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Jezus [love You so much. You are my Savior and my Redeemer. Jehova my Good God i pray to You. Thank You for everything You have done in my life, thank You that You make me anewborn girl and chance my life. My ORC oR EMU e eer ERO meaty be like YOU. DAD YOU are best thing what i have in my life and in this world. That is the reason why ilove YOU so much. I want to live for YOU alone all my life and pray YOU every day and night. LORD i give YOU my heart, i Ce CeO ER Ce OM CUO COR MRO Le take every moment that i live LORD have YOUR way in me. Today i’m blessed by YOUR grace. Yes YOU are the LORD the most high. Let YOUR will be done in me and not mine. YOU are the one who reings all over the world. With YOUR blood YOU paid for all my sins and bought me free. YOU are the mighty and powerfull man in war. Thank YOU LORD that you are always by my side and YOU never let me go. I don’t know why i'm sometimes so heart less that I can’t give YOU the things that belongs to YOU. I just want to give it all to YOU, all that belongs to YOU. Please LORD help me come closer to YOU so that I can understand YOU better and better every day. LORD show me the way to YOUR throne, so I can walk behind YOU. LORD I just want more and more of YOU in my life. LORD I love YOU with all of my heart. LORD I don’t have words enough to give YOU the praise, but I just praise YOU with all I have. JESUS YOU are so amazing, YOU are a r ms (eB i OETA . YOU are the reason PRS RAO ORR ACCU Kom a I want to do it only for YOU. YOU are the GOD of heaven and earth. My hallelujah belongs to YOU. LORD I need YOUR precence everyday. Jesus YOU are the cup that wont run dry. YOU are the living GOD. Jesus YOU are so Good to me. YOUR love is so amazing and beautifull. LORD I really love YOU. The grave could not hold YOU down. No one else can love me like YOU do. I put my trust in YOU. When I sing hallelujah I feel YOUR precence strong.