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We Serve and Commit with Nationalism, Humility and Sincerity.

Nutrition Month
Accomplishment Report
July 1-31, 2018
Nutrition Month is an
annual campaign held every July
to build greater awareness on
the significance of nutrition
among Filipinos. PD 491 (1974)
mandates the National Nutrition
Council (NNC) to manage and
lead the nationwide campaign.
Throughout the years, the
Nutrition Month celebration has
been entrenched by schools and
local government units as well as
other stakeholders. This year is
the 44th Nutrition Month
celebration. The month of July
was engaged with activities that aim to enhance and promote the skills among the students of Sto. Cristo National
High School with this year’s nutrition month theme “Ugaliing Magtanim, Sapat na Nutrisyon Aanihin”. This year’s
theme wants to educate us on the status of promoting food production at home through the family's own garden.
This is the food planted at home (inside or outside your home), in your little backyard or farm. The Nutrition Month
Theme 2018 aims to improve the healthy food consumption of Filipinos, food security or to be self-sufficient as
possible with backyard gardening. The planning of activities was finalized by the TLE teachers together with their
TLE Chairperson, Ms. Mary Rose C. Espinas.

The Sto. Cristo National High School (SCNHS) TLE department prepared several activities for the students.
During the opening of the nutrition month, the TLE Grade 10 teachers, Ms. Edelyn D. Prila and Ms. Jezrel C. Sagnep
decorated the bulletin boards based on the theme of the event. On the first week of the month, the grade 7
students had their banner making contest during their TLE subject under the supervision of the TLE Grade 7
teachers, Ms. Evelyn C. Espiritu and Mrs. Mary Ann L. Pasamba. Students from 7-Euler won the first place, 7-Frost
won the second place and 7-Honesty won the third place. We also had what we called “Veggie for Us!” which is
part of our donate-a-stem and seed project. Every section from Grades 7 to 10 donated malunggay stems and
seeds such as eggplant, ampalaya, tomatoes and okra. These stems and seeds was planted on the 3rd week of July
for the launch of “Gulayan sa Paaralan.” The barangay of Sto. Cristo and the municipality of San Jose Del Monte
City donated seedlings that the Grade 9 Agriculture students planted at the riprap of the school. Having food
gardens can help improve the family as well as the community's food security. If you have plenty of vegetables or

We Serve and Commit with Nationalism, Humility and Sincerity.

fruit crops, you can even sell some of them to earn additional income for the family. Remember this year's
Nutrition Month central theme surrounds on the idea of family food gardening. This activity was administered by
their TLE grade 9 teacher Mrs. Mary Cris D. Cardines.

We also had the Poster Making Contest for the Grade 8 students. This classroom-based activity was
administered by the Grade 8 MAPEH teachers, Mrs. Rachel L. Napuli and Mr. Elviro T. Bacanto II, together with the
TLE Grade 8 teachers, Ms. Mary Rose C. Espinas and Mr. Francisco P. Arceo Jr. Aside from the poster making
contest, the TLE Department also had the Slogan Making Contest. Grade 10 CHS students had the said activity
under the supervision of their TLE teacher, Ms. Edelyn D. Prila. Aside from the abovementioned competitions, the
Grade 10 students also had the Jingle Making Contest coordinated through the assistance of the MAPEH teachers
Ms. Edelyn D. Prila, Ms. Leslie Ann B. Celestino and Mrs. Sheila Marie V. Olita.

The TLE department also asked helped from the other departments such as English and Filipino when they
decided to have an essay and sanaysay writing contest in line with the theme. Aside from that, we also agreed to
organize a salad making contest for the Grade 10 Cookery students.

Grades 11 and 12 TVL-HE students also had their cooking activity. They also helped Ms. Jezrel C. Sagnep,
Ms. Evelyn C. Espiritu and Mrs. Mary Ann L. Pasamba in preparing foods for the Grade 7 Feeding Program
beneficiaries. Its intention is to produce nutritious foods that can be helpful for those students to become
healthier. The events were held at the new Home Economics room located at the SCNHS main building.

The TLE Department decided to hold its closing activity on July 27, 2018. We conducted the closing
program by having a classroom-based activity at the SCNHS main and annex vicinity. At the annex building, Grade 7
and Grade 8 students produced different kinds of desserts while Grade 9 and Grade 10 students have it at the main
building. The annual celebration of the Nutrition Month will not be completed without the awarding of certificates.

We Serve and Commit with Nationalism, Humility and Sincerity.

Before the day ends, we gave the certificates to those students who performed well on the given activities of the
TLE Department.

Other Activities and Pictures:

A. Jingle Making Contest

B. Salad Making Contest

C. Dessert Making Contest

We Serve and Commit with Nationalism, Humility and Sincerity.

D. Feeding Program

E. Poster Making Contest

F. Senior High School Project

G. Awarding of Winners

We Serve and Commit with Nationalism, Humility and Sincerity.