Over Signs 79 No File Missing
of Intrusion Bond Smashes

Bond Amorously
95 Tests Taro’s
Taro Surprised Imposture
88 90 94 to See Bond
Seductive Cement Plant Quip: On Their
85 87 Invitation 89 Blackness 91 93 Way to a Funeral
Quarrel Resists Quarrel From Taro Suggestive Car Bond Pursued Pursuers’
84 Crab Key Trip 86 Relents Dissolves by Car 92 Fiery Plunge
Samples 007 Willing to Bond Navigates
83 Radioactive; Go On Without Equipment
007 Agressively Dent Lied Quarrel Obstacle
82 Flirts Taro into
Bond Catches Sightseeing
81 Miss Taro
Mystery Box Eavesdropping
for 007

Dr. No Beat Map ~ Page 2

Moment of
109 Disquiet 111
“Smith & Wesson, Crab Key
104 106 108 and You’ve Had Preparation: 112
Taro Spits in Bond Secures 107 Bond Cites Your Six.” Quarrel Nervous Bond Rebuffs
101 103 Bond’s Face 105 Taro’s Place, Dent’s Secretary Leiter’s Bid to Go
Taro Slips, Bond Has Taro Bond Keeps Dent Shoots
Expecting Trouble Comment
100 But Recovers 102 Arrested His Cool Dummy; 007
Parody Domestic Bond Coerces Gets the Drop
99 Scene Taro Into a
Bond Pulls Taro Second Fuck
97 98 Into Another
Taro Takes Call Bond Advances Dissolve
From Dent With Garrote-
like Towel

117 119 120

Honey Resists Bond Courts Quarrel Warns of
116 007’s Approach, 118 Honey With an Approaching 121
Enter Honey Reassurances Honey Asserts Questions Boat
115 Henchmen
Ryder Herself w/ Knife, 122
Quarrel Takes Demand
Then Relents
114 Surrendur Henchmen Fire
a Drink 123
Successful Machine Guns
113 Landing 124
Threaten to
Leiter Makes Return With Dogs Honey Confirms
Quarrel Rum Dragon 125
Breath Joke What is it That
Looks Like 126 128
a Dragon? “Ever Seen a Honey’s Boat is
Scorpion With 127 Bullet-riddled
Sunstroke?” H.’s Reluctance
to Leave in Day

Honey Blames
Bond 130 132
Slog to Hiding Pursuers
Place 131 With Dogs 133 135 137
Honey Rubs Honey Cries There’s a Honey: “Why?”
Bond to Ward Out; Bitten 134 Gunman They 136 Bond: “Because 138 140 143
Off Mosquitoes Underwater Dogs Find Birds Don’t See Bond Ambushes I Had To.” Past the Dragon Tracks She Asks 007 If
Instead of Bond and Kills DANGER Zone 139 Made by Tires 141 142 He Has a Woman 144
Gunman “You Smell Still Ominous Honey: “Dr. She Also Kills Of His Own Quarrel Sights
Nice Already.” No Killed My With Spiders the Dragon

Dr. No Beat Map ~ Page 3

145 147
Spotted by the Honey Distracts
“Dragon” Crew 146 007; He Misses 148 157
Bond Fires on Second Light Quarrel Burned Bond Warns
Jeep, Hits a to Death 149 154 156 Honey the Place 158
Headlight Bond and Honey Ominously Bond Shows His is Likely Bugged Drugged Coffee;
Taken Prisoner 150 151 153 Solicitous 155 Cool by Eating They Pass Out 159
They’re Taken They Need Successfully Welcome Opulent Their Meal Dr. No Entrance
Inside the Base Radioactive 152 Decontaminated Guest Suite as Pair of 160
Decontamination Connery and Shadowy Feet Dr. No Peeps
Andress Hit at Bond and
the Showers Honey in Bed

Bond Claims He
161 162 166 Checked In; No 168 170
Bond Reassures Into Dr. No’s Bond Needles Calls His Bluff No Stays Cool Honey Taken
Honey by Sanctum 163 165 No, Pumps Him as 007 Lists 169 Away; Rape 171 173 175 176
Admitting Fear Dominance Bond Flatters For Information His Enemies 007 Argues For Threatened Guard Thwarts No Disappointed More Needling No Attempts
by Aquariums 164 Dr. No H.’s Freedom; No Bond’s 172 Bond Has Tried 174 Prompts No to Guilt Trip; Bond
and Martinis Bond Wryly Seems to Agree Rescue Bid Bottle Sparks to Steal a Knife Bond Mocks Crush Buddha Quips Back
Notes Napoleon Duel of Wine No; No Reveals
Portrait Snobbery SPECTRE

No Calls Bond
a “Stupid 178
Policeman” Countdown
About to Begin 179 191
No Directs Bond Waits for
Guards to Soften 180 190 the Moment 192
Bond Up Bond Wakes Up Bond Infiltrates to Strike No Spots
in a Tougher Cell 181 183 189 Command Bond, Orders
Grate-breaking Eerie Tunnel 007 Overpowers Center Him Away
Attempt Gets 182 Network 184 186 188 Guard, Steals
007 Zapped Shoe Beats Bond Tunnel Bond Escapes Hazmat Suit
Electric Grate Falls 185 Floods 187 Into Holding
Jacket Beats Bond Area
Hot Tunnel Holds On

Dr. No Beat Map ~ Page 4

Bond Waits as
Countdown 194 196 198 199 200
Ticks Radio Bear Techie Tries No Spots Techies Flee No Attacks With
Syncronized 195 Countermeasure 197 Bond, Orders Control Center Super-hands 201 203 205
For Toppling Bond Exposes 007 Punches Shutdown Fight Goes to No Doomed by Bond Can’t
Control Rods Techie Over Control Rod 202 Slippery Hands 204 Find Honey 206 208
Railing Platform 007 Escapes 007 Staggers Bond Grabs Bond Finds
No’s Grip and Out of Control Techie, Who 207 Honey in
Climbs Away Room Doesn’t Know Bond Grabs Manacles
Attendant Who
Does Know

Bond Release
214 Tow Rope to
Leiter’s Rescue Claim Honey
213 Party
Bond Clinches
210 212 With Honey
Evacuation Complex
209 Panic 211 Blows Up
Bond Frees Bond Overcomes
Honey Two Guys to
Grab Boat

This beat map accompanies the analysis of Dr. No found in

Hamlet’s Hit Points. If you acquired this PDF from a legitimate
source, it should have come in a bundle with two PDF editions of
the book, one optimized for single-page viewing and one identi-
cal to the print edition. If you did not receive all three PDFs, please
contact or your PDF’s vendor.

Say Something at Hamlet’s Hit Points Online:

Dr. No Beat Map ~ Page 5

Beat Map from Hamlet’s Hit Points
by Robin D. Laws

3 4 16
Refugee Route Alert Sounded Rick Asked to
2 Explained for Document 5 6 8 9 10 15 Hold Letters
Credits: Thieves Suspects Shot Refugee Plane Overflies Delegation Meet Sam, See Ugarte Tries of Transit
1 Marseillaise Rounded Up is With the 7 Rick’s Café Greets Strasser Rick’s Café 11 13 14 to Buddy Up
Credits: Exotic Resistance Man Reiterates Café Patrons Meet Rick Rebuffs to Rick
Intrigue Exposition, Desperate to 12 Rick Demanding
Steals Wallet Flee Casablanca Carl Rebuffs Gambler
Entitled Parton
on Rick’s Behalf

Renault Fusses
30 Over Strasser 32
Verbel Duel: Ugarte Arrested;
27 28 29 Sentiment vs. Runs For It
Renault Warns Rnault Asks Renault Warns Cynicism
26 Rick of Coming Rick to Accept Rick Against
Rick Reassures Arrest Strasser Helping Laszlo
25 Casino Manager
“I Came to
19 24 Casablanca For
Rick Nervously Yvonne Gets the Waters”
18 Checks the 20 23 Clingy
“Knock On Guest List Rick Exchanges Yvonne Rebuffs
17 Wood” Interlude Glances With 21 22 Bartender
Ugarte Hopes Ferrari Ferrari Wants Rick Calls
Rick is Bar, Sam, and Ferrari’s Bluff
Impressed Now Partnership by Asking Sam

34 36 38
R. Remorsefully Rick Drinks Victor and Ilsa
33 Watches Ugarte 35 With Renault 37 Enter; Sam 39
Ugarte Begs for Dragged Off Rick Rebuffs and Strasser Rick Parries Apprehensive Victor Here
Rick’s Help Patron’s Strasser’s For Ugarte 40 42 44
Approach Questions Resistance Agent Ilsa Asks Victor and Ilsa
Approaches 41 Renault About 43 Exchange a 45
Victor Victor Covers Sam and Rick Strasser Worried Glance Flamenco and
as Renault Comes By to Nervous Glances 46
Approaches Intimidate Laszlo Off to
Meet Contact 47
Ilsa’s Glance
Seeks Sam’s 48
Reassurance Berger Briefs

Renault Settles
In for Tête-à-tête 50
Ilsa Asks Sam
for Old Songs 51 52 54 55
Play “As Time Rick Sees Ilsa “The Germans Ilsa’s Coded
Goes By” 53 Wore Gray. You Confession 56 58
Rick and Laszlo Wore Blue.” of Love Shaken Rick Renault Sees
Admire One Slumps Into 57 Something’s Up 59
Another Chair Ilsa Deceives Sam Urges Rick
Laszlo About to Go to Bed 60
Past With Rick Sam Urges
Rick to Flee 61 63
“Of All the Gin Rick Lapses
Joints… She 62 Into Wordless 64
Walks Into Mine” Rick Demands Torment Flashback
“As Time Montage: In
Goes By” Love in Paris

65 67 68
“We Said No The Other Germans
Questions, 66 Man is Dead Invade France 69
Remember?” Dance to Rick is On the
“Perfidia” German Blacklist 70
La Belle
Aurore 71
Rick Fails to
Pick Up on 72 74
Ilsa’s Distress Gestapo Plans to
Loudspeakers 73 Flee Paris 75
R. & I. Exchange Rick
Details of Proposes 76
Their Pasts Ilsa Revealingly
Conceals Cause 77 78
of Her Distress “Kiss Me Rick Receives
As If For the Ilsa’s Note at 79
Last Time” the Station Back to the
Woeful Present 80
Ilsa Wants to
Explain Herself

81 82 83
She Tells It in Rick Flings Rick’s Head
Fairy Tale Form Out a Hurtful Drops in Defeat 84 86 88 89 94 95
Insinuation Renault Deflects Renault Rattles Visa Seeker Rick Heads Into Rick Apologizes; Rick Wants the
Strasser’s 85 Laszlo with 87 Directed to Blue Parrot 90 91 93 Ilsa Diminishes Explanation; 96
Raid Request Strasser Offers Ugarte’s Death Renault Trades Ferrari Ferrari Doing Rick Wants Rick Knows She Declines Rick Asks If She
Laszlo a Visa Visas for Sex Business With Shipment Without 92 Laszlo’s Looking Ran Out to Avoid
to Turn Traitor Émigré Couple Shrinkage Ferrari Offers for Ferrari Life of Flight
to Buy Letters
of Transit

Casablanca Beat Map ~ Page 2

97 102 104 107 109
Ilsa: Laszlo Is Carl and Renault French and Strasser May Annina Seeks
and Was My 98 101 Note Rick’s 103 German 105 106 Have to Rub 108 Reassurance 110 112
Husband Ferrari Might Pickpocket Drinking Rick and Renault Officers Fight Rick Breaks Strasser Presses Out Laszlo Good Brandy From Rick Rick Greets Ilsa Annina Grateful;
Get Visa For Ilsa, 99 100 Comic Relief in a Duel of Wits It Up Renault’s for Departing With Needling 111 Rick Unfulfilled
But Not Laszlo Ilsa Turns Down Ferrari Tells Loyalties Refugees Remarks Rick Rigs
Chance to Go Them Rick Has Roulette for
Without Laszlo the Letters Annina and Jan

124 125 127

Ilsa Gazes Strasser Strasser: It’s
123 Lovingly at Demands Bar 126 France or Death 128
Tearful Yvonne Laszlo Closure Renault for Laszlo Ilsa Urges
115 116 117 122 Joins In Shocked! Laszlo Not To
Renault Expects Seeking Letters, Laszlo Offers Strasser’s Men Gambling! Go to Meeting
114 Tomorrow’s Laszlo Invokes Money; Rick: 118 121 Drowned Out
Rick Praised by Blond to Lose Rick’s Past “Ask Your Wife” Singing Rick Gives
113 Carl and Sascha Nazis 119 120 the Nod
Renault Reacts Renault’s Laszlo Requests
to Rick’s Challenging Marseillaise
Generosity Glance

Ilsa Asks Rick
129 130 For the Letters 132 144
“He Said, ‘Ask The Bar is Ok Ilsa Invokes Laszlo Knows,
Your Wife’” For a Couple Paris 133 139 140 141 143 Asks Rick to
of Weeks Ilsa Lashes Rick Sees Cost Carl and Laszlo Carl Brings Rick and Laszlo Get Ilsa Out
Out at Rick 134 138 of Separating Evade the Police Laszlo Into 142 Debate Cynicism
Ilsa Begs For Rick and Ilsa Ilsa and Laszlo the Bar Rick Gets Carl and Altruism
Laszlo’s Life 135 137 Talk of a Future to his Office to
Ilsa Pulls Ilsa Explains Together Take Ilsa Home
a Gun 136 Laszlo, and Why
Ilsa Breaks She Left Rick
Down; Rick
Embraces Her

Casablanca Beat Map ~ Page 3

149 150 151 152
Rick Offers to Scheme Begins Ilsa Seeks Renault Arrests
145 147 148 Entrap Laszlo With Renault Reassurance Laszlo 153 155 156
Laszlo Rick Argues Rick Claims to at Rick’s From Rick Renault Exults: Ruffled Renault Renault Calls
Arrested 146 Laszlo’s Case be Escaping Desire Beats 154 Complies Strasser Instead 157
“Destiny Has to Renault with Ilsa Heroism Renault of Airport Flight Departs
Taken a Hand” Shocked: Rick in Ten Minutes 158 159 160
Has Gun on Him Rick Wants Ilsa Rick Explains Strasser’s
and Laszlo on to Ilsa: They Coming
Letters of Transit Must Part

165 175
Renault Renault Will
161 163 164 Will Have To 166 174 Come As Well
Renault is Up Final Departing Renault Arrest Rick Strasser Renault Offers
To Something 162 Glances Identifies Rick’s Appears 167 169 173 Rick Passage
R. Convinces L.: Sentimentalism Rick Threatens The Police Plane Takes
Nothing Between To Shoot 168 Arrive 170 172 Off for Lisbon
Rick and Ilsa Strasser Rick Shoots “Major Strasser Renault Pivots
Strasser Has Been Shot” 171 to Patriotism
Round Up the
Usual Suspects

This beat map accompanies the analysis of Casablanca

found in Hamlet’s Hit Points. If you acquired this PDF from
a legitimate source, it should have come in a bundle with two
PDF editions of the book, one optimized for single-page viewing
and one identical to the print edition. If you did not receive all
three PDFs, please contact or your
PDF’s vendor.

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Casablanca Beat Map ~ Page 4